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    Kuensel forum has been played as very important tool and vibrant media in combating the corruption in our small and happy country but the forum was found inactive since 4months ago with no reason.


    pha dra

    Yes and moreover we can’t reply in our own page and topics…May be kuensel must have restricted dt right …

    [Dear user, there are no restrictions in creating new topics or replying to your own posts as long as the content does not violate our forum rules – Moderator]



    it is nearly five months now, that after logging into KOL, it was only possible to write comments on articles.
    as soon as i clicked on “forum”, i was logged out. may 24, thanks! now it works.



    is it working now..??? i could not reply to other topics, except this one…which i m writing…



    enable to create the topic though i login in serveral times! says need to long in to create topics.
    After login- while clicked on FORUM- the status come again to login!….Web administrator kindly check it!.

    [Thanks for the feedback. Is anyone else facing similar problems with our web forum? – Moderator]



    Because no body bothers to read and take not of it. However, at least it provides a platform for us to express our gratitude and grievances.



    Has the truth behind the salary reduction of the DHI chairman been censored? Would be good to hear the truth from someone who knows. What is in KOL doesn’t make much sense.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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