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    I wonder why teacher are always shouting , they shout saying, they get only dry salary forgetting they get one month pay without working, please ask for what you do, will be paid accordingly. why had chosen these profession  if u don’t like, be contend with what you are paid for…



    I also wonder why Gurus (teachers) are disgruntled. They  are suppose to be role model to their students and other people but …………………  We r losing faith on our teachers.



    Because they are also same human being like you all.



    Hello Kota,

    Teachers always shout because

    What you have written is true.
    They would work even during those holidays if they are asked.
    They take one month leave as it is forced upon them.
    They do not have paid holiday like others or others should not be allowed leave encashment.
    Most teachers land up not taking even the casual leaves as they deal with developing human beings.
    Most of the officers are found very busy – filling up the TA/DA/Mileage forms almost half of the month.
    Teachers have to work for four hours minimum at home to teach 8 hours in the school.
    Time for their family and kids is minimal at least for those who bother about the future of the human beings who are thrown in front of them by the least bothered parents. If they would be bothered, they would ask the class teachers about the kids or at least be present during the parent – teachers meeting.
    Anyway, I am very thankful to my teachers who taught me to read what you have written and for me to write this. I sincerely hope and pray that you are not showing disrespect to your teachers with your writings.



    If teachers does not shout.How can children learn,or would have learn including me and you. Should henceforth teachers sleep without shouting and instead sleep or just teach through signs.

    Haha funny issue. You are taught by teachers what you are today, Kota.

    I always support teachers after my son got abroad studies.

    Thumbs up teachers.



    I am in full support of incentivizing the teaching profession considering the volume of works they have to handle, even in odd hours. However, judging the attitudes of a few unhappy people from the discussion forums, it appears that most are rather expressing regrets having chosen the profession. Some seem to be envious of the privileges folks in other profession are enjoying.
    But what to expect from a cohort of people who have chosen the profession as a last resort?



    Teachers always shout because of following reasons1.they train human being. To train human being is not a matter of joke.
    2.Teachers don’t know how to fill TA/DA form. They never get opportunity to fill it.
    3.They never get holidays during govt. Holidays. They r always busy celebrating the occasions.
    4. They never get time to spend with their families, they r always thinking and preparing for next lesspon.
    5. They never get holidays on Saturday where as other enjoy 52 Saturdays as holiday in a year.
    6. They r not entitle of encasement those they have not used any casual leave. But others enjoy the encasement by manipulating their casual leave.
    7. Complain always goes to teachers saying role model without any compensation n respect.
    8. Teachers get only 50 days as winter holiday n 10 as casual leave in a year, where as other get 52 Saturdays 10 casual leave 30 leaves govt. Holidays in a years.
    Hope author will know the reason why teachers shout.



    Check all the following links where teacher had made complain:

    http://www.kuenselonline.com/demo/forums/topic/transfer-of-teachersvice-principals-and-principals/ http://www.kuenselonline.com/demo/forums/topic/unfair-award-in-yangtse/ http://www.kuenselonline.com/demo/forums/topic/are-teachers-deemed-important/

    some wanted pay to be raised and some wanted respect, if you want respect from others you should be respectable by others.

    how much DSA being paid for officials going for tour, Nu.350.00 and what will be the cost of simple rooms and meal, once you step away from door, you have to make expanse from your pocket. you have to calculate three meals a day and a room, will will cost you more than what you get as DSA.

    so better don’t balm officer for filing the TA/DA.






    Dear Teachers,

    We know that you have plenty of reasons to shout, but I urge you to not to think that you people are the only group of civil servants who are burning the midnight oils and slogging even during holidays and weekends. There are good number of dedicated civil servants in many non-teaching government sectors who also have to work during holidays and weekends to finish the mandated tasks, largely due to shortage of manpower and many ad-hoc pressing deadlines. In fact, folks in the Dzongkhag Administrations and regional offices are constantly busy with chadri for numerous strings of VIP visits and also for many celebrations that you guys are involved in. Dzongkhag sector officers have to frequently juggle between finishing their planned activities and contributing to chadris.

    Even the corporate employees are equally stressed out for having to work during Saturdays. In addition, some people in the hydropower and private manufacturing companies have to work several shifts during days and nights. You must imagine some factory workers in Pasakha and elsewhere are exposed to dangerous chemicals and other pollutants on a daily basis.

    This provides a nice segue to my assertion that teaching job is comparatively less-risky than many other professions. Put yourself in the shoes of an auditor whose main job is to find people’s faults and make them culpable. Being bluntly honest, please tell me how many would like to be faulted and blamed if even they have wronged, let alone those who might have inadvertently erred. As time progresses, many auditors gain more enemies than friends, contrary to the seemingly prestigious job they are told to hold. Due to their many days of being away from wives, some of them end up flirting with others’ wives, and are then dismayed to see their wives paying back with the same coin at home. Imagine the life of a government civil engineer in an acutely understaffed engineering division, be it in a ministry or in a Dzongkhag. They are forced to design structures, even if they are not properly trained in designing which they might have learned as a subsidiary skill. They are made to supervise multiple construction sites, beyond their capacity to monitor. Consequently, they are held accountable with hefty amounts reflected in audit memos for irregularities in designs, quality, and standards, as a result of which their promotions are held up and reputations sullied. Think of a forester placed along the international borders who has to part from loved ones for several months, walk for several days with meager food and water in scorching sun and drenching rain, to carry a heavy gun with several rounds of ammunition, sleep on undulating and bumpy grounds with thin beddings, toll into the leech infested jungles, cross numerous bridgeless streams, and stay in persistent fear of being hurt by a lurking poacher. Going further, health workers have no proper life. Their job is taxing as well as depressing. They also have to work several shifts, sometimes during days and sometimes nights. Even after doing whatever they can to save somebody’s life, they are requited with complaints and misgivings, hardly any appreciations. Likewise, there are many dreadful stories to share from other sectors as well. The experiences and working conditions of army personnel would be even more daunting.
    So, chill off my dear teachers of a noble profession. There is nothing such as free meal and peaceful profession. Pay and incentives are nothing compared to the volume of risks many in other professions have to handle and the sacrifices they have to make. You guys get to sleep with your spouse and interact with your kids almost every day, a privilege that many other professionals lack. In summary, “Grass in always greener on the other side of the hill”. Love thy profession.



    Hi Kota,

    Did you realize? You are able to express u r feeling in this forum is bcoz of teacher tay.

    Please , don hate teachers.

    If i come back to u r points, they shout bcos ifucalculate and compare total income,the amount is more or less same with other…may be bcoz of this, they might be shouting. You(Kota) might also shout if u r in teaching profession.


    We see lots of teachers making hue and cry in recent years. It is unusual thing  to notice making such demanding by our teachers. What we should bear in the mind is one can’t demand respect and recognition, it should be earned. No matter how dedicated and how sincere one work, if you demand too much it is not good and healthy. Don’t always compare with others.  It kills motivation to remain dedicated. Comparisons always fetch dissatisfaction in the end. It breeds more hopelessness and demoralization.  Sometimes look within oneself and think on positive aspects. Sometime try to think from the optimistic angle.

    In the recent years our teachers received unusual recognition even from highest, our His Majesty King, Golden Throne.  So feel the treatment and be proud. But that doesn’t mean that one should demand more and more when one already start to receive recognition.

    There are few things one need to ask; for those frustrated disgruntling Teachers.

    1. Why did you decided to join the teaching profession from very beginning?

    2. Is it because you didn’t get other job?

    3. Is it because you didn’t qualify for other profession?

    4. Is it because you did not have other option to get employed.

    If you joined to get employed having no other option then one should perform the duty for what you are paid.


    Whenever TA/DSA struck the mind of teachers. Try to recite following points to remain dedicated and optimistic.

    1. Other profession don’t get 1-2 months break in the year.

    2. 5-10% allowance aside basic pay.

    Please read Mr. Chola’s post how equally demanding and challenging others profession as well.



    @ken123, I thank all the teachers who work hard and i don’t mean all the teachers of this country, only few teacher shout coz of their burning desire and money minded teacher,  and kindly refer and read the post of chola dated 16th December.  there is no reason to hate teacher.

    if you are capable you can earn money and respect…..



    they shout because they are paid for that



    Teachers always  shout, because they are use to it..and they r paid for it.



    Dear Author,

    You have come out with a good topic. There are so many reasons to shout.

    Reasons are:

    1. Teachers never get any exposures/opportunities like other civil servants who most of the time get to travel abroad.

    2. Teachers timing starts from early 6 am and ends at 6 pm while on ToD/8am to 5 pm (others) but whereas other Civil servants come to office at 9/9.30 or even at 10-11 am and escape b4 lunch.

    3. teachers have to spend most of the time doing lesson plans at home after tedious work whole day standing.

    4. teachers serving for 25 yrs never get any training but  other civil servants who  just have to wait for  his/her probation period to complete.

    5. Teachers most of the time have to visit cafe to look for ref. papers paying from there own pocket but other civil servants can spend out of 22 days 10 days in Face Book.

    6. Saturdays are off for other Civil Servants but teachers have to work as normal.

    Civil servants are required to have a minimum training gap of 6 months for Short Term and a yr for Long Term but if civil servants other then teacher who completes 6 months or yr can start grumbling with the motive he/she is not given an opportunities for travel abroad.

    It is true that teachers are just surviving with dry salary but other civil servants who travel abroadat least once in a yr  can save not less then 1000 US$.

    So my suggestion is to give teacher 50-70% teaching allowance, HRA at par other civil servants and winter vacation with LTC and encasement then we can see lot of youth rushing for teachings. Just thing “if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys”.

    Just my personal experience and views la……….


    Teacher to be

    I always read this forum thinking that there will be some information i would get but i always find topics blaming one another. It is disheartening to see our small society with good education fighting from or for a small thing.
    Regarding the shouting of teachers in the recent years is a concern found by many people but how far it is addressed is not in the limelight mentioned by most of the authors.
    Teachers shouts and there will be reason for it. Yes, they get dry salary and one month leave with pay but how much stress they have people do not see that. People are very good in pointing fingers to someone but they do not realize that three fingers actually points to them.
    I am going to be a teacher soon and when i see such topic in this forum, i feel that something is wrong. If we say that some organization are short of man power, it is a joke. I am sure we have people who claims TA/DA at the end of the month without really visiting anywhere and people in the office just facebooking without any work and taking salary in the end of month without working.
    Someone has mentioned that teachers are bestowed with awards by HM. Yes, HM does that because he feel the pulse of teachers and to motivate and further encourage HM awards but HM did not mention that teachers should not shout or suggest for the betterment. HM time and again mentioned that we have to work for country but should not forget to care our family and livelihood.
    So, my dear authors, i am sorry to mention here, please do not blame teachers when they shout. Read constitution Article 7, freedom of speech. If you hate teachers shouting, i would say you hate yourself for getting yourself educated and being taught by teachers. With time and demand of the situation things need to be changed and when you look for desirable change why not teachers
    Ponder over before you bark. Do not bark thinking that others are barking. Remember, the one who last laugh is the best may la.
    Thank you


    the time has come where students dont listen to their teachers so it has become a daily business for the teachers, people think teachers always shout but it is the students fault…….



    The one who always think that teachers are shouting must know the following points:

    1. Like other foreign countries, teacher is the first priority in civil servant. If You want to become a Dasho, you must become a TEACHER.

    2. Teachers are paid more than other civil servant along with benefit entitlements. Not like You who manipulates TA/DA and siting on cozy chair opening face-book.

    3. It could be better if RCSC could form a HR policy that every civil servants must become a teacher once in their career. So that everybody can feel the equality and justice…

    4.It doesn’t mean all teachers want to be a teacher in their life but without choice… Without choice means there is no substitution to what they want to be, since unemployment rate is increasing day by day…

    5. Those who think that teachers are shouting more can be a TEACHER… let us change our profession.We the teachers can bring more output and products to the country than who ever wants  a challenge.

    7. It could be better that teachers are not given holidays but must pay leave encasement. People will stop saying teachers get break…

    8. Like other civil servants, give teachers a tour like parent-meeting, surveys and GNH programmes. So teachers will stop saying we get less salary.

    9. Most of the teachers don’t get duty vehicle which grade 9 servants get. Please provide them a duty vehicle.

    8. The above all equity and justice is not provided which led teachers to shout when other civil servants get. But after all teachers are saving country’s income as compared to other civil servants.

    9. Jangchubsempalugiraw! get the points and teach your children that never to be a TEACHER.




    1. Why did you decided to join the teaching profession from very beginning?

    No one is born to become a teacher by birth or at the beginning.

    2. Is it because you didn’t get other job?

    The jobs in private and corporation are featured by nepotism, favoritism and corruptions. To be a civil servant, we have to go through RCSE where it goes by one day or two day  luck…

    3. Is it because you didn’t qualify for other profession?

    The course related job in the country is not existed.Will you be able to create?

    4. Is it because you did not have other option to get employed.

    Make more vacancies in administrations and announce it. The majority will be teachers applying for the job. There will be no single teachers in our country. Then you can send your children to other foreign countries paying huge amount to teachers than what you are paying to Bhutanese teachers…




    Mr Chola you should not generalize the situation saying that there are civil servants and corporate employees who work day in and day out. Yes, i too know and have seen that there are people outside teaching profession who are very much dedicated, hard working and contributing to the growth and development of this small nation. Salute them. But yet there are many who even do not go to their office in a day, week, month and year. In many cases they are the boss in their own office so there is nobody to say and monitor their coming and going. My statement will be justified if one visits an office, may be in the headquarter or in the dzongkhag. For that matter, even in the gewog offices. Many a time one would come across that such and such officials have not reported to the office even when it is 9/10/11 am. Similarly, some officials would be off to home before 4/5 pm.

    In contrary, teachers are must to report before 8/8.15 am so as to supervise morning supw work and also to attend the morning assembly. Sometimes he/she had to report even at 6am and leave home not before 7.30pm. If one visits any school and look for any teacher, one would always find he/she is always there beteen 8am to 4.30pm in the school. There is no way that a teacher reports late or leaves home early as the duty of a teacher is time-bound though all professions demand the same. This is just a small picture of the whole daunting/taxing/demanding/cumbersome work of a teacher. I will stop here and appeal all the visitors of this forum not to cast your red eyes to the teachers of this great nation. There is a saying in buddhism, “If you can’t do anything good onto others, at least do not harm to others”.



    Dear Secret,
    I guess you are not a presumptuous secret service agent trying to pose as a teacher. Anyway, at the outset, I would like to clarify that I hate people who stereotype others and make hasty generalizations. I am pretty much confident that I did not make a generalized statement in my post. I stated there is good number of dedicated people, and if that sounds like a generalization I am afraid to think that you are a very disillusioned fugitive. Next, I am not sure how you could be darn sure that I am a male, and you address me as Mr.
    Having stated this, I can hurl numerous charges at many teachers much as you have done to people in the non-teaching profession.  I have seen many teachers who would come to school drunk, and simply doze off in their classes. I have also witnessed some teachers came to school completely unprepared about what they were going to teach. In such occasions, whenever a few inquisitive, smart students asked questions based on what they have read, such irresponsible teachers were dumbfounded and panicky. As a way to show their dominance, they simply earmarked the students for possible future retribution in one way or the other. I can testify with accurate evidences that some teachers simply come to school on time, but gracefully excuse themselves with fictitious reasons, and have an irrelevant teacher cover up their lessons. So, what good do such teachers do to students even if they come at 6:00 AM to school? In some incidences, matters are worsened when teachers vent out their pent up angers brewed at their homes to powerless students at schools. I have come across a few teachers whom I questioned politely why they had to physically abuse my daughter several times at school, and they never had any good reasons other than their commonly expressed lame excuse that she did not answer the questions properly. Just because a student could not answer a question does not legitimize teachers to brutalize him or her. They should share the biggest part of the blame for not clarifying things in the first place. One day, I was so exasperated to find out that my daughter was publicly humiliated by a teacher in the student assembly. When inquired, the reason was so simple that the teacher could not stand the fact that my daughter had outranked her daughter in English lesson. With so much of these horrifying incidences, sometimes I am driven to think that some of our schools are like concentration camps where students are constantly harassed by beastly teachers. Again here, I am mentioning “some”, proving that I am not generalizing.
    At any rate, I am beginning to lose hope in a group of teachers who would insult folks in other professions on the sole basis of their perception that a few people in other professions are making illicit TA/DA claims, and expressing regrets that they are not getting such opportunities. They have lost their moral compass in such an act, because they show instant readiness to make false travel claims if given the chance. Lastly, I would use the same closing quote that you have stated, make a little twist, and state: “If you cannot do anything good to students, at least do not assault them”.



    Mr. Chola, You have done a good observations on teachers but have you thought on what goes around other Civil servants? Are they coming to office at Right time? Are they visible in the office when somebody needs? Are they doing their appointed service?

    Even you can think of Tha Damtsi and Ley Judre whether you are showing or Not  to our country and Tsa Wa Sum with all those questions…

    Mister! count the corruption cases within the civil servants including teachers if you really want to do observations…I quote: If you cannot do anything good to country, at least do not insult teachers”. f a CouNtry is 2 be cOrrUption frEE n 2 BecOme a NatIon of beautiful mInd,i sTrongly bElIeve dat dEr r 3 socIaltial mEmbers dAt mAks a difference.dey r FathEr,MotHer n TeAcher..-ABDul KaLaM



    abdul kalam is hoping not to run into you, pal, but if he does, he will gladly give a peace of his brain to you.



    Mr.bhutjolokia, please tell to your relatives who are in teaching profession. Hope that you will get good answers…not a beating or slap on your face.




    Dear Author,

    Teachers shout because (refer RoseofBhutan’s) comment; I loved it. Cheers!!!  Teachers are role model which u state is true but they have their own limit. If they are made to carry the load that others cannot then they shout. If they don’t get justice to what they do, then they shout. When people like you who are educational elites thinks teachers are barking then they really shout. Further, when people like you blatantly question teachers ” why had chosen these profession  if u don’t like,…” then they SHOUT…

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