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Why waste time and money on PE Exams?

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    torma guru


    The purpose of having a common prelims examination is that it acts as a screening operandi for the selection of candidates for the Civil Services (Main) Examination, Union Public Service Commission, Indian Administration Service and the Indian Forest Service (Main) Examination, in case of India.

    But the graduates who have finished professional courses such as Medicine (MBBS), Nursing, Pharmacy, BS Medical Technology, Dentistry etc. do not have to seat for such exams. At least they need not have to appear for PE, but they should be allowed to appear the main examinations directly.

    But for Bhutan, this examinations not desirable, particularly for professional and technical graduates, since it serves no purpose for such students.

    What purposes does PE serve? It really does not screen good and competent candidates.

    In case of India, they have to really screen out lakhs and lakhs of students and come down to few thousand eligible students to write the main examinations – compelled by due to sheer massive number of students. But for Bhutan, it is really a waste of money, time and resources since the RCSC has to undertake the following tasks and incur huge govt expenditures:

    A- PE Exams:

    1. planning and preparing the exam questions
    2. hiring expertise to prepare and design the questions papers
    3. Printing of question papers
    4. Time and money wasted for preparation and printing of question papers
    5. Conduct of examinations
    6. Correction of answer scripts by experts and their payments,
    7. Declaration of exams and expenditure on announcements.

    B-Main Exams:

    1. planning and preparing the exam questions
    2. hiring expertise to prepare and design the questions papers
    3. Printing of question papers
    4. Time and money wasted for preparation and printing of question papers
    5. Conduct of examinations
    6. Correction of answer scripts by experts and their payments,
    7. Declaration of exams and expenditure on announcements.

    But if all graduates are allowed to directly register for the Main Examinations (ME) but ensuring proper registration and crosschecking of the academic transcripts/certificates thoroughly to avoid falsification and cheating of documents. And also properly examine whether the students have completed from the genuine and recognized colleges/universities would drastically reduce the time, energy, resouces and expenditure both on the part of student parents and the government.

    Therefore, RCSC should directly allow such professional candidates to directly appear their main examinations. For medical professionals (MBBS, BDS, Nursing, Pharmacy and Medical Technology (Allied health sciences), RCSC must ensure that such undergraduates/graduates have been registered by the Bhutan Medical Health Council (BMHC) at the MoH for the purpose of ensuring that the students have passed out from the recognized colleges/universities.

    Therefore, PDP ruling government should immediate action through cabinet decision to eliminate such unnecessary PE Exams, as in the past. because those graduates who can pass or make through the main examinations will be automatically employed in the civil service and those who don’t will obviously have to back out from the scope for their employment in the govt. service, in any case. So, there is no need to go through PE at all.

    Hope PDP govt. will consider this, since to do away with the PE for the civl service examinations is already there in one of their campaign agendas and as promised to the graduates during the NA-general round election that worked against the DPT in favor of PDP ultimate victory.

    Thank you in anticipation of immediate necessary action by the PDP government.

    Wish you all the best in your next 5-year tenure.



    The graduates should have used their brains instead of hearts while thinkin on this issue. PE exam won’t be waived off despite PDP’s pledge because RCSC has its own mandate. You will only see the truth.



    Of course, there’s no need to spend money on yet another exam that tests nothing but memorization and almost zero on actual competencies and critical thinking. Bravo! What would Bhutan do without all these terrific exams. No one would know anything!



    PE must be continued for the reasons:
    1. graduates come from different university or colleges of varying standard and many such colleges students get certificates without even attending classes. The PE is going to set a kind of standard or requirement entering civil service.
    2. PE is a fair chance that the graduates get to prove their academic excellence. Many graduates work very hard to learn as much as possible while many take their study easy. The hard working graduates must be rewarded for their academic quality. Many graduates from poor family of remote villages do not have fluency and are not vocal and these graduates will be have no opportunities to get into civil services if they are to compet with city graduate who are vocal and can speak better.
    3. PE result can be less bias as compared to the interview conducted by the RCSC with senior civil servants.
    4. Viva voice is bias since many senior civil servants would have conflict of interests and favor certain section of people that they know. It’s not bias proof where small civil servant population everyone knows everybody. “Buddhist hearts can be unfair most of the time and the 40% viva weighting of RCSC is making a lot of differences in determining the RCSC selection results. Without PE this would be disastrous for the graduates.
    With PE in place there is less corruption and less unfairness in the RCSC selection procedures but without PE we can predict whose children or graduates will get through RCSC selection and who will be in the RCSC in the long run ‘graduates from wealthy and powerful families’ and no one from poor and backward familieis who actually need the jobs. Think of this if your a Bhutanese who care for Bhutanese graduates.
    5. PE



    Dear Author,
    As you said this is what RCSC has been doing so far, otherwise you can’t imagine the kind of professionals we will have in our Civil service system. The selecting cream of professionals is what RCSC is for. Therefore I feel the PE is one kind of step to screening the bests of the bests. Thumps up to RCSC!!!!!!



    PE is the best thing to happen to BCSE exam since reduction of academic weightage. PE is good because it helps in screening best and the most capable graduates, otherwise BCSE exam, especially for general graduates is reduced to writing few essays on Bhutan. If graduates cannot even pass a simple PE exams then they should really reflect on the past 16 years of their life because it means they have wasted 16 years of their life without learning even basic concepts of critical thinking and education.
    PE also saved RCSC time and money by having less graduates for main exams, which means printing and correcting less papers, less DSA and TA for exam conductors, less DSA and TA for Viva conductors, and less space required to conduct examinations.
    Keeping above points in mind, I request RCSC to continue with the current practice of PE, if possible modify it in the future so that candidates overall IQ and aptitude can be tested.

    As for graduates who feel that PE should be eliminated, think about it, just by cancelling PE won’t help with unemployment situation, because the annual intake into the civil service will remain the same.


    so so

    I agree with the author, similarly why waste money on Primary Elections, just have one General Election, than political parties can form any sorts of alliances they want. We can then avoid the chaos the DNT created when 7 of their members joined PDP and were lucky to win because DPT was robbed.



    both PE and ME not needed for technical graduates like doctors, nurses and vets or in those section where HR is in dire need for the country.. i mean wats the use… rejecting even wen u need the most… are we not making things difficult for oursleves??? its kind of funny.. lots of doctor shortage yet u make it more by keeping them idle conducting these useless exams… i have nothing to say on other categories.



    in my opinion, PE EXAM must be done in order to screen the unwanted & to select the best one. Gold should be purified before we name this is a pure gold. So, I encourage RCSC will continue with PE Exam for better tomorrow.



    I welcome PE. No fear…….If we believe that we are competent enough, we should be ready for anything.
    For those graduates who feel that PE should be eliminated, think about it, don’t pull yourself down.
    Otherwise, human wants are unlimited……..we may even say that we want job without main exams. Those trends were gone…………

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