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  • There is no logic but it is a policy. When such things come into place, the leaders in RSTA office decides. Is the decision made unilaterally or multilaterally?. Whatever it be, I see this creates an initial step into placing a system?. However, the RSTA to have a good grounding on supporting for such a policy, there could have been a tracer study? My hyped up thesis would be: ” Many would agree on the registration”. And all theses documented paper would be the empirical evidences for settling to the laws. While, it is appreciated on the conduct of all the implementation, the tracer study could be the very foundation in democratic country. With DEMOCRAZY PEOPLE from Jaigon and alike making lot noises on what is happening with us, the neighboring flu of democrazy should not mar our decision. Please keep up what you are doing.

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    Kangkhu reminds me in the words of Frost: “The woods are dark deep and lovely”, and in the the beginning the beauty of the teachers; they have the promised; to keep and they went to sleep. And they went to sleep keeping unpromised ; keeping the students of the own to feddle the grammar like a broken grammarian.
    While keeping in the mind, the stduents learn grammar in the context of literature and text, the examination system states otherwise. As I believe in the learning the grammar through context comes with practise but it is important the teachers cues the students how to lean about it. My child learns English well without grammar but the child fails in the class.

    Humbly, I would state: The effectiveness of OD exercise depend not on the vindictiveness with knife and cuts; or guns and roses. The OD exercise is a scrutiny of the PD exercise of the individual. In the PD exercise (Personal Development Exercise), there is an exercise of personal development through all the unwanted practices. There is syndication, collusion and mal practices as the administration with authority along with committee, “the coterie”, the inner circle group or the upper class remain unreachable and untouchable. Everything happens behind the curtains. The inner circle remains remains placed in the major decision making and never floats anything for systematic discussion for the good of the system. The coterie created an “entitlement mentality” and fixed everything to the benefit of self than the mass. Example, When the faculty’s need for printing the reading material for the class is just 2 with the ratio of 32:1. The inner circle consisting of few have individual printers. Similarly the cubicles of the coterie are time to time fortified with dismantling unnecessarily, siphioning the coffers of the institute while the faculty is left to the wild of Himalayan breeze.
    The whole maintenance of the institution is syndicated and the construction carried by the employers and the employees of the institution.
    If and if , the OD exercise is scrutinize, there would be cost benefit. Transferring the coterie group who are mainly the administration who legally but without ethic siphoned more than the transfer grants yearly.

    A problem which persists, besides the PhD holder not teaching, is seeing at the level of development of institutional exploitations at the root:
    Firstly the RUB has to deal with the transfer of the staff who is in the administration for administration sake and not for any academic support. The administrative includes the Directors who are not instructional leaders but symbols and bubbles; administrative officer, estate manager who should be transferred on the rotational basis. If not, there is a need to outsource the staffs that would support the academic just as any other Universities outside.
    If such thing persists for long in the college with the administration rooted, director boosted with bossing around, the college sees the seeds of vices and enhancing bad governance and corruption. The administration frequently signals the decision making that favor their friend or themselves or exclude people, rather than targeting those most in need of guided by the college visions. It also sees that the collusion, syndication and the conflict of interest of the college maintenance work mostly carried out by the staffs and paid illogically and illegally. There is a need for internal audit yearly otherwise there is an unwanted harvesting at the cost of price.
    Along with the OD exercise, if the Vice chancellor can initiate a survey the organizational climate index (OCI) of all the colleges for the good of the system. Otherwise, the colleges’ functions like bureaucratic organization and the administrators are the bosses with the upper class attitude. If the OCI is initiated, the institution becomes model for governance. The currency of administration is the supremacy of the bosses to its faculties thus sucking the energy of the individuals. Good save the Colleges.

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    I just want to know why I cannot lock in. As writer we seem excited to express and the in the moment of madness we express it vindictively. We would like give an option as mediator to moderate our madness and get the message across.

    I have writing for long and suddenly when I cannot logged in I felt an out caste or is it I am black listed.


    [Dear sir/madam, it seems we might be experiencing a technical flaw. We’re looking into it. Apologies for the inconvenience – Moderator]

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    It looks like a cart before the horse. A senior council member travelling in taxi prompting an atmosphere that a high ranking official forced to travel is questionable. A pseudo leader imitating and I am seeing this as pitiable mentality. Is this role model or roll model for the younger Bhutanese?. Now we understand your state of intelligence is just  “*” when we actually expected emotional and social intelligence as a leader of the country.
    Is the Royal government of Bhutan in a state of ruin like this when even a taxi driver and the official secretariat (peons) can afford a car?. Is your honour private car not drive-able car?.   When you honour who have been respected for the responsibilities assigned by the highest order displayed like a comedian for the want,” the cry of duty car”. Your honour has dressed yourself so beautifully in the emperor’s new cloth.  Please remember we studied the same chapter of (Andersen, 2004) emperor’s new cloth in 1985.

    Is this not another way of poisoning the innocent people’s mind?. Your “pseudo-Ghandi” does not influence the mind of the educators.

    your sincerely
    Ata Ghaling sakteng

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    Each of us think that the very statement we scripted in the forum should worth it and this is “thesis” and there are  worthy critique who would be an antogonist to our thesis and there are “anti thesis“. I always wanted to see my statement as a valid and reliable point and all others should follow just establishing my supreme autrocracy on others through writing.

    And I find the Kuensel moderator in way, saving us from oppressing others by  just balancing our thinking and making us more human. The moderator always try to moderate us by “synthesising ” which is a third alternative.

    Sometimes, I do not see the defect of my own eyelid. And once I am into writing in the forum, I am carried by impulses and emotions ruling out the logic and empathy. I found it very difficult to see my picture when I kept my face very close to the frame of the picture.

    At times given a chance, I will write anything to rule the world and it becomes the tyranny of ideologies and expression.

    Moderator has not me one like. To me it was always a balancing act.

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    Let us learn from the traynny of missionaries. In the words of swami Vevekanada:

    ” Once the missionaries came to continent,

    Have asked the people to close their eyes,

    The people did as instructed,

    After sometime, they were asked to open their eyes.

    When they opened their eyes, they had the religious book on their hand,

    And the land confiscated”.

    A similiar of anaology happens with my country so often. Missionaries come and go emptying the coffers at the end. Respecting the diversity, sometimes we need to keep in mind the soverignity. This little initiative can spark of as flame and we need to consciously understand that diversity can be so evil. Why cannot we have the universal values? In the name of respecting the constitution, next group can be Alquida who is pursuing.

    Kariti has already got on my nerve and very soon it will be another virus sporadically linking from outside Bhutan. I just happen to explore more on it and sometimes I see the diversity as sort of communial and I do not dream this as another crusade.

    in reply to: Attention: Dasho Drungpa of Sipso #94975

    It shows someone who is a psychologist is psyched up.  Supposed to be counseling and contributing a service needed, is in deficit of. There is need for all us especially to understand the Maslow’s hierarchy of need especially the person who initiated this topic. My dear, You are one very foundation of Bhutanese education psychology and you are now the inescapable client yourself with emotional impulses souring up on the engineers and Dungpas who are actually innocent. Do your abuse on the forum hold water. It is too personal.  The personal matters should be personal: be it romance, sex, fags and moonshines, why drag the official to mind someone monkey when he had his professional monkey to mind.

    There are some useless incidences which actually get to this very thread. Little hyped up and frequent emotional outburst made people pour out the frustration in the forum. My sona sister and the friends, only you are capable of solving your own problem as you have the knowledge of psychology but little short of wisdom. You can do it well if you go through your Psychology book which is on the table almost burnt with the ash tray on the top. With little decrease in drinking but more water and tea can stabilize you to think well, consciously and consciously. You have a challenge my friend and sona sister  to lead the people well and not everyone into crabs pool. By the have finished your correction?.    Take care……..Cheers.

    in reply to: Who wiill buy electric car??? #94283

    All the electric cars are Bhutanese brand: “MADE IN BHUTAN” initiated by our science graduates of 1990’s under the patronage and aegis of lynpo Thnley Gyamtsho then as  education Director General. He thought non science students were non sense. Now 21st century Bhutan, everyone has the role as human and Bhutanese.
    Everyone buys these car as this local made for global production. BE BHUTANESE and BUY BHUTANESE CAR. This is a Bhutanese dream.

    in reply to: Airport Restaurant, Paro Airport #94019


    The CAVEAT EMPTOR and it is their choice of business. There is paradigm shift of it. Earlier the Caveat emptor (the buyer be aware) has now been shifted to (sellers be aware). Besides the escalating cost of that cafeteria, the sales person at the country is far from manners. Her style of marketing is very apologetic. In the pretext of being young to deal with customer, she markets Bhutan and Druk air in a  lose-lose situation.

    I as a stranger have had a terrible experience of my little daughter just four years old popped into adjacent room in that cafeteria when the sales counter girl immediately closed the door with such an unruly attitude  which gave me fever all the way home driving back. Such innocence of arrogance has been mastered and the long run becomes a habit and these would manifest the marketing of the cafe and the airlines. I never knew Bhutanese pretty looking appearance would have have such rowdy behavior. I mean no offence but if the sales people could be more human and as the Druk air service is rated good so could these people be.

    in reply to: Dzongkha Labshay Nyenshay… #93807

    The 21 st century Bhutan is web 3 generations and if the organizers are into promoting Dzongka in a very traditional and stereotyping way with marathon debates and speeches, there would be hi-cup with the following generation. Currently the status is, a group of exhibits who are already talented and organizers making an assumption of placebo effect that this is one modality of promoting Dzongka. There could have at least carried out a tracer study with the stake holders: the children and the parents on how the children learning and speak. The conventional style model is just wasting time. After few months, keep aside the sponsors, it is going to be a caveat emptor.
    Many of the children would automatically turn off to Cartoon Network and learn better English or Hindi. If the DDC is could think out of the box and have learning with fun these would boost the job opportunities and learning as well. The old maxims: the young cock learns to crow from the old cock. The web 3 generations is already set and there are ways of making attractive packages of learning.

    Making a reminiscence of Lynpo Sangay that time in 90’s in Sherubte on the query of the students why many Bhutanese lost to rhythm of the alien guitar rather than our traditional Dramnyen?. The answer from the Minister was as simple as “think out of the box to make it interesting”. THE OLD HABIT DIE HARD and It is a caveat emptor if we do not.

    in reply to: Attention: Dasho Drungpa of Sipso #93796


    Druggies are human beings as well. Dungpa is servant of us who is there helping with responsibility to help those sick people. He justified by being a good leader understanding with heart of those people. Had he been other Dungpa living in air of boss, the engineer would have been sacked off to the authority concern. By not being into action packed like these, he understands every one would have cascading effect. The WHO would define theses people as sick and need a rehabilitation and would be rebirth given a chance.  What would you in your concern think of these people. You would definitely make a prayer service of this people or sack them from the office, forcefully add him as convict in the society.

    Dungpa is leader by choice and he does it humanly and he will do it the same even if it is your son or daughter. The only mistake that he has made is being too good as human.

    The cosmic effect is there and one day, it would be you or me appealing the Dungpa to be considerate on one of your siblings into doping. It is always a cyclic and we cannot say we are free from such malice. It is sometimes good that your assumption and thesis should not mar the whole human values.

    Dungpa is human first and he deals it humanly not leaning on his authority and  archaic laws. He is not a divine but good human.

    And I pledge to keep  my mouth stitched if someone who is supposed to be boss is leader first. And the engineers will be human given them social environment.


    in reply to: Why was JYT missing in the 1st parliament? #74781

    Lynpo JYT is so much fed up with the politics. He now understands ( opinion only) The word Poly has a synonym MANY and the TICKS meaning the blood suckers. Perhaps he is so depressed with so many blood suckers.

    Whatever it be and whenever it be. Please do not suck the nation. We do not want to see Bhutan, my beloved nation go in a DENJONGS way. If the fellow countrymen could read the KAZIs’ AGAINST THE TIDE.

    Bhutan, I love you. And let not the politics suck your blood. Long live Bhutan

    in reply to: New director with new law in shercol #74400

    Believing in the University of the 21st century for higher education:

    From the university of knowledge to university of wisdom. And where does the Bhutan Royal University stand in the hours of academic revolution for society?
    The education system in the south Asian region faces the challenges of different nature: India has the economic development pressure; Nepal with political structure and revolution; in Bhutan, it is no exaggeration to say that the higher education undergoing a fundamental shift in its character. There is major transition in the relationship of higher education to Bhutan and Bhutanese society with the exodus of thousand students to India losing balance of the economy. With Royal University of Bhutan just taking in limited number and Royal Thimphu College just few hundreds plants the possibilities and the ideas of the future University. The ideas of university, just the mediaeval university, should not remain sacrosanct to be attended by the elites and so called IQ people(Sidhu, 2010).
    The reference to the university is more than higher education in the contemporary world and Bhutan at its own. The Bhutanese University suffering from mindful and heartless practices of western practitioners at somewhat costly affairs and knowledge inquiry syndrome of just teaching learning should think of manifold relationship of Nation and society. Have the Royal University thought of the economic impact in June of 2013? The critical realism points (Barnett, 2012), the information gluttony university or the information hedonist university builds itself “a castle in the air quality university” as university does not make any contribution on the social institutions.
    With the modernization of university, and the Bhutanese university in existence with us; should there be some questions of the emerging future; global possibilities; the ideas of university and a societal university? Just as informal discussion, the universities in most wanted to retain its substance: redundant at best and self-importance at worst. As Rothblatt provocatively cited in (Barnett, 2012, p. 3) “University can now serve as a conceptual umbrella- albeit with “untidy boundaries” –for collection of niches,for disciplines, for individuals.” Today’s university must inevitably divorce from the conceptual baggage of earlier ideas of university where it’s locus as a center of power, prestige and inequality. The future university becomes a part expanding its social mobility and social equality. It needs to be think tank and policy driver with new conceptual vocabularies, reinvigorated courage to challenge the archaism and hyperactivity that framed the sector.
    The universities had the practices of retaining its dominance of the knowledge and its ultimate claim on the truth. Only the university’s truth claims were to be subjected to validity test for truth as such.As (Barnett, 2012, p. 4) stated: “Truth was never simply my truth, or my groups truth or even my society’s truth”. The global space created as result of the result of globalization of university and the truth and ideas are the universal promoting learning, inquiry and social development across the globe.
    With globalization, the enactment of ideas became important as the identification of the ideas. However the new ideas still draw upon the earlier ideas of the university-reason, truth and academic freedom. With the new idea come the possibilities. The analogy drawn by Kavanagh cited in (Barnett, 2012, p. 7) to think university as a fool. The fool presents ambiguity, powerful and wits to engage the engage the audience. The fool as an irritant, a provocateur had the modus operandi to provoke new wisdom in others. The fool and the University thus are not subservient to any authority.
    University’s long favored knowledge inquiry has made the society suffered from the knowledge inquiry syndrome divorcing from the wisdom inquiry. It is now studied that social inquiry is intellectually more fundamental than natural and technological sciences. The wisdom inquiry offers interplay of skeptical rationality and emotions; interplay of mind and heart so that there is a mindful hearts and heartfelt minds.
    Royal university of Bhutan is for the society and just in society. JYT government was envisioned in the line that university should be for the society and what is the TT’s government focus? JYT with its GNH model tried to help the society and live with respect and harmony and does TT government be the part of the University council to mediate the Royal University and its PDP. The opening of the educational door to community knowledge brings knowledge socialism. The impoverished of knowledge and wisdom by the university is a threat to the democracy. The universities elsewhere are responsible enabling discordant voices to live together enlightening the society.


    Barnett, R. (2012). The future University, Ideas and possibilities. Newyork: Routledge.
    Sidhu, K. S. (2010). Education, the hope for better world. New Delhi: Sterling.

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