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    Garuda Vajra

    This is too much. Teachers/School authorities are there to teach the children, can’t understand what interest them to collect money from children. If their interest is in colecting money then, they are not teachers.

    Dear Truthful Person, pl. name the school if you want us or the concerned office to look into. I will be too glad to take this issue further.

    Garuda Vajra

    Dalim Koti said
    “In a cultural context like ours, disobeying the decision made by the boss is considered not good. Boss will keep the records of such disobeying employee and fix him / her appropriately at the right time”.

    OMG! I have been a government employee since mid nineties and I didn’t know about this. Dzongdags were not that bad; it is wrong to generalize all Dzongdags that way.
    As far as I know, even if your boss compels you to carry out the task that you feel is not as per the rules and regulations, first thing – try to convince ur boss stating rules and acts(that is duty), still, if boss dosent listen to you or you are not convinced then, you can report the matter to the next higher authority and so on. Did they do that? OR, as a responsible committee member at Dzongkhag level one could have easily resigned from committee if he/she knew that what they were doing was not right. If they didn’t know themselves then ‘Ignorance of law is no excuse’.

    Let us not present a faulty and bad picture of our district administrations and administrators to the rest of the world?

    The concern we have now is how our higher authority would look into it. We fear that if they are relaxed in whatever way, it would only set ugly precedence whereby other serving civil servants (committee) would rightfully have reserve quota to get pardoned even after extensive scrutiny of the case by several institutions and that too after proving guilty.
    The judgement would convey a clear message to any one of us working in the government. This is our concern and nothing more

    in reply to: Farm Road #50425

    Garuda Vajra

    Dear smallchilli,
    If what you have said is true, people cannot do such things to you. Firstly, your consent is must for any developmental activity to take place in your land. Owners’ right to his/her legitimate property is a fundamental right enshrined in our Constitution. In your case, it seems the concerned DE had voilated what had been already agreed upon and even done the cutting without your knowledge, that is illegal by any standard and liable for punishment.

    Distance of one meter between your house and farm road is TOO close and it impose immense and serious threats both to your house and the occupants(your family members and the rest living there). pl. be very careful from now onwards, people align and build road too close to your house and in future they may tell you to demolish your house stating that your house falls within the road’s Right of Way(RoW). It is good that you have taken pictures, pl. collect other evidence(s) and keep it safely with you.

    The concerned officials are supposed to make fair assessment with minimal damage and maximum benefits to the community while designing and aligning such farm roads, they have all the access to land records, ownerships and other parameters but these people seems to be acting funny.

    Regarding the damage of your 28 FRUIT BEARING orange trees, I am still thinking, was that the only way out; if there are alternatives without having had to damage it, then again there is something very serious. Our Government supports and encourages farmers but these people destroy it in the name of farm road even without a second thought.

    I suggest you to go through Farm Road Eligibility Citeria/Guidelines, Environment Act and Regulations, Land Act and other relevant Acts and regulations. In my opinion, appealing again to the same authority out there may not hold much water for you since it was DE’s act, he or she can have better convincing or influencing ability within his jurisdiction. Therefore, you can go ahead with your plan, fight till the last, you deserve justice. I feel the road needs to be rerouted immediately within the reasonable distance from your house and you be compensated for the damages caused; someone should held responsible if anything happens to your house or occupants including your animals and crops arising out of this farm road construction.
    Best of luck…

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