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    It seems Parliament is least interested when it comes to pay revision of Civil Servants.

    So goodby to the ruling government in 2018.

    Possible signs are that in the upcoming Parliament Election…Bhutan Kuen-Nyam Party lead by Neten Zangmo as the party President cannot be ruled out.

    Because the people of Bhutan will need changes in the entire government systems for their betterment and improved socioeconomic conditions of the country. We need to uplift our downtrodden and marginalised people across valleys and mountains. So far there has not been much difference between the two previous ruling governments. They have been helping and enriching the only the ‘HAVES’ and not ‘HAVENOTS’.

    Change of the government in a small country like ours is a welcoming news.

    We should work to also uplift the low-and-mid level CIVIL SERVANTS in the country, following the good example of a small nation like Singapore. In this country, CSs are highly paid on account of which they have almost 0-corruption in the government.

    So, the members of Parliament should strongly rethink and revisit their political agenda before it is too late. Rethink, re-dream and revisit to reconsider to make the Civil Servants Pay Revision effective from 2018, so that we WIN-WIN SITUATION in 2018.

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    maha guru

    Is it valid for RCSC to create and execute its own promotion criteria, keeping aside the BCSR-2012 shelved? RCSC has actually breached the prevailing promotion rules.

    1. Doctors, for they might resign and leave (brain drain) for greener pastures, they are given the automatic promotion without even needing to process, clearly in contravention to BCSR-12. This is such a bias and corrupt decision executed by RCSC.

    2. It was recently pointed out in the media that RCSC is the most corrupt agency, that makes the rules and also breaks the rules. It should be clear then, good people have no career in the civil service, but corrupt doctors are promoted through corrupt means.

    3. Whether RCSC provided incentive to doctors or not, they will leave their medical profession any time.

    4. Traditionally RCSC system has always been the ‘old wine in the new bottle’, without any improvement or reforms. The system is designed to block the career opportunities of CSs, as much as possible, except……….

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    maha guru

    This will be known through a search and investigation by the concerned authorities. People (migrant or immigrant= non-Bhutanese) staying or working for years without proper document in a country are illegal hideouts. Keeping of illegal employees at homes, I guess is quite rampant practice esp. with business people in Thimphu, P/Ling and S/Jong.

    Example, if you want to travel to countries other than India, you need VISA. Otherwise, you cannot even step in.

    The concerned authorities are alerted for the sake of Bhutanese people’s safety and security.

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    maha guru

    Pumping up the economy through salary increase……….is very very true. In fact, if the civil servants are paid well like in case of Singapore govt., there will be no or hardly any corruption cases in the govt. functionaries. We need not even have to establish very expensive institutions like ACC like before. As such investigative functions of ACC could be dealt by the Audit authority themselves and legislative bodies as per the law of land. In a small country like ours, huge institution set ups are not required.

    Therefore, SCs should be well paid, if we have to improve our economy. This will boost the morale of the CS to work harder and become more productive and hence contribute towards national economy and nation building.


    maha guru

    So, let me appeal to the Bhutanese voters to exercise your intelligent decision and accordingly cast the vote.

    But never get carried away by the top leadership. Because democracy it not for the leadership.

    Democracy should be for the people, of the people and by the people.


    maha guru

    Yes, it is true. But truth is always bitter.

    Civil servants living under poverty is a ground reality in Bhutan. Though it is a bitter truth.

    DPT”s claim, that poverty has been reduced from 23% to 12% will require much research and scrutiny by the economists (experts).

    The truth is that Civil servants are living under severe economic stress and survived by bank consumer loans to support their family and children for which again, nearly 13% interest is charged on the loan amount, thereby further impoverishing his/her family future security.

    So far, DPT govt. in the past 5 years, has turned its blind eye and deaf years to the welfare and welbeing of the CS in general except those bureaucrats/elites who fall in the upper rung of the society.

    Surely …….no vote for them from the civil servants.

    Our vote will probably go to PDP. At least this party has shown some concern on the plight of the civil servants. I do not mind if my ‘GEM’ is passed under the custody of PDP on the 31st May 2013.

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    maha guru

    It is true.

    Believe it or not. People of Bhutan should make your own judgment.

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