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From the astrologers

Year ender The Wood Horse year, in general, astrologers of the astrology institute in Pangrizampa predict, will trot calmly, with the country and its people under a spell of peace and prosperity.

The year favours farmers with timely rainfall and flourishing crops, the dru na gu (nine cereals). The favourable circumstances, however, will not be complemented by the harvest, which is predicted to be good

It is also predicted that there will be no disease outbreak among livestock, rather it is expected to be a productive year for the animals, who will bear a good number of offspring.

The only calamity predicted is windstorms that will most likely hit high altitude areas in the country. In general, peace and prosperity will prevail and no conflict will arise.

Since it is a male year, it is deemed good for male babies born under the sign. The wood horse also bodes well for male youth. Toddlers, however, may fall ill. The only group, apart from animal signs that are compatible and incompatible with the horse sign, for which the year does not bode well is the elderly. It is predicted the year will bring suffering to them.

The wood horse year is best for females born in the iron sheep year (24 years) and the fire sheep year (48 years). It would be auspicious if a female under these signs (fire or iron sheep) inaugurate any task or consecrate any undertaking. Such undertakings would be more successful if the woman’s parents are alive and are of a noble family.

For those born in horse year, people aged 13, 25, 49, 61, 73, 85, it’s not advisable to venture on long journeys, visit sick people and attend funeral or marriage ceremonies. Since it is their sign, it is a lokag (bad year) for them.

Those born in rat year must be cautious in undertaking any important task, while those born in the tiger, horse and dog years, it is advisable not to visit hot springs. In general, people under these four animal signs must avoid buying and selling of properties.

The rat sign is in conflict (denzur) with the horse sign. For instance, if two family members are born in the rat and horse years, the family will not be successful in accomplishing important tasks. The tiger and dog signs are compatible (thuensum) with the horse sign. But, because it is the year of the horse, it is said to be a lodo for those born under this sign. And because they are compatible signs, the tiger and dog will also share and carry the burden of the horse. In fact, the effect would be more on the other two than the horse year.

To avoid misfortunes and bad luck, those born under these signs should perform rituals like barchey lamsoel and kanjyur at home or in a lhakhang, and recite prayers like sampa lhundup.

For the wellbeing of all sentient beings and for the country, the monks of Pangrizampa will be conducting the annual Janachidhoe rimdo, a cleansing ritual, starting from 20th day of the first Bhutanese month.

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