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Rote Learning: Novices of Dechenphodrang monastery in Thimphu recite their evening prayers

2 Comments to “Rote Learning: Novices of Dechenphodrang monastery in Thimphu recite their evening prayers”
  1. khenchen | October 11th, 2013 at 10:21:31

    But we are worried of vanishing our culture and tradition if not followed and preserved well.As buddhist followers are coming from western people and even producing books too.At this juncture,we must think and work together in preserving them la. This is my suggestion and what about other readers suggesstions la..

  2. Baykhara | April 9th, 2013 at 13:37:41

    Western educationists may not agree that ‘rote learning’ is good for the learner but in the Eastern Hemisphere educationist support rote learning at some stages of learning. From the early stage to later stages of childhood rote learning always take place and it is good for the learners. Not everything that a child hears, sees and does will make meaning but the child will learn, keep in mind and reproduce in speeches and actions which the child, family members and friends consider great achievement. The rote learning becomes the foundation for higher learning for the child.
    Learning prayers and and reciting prayers in Dechenphodrang monastry is good. The learning and recitation of prayers makes individual feel psychologically safe and protected though the intention and the meaning may not be that. Many may not understand meaning of prayers that they recite and it is not intended also. The novices of Dechenphodrang Monastry has not reach a stage during which they are expected to understand the meaning of prayers and philosophy behind the prayers. However, the novice in good time will understand what they have learned by heart through rote and that will come handy for them. The benefit of rote learning at the young age will be in many folds at the later stage of life.
    It is hoped that one day the monastic system of learning procedures can influence Bhutanese Education system and make learning easier and shorter for the Bhutanese children.

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