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Government driver detained in ram-and-run incident

Motithang Gas Station: Thimphu police have detained the driver of a government pool vehicle that rammed into two cars, parked near the Motithang gas station, around four in the morning yesterday.

A few residents nearby were awakened by the loud crash and saw that a white Toyota Prado had collided head on with a parked car (Hyundai Santro) forcing it off-road, and then rammed the rear end of another car (Tata Indica) parked in front.

“The driver backed the Prado and left the scene,” one eyewitness said, adding that he wondered what a government vehicle was doing there early in the morning during the weekend.

The driver returned to the spot but, after a few minutes, fled the scene. “I clicked the Prado’s number plate on my phone camera,” said Tenzin, who had rushed to the spot on seeing his brother’s car smashed. “I immediately informed the traffic police.”

Of the two cars that were hit, one belonged to an employee of Royal Audit Authority, and the other to a local governance official with the home ministry.  Traffic police caught the Prado near the hospital area and detained the driver.  The driver had admitted to the actions, and told police that he did not mean to flee from the scene but on seeing people gathered, feared that they might beat him.

“On interrogation, the driver said he had lost control of the vehicle, but was only driving at 30-40km/h speed,” a police official said.

The white Prado is a finance ministry pool vehicle.

By Passang Norbu 

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  1. Yes, I too heard as hodola have mentioned, “the drivers are supposed to handover the keys of the pool vehicles to their respective heads when they leave for holidays of off hours.”

    As far as I am concerned here the culprits are:

    1. If the boss have given full liberty to the driver, definitely he is the culprit. He should bear 80% of the compensation of the three vehicles and prison term as well. Diver 20% on misusing the vehicle and careless driving.

    2. If diver have taken the key without the notice of the boss and driven the vehicle, he should be fully responsible. (It depends upon the kindness of the boss as well)

    3. No government budget should be used either to repair Prado or other two vehicles.


  2. sometimes, the driver becomes boss and the boss becomes his subordinate. government pool vehicle is the ground for many people to bank budget into thier pocket. i plea the government not to provide anymore pool vehicle and delete the post of driver henceforth. in this 21st centuary, many people can drive and the driving has become a part of life. thumbs up for those officers who are driving their duty car of their own.

  3. The very ministry supposed to control the misuse of pool vehicles is violating the rules by giving full liberty to driver to misuse the hard earned resources. If I am not mistaken, the drivers are supposed to handover the keys of the pool vehicles to their respective heads when they leave for holidays of off hours. What happened to the Prado. Now, it will cost a fortune to repair the Land Cruiser, when our government is grappling with the Rupee problem.

    The driver must have been probably having a nice time during off duty hours. In whose court is the ball right now? Either finance or RBP or the RSTA. Please comment, whose fault is this now, the driver’s or the officer signing the movement order or the officer using the car?

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