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Gyalpoizhing verdict out

Breaking news:  The Mongar district court this morning sentenced National Assembly Speaker Jigme Tshultim to  two and a half years in prison for official misconduct in the Gyalpoizhing  land allotment  case. He was found guilty of illegally allotting plots to 23 individuals including his maid during his tenure as the Mongar Dzongda and chairman of the plot allotment committee in 2001-02. The verdict said the plot allotted to his maid must be given back to the government. There will be separate hearings for the others who were illegally allotted plots.

The Mongar court also sentenced the Home Minister Minjur Dorji to a year in prison for official misconduct in allotting plots to two dratshangs and  the wife of a Kurichhu project engineer during his tenure as the Mongar Dzongda in 2005-06 and as chairman of the plot allotment committee. The verdict said the plots must be returned to the government.

The court  ruled that both the Speaker and the Home Minister  failed to abide by His Majesty’s kasho (written order)  issued in 1987 and the allotment criteria set by the works and human settlement ministry.

Both the speaker and home minister can pay thrimthue (cash penalty) in lieu of the sentence term. Thrimthue is calculated on the minimum wage which is Nu 100 a day.

The other plot committee members were also given a one year sentence for not carrying out their duties diligently. They can pay thrimthue in lieu of the prison term.

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  1. ya, people are not satisfied wid the verdict passed down to these two people. but one should also understand that the drangpon must have done the justice according to the law

  2. To nationalgiver, what you say on the verdict. Drangpon is the all in all in Monggar and he is not afraid of any body. In fact he thinks he is the man who knew to much…It was reported in one of the tabloids that Drangpon is fade up with those legal principles. What is he trying to say..carzy man. From where he gets his daily meal? He should not forget that he is earning his bread from it. Any way he seems dame crazy…forget it.

  3. Everyone has a right to express your own views but sorry not for others. People who have access to this type of technology are very few. In fact who are commenting in such forum are not even near to 100. So to refer as we people of Bhutan or All of us would not carry much weight. I joined this forum particularly to give my own opinion and does not represent any others.
    People who work more will tend to make more mistakes because no one is perfect and that is the law of nature. On the other hand there are people do does not do anything for the good of nation but only speak a lot. Those people can’t make mistake because they have done nothing to make mistake.
    Therefore, my own view is law has to take its own course and the different institutions has to function effectively according to its norms to move forward. we have no right to give a verdict on someone else because we are not entitle to and if example be sighted. There are many with regards to big fish as well as small fish. Pointing finger is very easy but giving a solution and that too a lasting and acceptable to everyone is very very hard. There is no magic to solution for every problem and that is the reality. …whether u agree or disagree!!!

  4. the court of justice neither has mind nor soul . What it has is it has just brain . It does not have nay sympathy over any sorrows. it does not understand religion nor it understand science. it just judges according to the law of the land . So what the court has judged , it has done it`s job ….but …. the strength seems to be too weak. What if such mistake was commited by a layman like you all and me ? Surely , the Mongar court might have hanged us brutally>

    No ?

  5. Moral of the story. If you are son of a farmer but got to a high position with your hard work and integrity and if you don’t know your place and give what is not yours to give. Then you will be punished!
    You say rich and powerful. My father the speaker was a son of a farmer… yes yes indeed he shall the fall for the rich and the powerful.

  6. are u afriad of corruption?????? i dont. the biggest crime have to bail for 2 years. let me eat nu. 200,000/- NANGSU and bail for two years with amount equal to nu. 90,000/- i have profit still.

  7. The verdict in many sense is a breakthrough, especially in context of rich and powerful, but did not send strong enough message as expected to deter similar future corruptions.

  8. Ms Lasola No1, if it is the case why u r not initiating for investigation. there will be record with the Dzonkhag’s land record section whether it is wet/dry land. what proof you have providing materials from Dzongkhag. in fact the store was constructed by the the dzongkhag on the land that belong to Home Minister’s spouse without her full knowledge. The labourers were imported from Assam after completing immigration and labour formalities. please wake up from the ignorance and horn yourself to be like them….Jorpachen…and rub with their gold. God knows you also become gold like them…i am sorry had to mention this to fit your comments.

  9. Hay Ap Gasep if you are sure about as to what you have said then come forward and speak out openly….or go to BBS centre and make us know of the fact. We gonna surely support you if found genuine or if we are convinced as to what you have said. Otherwise don’t just beat around the bush….

  10. The prime minister is involved and why is he not charged? Can anyone reason me? I am surprised

  11. Me and my whole family is out of DPT’s picture too. No more votes to this party.

    Mr. Gyelposhing seems to be knowing so much about the case and its verdict – VERY FUNNY.
    They had been acting and serving as DZONGDA the head of a district which is not a low profile rank. They were no kids during those period and they knew their responsibilities very well but took the advantage and laws in their own hands.

    The verdict/judgement is too lenient. Its no better then NO Verdict.

  12. hahaha iam from remote village and iam a poor farmer not enough educated like you all for this post my comment but sometime i think our judiciary system in our country is two kind for 1 for is reach and 1 for poor. if we the poor people did same crime did we release paying the thrimthue in lieu if i smuggling huge quantity of baba and cigarette of sell in black market wat kind of law is there? can i release in paying thrimthrue in lieu? if then how ,much i have to pay? nu 500/- i can afford and i can pay thise thirmthue from profit of selling tobaco, and cigarette iam not satisfied with this judgment passed by judiciary very bad i think there should be heavy punishment for this corrupted people any way Thums UP ACC

  13. Congratulations to the speaker and the home minister…you have got a good deal with the mongar drangpon. Nu.100 per day is nothing as compared with the value of the land you have misused..

    For the judiciary, it’s a matter of shame. You have failed your very sacred responsibility of upholding justice and equality in the wake of democracy. You have confirmed that the land has 2 separate law for the powerful and the weak. with your verdict, it has only left room for more corruption and misuse of authority in the country. Nobody will hesitate taking a chance if all that you are liable in the end if caught is Nu 100 a day. You have traded the trust, faith and hopes of all the citizens and especially the people of Gyelposhing who are hoping for justice and getting their land back with Nu 100 per day.

    To the world around, the verdict has cracked a joke and ashamed Bhutan. Poor people caught with few packets of tobacco imprisoned for 3 years without bail. On the other hand, Minister and Speaker proven guilty of corruption and misuse of authority, yet they are imprisoned for only 1-2 years that too bailable paying only Nu 100 a day. Where is equality and justice?

  14. The Gyelposhing land case is a saga but the verdict is ridiculous and it has really humiliated many. I already knew that the verdict would be this kind since it captured the public headlines. The Speaker and the Home Minister deserve more than this.
    And now, it is time for the people to go after the Prim Minister and the Attorney General for mis-informing the public as well as trying the defend them. They all involved should be penalized as per the law.
    Now, it is time for the people of this nation to think wisely before they vote for DPT. Why didn’t we vote for PDP? we had a notion that the PDP was quite corrupt. Apparently DPT were the one who propagated this idea to the people and now we have to hit them back for doing worse than PDP.
    I am not voting for DPT any more…This is a very corrupt part.

  15. As of I see and view….. We need to find sollution to the chaos and problems rather than further creating it by blaming each other. Lets kill the unwanted fire by stopping to add further fuel/wood.
    These two powerful fellows must have done wrong things for sure. If there had not been a fire there would not be the smoke. However, the situation and environment then was different. I think the Drangpon had to go through very difficult times and situation to pass the verdict as convict to these two powerful fellows. If we further beat around the bush and play games over the same story we are going to drain out time and resources which could be used for further improvements of our system.
    Past is past. Do not let the past misdoings slow us in improvements. We have to live the present and guard the future. Let us learn from the past rather than thinking of accusing and punnishing every Tom, Dick and Harry. Lets move forward and act humanly.
    Now lets not support, allow, tolerate and do corruption. Lets fight corruption if it arise.
    Lets close the past chapter……. and begin a new brighter future…

  16. HAHA!!!!!! HEHE!!!!!!!
    m very satisfied with the word that i read but still m not satisfied with the Drangpoen of Mongar. plz Mr. Tshering Tobgay, MP of Sombaykha Constituency, i hope u are not satisfied with the verdict but now i want u to do something for those two corrupted leader of Bhutan, where the people have faith on them but ” lo japhu tey, Japhu tom” as m the people of Bhutan i regret for giving them the vote….. now v are no more foolish. mind It!!!!!!!!!!
    moreover, does v still in 19th century? m a jobless man but i can still effort there amout….. i thank ACC for doing job but hope to do hereafter………………

  17. The citizen of Bhutan is concerned about the judgement passed on to is based on the equity and justice that the new government has adopted so far. the minimum wage rate has to be fine tuned and reviewed once again and apply accordingly without taking into account the position and power……………….

  18. Solid Gold Bomb’s Advice:

    ….keep calm and carry on….the verdict is not over yet .

  19. The truth in law is yet not spoken. Let the world listen to it and let the world judge upon it. The law seems to be interpreted of their own (judge). may be drangpon was also bribed by two ministerial so as to make necessary adjustment but i hope ACC will be not satisfied by the Verdict passed and may appeal to high court. ( i Hope so)

  20. People comment here without knowing the real issue. They hate these two individuals just because they are today speaker and home minister. I would agree with negative commentators had these things happened after their election. Bu the fact is, they were just dzongdag when these things happened and, there were many people above them that time. Whatever it is, this verdict is not fair and i am sure high court and supreme court judges will see into the intention of decision rather than just procedural aspect. Yes, there were minor lapses in procedure but the intention was good. as someone pointed what did home minister get by allotting plot to dratshang?

  21. Good job ACC!!! but why the thrimthue or bail is too less for them? For Jigme Tsultrim, it is just about Nu. 54700, which is their month’s salary.

  22. Ah! It is not a big deal, we have heard lot of politician, leaders ,ministers business men and high class person going jail for their greedy sick mind, so soon or later it has to be happend, there is always two kind of human living in this world, honest and dishonest and Bhutan is not a corruption free country, be careful everyone, of course we are living in a Buddhist country but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any corrupted people looking around for next target. Be smart and always aware of it and I believe we cannot blame only the gov it is our responsibility also to face such a small kind of misconduct against our society, so Act now before it is too late.

  23. Increase the tenure of the guilty to be served in prison, without bail….I shall reveal myself and say, I am the citizen of Bhutan , point at them, and say ” you are the Jewel thief” to the two.

  24. Dear Mr.Lamzang and and Honorable Chairperson ACC , we would like to request you all to take the same action on the allotment of Bajothang town plot allotment.Poor people are still in pain and suffering a lot with the unfair allotment of plots.

  25. it is nice job by ACC and still yet to go ACC

  26. First of all Hats off to MR.TENZIN LAMZANG,then ACC and finally Drangpon GEMBO of Royal Court of justice Mongar .
    All I got to say is not about the prison term or amount of Thrimthue because the Drangpon cannot change or twist the Law that’s already been made and passed by the National Assembly, so we cannot expect for 10 or 15 years la. My question is all about their names and fame(TAM DHA NAMCHOE) I think this is also a Constitutional Sentence gonna be served equally by the two powerful democratic politicians right after their tenure. Still they might be on the way to CHOEGI GYALPO and let us all wait,listen and look for further action. PALDEN DRUKPA GYALO.

  27. As a budhist….ACC should atleast consider for the land alloted to Karchu Dratshang and Drametse Dratshang…or else ACC officials were not Budhist.

    Hay lee…..m just a young n fresh civil servant la.So what about you la….on the way to get superannuated enna la????

  28. special request for BBS,,,, please do call upon OAG OFFICE to answer to public / people of bhutan to speak out what they OAG are doing when the country is going through Curruption ,, WHY they are helping corrupted people ,is bhutan not their country,,, actually OAG should help ACC

  29. special request for BBS,,,, please do call upon OAG OFFICE to answer to public / people of bhutan to speak out what they OAG are doing when the country is going through Curruption ,, WHY they are helping corrupted people ,is bhutan not their country,,, actually OAG should help ACC INSTEAD OF HELPING CURRUPTED PEOPLE,,,,,please do call OAG OFFICAL TO BBS AND DO INTERVIEW INFRONT OF PEOPLE OF BHUTAN,,LETS SEE HOW SHAMEFUL OF THEIR FACE AND LETS SEE WHAT TYPE OF PEOPLE THEY ARE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


  31. what is going on in bhutan ? what is going in mongar dzongkhag ?
    what is going in monger court ? what is mongar drangpon doing ?
    is there no other court in bhutan better than mongar ?
    what is doing people of bhutan ? things getting worse now ?
    what is BBS doing on this ? what is the use of OAG ?
    my god ,,,,people of bhutan please come forwards and open your eyes and save our country from such things>>>>>>>>
    lets get together and fight back for our country,,,
    todays hearing from mongar court is not fair at all,
    everybody lets look once and act base on this,,,
    like to hear from you bhutanese people ,,,
    serve our tsawa sum ,,,,
    hope DPT gov knows about poor and rich now,,,,,lets see what happens at upcoming election ,,,,,keep on 123456789,,,,,,etc

  32. well done ACC . I was always on your side . These great giants needed to be brought down to the court of justice long time back . Any way this is a great lesson ACC taught to the Bhutanese . So that her after Bhutan will be corup[tion free .

    When a small person make a small mistake he will get either small punishment or big punishment or standard punishment or may be always a bigger punishment , but when big persons make big mistake they are hardly given a little punishment. Why our goverment is affraid of big person ?

  33. If the punishment was simple than there was no use of taking that long time and decision. What i feel is that they should not be bailed out. It should be “eye for an eye” and if someone cuts the hands of another, there hand should be cut off. I believe in the Principle of Hammurabi. Wake up Bhutan and if such decision are made than our Judiciary is just loosing its faith among the subject and its citizens. It seems our nation is Land for Elites and not for the serf, villein and masses.

  34. The truth of our tyrants are finally reveled. Good job! the judiciary and thumps up to ACC. Our ears and eyes will remained alert till the date the High Court and Supreme Court too declares its judgment in favor of the verdict by the District Court. We will wait to see how judiciary and so called laws will function when Speaker and Home Minister are barred from the upcoming election. The biter truth is waiting on the door and lets give a huge round of floors when it is fully reveled.

  35. All frustrated people with nonsense comments – who are all confused with Thrimthue and Bail, and saying as if they are the judge who heard the case and evidence. Everyone is acting so rich – they will realize what it really means when you get convicted even for one month. Need some rational thinking and revisit to the purposes of crime and punishment. We are not living in tooth for tooth and eye for eye age, we are in the age where mindset of people are different.

  36. Just remember poor villagers lost their precious little land that was taken away from them in the pretext that it was for the better good of the community.
    In the end only a few from the community benefitted as compared to a lot more influential individuals from Thimphu who had nothing to do with Gyalpoizhing or business there.
    As Dzongda both Jigme Tshiltrum and Minjur failed the state and people of Bhutan and by this act of corruption they are criminals.
    The DPT leadership, most of whom benefitted by acquiring illegal land should be ashamed and take moral responsibility for this injustice to the poor.
    Bhutanese people must give justice to the poor by not voting for any of the powerful people who acquired the poor peoples land by illegal and unfair means.

  37. upcomingcitizen

    good job ACC ..hope its done in da best interest of the people of bhutan and for GNH … we hope for a better hearing at the higher courts with a greater satisfication to its people…

  38. CivilSer | March 8th, 2013 at 18:32:40

    so now are you satisfied Mr. Tshering Tobgay,MP of Sombaykha Constituency.???


  39. Even a poor bhutanese eat DOMA OF MORE THEN NU. 100 A DAY! Is there punishment not even leveler to DOMA.

    Even I finish a voucher recharge in my mobile of more then Nu. 100. is it not leveler to it! wow! judiciary wow! wow DPT wow!

    Even a sweeper can pay the bail of home minister.
    Even a pan-shop keepers can pay the bail of Jigmi Tsheltrim.

    Some of the sports shop in thimphu are paying the tax of Nu. 1,96,000/- what is Nu. 91,000. not even a half of the tax paid… Wow!

    policies are designed in such a way that powerful people to grow more power ful and poor people to become more poorer. Wow! keep it up! DPT!

  40. this verdict by mongar drangpon is a total joke and nonsence. i think he is afraid of the official reprimand from PM, chief justice or from anyone above him.

    this is how law is implemented in bhutan/ direct interpretation for minor and innocent ones and personal interpretation for the rich and the powerfull.

    now i start to loose faith in the law but afraid to indulge in any thing against it as i will not get baill out for even a small mistake.

  41. @Jangsemchen, myview, rangisamchar, CivilSer, it is understandable that you are upset but it is more disturbing for the rest of us to see that the penalty is not proportionate to the huge crime they committed. Being good human(@Jangsemchen) doesn’t mean being tolerant to corrupt practices .

  42. Good decision done by the court but why too late. The crime was done years back but verdict now. Is our country’s law so slow? Is the concern authority(s) sleeping while such misconducts are going on under nose?

  43. These people are liable for much more then what the court awarded. It’s just a matter for half of their monthly salary or even lesses. They indeed should be suspended from all national interest planning and kicked off with any retirement benefits, since they had enough by doing what is done.

    Seriously, had there been someone else in place of them, the court would have sanctioned them with lots more then 5 years prison term, which is indeed unbailable.

    Anti Curruption Commision, are you happy enough with what the guilty has been awarded as punishement and what they have done? I should say, if this is the case then court should take back their decision on short term imprisonment, or either let them serve the imprisonment without excepting thrimthue…..

    Then we shall be happy. Anyways, my cheer to ACC for bringing such a voice and action against high officials. You indeed have proved that there’s no differences between a low level people and high officials. We have our trust in you.

    Tashi Delek and hoping you catch few other bugs.

  44. whats wrong going with our country. is this what we call law. cum on this is not 1987. 100 per day, even a lay man can pay out and bail with this amount. the crime is not this ministers have allotted the plots illegally, this is the matter of trust of the people towards the government. I love my country and I love my people I don’t want my country to go in this way. I know me alone cannot do anything, Bhutan is going back to the era of desis where all these things happened. we need to change the system back. come on Bhutanese we need to raise our voice in a peaceful matter. Bhutan is known for its peace.they should be punished and there should not be bail for them. they have aloted the plot to the people in their district, they going to get the votes from them and when they get the power the same thing is going to happen, most of the people are illiterate in our country, they even don’t know what election is because they are not bothered as they are happy with their life. fifty percent of people who knows about it, from their 25 percent are concerned. from the 25 percent only few stands to fight for right and at last what happens to them. this thing piss me off every moment. let our country not face the problem what other countries are facing. lets open our eyes and try to do something. the best thing one can do is in every social network post and fight for the right that this two people charged for the crime should be punished and should not be bailed.

  45. so now are you satisfied Mr. Tshering Tobgay,MP of Sombaykha Constituency.???

  46. This verdict is certainly not fair!!! These is politically motivated case and judgement seems to have been under political and media pressure. It is certainly not based on sound legal standing. Anyway, it is one man’s interpretation and most of the interpretations are illogical. This case over hyped by the media and ACC did witch hunting exercise and judiciary made illogical judgement. I hope high court with four judges will make better and convincing judgement. It is not only about the outcome of the verdict but the way it is interpreted is totally ridiculous.

  47. These bunch of fools are commenting on something which they have no idea about. Most of you must have in primary school when this thing were happening and the situation then was totally different. If these two guys were convicted for this, then , we will thousands who will have to be hanged to death. There might have been procedural lapses but i am sure they did it with good intention. Lyonpo minjur did not gain anything by giving land to dratshang.
    The most funny thing about verdict is, it was based on 1987 kaja and treated 1991 order which came later as null and void. Something must be really wrong with this Drangpon’s head. Henceforth, earlier orders will be treated as valid instead of later ones….

  48. it is easy to be corrupted in Bhutan coz there is bailing system. so, I request all to learn from them…haha

  49. senam,
    Yes the huge numbers of resort buildings were not only constructed on wet-land but do you know how it was built? Whole Dzongkhag engineering section involved in design, supply of materials (in fact Dzongkhag store itself was relocated near his property, a good 8 kilometers from T/gang Dzong), Forest officials provided timber and above all the construction was done by GREF labourers. Does he have an eminence befitting to be MINISTER?

  50. No its time to question OAG and PM..
    Aren’t they corrupted?
    Weren’t they trying to change the course of the case?
    Have DPT kept their promise of justice?
    Is OAG really doing its work?
    Who is that AG, serving the DPT and not the country?

    Let us hear the answers…for we have waited a lot

  51. Justice finally done (the two criminals cannot stand for election or for that matter apply for any post or even a pan shop license). But can the drangpon give same amount of punishment for the minor fishes too? One year for poor sector heads and officiating heads (who are by default forced to sign the dotted line), the same as for Horrible Home Minister is TOO BAAAAADDDDDD.

  52. So corrupted people in bhutan…shame to DPT….,,,we regret by voting this gov…..we r nt fools nw………………

  53. Now I don’t think that speaker & Home Minister would get chance to contest for upcoming election.

  54. Would speaker & Home Minister get chance to contest for upcoming election?

  55. Oh God! can’t believe that crazy Drangpon putting his words in to the mouth of the aiding-corruption commission to win the case. To those crazy individuals who criticized about the today’s verdict and unhappy with prison term…may appeal to high court. In western world, people become richer by doing different things from other but here in Bhutan people may not like others to excel… full of jealous. If you are interested to hear the story of Asian crabs, please let me know. Dear lazy bones, please think good and do good if you yawn to become good GNH human. HM always remind the nation to be a good human being….where is it la. God sees the truth but it waits….




    CHEERS TO ACC!!!!!!


  58. i think they deserve severe punishment than that because these men are real terrorist of the country. and thumbs up to the ACC.

  59. bottleneck | March 8th, 2013 at 15:21:13

    If I was the “Drangpon” of Mongar, i would have hanged myself (suicide) right after the Verdict was read out, in front of Mongar Dzongkhag Administration Building. But..surely…write a note stating what the DPT told me during this whole three month of tenses life i went till now.

    This shame goes to no one other than “him” for giving own interpretation of the rules.

    Hope, DPT will not take any case against the “Drangpon” for giving prison term for 30 months and 24 months each.

    Pelden Drukpa!!! Gaylo…Gaylo…Gaylo.

    bail can take them out! shame DPT and judiciary. U have added kerosine on fire of citizens of gross national happiness nation…

  60. here, it is not a matter of bailable or small amount…but it is the implicaton against the speaker and Home Minister….firstly they were debarred from participating in next election and secondly the whole reputation of DPT is in down the drain…..Hands up ACC…. NOW ITS TIME FOR PUBLIC TO PROTEST AGAINST THE OAG AND PRIME MININSTER SAYING THERE IS NO LEGAL BASIS TO PROSECUTE THE CASE….. SHAMELESS OAG….

  61. What to say! poor citizen’s heart is broken forever now! Please judiciary help this people atleast. not the politicians. politicians are citizens worker.

  62. Activist, the resort is constructed in the paddy field which according to land act, we are not supposed to construct, don’t know who gave the permission, people in the village are panic with huge amount of fine that they have to pay for the construction of house for living, but we can see like bees of houses constructed by Home Minister. It is so sad when laws are blind to influential and eyes are open only to the lower class people.

  63. If I was the “Drangpon” of Mongar, i would have hanged myself (suicide) right after the Verdict was read out, in front of Mongar Dzongkhag Administration Building. But..surely…write a note stating what the DPT told me during this whole three month of tenses life i went till now.

    This shame goes to no one other than “him” for giving own interpretation of the rules.

    Hope, DPT will not take any case against the “Drangpon” for giving prison term for 30 months and 24 months each.

    Pelden Drukpa!!! Gaylo…Gaylo…Gaylo.

  64. Match is not over yet!! Its the decision of a one person. Can he be right? It will be soon be in high court as its such a harilous joke made by Mongar Dranpon. Reading some part of judgement made me think whether he would be in the position to handle such kind of cases in future! Is he legally sound with full of legal principles in his brain! ohh.. Lets watch the second round in High Court of Bhutan where there are four justices! I can see them going free in going with the samtse mining cases!!

  65. Is two fellows allow for upcoming election. Comment Plz.

  66. Thats what i have been waiting for ever since i came over case of gyelposhing land allotement…..but how much amount should they have to pay as thrimthue

  67. It’s more sad news that they can pay the bail of Nu. 100 a day to escape the prison!

  68. Mr. Minjur (ca. Nu. 36000) and Mr Jigme Tshelthrim (ca. Nu. 91,000). Jigme is still in profit. He got plots which are on the name of his children. Minjur can make this money in one hour with his resort below Kanglung.

    Whatsoever, they are still a criminal since court has already pass their verdict. Only criminal gets sentenced.

    Now they get special title “RSC”. Guess it….

  69. to achive GNH,judiciary must be the 1st arm to be corrupt free.

  70. The verdict means nothing for the two prominent figures of the DPT. It just indicated that the powerful & influential who can defy the order of the HM, king just gets a bail by paying Nu. 90,000 & 36,000 respectively. It is very interesting case and can be used as model in the 21st century. where did we went wrong.???

  71. whatever amount it is, as per the rule. lets not talk about thrimthe, just talk about the verdict itself, wheteher it fair or not fair

  72. little not fair with the punishment they were given.

  73. Wow!!! Excellent. Marvellous for showing the right path of” BIG CHAIRS” and its Work. Future of Bhutan learn from those how to make use of big chairs. The punishment is less and even the fine is Nu.100/day. So cheap than the wages of daily workers in our country, So why to get wet in rain and burn in hot son. Instead of selling baba and getting cut. After all everyone is doing so for a living. When you go for searching job, they want minimum 3 years experience and there is no chance of getting employed without so called job experience. Ummm… “When it is question of money everybody is said to be of the same Religion”

  74. Long awaiting Gyelposhing land case finally resulted with thimthue(bail ). Don’t worry it’s a talk of lakhs but for them its penny. Whatever, it may be there is always difference in law between the state holder and common/lay people. Now here we can see the difference between crimes.
    The greatest crime against the government law and fine for 1 to 2 years and selling of 20 to 30 gums of tobacco and serving 3 years in jail that we are not allowed to bail. Wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what the hack !!!!!!!!!! rule is???????????????? Is it that tobacco business is only done by lower class of people?????? Anyway let’s judge the rules ……………………

  75. Aha…. Paying thrimthue in lieu of the prison term is unfair act. Is construction of jail is for the poor people who can’t effort to pay thrimthue…? @gnhpeople, as per my calculation; Jigme Tsheltrim= Nu.91,250 and Minjur Dorji= Nu.36,500. Is this a big deal????????? Why people are so confused? Law should be only one kind and should enforce all………..

  76. gnhpeople- Its only nu36000 and nu91000… Too less

  77. Can anybody calculate, how much do they have to pay thrimthue?

  78. Buying and selling of tens of baba packets is more severe than going against the Royal Kasho and highest degree of official misconducts.

    Wow a success stories to everyone and finally the Court, ACC, Spearker and Home Minister have been able to act SMART in front of the innocent people of Bhutan just for the sake of showing that the things are clean now.

  79. Yeshey pai Hda chabsa mathong.Dhi baw dah phosa thong sa wai.

  80. Law seems to have taken its own course, but thrim thue in lieu of sentence is hardly even a months salary of the two!

  81. so called BAIL in the judiciary system in the world is ruining the justice, especially to the poor and innocent citizens who don’t understand much while the well educated and who can even interprete and understand laws are the benefactors…because they have money to get bail… books talks equal but we don’t practice equality…….
    when can Bhutan become corruption free societies like Singapore, Scandinavian countries????
    to save future bhutan, we must act now without fear and in this regard nation looks upon the people in the judiciary….
    Justice in bhutan is the continued acts of Buddha…so people in the system are our Buddha………..please act now for generations to come…….
    or should we be hungry and lustfull of present turning blind to future….????
    so nation pay homage to the justice system…
    we look forward to such bold actions to come…………..

  82. there goes the politicians……trashi delek….haha

  83. how about the land allotted to his 2 children?

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