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Helicopter Buddhiman, the villager who dreams to fly

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IMG_4695Still at the frames: Work still remains until it takes the form of a helicopter

Buddhiman is optimistic that his dream would come true one day
Showing his Maruti 800 cc engine installed with a iron steel and three pointed blades, 48-year-old villager Buddhiman said he dreams to make his own helicopter one day.

In a corner of Pejorling village in Sipsoo, Samtse, Buddhiman works everyday to make his own helicopter, which he said would fly some day.

“This was my dream since 1999 but people didn’t believe me,” he said. “Now that I’ve assembled bits and pieces, people have started giving my dream a second look.”

He switches on the machine, the engine for which is connected to an empty five liter vegetable plastic bottle filled with petrol. As the engine roars to life, he pulls a handle made of metal covered with polythene pipe that helps his small blade fan on top move and the other to control the energy and fly. “You see I still have many things to do to complete the helicopter,” he says.

Every one who passes by makes it a point to take a glimpse of his work. Most people know him as a helicopter Buddhiman.

“I keep thinking while eating and sleeping and suddenly something comes up,” he said. “Then I join here and there as I have imagined and somehow it has always worked.”

Buddhiman had planned to fly his helicopter on December 17 last year but his other works kept him busy to complete his invention. “What ever I have assembled so far is a little portion of my dream,” he said. “I still have miles to go.”

But reactions from outsiders and words from officials who visit Samtse on tour have kept him encouraged. “Sometimes I feel embarrassed when I’ve little to show.”

He has spent about Nu 40,000 on materials and spare parts and Nu 18,000 for the engine. “I am making it myself so it won’t be perfect,” he said. “But even if it’ll fly about 10 feet, I’ll feel I’ve achieved my dream.”

He took about two months to make the fan blades. “I’ve never referred online or any books,” Buddhiman said. “But to come up with the real fan I’ll ‘ve to go to an Indian lab.”

The only challenge he said was to balance the weight and gravity between certain parts, vibration, engine weight and the helicopter’s body. “I am illiterate so it becomes bit difficult to assemble some parts.”

He is at present working on how to come up with a helicopter fan and is also planning to work on the tail part.

Buddhiman said his helicopter will fly only in Sipsoo. “On completion, I’ll keep it safe somewhere and charge people if they come to visit.”

Happy with his own idea, Buddhiman said, he will make the helicopter a single seater. “Hopefully I’ll get to show my complete helicopter at the next National day.”

Yangchen C Rinzin, Sipsoo


5 Comments to “Helicopter Buddhiman, the villager who dreams to fly”
  1. lok nath timsina | February 27th, 2013 at 22:06:54

    best of luck dai

  2. khandus | February 26th, 2013 at 16:41:04

    hey man that’s great, i am also one of your type but i didn’t do it till now and i still have the dream of flying to the sky and see the new atmosphere. so let your dream come true and i wish you all the best with your project.

    good luck

  3. snowman | February 25th, 2013 at 07:47:21

    That is a great self initiation! Yes, if we really think, Bhutan can do. Why not??
    The only thing is, the lack of resources limits the capacity of the people of Bhutan. Bhutanese can’t invent even a small tool because we don’t have adequate and appropriate laboratories where people could carry on their researches. Forget about government coming up with such research laboratories, just to get budget for maintenance of a office is too difficult..
    May Bhutan shine one day in terms of inventions and discoveries with a people like helicopter Buddhiman….

    Hats off to such creative people…..

  4. YhcakohsA25 | February 24th, 2013 at 22:37:44

    thats a real interest the man has put in. But there is certain engineering required i believe,specially the mechanical part.i guess he needs a lil advice n knowledge from some one who really knows the theoritical part of aero machines… he can make his dream fly. All the best.

  5. Mr. Loyal | February 24th, 2013 at 18:08:13

    We have many talented and capable person in some nooks of our country. Only thing is that he/she needs recognition for real contribution to the nation. Dai Budhiman Good luck, go ahead with your aim. Nothing is impossible.

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