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His Majesty confers red scarves

Two senior hydropower officials and two National Council members honoured 

In recognition of their dedicated services to the nation, which they delivered through the responsibilities in the power sector and in the hope that they and people like them would continue working as they did in such a crucial sector, hydropower and power system director general Yeshi Wangdi and Punatsangchhu hydropower project deputy managing director Phuntsho Norbu were awarded red scarves yesterday.


Dasho Yeshi Wangdi

Department of  Hydropower and Power System director general, 54-year-old Yeshi Wangdi from Ngatshang in Mongar seemed as he admitted to be a little tongue-tied yesterday after having been bestowed the honour.

“I hope I’ll be able to live up to the honour bestowed on me,” he said. “With the red scarf come responsibility and I know I have much to shoulder.”

Dasho Yeshi Wangdi completed Sherubtse Public School in Kanglung before he went to Kharagpur in West Bengal to study at the Indian Institute of Technology.

He joined as an assistant engineer with the power department in 1984 before leaving for Chukha hydropower project, which was commissioned in 1986 with its first of the three turbines functioning and later all three in 1988.

He did his masters in electrical engineering in the US and returned to energy department where he worked between 1990 and 1993. He was appointed Chukha hydro project’s deputy managing director from 1993-1998 before he took over as its managing director between 1999-2007.

He returned to energy department in 2007.


Dasho Phuntsho Norbu

Fifty-three-year-old Phuntsho Norbu also from Ngatshang completed his schooling from Sherubtse public school in Trashigang in 1977, before going to the Indian school of mines at Dhan Bhat in Bihar to study applied geology.

He continued to do his masters from the same institute.

He joined geology and mines in 1983, after which he left for London between 1987 and 1988 to study management science at Imperial College of Science.

Then on he worked as the assistant and senior geologist at geology and mines department.

In 1997 he was sent as the deputy general manager of Tala hydropower project and later became it deputy-managing director until the completion of the project.

Thereon, he was sent as the deputy-managing director of Punatsangchhu project since 2009.

“I’m very grateful for this special recognition of my service and I feel highly honoured, privileged and greatly inspired to serve the tsa-wa-sum,” he said.

“I feel I have been rewarded for my hard work and sincerity and I have a conviction that I can do better.”

Before conferring red scarves to the next two recipients, His Majesty said it was not for their years of services, but for the dedicated and fruitful services they will offer to the people and the nation in the years to come.

“They are young, and that is the reason why I have placed my faith and trust in them for the future,” he said.


Dasho (Dr) Sonam Kinga

In keeping with what His Majesty’s said, Dasho (Dr) Sonam Kinga said he would pray and work in a way that years down the line, the King and Bhutanese people would feel that he was indeed worthy of the honour bestowed on him.

“I know I have not accomplished anything significant thus far in the service of our country and people,” he said. “So as His Majesty commanded, instead of receiving the honour as a reward for any accomplishment, I receive this, the most important motivation and in my life to commit to a lifetime of public service in whatever capacities I may have the privilege of serving.”

Dasho Sonam Kinga said he was deeply touched and humbled by His Majesty’s graciousness in granting him the high honour.

“I will not let this honour become an object of attachment but take it as a constant reminder of myself, about the values of humility and scacrifice that must inform my personal life and public service,” he said.

Born in 1973 in Galing in Trashigang, Dasho Sonam Kinga worked with various agencies under the government, those that were autonomous, non-government organisations and private sector before he joined the National Council.

He did his BA English honours from Sherubtse college in Kanlgung and both his masters and Ph. D in Area Studies from Kyoto University, Japan.


Dasho Karma Yezer Raydi

A 1988 civil engineering graduate from Roorkee University, India, Karma Y Raydi said he was surprised yesterday to hear his name among those to be awarded the red scarf.

“I didn’t know that was in store for me,” he said, adding he was deeply honoured and was struck with the feeling that as of today, he had no great achievements to deserve such an honour.

“But, as His Majesty emphasised what he bestowed on us was not for our achievements but that we should strive to achieve in future, I will try to fulfill that,” he said.

Dasho Karma Raydi from Ramjar, Trashiyangtse, joined civil service in 1989.

He also served as militia officer between 1991 and 1995 before joining department of national properties between 1995 and 2000.

He did his masters in Japan in geo-technical engineering from Nippon Institute of Technology, Saitama in Japan in 2000.

He was one of the five eminent members of the National Council.

Correction: An earlier version of the story wrongly mentioned that Dasho Karma Y Raydi  graduated from Roorkee University, India, in 1998.

By Rinzin Wangchuk 

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  1. Tashi Delek to all the Dashos.

  2. TASHI DELEK to all the Dashos

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