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The house that was recently constructed
The house that was recently constructed

Houses damaged in fire

A fire in Denchi Khoyar in Gomdar gewog, Samdrupjongkhar, razed two houses, one of which housed a grocery shop, to the ground yesterday morning.

No casualties were reported. However, the victims lost all their belongings to the fire.

Sources said the fire could have started around midnight. This was because when the victim’s wife reported the incident to the gewog mamgmi, it was already 1am. She was  awakened by the LPG explosions. The mangmi then reported to the gewog Gakdey police.

Police and the localities could not contain the fire as it has already engulfed the houses.

The fire was suspected to have started from the kitchen as the victim did not put off the fire after drying cardamom.

The victim claimed that he lost grocery items worth about Nu 900,000 and religious items from the alter worth more than Nu 200,000 to the fire.

Meanwhile, the single-storied house was insured while the double-storied house was not because it was just completed recently.

Kelzang Wangchuk | Samdrupjongkhar

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