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In Lhuentse VHWs are loosing interest in job

The workload was too heavy, he said, and made it plain he wished not to continue.

Tsholing, a remote village in Gangzur, Lhuentse is now faced with the decision to either not have a village health worker (VHW) or for the villagers to take turns as VHW.

The latter, likely, is the only choice they have.

Ney BHU covers Tsholing’s Outreach Clinic (ORC). The ORC was renovated only recently.

Ney BHU’s health assistant, Karma Tshering, said the health worker did not want to continue due to heavy workload and lack of incentives.

VHW, by way of tradition, must also entertain the guests.

“Therefore, we have now asked the new health worker not to cook and bring lunch for us whenever there is a monthly ORC visit,” Karma Tshering said.

Tsholing has 19 households.

Health officials in Lhuentse say the village health workers in other villages are also losing interest in the job.

Health assistant of Gorsum BHU under Maedtsho gewog, Sangay, said health workers under his BHU were inactive and not interested in their job.

“Some are reluctant even to attend the annual training for up-gradation,” he said. “A pair of gumboot, a torch and a bag are not enough,” Sangay said.

Although their job is to provide information on the health status of the villagers, inform the public of the health meeting, VHWs have now become more of caretakers of ORC.

The former VHW of Tsholing, Chimi Dorji resigned after serving the community for 14 years. He said he had to resign because he missed the annual training thrice.

“I thought the chance should be given to those who can attend training and benefit the community,” he said.

Health officials said VHWs are entitled to at least between Nu 3,000 a month besides voucher allowance.

Tshering Namgyal | Lhuentse

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