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Indian ambassador on tour of central/southern Bhutan

VP Haran is visiting GoI and SDP funded projects in the regions

Visit: The Indian ambassador to Bhutan, VP Haran, on a visit to Dagana, reminded dzongkhag sector heads to use the Government of India’s (GoI) assistance effectively.

“As planners and implementers, the fund has to be used effectively for the larger benefit of the people,” said the ambassador, who was visiting GoI-tied assistance and small development project (SDP) funded activities on Monday.

In a brief meeting with the sector heads, the ambassador said he was happy to assist, especially the people of Dagana dzongkhag, one of the remotest in the country.

Touching on the Nu 45B assistance assured for the 11th Plan, and another Nu 5B to support the economic stimulus plan the Indian government has granted, the ambassador said that, unlike other GoI-assisted countries, Bhutan is the only country where India traditionally gave out the fund, and people prioritise their developmental needs themselves. “It’s in your hands to ensure that the fund is used effectively, with proper control and supervision, so that benefits are distributed equally,” he said.

Dagana dzongda and other sector heads thanked the ambassador and his government and people for their unfailing support for Bhutan’s development. “Bhutan will always look forward for the same in the days to come,” he said.

Sector heads also presented the progress report on GoI-assisted projects in different sectors like education, agriculture, health and other areas, like irrigation channel, farm road and basic health units, funded as part of the small development projects (SDP).

On the Nu 125M GoI-funded Daga Trashi Yangtse dzong renovation that took off in 2009, project officials informed the ambassador on the progress of the project.  They informed the ambassador that renovation works, including changing of roofing and wooden parts, proper drainage, along with the new drasha (hostel), which will house around 200 monks, were completed as per the plan.

However, officials said building of fire hydrant, which was earlier out of plan, is due to complete this month.

The ambassador visited Geoenkhang and Kargye lhakhang where the Daga lam neten offered him a one-foot tall statue of Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal.

The ambassador is on a tour to the south-central dzongkhags.  In the afternoon, on his way back to Tsirang, the ambassador also visited the 8-km Tashiding farm road and 7-km Tsendagang farm road, the two farm roads built with financial support from small development projects that benefited hundreds of residents in the two gewogs.

Yesterday, following a brief presentation made by the dzongkhag officials on the GoI and SDP funded activities, the ambassador visited Damphu higher secondary school, where the two 96-bedded two storied hostels were built with GoI financial assistance.  He also visited the GoI assisted academic block of Damphu lower secondary school.

On the way to Sarpang, the ambassador also visited an SDP assisted 6-km farm road of Patshaling, which will benefit around 85 households under Patshaling gewog.  The ambassador is also visiting GoI and SDP assisted activities in Sarpang today.

Tshering Namgyal, Dagana

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  1. I respect and fully support the comment made by kuensel on ambassador tour.

  2. .We would rather have no funds than have funds in place of sovereignty

  3. Thank you for the assistance, but, i am not happy Indian Ambassador going around the the places of Bhutan and inspecting as if it was part of Indian state… sorry if my opinion is too radical but i have real concern about Bhutan’s independent nation.

    Can we allow all the ambassadors to tour and inspect nook and corner of our country. personally i feel we are allowing too much access to too many people…

    Apologize me if this is not correct to express but i had to do it…
    thank you

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