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Parks – The lungs in an urban landscape

DSC_9109Centenary Children's Park in Thimphu

Our planners have not paid much attention to this essential component of towns and cities

COVER STORY: Bhutanese town planning gives little priority to a most essential component of an urban centre – parks, where children can play and adults   can hang around on weekends with their family.

Many of the new planned towns in the country have turned to impersonal concrete jungles that provide little opportunity for the development of healthy social and [... Read More]



WHY WE DO WHAT WE DOGyatongpa, literally ‘one with eight thousand’ is one of the most common books found in traditional Bhutan. It is the Perfection of Wisdom Sutra in Eight Thousand Verses also called Aśtasāhasrikāprajñāpāramitāsūtra in Sanskrit.

The Prajñāpāramitāsūtras or the Perfection of Wisdom books come in different sizes. The largest one is called bum or hundred thousand verses; the middle one called nyithri or twenty thousand verses and shorter and condensed one [... Read More]

To find peace you need to stop thinking that you have a problem that needs to be solved

YOUTH IN FOCUS: I  am a 23 year old orphan and don’t have any brothers and sisters.  I feel very lonely and depressed most of the time.  I don’t have family and home. My life has become unpleasant. Please lama can you give me some tips to overcome my grief?

Orphan, Tashigang

Well, as human beings we all want to feel loved and be part of a family or community. It is natural. In this [... Read More]

Play centres for Thimphu kids

IMG_7617Kids at the Play Garden

At an hourly fee, these provide safe and fun environment for little children to spend time in  

 RECREATION: A few indoor playground centres have come up in the capital to cater to the growing number of children in the city.

Play Garden is the newest in town.  The centre has various indoor playground equipment, like trampoline, slides, ball pool and swings sets, among others. They have soft flooring for children’s safety.

Children, ranging till the [... Read More]

Tshoglham – The king of shoes


The traditional boot, though deemed sacred, is seeing some modern design changes

COVER SORY: Inside the Traditional Boot House in Chubachu, Thimphu, eight bootmakers are busy on their machines.  The noise is deafening and the mid-day sun is searing.

The boot house was founded by Jangchu, 39, and his father-in-law in 2002.  From Korphu in Trongsa, Jangchu was a student at the National Institute for Zorig Chusum, and his father-in-law, an ADM at the institute.

This [... Read More]

Chothrul Dawa – The month of miracles

WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO: The first month of the Bhutanese calendar is called Chothrul Dawa, literally the month of miracles. It is believed to be the month when Buddha performed many miracles.

In the theory of Buddhahood, the Buddha is said to possess a physical presence, which is powerful and charismatic. His speech is said to be melodious and inspiring and his mind composed, compassionate and all knowing. So, whatever the Buddha [... Read More]

A ready reckoner to getting ‘ripped’

HEALTH AND FITNESS: I’m a big fan of yours and have been following your Facebook page. I’m planning to cut down some weight. I currently weigh 95kg. I started gym from December 18, 2013. I thought of gaining mass till 100kg and then cutting down. Is it a right time to cut or gain some more mass? 

My friends tell me that I have good genetics. I thought of competing in the upcoming South [... Read More]

Experiments with indigenous textiles


DESIGN: Bhutanese textiles have seen many transformations over the span of a few decades.

Kira (dress for women) today is not what it traditionally used to me.  They come in designs of all kinds.

Tshering Choden, 28, is one of the many designers in Thimphu who is experimenting with different kira and gho (dress for men) designs.  She owns a handicraft shop at Namgay Heritage Hotel, known as Chimmi House of Design.

More than a year [... Read More]

Layaps have come a long way


Not just in distance, but thanks to income from cordyceps collection, in lifestyle as well

COVER STORY: Wangmo, 58, a highlander from Thangzo, Laya was in Punaka to attend the three-day Punakha tsechu that concluded last week.  She comes to Punakha every winter.  This time, she was with her mother and friends.  Wangmo has with her some thick Chinese blankets, a flask and a carpet.  These are gifts for her host in Punakha.

There was [... Read More]

Carrying a weapon is a sign of weakness

Whenever I meet lama in town at night, lama always told me not to carry a knife and to take it home. But I feel safer with a weapon. It gives me a feeling of strength. Please advise me more.

Rigzin, Thimphu      

YOUTH IN FOCUS: Well, Rigzin, when you carry a weapon you raise the level of aggression. You may not plan to use your knife but only want to carry it [... Read More]

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