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Getting set with ngondro

What is ngondro?

WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO Ngondro literally means preliminary or preparatory practice that people should do before taking up the actual practice of Vajrayana.

It prepares a student for the actual practice of Vajrayana Buddhist meditation, which mainly refers to meditation on the nature of the mind.  It’s like preparing the field for sowing the seeds.  It helps one to prepare the right mind-set and attitude in order to [... Read More]

Workout Plan

For mothers, including those expecting

EXERCISE Hitting the gym and working out can be difficult for a busy mother, and even tougher if one is expecting.

Three times Mr Bhutan Tshering Dorji said exercise is no different for women as it is for man.

“We have the very same body, except for the reproductive organs, which dictates the various amounts of hormones produced,” Tshering Dorji said over an email interview.

[... Read More]

Life’s like that

Whenever I meet difficult situations or have to work with other students who I don’t get along with I get so disturbed and anxious. How can I face things in more peaceful way?  
Tashi, Bumthang  

YOUTH IN FOUCUS Well, Tashi, most of us are unwillingly to accept that difficult situations are an inevitable part of life. We feel that only the good times are part of our lives and that anything else [... Read More]

Our lifestyle kept us fit

LAST PAGE In the place where I grew up, life was difficult.  Every chore, every work, had to be done with physical labour.  There were no machines or gadgets to ease our way of life.  But because of such physical hardship, most villagers like me led an active and healthy life.

When I was young, there was no such thing as having to do any form of exercise.  The work was in itself an [... Read More]

The best love songs

DRUKPA KUENLEY That afternoon, DK made the crossing from Kungzangling to Chung Sekha. He reached Mistress Gyaldzom’s house and found that she was preparing to fetch water. DK, being DK, couldn’t resist some raunchy talk. You don’t need to fetch water, said the Lama. We’ll make it run from your own spring. They made love, and afterwards, the Mistress begged him to stay. Again, Kunley had a spicy, non-sequitur response. I cannot stay [... Read More]

Joining the ranks of the unemployed


Many high school and university graduates now count themselves among these numbers

COVER STORY Dorji Chedup was walking the slope up to the Memorial chorten in the capital.  He was returning from the road safety and transport authority’s office, which he visited to apply for a learner driver’s license.

He is 18, an adult by law, and of employable age.  He is yet to experience the world of work, employment, career, and build dreams and [... Read More]

Ventures – risks and rewards

IMG_5610Namgay Wangchuk started a laundry service after attending an entrepreneurship programme (file photo)

SELF -EMPLOYMENT While some may choose to live on a monthly payroll with benefits, self-employment, according to a graduate, who started a tourism company, said, is largely driven by passion and the drive to earn more and to be successful.

Karma graduated from Sherubtse College in 2010.  He sat for the Royal Civil Service Commission examinations that year, but did not get through.

After working in the private sector for a year, Karma realised that [... Read More]

T-Bills to the rescue


LETS MAKE IT SIMPLE Governments’ around the world use different tools to collect money from the economy to be used for its expenditure. Some of the simple methods of doing this is by imposing taxes and by borrowing from financial institutions.

In some cases, the government also issues treasury bills. Unlike, taxes and borrowings, these bills are sold to the public by the government. Institutions, corporations, banks and individuals buy these bills from the [... Read More]

Looking for employment in the private sector

JOBS Carrying a kabney on his shoulder and a file on his hands, Novin Gurung, 24, a recent graduate from India has just returned home from attending the national graduate orientation program held last week.

With the government having reduced number of vacancies in the civil service, Novin Gurung has decided to take up a job in the private sector.

“To land a job, employers only look for experience and I’m interested to work in [... Read More]

Avoiding injury

Dear sir,
I was dead lifting when I felt a weird snap on my lower back, after which I have not been able to bend over past my knee without experiencing sharp pain. The doctor advised bed rest and some anti-inflammatory medication.
With each passing day I seem to lose confidence. I feel weak, fat and depressed. Please help me get back my life.

Pain, [... Read More]