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Language, a challenge for MPs

Assemblu(File picture)

The formal Dzongkha that is used presents a formidable hurdle for first time parliamentarians

PARLIAMENT Like a frog that lived in a small lake his entire life dies of heart attack after seeing an ocean, a parliamentarian feels the same way when they reach and speak during the live sessions.

Members of parliament not only require strong substance to talk about, but the experience itself is intimidating for many.

One of the members, who failed to [... Read More]

Why pay revision?


LETS MAKE IT SIMPLE In the past few weeks, one topic that dominated discussions was the civil service pay revision.

The government promised a salary revision and the Parliament approved a revised salary for civil servants, the members of parliament including the Prime Minister and his ministers. Salary of local government officials like gups and mangmis were also revised.

Why do we revise salary?

Salary is a form of periodic payment from an employer to an [... Read More]

Less stress more energy

HEALTH & FITNESS I work late at night and I hardly do any physical exercise during day.  I’d like to get up early and take some time out to work out.  Can you please recommend an exercise routine I could in the morning, so I can be energetic, including a diet plan?
Tshering Penjor, Thimphu

Hi Tshering

It’s wonderful that you’re making an effort to make time and room for exercise, despite [... Read More]

Almost a victim

DK-Master-Revised-(dragged)Pho Chu footprint rock

DRUKPA KUNLEY: However, Drukpa Kunley then realised that he was getting hungry. Normally, in Kunley’s charmed life, someone would come along and offer him booze, food, and if he were lucky that day, an opportunity for love. However, the local villagers were an irascible lot—no-one offered a thing.

Notwithstanding his increasingly dim view of the locals, DK gave some good advice to two women. Get your grain under shelter, he said, because soon it [... Read More]

Why I follow Parliamentary sessions

LAST PAGE: Although farming hardly permits time to follow parliamentary sessions, it is indispensable for it is a crucial in a democratic form of government.

The role of Parliament is even bigger particularly for a fledgling and vibrant democracy like ours, and is pivotal in giving the mass a voice and a platform to reach the highest decision making bodies. The Parliament, as legislative body, is the only hand in democratic institution that can [... Read More]

The dark side of monsoon


Though a relief after the heat of summer, the wet weather can have a sting in its tail

COVER STORY Weeks of dry spell had farmers of Depong village in Mongar worried for the crops, their livelihood.  As is the practice, they took to the their age-old custom of carrying holy scriptures to supplicate the deities for rain.

Soon enough it rained, and soon enough, with clamouring thunder, monsoon was on a roll, but besides [... Read More]

Mishaps other than rain- derived ones

firefile picture

Namely, forest fires and earthquakes also take their toll on life and assets

DISASTERS Fire is one of the most common disasters that usually occur during the dry and windy months.

Data compiled by the Department of Forests and Park Services, show 74 fire incidences were recorded in 2009 destroying 4,000 acres of forests.

Officials with the department said that sometimes the number of fire incidences can be high but the area damaged by the fire [... Read More]

Prayer flags

PFPhoto: Kunzang Zhenphen (KZ photography)

WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO The concept of prayer flags partly originates from the culture of worshipping books, using scriptures in various forms. In ancient India, Buddhists treated books as an object of worship. They would write the books, store them in special receptacles and venerate them. Books were written on palm leaves or birch barks but when Buddhism reached, the books were written on paper, clothes, wood, metal plates and stone. [... Read More]

It’s boom time!

KHP-DamKurichhu dam (Photo: DGPC)

Monsoon is the season for maximum energy generation and  export earnings

HYDROPOWER Monsoon is the peak season for hydropower plants to generate maximum power and energy export to India because of the high inflow of rain.

Hydropower plants in Bhutan adhere to the ‘run of the water’ scheme, which means that whatever water is available in the river is used to generate electricity. They don’t store water, which is why electricity generation in winter dips [... Read More]

How to help a friend with drug addiction

One of my friends is heavily into drugs. What can I do to help him?
Jamyang, Jaigaon 

YOUTH IN FOCUS First, it is important to convince your friend that he has a problem. Most addicts are in denial and think that they can stop using drugs whenever they wish. Use logic to persuade him that this is untrue. For example, ask why he hasn’t stopped if he can do so? Encourage him to try [... Read More]