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Of eastern Himalayas and its people


BOOK REVIEW It’s a story about people of eastern Himalayas – of their family and society, forests and fields, and their arts and crafts.

It’s for people interested in history, anthropology, language and culture of people of India, Bhutan and Tibet.

‘The New Lamp Clarifying the History, Peoples, Languages and Traditions of Eastern Bhutan and Eastern Mon’ by Timotheus A Bodt establishes the historical, religious, cultural and linguistic affinities between people of eastern Bhutan and [... Read More]

From kitchen to living room


LAST PAGE In the midst of the antique-like china vases, and amid other decorative items is an old earthen jamji which served a family in Babesa, Thimphu years back.

Like the hero who survived an ancient war the jamji is battered, cracked, chipped and reattached with glue. It is now a flower vase in 70-year-old Rinchen Om’s daughter’s modern concrete house.

Rinchen’s mother had bought the kettle when she was child with five bowls of [... Read More]

Olep tribe on the cusp of change


Three decades after the tribe of hunters settled down in Rukha, the Olep community is not far from catching up with the rest of the country

COVER STORY On the foothills of southern Wangduephodrang, is a small village of Rukha in Adha gewog encircled by a mixed conifer forest, undergoing rapid change as the country itself braces with shocks and aftershocks of development and modernisation.

Just three decades back, the elderly in the community recall, how [... Read More]

Finding one’s tongue


An elderly in Rukha has taken initiative to teach her grandson Olep, which is on the verge of dying

LANGUAGE Sitting next to his 81-year-old grandmother is Yeshi, a student of Singye Namgyel community school who utilises his school breaks and winter holidays effectively.

Unlike other children in Rukha who fetch firewood and herd cows, Yeshi, since last winter has been taking tuition from his grandmother, Choden. The 12-year-old is learning how to speak Olep, [... Read More]

What is public expenditure?

LETS MAKE IT SIMPLE At the end of every month, employed people get salary deposited in their bank accounts.

For the government, paying salary to its employees, the civil servants, is a public expenditure.  This type of public expenditure is called current expenditure.

The other type, capital expenditure includes investments on tangible infrastructure like roads, bridges and hospitals.

Bhutan spends around Nu 38B (38,000,000,000) in one year to build public infrastructures like schools, hospitals, roads and [... Read More]

Still practising animal sacrifice


While much of Rukha is changing, the culture of animal sacrifice still lingers

CUSTOM Overlooking Rukha village is a new lhakhang, consecrated last December to help reduce or put to an end, among others, the custom of animal sacrifice that is rampant in the community.

The lhakhang was also built with the purpose of fostering social unity and harmony by bringing the community under one roof.

Fulfilling its social motive, the lhakhang, which is the first [... Read More]

Smoke blocking the way to gym

I want to workout in a gym but my smoking habit always deterred me from doing so. Is it okay to smoke? How can I start gym, reduce dependency and quit smoking?
Ugyen, Thimphu

Hi Ugyen

Smoking is detrimental to our overall health! It can cause us a host of life threatening problems, like cardiovascular, respiratory and oral diseases and increase chances of all kinds of cancer. Basically [... Read More]

Kunley’s prank


DRUKPA KUNLEY The next morning Lama Chogyal noticed the smell (although he thought it was roast pork). He accosted DK. Why is a Buddhist lama like you harming other sentient beings? Not to worry, said Kunley. By way of explanation, DK sang a nice little song, full of the usual eyebrow-raising material. Here is a sample.

Peering up a house’s eves,

A fungus is clinging to a beam—

Even a violent wind will not loosen it. [... Read More]

To the land of the Oleps

LAST PAGE Just as the sun gradually began to set behind the northern horizon, a group of visitors stepped on a long suspension bridge at Taksha, where the confluence of Punatsanhchhu and Harachuu serves as a gateway to Rukha, one of the remotest villages in Wangdue.

On the other end of bridge was a power tiller waiting to pick the group, which actually could take in only half of a dozen people led by [... Read More]

Parenting in the globalised era


Because of the changes that come with it, once in a while, even parents need advice on how to raise children

COVER Listening to what her children are trying to communicate so she can be responsive and better understand and guide them, is a priority for Kuenzang Lhamo, a housewife in Mongar.

She learnt this at a parenting program which she has been attending for the past two years, in Mongar higher secondary school. The [... Read More]