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Make ‘sex confession’ page educative

LAST PAGE: ‘RTC Sex Confession’, a Facebook page, is a derogatory forum which, if turned around in a positive manner, can help educate youth about healthy physical and emotional relationship.

It was created in November 21, 2013 by an anonymous Facebook user ‘to have  a place where RTC students can share their horny, sexy confessions’.  The average age of the users on this page are between 18-24.  It has 199 likes and 70 confessions.

Most [... Read More]

The Phobjikha farm stay experiment pays off


Started by RSPN with the overarching goal of conservation, community based tourism has proved a success

COVER STORY Covered in a neat layer of fog, dusk sets in slowly.  This is followed by an eerie silence in the valley.  By 7pm, everyone is home after a laborious day in the fields.

It’s the potato harvest season for Phobjikha valley. And everyone is busy helping each other.  Potato is the main cash crop for farmers in [... Read More]

Macroeconomic Policy


LET’s MAKE IT SIMPLE Two institutions of any country have their biggest roles in shaping, structuring, regulating and controlling the economy. They are the government and the central bank. Without them, there would be chaos in the economy as every individual will protect their own interest without considering the bigger picture.

The government and the central bank therefore formulate several policies to guide and direct the economy. The most important policies are the monetary [... Read More]

Tapping the eastern circuit


A path less travelled now opens up to visitors with a host of innovative packages  

TOURISM For uniform distribution of benefits from tourism, efforts are on to develop the eastern circuit as a tourism hotspot, according to the Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB).

The eastern circuit remains one of the least explored regions in the country today.

The focus, therefore, is more on community-based tourism and various product diversifications.

The eastern circuit includes Mongar, Lhuentse, Trashiyangtse, [... Read More]

Taking the golden goose to the grassroots

Bengal-tigerRoyal Bengal tiger

TOURISM To decentralise tourism development activities to the local government level, the Tourism Council of Bhutan developed the circuit tourism development plan for the eastern and the southern belts, besides development of dzongkhag tourism plans.

Various products initiated by TCB, in collaboration with local governments in the southern circuit, are tshachu, the royal Manas national park, and the Dangkhar community lodge, among others.

Located on the left bank of Mangduechu (river) Dumang tshachu in Zhemgang [... Read More]

How to choose a gym

HEALTH & FITNESS Hi  Tshering 
I am considering joining a gym. I would like to seek your advice on how to choose a gym/health club?

Hi Wangmo
With new gyms sprouting up like mushrooms, you can be spoilt for choices. Being able to distinguish between what you want and what you need is challenging.

Here’s a checklist for you while selecting a gym/health club.

1. A coach: no amount of tools/equipment will suffice, [... Read More]

Children and junk food

This is a fortnightly Q&A series with DR Lotay Tshering. Send in queries to [email protected]

ASK DR LOTAY Dear DoctorMy daughter is 13 months old and she hardly eats any home cooked food. She only eats bread and noodles. Her mother’s office is 18km away from home, and therefore she can breastfeed only in the morning and evening. Please advice.Ngawang Namgyel, Samdrupjongkhar

Hi Ngawang
A lot of parents go through the same [... Read More]

Community tourism takes root in Tangchey

LAST PAGE It’s been more than a year since community-based ecotourism was initiated in Phobjikha, Wangduephodrang.  Although it’s early to comment on how successful it will be, I’m glad that I am a part of it.

Last year, during a zomdu (meeting) on community-based tourism in our village, Tangchey, we were asked to register if we were interested.  I liked the overall concept and registered for it.  As we waited to hear from the [... Read More]

The affairs of getting married


Traditionally, marriage has been a very matter of fact affair, with no elaborate celebration to mark the occasion

COVER STORY It’s 7am.  The bride and groom are up, but they are at their own parents’ house.  It’s an auspicious day and therefore a good day to get married.  The astrologers derived the date, based on the couple’s birth signs and elements.

The father of the bride leaves for the groom’s home, to receive him.  The [... Read More]

Cross cousin weddings on the wane


Prevalent in the east, the practice has gone into decline for any number of reasons

MARRIAGE Marriage between first cousins, known as ser-ga-mathang or ser-ga-khotkin, a practice otherwise prevalent in the eastern parts of the country, has been on the decline.

Modern legal concepts and medical reasons, a Centre for Bhutan Studies monograph on three unique marriages, 2003, state, are the reasons why such practices have declined.  It  was also learnt that rural urban migration [... Read More]