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Fresh, stylish & stunning


REVIEW: Now here is what one can call a delightful cinematic experience.

The actors fit into their roles like hands do in gloves.  The plot is tight, clean and crisp.  Visually and cinematographically, it is stunning and the story is as fresh as the buds opening up to greet early spring.

Baeyul… The Hidden Paradise, a film by Tshering Gyeltshen (Perfect Girl, Thank You, Sir!!) and  Yarkay Productions, takes Bhutanese film a notch higher, delivering [... Read More]

When I went to school

LAST PAGE: It was 2007 when I officially finished my schooling and then went to college. Yes, school days were the best days of my life and I still miss going to school.

Its been more than six years since high school and today I’m sitting in front of my computer at my office trying to recollect how I felt when I went back to school after every winter break and what it meant [... Read More]

Time to ride the horse


COVER STORY On an auspicious day before each daw dangpai losar (traditional New Year), a family heads to a sacred, clean and windy slope or mountain pass to string lines and lines of lungdhar with prints of a horse (lungta) at the centre.

The prayer flags, for prosperity and luck, are how they start the year, way before they gather and rise early to down bowls of hot rice porridge and suja, followed by [... Read More]

Top 10

Picking 10 issues from over 50 issues is like picking a favourite from among your children. Now isn’t that difficult?  In spite of that here’s the top 10 issues we loved working on, each having its own charm or sense of urgency for they are pertinent issues. Some are on the list because it reminds us of our roots and give us a feeling and sense of home, while others, that of change, remind us [... Read More]

Offering Mendel


The main purpose of mandala offering is to make one’s mind conducive and fertile for spiritual instructions

WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO Offering mandala (or mendel) is part of the offering practice. In this practice, one makes the offering of the entire universe or world, as one perceives it. The fundamental concept underpinning the mandala offering is giving all good things that exist in the entire universe to one’s guru, the Buddha or the [... Read More]

The Horse Personality

ASTROLOGY Cunning and strategic is how Bhutanese astrology describes, in general, the horse personality.

They also make good travelers and are moderately intelligent.

Since the horse year flourishes under the male symbol this year, astrologers predict more male babies to be born.

Those born in the male wood horse year will have to construct a Chana Dorji statue and build 10,000-100,000 tsatsas as rimdo.

According to Chinese astrologer Theodora Lau, people born in the year of the [... Read More]

Domain Ownership

TECH CORNER: ASK BOAZ How can I find the real owner of a website?
- T Dorji

Dear T Dorji,
Indeed, website ownership is often more than meets the eye and some detective work might be needed. Start by visiting the website. If the website has an “About us” or “Contact us” page, the answer to your question might appear right there. Some website owners, however, do not provide that information on the website. In [... Read More]

A Bhutanese way of aging

LAST PAGE When the Gregorian year began this year, most of the elderly population in the country, including a good number of adults, turned a year older.

Without knowing their Gregorian birthday, their birthday was registered with the civil registry as January 1 of whatever year they were born in.

A fair number of Bhutanese adults on Facebook did have their birthday (perhaps fake) on New Year’s Day, and they received two greetings, a New [... Read More]

Shopping Online


Despite the many challenges, it is picking up

COVER STORY Wrapped in soft winter blankets and a panel heater nearby, Trashi Wangmo, 23, is gazing intently at her laptop screen, as Bob Dylan croons in the background.

On the screen are a number of bags and shoes on display.  She clicks on an image to magnify it and read details about it.  Then she migrates to another.

Trashi Wangmo is shopping online at one of numerous [... Read More]

Current account deficit

LET”S MAKE IT SIMPLE Businesses keep track of money that comes in and goes out. In other words they keep a record of the money they earn from the sale of their final produce and the money they pay to buy raw materials.

This is important because it will show the businessman the direction of his business. If the money that goes out in the form of payments is more than the money that [... Read More]