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Kunley’s prank


DRUKPA KUNLEY The next morning Lama Chogyal noticed the smell (although he thought it was roast pork). He accosted DK. Why is a Buddhist lama like you harming other sentient beings? Not to worry, said Kunley. By way of explanation, DK sang a nice little song, full of the usual eyebrow-raising material. Here is a sample.

Peering up a house’s eves,

A fungus is clinging to a beam—

Even a violent wind will not loosen it. [... Read More]

To the land of the Oleps

LAST PAGE Just as the sun gradually began to set behind the northern horizon, a group of visitors stepped on a long suspension bridge at Taksha, where the confluence of Punatsanhchhu and Harachuu serves as a gateway to Rukha, one of the remotest villages in Wangdue.

On the other end of bridge was a power tiller waiting to pick the group, which actually could take in only half of a dozen people led by [... Read More]

Parenting in the globalised era


Because of the changes that come with it, once in a while, even parents need advice on how to raise children

COVER Listening to what her children are trying to communicate so she can be responsive and better understand and guide them, is a priority for Kuenzang Lhamo, a housewife in Mongar.

She learnt this at a parenting program which she has been attending for the past two years, in Mongar higher secondary school. The [... Read More]

What parents learned in school

DSC02468Housewives spending time with children during lunch break in Mongar

PROGRAM Proper communication, providing care, being friendly and spending more time with children is what parenting is all about.

Parents in Phuentsholing who attended the school based parenting education and awareness program (SBEA) said, communication meant being open with children to inculcate traits like honesty and to feel comfortable with each other. More than questions, parents are to listen to what their children have to say and to give opinions and to find solutions [... Read More]

Sur a practice of generosity

WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO In the Buddhist worldview, smell is one of the many kinds of sustenance. Some sentient beings survive on solid food, some through touch, some through psychological nutrition through force of mind, and some simply by smelling food.

Sur is the offering made for those who feed on smell. The group of sentient beings which rely on this for sustenance are called dri za or smell consumers.  An example [... Read More]

A platform for parents

madam Retired educationist Pem Sherab, 63, with her grandson

Q&A Pem Sherab, 63, former principal of Motithang higher secondary school, and one of the two women who initiated the ‘school based parenting education and awareness program’ in schools, talks to Tshering Norbu Uden about the initiative

 Q How was the idea conceived?  
It was in 2000, Kuenzang Wangmo who was the country director of save the children and I, informally, discussed about starting a program for parents, especially in the [... Read More]

Detachment and liberation

TECH I feel that Facebook is bad for me and I want to delete my account. How do I do that? 
- Facebook addict

Dear Facebookaholic,

There’s a small but growing trend of people quitting Facebook. Some are worried about their online privacy. Many find that using the social network depresses them. Yet others are worried that they spend way too many hours chatting or playing Candy Crush instead of spending face-to-face time with their [... Read More]

A thousand fire spirits

DRUKPA KUNLEY Kunley left the ceremony and wandered into the market. Lady Adzom was the ideal foil for his antics. He laughed and played, squeezed Adzom’s breasts, and did whatever carefree thing came into this mind. As usual, the crowd grumbled about the mad pervert, and as usual, Kunley responded with his spirited, raunchy verses.

That night a thousand Fire Spirits decided to hold a convention on a nearby mountain. Drukpa Kunley sensed that [... Read More]

Touch it, feel it and know it

LAST PAGE I was digging the kitchen garden in front of my house and my son, trampling on the spots I’d dug, was irking me.

So I caught his attention, made him a promise and asked him to help me in return. It was important that he understood what hard work meant.

But, as usual, to get things done or have him behave, I promised him a toy too. I handed him a spade and [... Read More]

Pulling at heartstrings


The reality show, Druk Super Star, entertains many from various walks of life

COVER STORY It’s almost half past four in the afternoon. Meme Karchung finally reaches his destination, a small dinghy room packed with several men and women gazing at a glaring television perched on the wall.

He is breathless, having walked three kilometres, with lunch in hand, from Tshangtshorong village in Khaling, Trashigang to the small town of Wamrong to catch, on television, [... Read More]