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Saying it with flowers


Once a pure religious offering, they have now acquired a secular tinge

COVER STORY A mid a riot of colours in Utty Nursery in Motithang, Thimphu, was Jyotshna Gurung, 51, was picking flowers and arranging them into bouquets.

There were lilies, gladiolus, and hydrangea that she plucked from the garden for a client, who wanted the bouquets for a wedding she was attending later.

She trimmed stalks, plucked unwanted leaves, and gently bobbed the petals into [... Read More]

The national flower – A delicate bloom in inclement climes

Meconopsis-grandisMeconopsis grandis ( National Flower) Photo: Rebecca Pradhan

BLUE POPPY The onset of monsoon means shower, heat, dampness, moisture and also the season for the delicate blue poppy.

The national flower, blue poppy, is one of the most exquisite and rare flowers in the country, and found at elevations of around 3,000m to 4,000m above sea level.

Blue poppy, with its scientific name Meconopsis spp,  has 13 species and falls under the family of papaveraceae.

[... Read More]


WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO What is ney?
Just like some points in time have the right alignment of stars and planets, some places are topographically and geographically positioned with the right alignments and setting. Such places are very powerful in giving rise to positive thoughts and actions. Therefore, they are considered physically powerful spots. Natural and spiritual energies and vibes flow from the landscape of such powerful spots, making them conducive [... Read More]

Plants in the workplace


Greening the office is an initiative that has taken root in a couple of ministries

GREENERY A potted plant per employee was a workplace initiative taken to beautify the office, and to relieve and reduce work stress, by two ministries in the capital.

The former secretary for labour and human resource ministry, Dasho (Dr) Sonam Tenzin, introduced it in 2011. “Plants reduce tension and refresh minds, besides beautifying the space,” Dasho (Dr) Sonam Tenzin said, [... Read More]

A meaningful birthday

I will be eighteen soon. Many of my friends celebrated their birthdays with a big party. I want to do something unique and with more meaning. Does lama have any suggestions?
 Pasang Dorji, Thimphu

YOUTH IN FOCUS Congrats to you, Pasang. Well, it is traditional in many cultures to celebrate special occasions with our family and community. In recent times, parties are a common and fun way to celebrate birthdays. Unfortunately, though, once the [... Read More]

Fish rock terma

DK-Master-Revised-(dragged)-4The Pho Chu Fish Rock

DRUKPA KUNLEY One day Drukpa Kunley was sauntering up the valley when he noticed three children fishing in the river. Instantly, DK was on the alert, because he knew that a voracious demon lived upstream. Kunley ran down to the river. Using his normal consumption-oriented method of introduction, he asked the children if they could give him a fish to eat.

It turned out that these children were rude. Go catch a fish yourself, [... Read More]

Why I won’t forget red roses

LAST PAGE It was Valentine’s Day and my sister wore the most beautiful expression on her face.  Her eyes were glistening and her lips were curled into an unconscious smile.

The bringer of such a joyful expression was a bouquet of deep red roses, wrapped in a flimsy blue paper, with which my soon-to-be brother-in-law proposed to her.

It was for her the ultimate way of expressing his love for her.  Red signifies deep love, [... Read More]

Radio The comeback medium


Thanks to the rash of FM stations, the medium has literally risen from the grave  

COVER STORY Long before television came to the country, with all its flare and glare and blare, radio was the only source of news and entertainment, the only modern device that kept people in the remote corners connected to the world beyond.

Then came the television, in June 1999, and killed the radio, they say.  But radio lives yet, [... Read More]

Radio rebirth

Villagers-in-SamcholingVillagers in Samcholing, Trongsa, listen to radio (file photo)

The medium now has its widest reach in Bhutan although number of sets is in decline 

MEDIA For its portability, affordability and news and entertainment values, radio was and is one of the most popular devices, especially in rural areas.

The Media Impact Study, 2003, stated that radio was the most effective media in the country and reached the largest audience.  The Bhutan Broadcasting Service had then estimated that about 400,000 people, or 60 percent [... Read More]

TV replaces radio (sets) in Tangsibji

TsagayTsagay extracts his radio from a cabinet, its home for about three years

The advent of electricity spelt the demise of one and the adoption of the other

LIFESTYLE With access to television network, use of radio for most in Tangsibji, Trongsa has been fast fading.

Some villagers last turned on a radio about five years back.

It was, once, most indispensable, with villagers carrying a buzzing radio even to the fields.

“It’s been a while since I listened to radio,” Dhengem Druba, 59, from Drangla said, adding that he [... Read More]