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The affairs of getting married


Traditionally, marriage has been a very matter of fact affair, with no elaborate celebration to mark the occasion

COVER STORY It’s 7am.  The bride and groom are up, but they are at their own parents’ house.  It’s an auspicious day and therefore a good day to get married.  The astrologers derived the date, based on the couple’s birth signs and elements.

The father of the bride leaves for the groom’s home, to receive him.  The [... Read More]

Cross cousin weddings on the wane


Prevalent in the east, the practice has gone into decline for any number of reasons

MARRIAGE Marriage between first cousins, known as ser-ga-mathang or ser-ga-khotkin, a practice otherwise prevalent in the eastern parts of the country, has been on the decline.

Modern legal concepts and medical reasons, a Centre for Bhutan Studies monograph on three unique marriages, 2003, state, are the reasons why such practices have declined.  It  was also learnt that rural urban migration [... Read More]

The cleansing ceremony of Tang


PREGNANCY Marriage does not call for celebrations but news of pregnancy does in Tang and Chokhortoe in Bumthang.

The event called tshangma involves cleansing rituals but it also involves merrymaking.

Author Kunzang Choden, who is from Bumthang said tshangma is a unique marriage system practiced in these Chokhortoe and Tang, and it formalises marriage, with the father accepting the child as legitimate.  It also includes cleansing of impurities caused by pregnancy to appease local diety, [... Read More]



A sort of Buddhist bucket list

What is moenlam?

WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO Moenlam is a kind of mental will power, since Buddhism deals with mind as a primary factor seeking enlightenment, it is important to have the right kind of intention or motivation.  So moenlam, or aspiration, is kind of intention, wishing, aspiring or praying to do something.  Buddhist prayers are thereby mainly aspirations, much more aspirations than [... Read More]

Wait for the bigger picture

I am 19 years old and have been in a relationship for three months. Now I want to get married. I know that I am making the right choice, but my family is against the idea. What should I do?

Dema, Thimphu

YOUTH IN FOCUS Well, Dema, I know that you genuinely feel that your boyfriend is the right person for you. Still, I think it is advisable to wait before making a serious commitment. [... Read More]

Kunley’s last visit

DK-Master-Revised-(dragged)The Wache Dzong, returning to earth

DRUKPA KUNLEY Kunley replies with some stalwart poetry of his own.

Listen to me, Kungzang of Sharmo! 

While crossing the sky, the sun shines on all four continents, 

And wandering Kunley needs no traveling companion. 

The most fortunate tree grows tall in inaccessible southern jungles, 

Where the axe of the callous woodman cannot touch it. 

Better to be a spreading tree than a temple door-post, 

and the cellar door-step can be made of stone.

The most fortunate iron finds the anvil of [... Read More]

Traditional marriage was not for me

LAST PAGE By the time my mother knew I was married, my son was born.  It was my wish not to marry, at least not in public or in front of family members.

As a child, I saw a wedding ceremony.  I can’t remember how I got there, and obviously I wasn’t invited, because I remember peeping through the door to see what was happening inside.

The bride was the daughter of a couple, who [... Read More]

Suicide is not the solution


It is preventable and there is help at hand \

COVER STORY There was a time Pema Dorji would envelop himself in depression, a consequence of a failed business, which had driven him to insolvency.  He resorted to alcohol and drugs to overcome depression.  But it made matters worse.  He became suicidal.

But then he changed.  He moved on, shrugged off the negativities and learnt to think positive.

“I look back and am thankful for not [... Read More]

Raising awareness on suicide

ThinleyAn exercise for preventing suicide by addressing communication gap

CAMPAIGN Among youth, drug addiction and depression are major factors behind suicide or attempted suicide.

Filmmaker Phuntsok Rabten, some of the cast of Chuut Wai, and recovering addicts, who wanted to make a difference by addressing social issues like drug addiction, behavioural changes, disabilities and suicide went on sensitisation tour earlier this year.

After making the movie Chuut Wai, they went on an ‘emotional sensitisation tour’ from April 28 to June 12, to prevent drug [... Read More]

Engine of the economy


The supposed role of small and cottage industries in Bhutan 

LETS MAKE IT SIMPLE It is obvious that Bhutan’s economy is heavily dependent on the hydropower, but revenue alone cannot create a vibrant economy.

It demands opportunities, innovation, entrepreneurship, socially and geographically diverse sectors in the economy.  In other words, social issues like unemployment, income disparity, poverty and so on, play an important role in shaping an economy.

So, how do we achieve a socially, geographically [... Read More]

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