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An honorific offering


WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO: The word serkem refers to an honorific term for offering libation. Kem is an old term for alcohol or container of alcohol. So offering of alcohol from a wooden jug or from a container is called offering kem.

When the kem is poured into a bowl or a cup, plated with gold (ser), then the offering becomes serkem.

Similarly, when one makes a special offering of alcohol to an [... Read More]

Containing & making history

IMG_0771Rinzin Dorji, head technician at AMC, Paro fixing a power tiller’s engine belt

AMC: Power tillers belong in the fields. It’s where it shows it power, strength and proves that it is a boon to the farmers.

But sitting under six bulbs shining its beam on the machine, the power tiller, it’s engine to be specific, does not look alien. It belongs here, in a room in a concrete building in Paro.

The 1987 model engine is the chief exhibit at a small museum, stationed at the agriculture [... Read More]

Rebel without a cause

bookBook: The Catcher In The Rye Author: J.D. Salinger Pages: 230 ISBN: 978-0-241-95042-5 Price: Nu 525

BOOK REVIEW: Angry, bitter, hot blooded and confused, Holden Caulfield has difficulty finding out what he wants, who he is and what he likes as a teenager.

It’s a phony world that he lives in, and every one around him are morons and perverts including his own parents.

“Phony”, supposedly meaning a fraudster or someone who’s misleading, is a word the book has been generously strewn with. It has been used as an adjective describing places [... Read More]

The flask of ambrosia

DRUKPA KUENLEY: We’ll start with a story that probably receives the award in this book for zany humor. To get the full idea, we need to introduce you to an artifact of Buddhist practice called the flask of ambrosia. It is a vessel filled with nectar, which is thought to convey the empowerment of a deity. At the beginning of our story, Lama Chogyal was consecrating the flask, before the liquid had been [... Read More]

Driving a precious machine

LAST PAGE : Nothing can substitute a power tiller in the life of a farmer. It is one of the best inventions we’ve seen in our lives.

My brother taught me to drive the power tiller, two years after we bought one about a decade back.  It has to be one of the best experiences in my life. And it has been beneficial.

We haven’t hired a driver ever since I learnt how to operate it. I [... Read More]

Back to school again


After the long winter hols, students across the nation return to their places of learning

COVER STORY: Once again the corridors in schools, which were dry and dreary like winter, just three weeks back, have come to life.

Girls with ponytails, boys with short-trimmed hair, clean nails and crisp uniforms, fill up the corridors with laughter, chatter and shuffling of feet as teachers approach.

The smell of new stationary and uniforms are yet to wash out, [... Read More]

Revamping the curriculum


A new math textbook and a reformed science syllabus are part of the package

EDUCATION:  A new mathematics textbook was introduced for Class III students in the country from this academic session.

The new mathematics titled, ‘understanding mathematics for class III’ is going to help students understand the concept, values and skills of mathematics, said curriculum research and development officials.

There are 11 chapters and 87 lessons where teachers will focus on concept teaching of mathematics [... Read More]

Bonding with a company

LET’S MAKE IT SIMPLE:  Big corporations, companies and the government raise money from the market to expand their size of business or pay off loans they have taken from financial institutions. In the case of government, the money raised is utilized in providing public services.

Although there are a lot of other ways to raise money like taxes, loans, fines and penalties, bonds are an important source too. So what is a bond?

It is [... Read More]

For want of a barber

Tang-mssTang MSS

The haircutting club is one of the two news clubs of Tang MSS

SKILLS: Students of Tang middle secondary school in Bumthang will no longer go to Chamkhar town for a haircut as they now have a salon of their own.

This academic year, the school introduced a haircutting club with an objective to train students with additional vocational skills and help students have tidy hair in line with the school regulation.

The coordinator of the [... Read More]

Cycling or gym?

HEALTH & FITNESS: Dear Tshering 
Of late, I’ve been planning to work out and I was thinking of joining a gym, but I also thought of cycling. I just want to pursue one or the other, but I am a bit confused. Can you make a suggestion?
Tshering Dorji, Thimphu

Hi Tshering

I am going to help you make an informed decision to solve the predicament you are in!

Let’s discuss outdoor cycling first. [... Read More]

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