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Camaraderie and class distinction in the time of war

Battle_of_Broodseinde_-_si-copyBook: Many Miles to Babylon? Author: By Jennifer Johnston. (Hamish Hamilton, 1974. 156 pages) ISBN: 978-0-141-04696-9

REVIEW On the hundredth anniversary of WWI, this is as good a book as any to review.

How Many Miles to Babylon? begins with one of the most moving and powerful foreshadows.

Alexander Moore, son of a wealthy Irish farmer, is an officer in the British army and a gentleman.  That privilege has given him notebooks, pen, ink and paper.  A few hours that he can count is all the future he has.   And [... Read More]

In litter and spirit

Bringing change to religious gatherings where waste disposal may be last thing on the minds

LAST PAGE Climate change is a reality, and the selfish ways of  people are to be blamed.

To act on this realisation, while attending Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy’s community mapping workshop recently, my group decided to pursue the issue of offering packaged food as tshok.

We visited Changangkha lhakhang.  Devotees offered packaged food.  After the rituals and prayers were [... Read More]

ECCDs- Schooling for school


Begun as glorified babysitters for working parents, daycare centres have long since transcended that limited role

COVER STORY Dressed in a white frock with pink flowers, polka dotted leggings and white sandals, Dechen Choden Phuntsho, 3, looks all set for a day-out or a birthday party.

But it’s a weekday and her office-going parents have a busy schedule.  In the capital’s morning rush hour, Dechen Choden Phuntsho is dropped off at Tiny Toes daycare, where [... Read More]

Learning, the Montessori way

IMG_4221Tandin Zam and a Montessori student engaged in a learning activity

PRESCHOOL In one corner of the room, a four-year old is washing a table with soap and water, while another two-year-old at the far end of the room learns how to unbutton a cloth from a frame, and several others are writing on a notebook.

The children at Wangmo’s Montessori early childcare centre were busy, thoroughly engaged in one activity or the other, where they learn how to spell, arrange and sort all kinds [... Read More]

What is Non-Tariff Barriers?


LETS MAKE IT SIMPLE With recent tax revision, the price of vehicles has radically increased. Not many can afford to own a brand new luxury car because the import duty is too heavy. This would cut down the demand as well as import. So such barriers to trade is called tariff barriers because duty restricts trade.

To explain what is a non-tariff barriers lets take the same example of vehicle import. In 2012, Bhutan [... Read More]

For children and parents in rural communities

ECCD-1Children playing outside the Decheling ECCD built with labour contribution from parents

EDUCATION In the capital, parents have numerous day care centres to pick from, but of course it comes at a cost. In rural Decheling, Pemagatshel, there isn’t a choice. There is only one daycare centre, but it’s free and parents are happy to have it.

The Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) centre in Decheling gewog, an initiative of the education ministry, came as a blessing for parents like Dawa Pem, 40.

There are no [... Read More]

Blame not the genes

Dear Tshering 
 In bodybuilding it is said that genetics play a crucial role in terms of muscle growth. Because of my ancestral traits, my muscles are not gaining much despite my effort in the gym for a year. Is it true that muscle growth is related to genes?
Tshewang, 28, Thimphu

“Gene” is the lamest excuse an individual can point towards whilst failing to gain muscle!

Growing up as a [... Read More]

A rock for everything

DK-Master-Revised-(dragged-copyThe huge rock, full of birds, at Chawa Thang

DRUKPA KUNLEY The following story from Pho Chu Valley shows Drukpa Kunley’s versatility. In addition to mounting ferocious battles against monsters, DK was also capable of intimate, small-scale missions of mercy. One day, Kunley found himself in the area of Chawa Thang. There, in the middle of rice fields, he encountered a woman engaged in the endless task of guarding her fields against birds. DK felt sorry for her. If you get me [... Read More]

Off to school

LAST PAGE At two, my daughter had a strong urge to join a daycare centre, which she calls school.  She couldn’t pronounce school correctly, yet she insisted we enroll her in one.

By the time she was two-and-a-half years old, she would wake up early every morning, get dressed, carry her bag and demand that she be dropped at school.  The little lady wasn’t joking, I sensed.

So I went to one of the daycare [... Read More]

Saying it with flowers


Once a pure religious offering, they have now acquired a secular tinge

COVER STORY A mid a riot of colours in Utty Nursery in Motithang, Thimphu, was Jyotshna Gurung, 51, was picking flowers and arranging them into bouquets.

There were lilies, gladiolus, and hydrangea that she plucked from the garden for a client, who wanted the bouquets for a wedding she was attending later.

She trimmed stalks, plucked unwanted leaves, and gently bobbed the petals into [... Read More]

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