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Learning safety and diet from Mr Bhutan

mrbhTandin Wangchen briefing the nyagoes

SAFETY Like the gym equipment they saw for the first time, safety while carrying out stunts, and a proper diet were new for the nyagoes.

Many were surprised, inspired and hopeful when Mr Bhutan, Tandin Wangchen, and owner of Planet Gym, demonstrated some of the safety techniques during the two sessions held earlier this month.

At the gym, the nyagoes were tested for their abilities and strength by means of lifting heavy weights, with Tandin [... Read More]

Here, there and everywhere

TECH CORNER: ASK BOAZ I bought the Galaxy Grand Duos smartphone but found out that it does not work in Bhutan. What can I do? Will it help if I “root” the device?
- Samten Dhendup, Sr. Survey Engineer, NLC

The Galaxy Grand Duos model that is sold in India supports the 3G bands of 900, 1900, and 2100. The bands used for 3G by Bhutan’s operators are 850 and 2100. Thus, wherever 850 is [... Read More]

Sakteng Metog – A highland love story


REVIEW The picturesque, pristine and nomadic life of those in Sakteng is the highlight of Sakteng Metog, a romantic film directed by Sonam Lhendup Tashi.

Sakteng Metog is also the name of the protagonist and village beauty, played by debutante Tshering Paldon Thinley.

While Sakteng Metog has men yearning for her love, she yearns for something more than her nomadic life.  Even her brother (played by Kencho Wangdi) approves his best friend’s (played by Chencho [... Read More]

Mighty yet humble

LAST PAGE My heart leaps whenever I see him on TV, competing with the other huge men.  It isn’t a rare sight but, as always, I am excited.

My father, Pema Tshering from Tsirang, has been competing in strongman competition even at the village level.  Each contest has been an exciting time for my mother and I.  We would wake up early and never miss when he was participating.  While he would not always [... Read More]

The mystical unexplored nyes


Bhutan abounds with sites linked with the Guru, many of which remain unknown or unfrequented 

COVER STORY: Walking uphill to the tiger’s lair in Paro can be an exhilarating experience.  Taktshang, perched on a rock face and an acrophobic’s terror is one of the most visited nyes (sacred places) in the country.

This is the place where Guru Rinpoche flew on the back of a tigress, a form taken by consort and disciple Khando Yeshey [... Read More]

The nye project – Taking stock

Pemaling,Yangtse-186Dungkar rangzhin (naturally formed conch shell) in Pemaling, Trashiyangtse (Photo courtesy: Sangay Dhendup)

HERITAGE: Recognising the importance for protecting, preserving and documenting sacred nyes, especially in the face of development, a project initiated by the culture properties department is underway.

The initiative to document over hundred nyes in the country began in 2006, starting with nyes in Lhuentse and Trashiyangtse.

“It started in the east because most nyes there weren’t as popular as others, or were unheard of,” senior cultural property record officer, and head of the project, [... Read More]

Why the inflation?

LET’S MAKE IT SIMPLE: You often hear your father or your grandfather telling you stories about how many chocolates they could buy with just one ngultrum during their times as kids. They often tell us, we do not understand the value of money and that we have grown too extravagant with our use of money.

Why do you think things have changed between the time of your grandparents and your times now? Why is [... Read More]

To emerge cleansed


Often when visiting a nye, there is a passage, usually a hole in the ground or rocks, through which one has to crawl from one opening and out of the other opening.

Called drib shuni (cleansing one off of defilement), the act is believed to help one cleanse one of bad merits and physical defilements.  A pilgrim crawls inside the rock and emerge from the exit, which can be either on top or an equal height.

While [... Read More]

Prepping for stage

With the diet plan you gave me last year, I have been able to  put on 8kgs. Thank you. I am considering competing soon. I have read so many articles on carb loading, sodium, and water, and I don’t know what to do with all the different approaches on the internet. I want to look full on stage, not flat. Please help me out.

Hi Phuntshok

Congratulations on putting [... Read More]

DK artifacts

DRUKPA KUNLEY:The Lobesa area is loaded with interesting DK artifacts; a walk along the river reveals one after the other. We don’t know exactly how they fit into the Long Rong stories you have just read, but there is no doubt about their importance to the local people. Here is a photo gallery of just a few of them.

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