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Some extra mobile services

Calling, texting, music, taking photographs are some common features for a mobile smart phone today. However, your mobile phone can also be used to get some useful services or features through SMS (short message service) and mobile internet. Here are five useful features you can use your mobile phone for in the country.

Bhutan Telecom’s B-Wallet service enables you to simply use SMS (short message service) to top-up your B-Mobile prepaid number or prepaid [... Read More]

What is inflation?


LETS MAKE IT SIMPLE In economics, inflation is defined as the sustained increase in price of goods and services for a period of time. It is also defined as a general increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of money.

They are the same because when price of goods and services increase, the purchasing power of the money decreases.

Lets take an example: The 800-gram Nestle EveryDay milk powder, that we use to [... Read More]

Selfie craze, crazy selfie


A harmless hobby, is the common consensus, if done in small doses

LIFESTYLE  Selfie addiction is no laughing matter.

Oxford officially named ‘selfie’ word of the year in 2013.  It describes selfie as “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website”.

Globally, studies by various researchers shows that a person addicted to selfie lacks understanding about the dangers social networking and [... Read More]

Freezing the sun

rockDK’s game rock

DRUKPA KUNLEY After wandering a bit more in the Pho Chu Valley, Drukpa Kunley had several smaller-scale adventures in which his antics definitely went awry. It started innocently enough.

DK was sitting quietly by the trail, playing a game called hema (which is played on the flat surface of a rock). It was really quite engrossing, but Kunley realised that the day was passing by, and soon he would run out of time. So [... Read More]

Without supplements

Dear Sir
Is it possible to build my body by consuming  daily food items. I don’t want to spend on processed supplements available in the market. If it is, can you kindly suggest a routine and quantity for consumption on daily basis?

Hi Penjore

Long before the advent of health and fitness supplements, godly physiques were crafted by men in basements with sheer will power, basic tools and by eating good old [... Read More]

A small wonder

LAST PAGE I do not own a mobile phone, but that’s merely to do with my lack of knowledge in using it.  But I acknowledge that it has played a pivotal role in transforming the lives of rural people.

More than a decade back, people in my locality had to walk for hours, even at night, to reach official letters that contained messages on important meetings scheduled to be held in Trongsa. The messages [... Read More]

The beautiful game in Samba land


The Big One on the sports calendar will this year be hosted in Brazil

COVER STORY My dear wife,  the FIFA world cup 2014 will be live in a few days. Let me lay down few rules that will preserve our relation and our beauty.

The TV remote control belongs to me until July 13.  Tell your friends not to give births, wed or die or whatever during the world cup because we [... Read More]

The predictions


What this year’s World Cup has to throw up

Host nations have always been favourites in the World Cup. Is the World Cup 2014 Brazil’s?

Brazil is just back from their title winning campaign of Confederations Cup 2013, and has not lost a single match in 30 games.  This impressive home run could fire Brazil’s belief to add a record sixth World Cup trophy.

While home advantage, crowd, climate and the record favouring the host nation, [... Read More]

Saga Dawa, the auspicious month


WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO Saga Dawa, the fourth Bhutanese month and equivalent of Vaisakha month in Indian calendar, is a duezang. Duezang, literally means, auspicious time. Due refers to time and zang means auspicious or good.

An auspicious time is when all the right circumstances are present and when the internal and external causes and conditions for a good outcome have converged.  As an external cosmological or astrological condition, the [... Read More]

Let go of prejudice

In this new fortnightly feature Lama Shenphen Zangpo will provide Buddhist-themed answers to youth-related questions.

That way, the kind of job one does won’t matter

YOUTH IN FOCUS I graduated class 12 and have been looking for work, but can only find kitchen jobs or work as a waiter. What should I do?
Sangay, Thimphu

Well, when we strongly dislike something it is important to investigate the root cause of our aversion. In your [... Read More]

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