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Nightlife has taken on new life with some venues featuring live shows

COVER STORY It’s a Saturday night.  The autumn chill has yet to gain its sting.  Inside in a cozy bar, above the lane running parallel to Changlimithang stadium, are men and women, seated, but somehow managing to sway to the beat of a song.

Up on a small stage, is a group of young men, dressed in jeans, looking casual and with a [... Read More]

Different avenues available for upcoming singers

MediamaxYeshey Choden for the Blue Orchid Sessions

Music studios and production houses have mushroomed to keep up with the explosion of young talent

PLATFORMS What would be impossible for people, who were interested in singing a decade back, is now possible with platforms available, such as music studios and production houses that have mushroomed over the past few years.

These music studios and production houses are geared towards promoting young and talented new singers, apart from recording songs and producing music videos.

Some [... Read More]

Tourism’s role in the economy


LET’s MAKE IT SIMPLE All eyes were on the shortage of rupee when the economy suffered a serious blow in 2012 from which it is still recovering. Hydropower, the country’s biggest revenue earner could not fetch enough rupee to finance people’s need. The shock left by the rupee liquidity crisis was felt throughout the country in almost all the sectors of the economy.

But in between all that, the tourism sector continued to grow [... Read More]

Do-re-mi instead of A-B-C

NehruLearning classical Indian music at Nehru-Wangchuck Cultural Centre

Private music schools fill a gap that exists in what formal education has to offer

EDUCATION Filling in the void of music classes in school are private music schools and centres in the capital, which, of late, have started diversifying lessons, by introducing more musical instruments.

One of the first private music schools in Thimphu, started four years back, is the Himalayan School of Music.

The proprietor of the Himalayan School of Music (HSM), Yogen Chhetri, [... Read More]

Spotlight: Band


NEW! We present on this page youth with talents.  This feature appeared in the initial days of K2, when it was named Citybytes.  The focus then was on international talents. This fortnightly feature will shine the spotlight on local youth.

About the band: 
We came together for the love of a British band, The Beatles, a 1960s rock band.

The Beatles belonged to the 1960s era, the baby boom period of 1940s-1960s, during [... Read More]

To quicken a slow metabolic rate

I weigh about 56kg.  I have always wanted to lose weight and a lot of people tell me that my metabolism is low. Can you please tell me what is metabolism? How can I change it? Is there any specific exercise that I could do to increase it?

‘Metabolism’ is the ability of our bodies to convert food consumed into energy, and ‘metabolic rate’ is the speed at which we [... Read More]

The tunes they are a’changing

LAST PAGE As radio made its way in the country more than two decades back, it carried a heavy responsibility of reviving old Dzongkha songs.

When the national radio started in Bhutan Broadcasting Service, I remembered the revered Ap Dopay playing dramnyen on the radio, striking a chord in our hearts as he played.

At that time, dramnyen was an unheard and unseen instrument to many Bhutanese.  Hardly anyone knew what a dramnyen could do, [... Read More]

Social Media in Bhutan – The good side and the bad side


Like most things in life, there are positives and negatives to the phenomena

COVER STORY A Thimphu resident returned to find his apartment burgled recently.

In broad daylight, the thief had broken through two doors, and made off with several expensive electronics, including a brand new Apple Macbook Pro.

The police were called and a complaint filed.  The usual procedure would be for checkpoints leading to Phuentsholing to be informed, so that they would be on [... Read More]


Consecrating the physical representations of the Buddha 

WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO Rabney is a consecration ritual. It comes from the Sanskrit term pratisthita – in which prati means good or well and sthita to remain or sustain. Thus, it is basically a process of inviting the enlightened spirits of the Buddhas to abide or remain well in the sacred objects.

When one has a sacred object such as a [... Read More]

The new (and virtual) hangout for kids

social-mediaA college student browses through a social media site

Children today spend an inordinate (and unhealthy) amount of time on such online sites

SOCIALMEDIA As soon as Tandin, 16, wakes up in the morning, she would pick her phone to check the updates on her Facebook page and Instagram, a popular site among the youth.

It has almost become a routine for Tandin to spend about 30 minutes browsing these popular sites before she heads to school.  If not, Tandin feels incomplete, in her [... Read More]

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