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The hunt (in vain) for a perfect apartment

Last page My wife and I have been looking for a nice apartment for the last few months now.  We found one, but we had to leave the apartment sooner than we thought we’d have to, because of water problem and noisy constructions nearby.

Every morning we’d go through Kuensel’s classified page and be always on Facebook, to get updates from a page called B-bay, where people put up rent advertisements.

We checked more than [... Read More]

Seeing red … even when the light’s green


Road rage is all the rage in urban Bhutan for any number of reasons

COVER STORY One morning, Rinchen, 32, was returning home to Olakha at around 8am after dropping his children to school.  In front of his car was a DCM truck.  He decided to overtake the slow-moving truck.  Suddenly the truck veered right, because there was a tractor parked on the left lane just ahead.  He hadn’t heard Rinchen honk and wasn’t [... Read More]

Thimphu tops in traffic violations

RSTA/RBP With the highest number of vehicles registered in the capital, it is no surprise that most traffic violations also happen here.

According to the records maintained by the Road Safety and Transport Authority (RSTA), 36,603 vehicles are registered in Thimphu, the highest, followed by 24,822 vehicles registered in Phuentsholing.  A total of about 48,496 license holders are present in Thimphu alone, as of September this year.

Lt. Col. Passang Dorji of the traffic division, [... Read More]


WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO We have talked about the first two parts of the sevenfold service. The third part is shakpa or atonement. Shakpa deals with confessing a wrongdoing and making amends for it. Unless one accepts and make reparations for one’s wrongdoing and failures in the past, one can’t improve oneself morally and spiritually to reach the ultimate goal of enlightenment and happiness. Besides, the wrongdoing will result in the [... Read More]

Thimphu roads to get major facelift

A few of the numerous potholes in the capitalpotholes

A proposed budget of Nu 171M has been earmarked for the purpose

REVAMP The road network in the capital will get a major facelift, with all potholes and roads resurfaced and blacktopped.

This, Thimphu thromde officials said, would be done to coincide with the fourth King’s 60th birth anniversary celebrations.

Since October 15, Thimphu thromde started blacktopping and filling the potholes, starting from Dechencholing in Thimphu, with the current budget of Nu 20M.

The thromde’s head of [... Read More]

Not what but how you sell

Hi Lama, I want to stand on my own two feet and am thinking to open a shop, but I want it to be unique. Can lama suggest something?

Sangay, Thimphu


Hi Sangay

It is good that you want to be independent and not rely on your family and friends for hand-outs.

I’ll answer your question in two  parts.  First, when you run a shop you should think about the bigger picture. Most [... Read More]

Humped zebra crossing

Safe only if one uses it properly

LAST PAGE In the last two months, there has been a recent addition to the Thimphu-Babesa expressway, the humped zebra crossings.

The aim of these crossings is to slow cars down, and to give pedestrians a designated crossing spot.  These measures are in place to reduce danger to pedestrians.

However, there are mixed responses to this new addition to the expressway.  While many are grateful for the improved safety, [... Read More]

UN in Bhutan


Tracing the timeline of the international organisation within the country

COVER STORY In September 21, 1971, Bhutan joined the United Nations (UN) and became the organisation’s 128th member.  Doing so ushered in a new era in the country’s history.  It bolstered its security and sovereignty.

It was a significant day for Bhutan because, by joining the UN, the country had achieved one of its most important dreams.  It could now allow her to play her [... Read More]

Ease of doing business

LET’S MAKE IT SIMPLE How easy it is to start a business in the country? What are the procedures? How long does it take? These are simple questions one might want to ask before starting any kind of business. These things matter for an investor.

From the economic perspective it is one of the tools that can help the country improve its policies to create more jobs while helping foster private sector development.

Thus the [... Read More]

Youth@Work Bhutan – Not all fun and games

An online game designed to help address the youth unemployment issue in the country

UNEMPLOYMENT Want to make a difference, and have fun doing it?

Play the online game Youth@Work Bhutan, designed to help address the youth unemployment issue in the country.

The game, a collaboration between United Nations Development Program, labour ministry and Emerson College, US, was launched yesterday to coincide with United Nations Day.  It can be accessed at Communityplanit website.

The game has three missions [... Read More]

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