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Then and NOW


TOILETS It took me about seven years to gather the courage to heed to nature’s call by myself.

Yes, until 12, I could not go to the toilet alone, because it reminded me of a ghost story that my late grandmother once told me when I was five or six.

She told me that a hairy hand, a demon’s,  with evil claws, would come out of the hole in the toilet and take me away.  The [... Read More]

Yirangwa or Rejoicing


WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO The fifth limb of the seven-part practice is jesu yirangwa or rejoicing. In this practice, one wholeheartedly rejoices in the good deeds of both oneself and others. It is a way of experiencing joy without any effort or cost and an easy method of accumulating merit without any resources.

This practice is aimed at overcoming jealousy, which is a negative state of mind desiring good things only for oneself. [... Read More]

Operation ‘Toilet Clean-up’


There has been a welcome sea-change that has come over school and public facilities 

HYGIENE Imagine clean toilets in schools that do not smell.

That was impossible more than a decade ago, but today students feel welcome inside school toilets, thus reducing the number of absentees at school.

Jigme Losel lower secondary school in Thimphu has toilets that are user-friendly for the students.  The students have painted the walls of the toilets  colourfully, with different cartoon [... Read More]

Women have nothing to fear from weights

HEALTH & FITNESS I am interested to join a gym and to lift weights but I’m scared that I might get bulky. Please advise.

Sonam Dema, 24, Thimphu

Dear Sonam,

As a woman, you have nothing to fear to lift weights.

To be honest with you, it’s close to impossible to put on any amount of muscle on a female, as one of the most important factors necessary to put on muscle is the availability of the [... Read More]

Clean toilets make happy schools

LAST PAGE Clean toilets are the necessary preconditions for school. It encourages students to go to school and use toilet without having fear to enter a stinky place. More importantly, it is equally important to have a constant water supply in the toilets. I have been working with the Department of Youth and Sports (DYS) for about four years. Only very recently did I get involved in the toilet construction and water supply [... Read More]

The River Guides of Panbang

IMG_3193A group of out-of-school youth and local businessmen initiate river rafting in the area

COVER STORY A woman and her daughter were crossing a torrential river.  The mother prayed in her heart that her daughter got across safely. The daughter, in turn, prayed for her mother to be safe.  Both mother and daughter could safely cross the dangerous river because of good thoughts they had for each other.

Well, that was a long, long time ago.

We remembered this story as we were about to cross the Manas river, [... Read More]

Commerce and community service


The River Guides of Panbang manage successfully to wear both hats

RGP Almost two years after forming River Guides of Panbang (RGP), and a month after going commercial, the members claim they have been able to contribute to society better as a group than they ever could individually.

The members, after receiving a basic rafting course, helped search the body of a contractor who was washed away by Kurigongri on March 6 this year.

RGP’s chief [... Read More]

Tenzhug or Zhabten



What is Tenzhug or Zhabten?

Tenzhug is a type of ceremony to request the Buddha or an enlightened master to live long. It falls within the sixth limb of the seven-part practice. It is essentially a prayer to the enlightened beings who are thinking of entering nirvana and leaving this world to not do so but remain long in this world for the welfare of the sentient [... Read More]

The growing attraction of adventure (water) sports

TOURISM Adventure sports, like kayaking and whitewater rafting, part of nature-based tourism in Bhutan  are fast gaining popularity among tourists.

Tour operators, who promote such adventure sports, said Bhutan’s river system and terrain make it more favourable.  Besides kayaking and rafting, nature-based activities also include trekking, birding, flora and fauna.

At present, there are three tour companies specialising in rafting and kayaking.  They are the Lotus Adventures Bhutan, Xplore Bhutan and Druk Rafting.

Lotus Adventures Bhutan’s proprietor, [... Read More]

Tackling NCD


Dear Doctor

My father is 54 years old. He has been suffering from diabetes and hypertension. He has been taking medication for several years now. I want to know more about the disease and how can we prevent it. Will I get the disease too?

Dema, 35, Thimphu

Dear Dema

First of all, you should understand that diabetes and hypertension are known as the non-communicable diseases (NCDs). NCDs are disease that will never [... Read More]

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