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Role of bank in an economy

LET’S MAKE IT SIMPLE Have you ever wondered how an economy would be like without banks? For the sake of understanding this, lets leave behind all the other aspects of a modern society except banks.

The rest of the institutions like the government, companies, hotels, shops, industries, factories and other corporations are all in place, except banks.

A bank’s primary business is taking deposits from those who have excess money and then dishing out loans [... Read More]

‘Video conferencing’ in the classroom

schoolA classroom in Kasadrapchu MSS

EDUCATION As the sound of the bell rings through the corridor, class IX students of Khasadrapchu middle secondary school (MSS) excitedly prepare for the next period, which is different from other classes.

Seated in front of a projector, about 100 students remain glued to the screen.

After a brief moment, Pelkhil school principal appears on the screen and greets the students.

With the press of a button, students of Khasadrapchu can see class IX students of [... Read More]

Steroids – Sullying the fair name of a beloved sport

HEALTH AND FITNES Bodybuilders were said to have voiced against the anti-dope test with organisers of the upcoming Mr Bhutan competition.  Why is there a need to have such a test?  Is it possible that bodybuilding supplements contain steroids as Bhutanese bodybuilders have claimed, and reinforced by a recent Kuensel story?
-A concerned citizen

Hi concerned citizen!

I have been following this story very closely.  I’ve read the recent story and the editorial, and I have [... Read More]

The torma maker

DRUKPA KUNLEY We’ll leave Jilli Gang with a story from the oral tradition, which requires a one-word glossary. Many Buddhist rituals incorporate elaborate, colorful ritual cakes, known as torma. They use the normal ingredients of cakes the world around, such as flour, butter and salt, and are usually heavy on the butter and light on the flour. Torma are a key part of the upcoming story.

A family in a nearby village decided that [... Read More]

Raising kids in a new world

LAST PAGE Children these days are clever and can learn fast, and I have my parents to vouch for that.  With access to electronic gadgets, they are even smarter, perhaps smarter than grown ups.

Take, for example, me.  I can only do half the things my five-year-old does on his iPad.  The sole purpose of giving him the gadget was to make him learn much more than what we could teach.

His little fingers can [... Read More]

The different shades of dogs


COVER STORY The mild yellow of the winter sun had just begun to come down from the ridge above the Wangchu (river) in Thimphu.  The city was just waking up.

Up in the city’s high street, opposite  craft market, Prem Lal Acharya, 37, parked his car near the milk booth in Chubachu, and walked towards his office.  He’d barely taken a few steps, when something flashed towards him from the other side of the [... Read More]

A lam and his menagerie


The monk had retired to meditate but found instead a new calling in life

PROFILE Lam Namgay, 76, makes it a point to return home every night.  At home 18 dogs and 12 cats await his return, so he can feed them.

Home is a makeshift hut overlooking Babesa.  Outside, there are shelters, made of wooden planks and corrugated sheets.  There are mattresses inside the shelter.  A line of red blankets is dried out in the [... Read More]

What is wang?

wangH.H Dudjom Rinpoche Sangye Pema Zhepa blesses people during the Threma Nagmo oral transmission (great perfection wrathful goddess) at the Thimphu national memorial chorten recently

Wang is a rite introducing a practitioner to tantric or esoteric form of Buddhist practice. 

WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO There are many kinds of wang but one can generally classify them into two. One is called jenang, which literally means giving permission. A lama will give  jenang as a permission or an authorisation to visualise a deity and chant mantras associated with the deity. It is not because the practice is off [... Read More]

The pampered pet dogs


PETS Call it a love for dogs, for good breed, following the bandwagon, or the ease with which human’s bond with dogs, but keeping pet dogs and spending time, energy and money on it is a fad that’s picking up.

There are men, women and children walking teeny-tiny dogs and there are others walking gigantic ones. Often, one can see dogs with their tongues out staring out a car window. Then there are the [... Read More]

Being there

TECH I discovered that Facebook only allows changing a Page’s name if you are in the United States. How can I do that without leaving Bhutan?
- Namgay Zam, Thimphu

Dear Namgay
Facebook’s policy is annoyingly discriminating against non-Americans, but luckily – as is often the case – there’s a workaround. First, how do the folks at Facebook know your location? Whenever we access a website, the server on the other end sees our [... Read More]

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