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Gewa or funerary rites of merit

WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO: In the last issue, we have covered dedication and how through dedication we can share the merits of another person. In general, Buddhism rejects the idea that someone else can save you. One is one’s own saviour and even the Buddhas are only teachers. The Buddha said: “I show you the path to liberation but liberation depends upon you.”

However, if a person is the cause of a [... Read More]

Dorji Trozey – The place for finger-lickin’ good traditional fare


RESTAURANT: Dorji Trozey at the Zangthopelri Complex in Thimphu is one of the most popular restaurants in the capital.

Dorji, 40, the owner of the restaurant, is from Phongmey, Trashigang.  He has no idea how the name of the restaurant was decided. It came with the licence.

“I’m superstitious, like many Bhutanese. A lama told me I could do well if I started a restaurant. And the name of the restaurant came with the licence,” [... Read More]

Criticisms as ways to open our minds

YOUTH IN FOCUS: I’m a new graduate and just got my first job. I like the work, but my boss often criticises me and I feel I’m losing my self-confidence and am unhappy. I can’t speak to him about it, so should I just quit?

Sunil, Thimphu

Well, Sunil, I know that it is tough to work in this kind of environment, and it would certainly increase office morale and efficiency if your boss used [... Read More]

Eating in Restaurant

LAST PAGE: Bhutan is experiencing many changes including the urban life style. One of the major changes that has been observed in Bhutanese urban society, particularly among the youth is frequenting to restaurants for the reasons they explain.

Some youths who just started their career and living away from their parent shows their calculation and justify that it is cheaper to eat outside. There are some other urban livers who say that doing the [... Read More]

Volunteers – Human servers in a Cyber Age

FmWmgNFnSibdMEfuMye9Ajtcm26IY-NBj0AW-qU-Mh4In a world gone materialistically mad, there are among us a few, who march to a different tune

COVER STORY The higher calling of voluntarism

It is cold.  At the National Memorial choeten in Thimphu, elderly people are basking in the sun, saying their rosary.  From the gate of the choeten show up three young men in gho with flasks and plastic cups.  Each goes separate ways.  They start serving tea to elders at the choeten.

One of young men is Ugyen, 25, a corporate employee, who has been volunteering to serve tea [... Read More]

The Help-Shoe initiative


Dawa, 30, owner of ShoeVival, a retail franchise arm of The Shoe Laundry in Thimphu, is a person who deeply believes in voluntarism.

Since 2011, he has been organising a shoe collection drive at the Clock Tower every year.  Hundreds of volunteers are involved in the programme. The shoes are collected, repaired and cleaned, and distributed in remote parts of the country.

This year, however, he did something different. Instead of collecting and distributing shoes, he went [... Read More]

Ngowa or Dedication

WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO When one has done the first six limbs of the seven-part practice, one has already accumulated some merit. In addition, there are also merits or good karma one has accumulated through other actions such as charity, meditation or even just making others smile. We have accrued a lot of good deeds and these must be secured in the mindstream. In order to make a positive and lasting [... Read More]

Haircutting as a hobby

DSC01181Haircut: Khamsum giving his last few touches

Students, who pick up this skill, make themselves indispensable in their schools 

LIFESTYLE As he swings his scissors like a professional barber over his friend’s head, he pauses for a few seconds to make sure the hair length is equal on all sides.  Everything is just so.  There is a look of satisfaction on his face.

Jamyang Choda, 16, is a class X student in Rangjung higher secondary school (RHSS) in Trashigang.  For a haircut, [... Read More]

Suicide is the worst option

YOUTH IN FOCUS I have personally known two people who committed suicide. I have not seriously considered taking my life, but I often feel unhappy. When life is so painful, what other options are available? Is suicide sin in Buddhism?

Tashi, Phuentsholing  


Well, Tashi, first of all Buddhism doesn’t have a concept of sin. We believe that everything occurs due to karma. Although a complicated subject, perhaps this example will help [... Read More]

Why I love to volunteer

LAST PAGE The dictionary defines “volunteer” as a person, who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task.

For me, to be a volunteer is one of the best things ever.  It all started when I was in high school.  Along with my peers, I joined a youth camp.  The camp focused on building leaders of tomorrow, and promoting the idea of volunteerism.

I had no idea what or who a volunteer [... Read More]

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