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Chanting Mantras

Enlightenment in the word form

WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO Mantras (nga) represent a state of enlightenment of Buddha in the form of words, sounds, syllable and letters.

Just as Buddhahood manifests in different physical forms, it also manifests in different sounds, syllable and words. The various mantras are concise formulaic verbal and speech representations of the state of enlightenment. Just as physical forms of the Buddha make the state of enlightenment accessible through [... Read More]

Soccer-mad monks

sportsEveryone here loves football: Young monks at Dechenphodrang monastic school play a game after lunch

Football fever is alive and kicking in the monastery far ahead of the World Cup

SPORTS It’s midday. As the bell rings to mark the break for lunch, little monks scurry out of  classrooms, playful and loud.

The monks at Dechenphodrang monastic school in Thimphu get into queue quickly, steel plates in hands.  Lunch is taken quickly; there’s fun to be had before they go back to class.

A group of small monks pull up their robes [... Read More]

Getting hacked

TECH:ASk BOAZ Why are so many Bhutanese websites being hacked?
– Chimmi P, Mothithang

Dear Chimmi
In the last few years, it seems that almost every website in Bhutan underwent surgery by knives of hackers. From RGoB’s main portal (www.bhutan.gov.bt) to BOB, T-Bank, BICMA, RCSC, DPT, Royal Bhutan Police, DrukNet, tour operators, schools… you name it! Now for the news – good and bad.

The good news: The attacks are often simple ones, and [... Read More]

There is gold in that garbage

LAST PAGE In the past two weeks things have strangely changed in me, my instincts, intentions and my behaviour.  I have started  understanding things better, things which were apparently impractical.

Like many fellow citizen I was used to littering.  I was comfortable letting garbage fall off my hand, unmindful of its consequences.  But now, let alone throw what I have in hand, I  want to pick up trash from everywhere.  But, just me picking [... Read More]

The great sage

DRUKPA KUNLEY DK charged into the altar room, with all the appearance of a man who was about to install torma on the various niches of the altar. Again, the family was overpowered by curiosity. They stole a cautious glimpse in the altar room, and were rattled to discover DK clambering to the highest level of the altar. Here, he carefully placed an impressively large turd. He worked his way to the lower [... Read More]

High-tech kids


It’s not just phones that are smart; children have kept pace with technological changes

COVER STORY With his little pointer ready, Daduel, who’s yet to be two, comes wobbling to his dad, who just happened to take out his smart phone to make a call.

“Caaarrrr,” the toddler slurs, indicating he wants to play the ‘car wash’ game.  The toddler’s fascination with cars extends beyond what he sees on the road and toy stores, and [... Read More]

Growing up in the village

studentsStudents of BPS

Though technically clueless, children in rural areas may lead fuller lives 

LIFESTYLE If Sonam Yueden, a third grade student of Barshong primary school in Khaling, Trashigang was to choose between a snake game on a cell phone and dodge ball with friends, she said she’d chose the latter.

“Dodge ball is more interesting since I’ve friends playing with me,” she said.

Besides the television and radio, owned by some families in the community, there are cellphones, which [... Read More]

Role of bank in an economy

LET’S MAKE IT SIMPLE Have you ever wondered how an economy would be like without banks? For the sake of understanding this, lets leave behind all the other aspects of a modern society except banks.

The rest of the institutions like the government, companies, hotels, shops, industries, factories and other corporations are all in place, except banks.

A bank’s primary business is taking deposits from those who have excess money and then dishing out loans [... Read More]

‘Video conferencing’ in the classroom

schoolA classroom in Kasadrapchu MSS

EDUCATION As the sound of the bell rings through the corridor, class IX students of Khasadrapchu middle secondary school (MSS) excitedly prepare for the next period, which is different from other classes.

Seated in front of a projector, about 100 students remain glued to the screen.

After a brief moment, Pelkhil school principal appears on the screen and greets the students.

With the press of a button, students of Khasadrapchu can see class IX students of [... Read More]

Steroids – Sullying the fair name of a beloved sport

HEALTH AND FITNES Bodybuilders were said to have voiced against the anti-dope test with organisers of the upcoming Mr Bhutan competition.  Why is there a need to have such a test?  Is it possible that bodybuilding supplements contain steroids as Bhutanese bodybuilders have claimed, and reinforced by a recent Kuensel story?
-A concerned citizen

Hi concerned citizen!

I have been following this story very closely.  I’ve read the recent story and the editorial, and I have [... Read More]

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