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Traditional art stays true to type


The only changes the genre has seen have been at most cosmetic

ZORIG CHUSUMThe use of imported colours, other art materials and tools may only be the changes that traditional art has seen.  The technique and the values remain the same.

“For example, the use of brush has changed from the pig’s neck hair (type) used three decades back to the modern (one), but the rules that an artist follows has remained the same,” Yeshey [... Read More]

All in the footwork!

Pema-TsheringPema Tshering with one of his latest work

Pema Tshering exemplifies the never-say-die spirit of an inspired personality  

PROFILE As the last shimmering rays of the sun touch the hills of Thimphu valley, Pema Tshering is still seen working in his workshop, head bent slightly, tongue stuck out between pearly white teeth.  He keeps his awkward hands out of his way, while he puts his feet to work.

He was born disabled.

The 28-year old painter/craftsman from Tsakaling, Mongar was born with cerebral palsy, [... Read More]

Social engineering

TECH CORNER: ASK BOAZ Is it true that Google Apps is more secure than our current email systems?
- C., RGoB

Lots of resources are often invested in securing computer systems. We recently read about the government’s plan to use an online service called Google Apps to store and manage email and documents for civil servants. It was mentioned that one of the benefits of using this system is increased protection against hacking, [... Read More]

Grooming the young minds

Art-CampAn art camp in Chuzergang READ centre

With his dreadlocks, Wang Rana Gurung looks bohemian. At 20, he has decided what he wants to do, to follow his passion for art.

Not long ago, when he showed his friends or elders the sketches and drawings he made, they would always praise him. The feedback was always positive and this made Wang Rana Gurung ‘happy’.

“I began to believe that art makes everyone happy,” he said.  From cartoon characters he slowly inched to portraits and [... Read More]

Educative Exercise

LAST PAGE The youth interaction art brings together young people from different parts of the country to exchange ideas, share experiences and views on important social issues.

It is fun and engaging.

They camp outside and organise various fun and interactive activities in the evenings and early mornings.

Orgainsed by rural education and development Bhutan (READ), and VAST the camps promote a more cohesive and harmonious society, and calls for greater youth participation, while meaningfully engaging [... Read More]

Alcohol and drugs go hand in glove


Adolescents and youth, into the one, are often the ones also dependent on the other

COVER STORY It was snowing.  A taxi driver, looking for passengers late in the night, was driving through an almost empty street, when he happened to see a figure, almost buried in snow.

He stopped his car and found it was a boy, near unconscious and reeking of alcohol.  He lugged the body into the car and drove to the [... Read More]

Alcohol rules in breach

REGULATIONS It has been more than a decade since the government declared Tuesdays as ‘dry days’, whereby alcohol cannot be sold on the particular day, but the regulation has remained on paper.

Save for a handful of bars, restaurants and hotels, not many comply with the regulation today.

To discourage alcohol consumption, the trade department in 1999, declared Tuesdays as dry days.  On other days, the rule is that bar owners will sell liquor only [... Read More]

The Economic Stimulus Plan

Will it work and is it really necessary?

LETS MAKE IT SIMPLE After the new government of the People’s Democratic party came to power in 2013, one of their major foci was to solve the shortage of rupee issue, and improve the economy that was showing no signs of recovery.

One of the ways to improve the situation was to give rupees to those people, who promised to use the money to generate employment, increase export [... Read More]

A leading cause of road accidents

DRINK DRIVING Drink driving is still one of the leading causes of road mishaps every year, followed by human error, records with the traffic police division show.

Motor vehicle crashes due to drink driving last year stood at 171 for Thimphu, in which two died and 53 were injured.  This is an increase of 12 from the previous year that recorded 159 crashes that left 49 injured.

[... Read More]

Move for health

HEALTH & FITNESS I spend most of my time in the office, seated in front of the computer with my back bent. Despite being free during weekends, I don’t have any idea what kind of exercises I should do to avoid lifestyle or other diseases. Please advise.
Ugyen Dorji, Thimphu

Hi Ugyen!

Just move! Its pretty simple, any movement is exercise. The more you move the more you exercise your muscles and cardiovascular system, meaning [... Read More]

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