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Porous border and free-ranging dogs

UntitledThe number of free roaming dogs in Phuentsholing is increasing

PHUENTSHOLING  The increase in the number of free roaming dogs may be because the Bhutanese are generally compassionate towards animals. Dogs from across the porous border come to Phuentsholing in search of food.

It is easy to identify whether a dog is local or from other side of the border. Local stray dogs have mark on their ear, which indicates that it is sterilised and vaccinated. Dogs that come from the other side of [... Read More]

My barking best friend

LAST PAGE Returning home to my pet dog Brownie is to be cuddled and loved.

She is an angel, spoilt but immensely adorable.  I call her Brownie because of her golden brown hair.  She was two months old when she came home and immediately became part of my family.  She is also my little sister’s playmate.  Brownie is all bossy with her, chasing her around and barking at her.

But when I am around, all [... Read More]

How safe are our workplaces (really)?

mamelhakhangA municipality employee at Memelhakha landfill, Thimphu

Are labour ministry’s workplace health and safety guidelines observed more in the breach than in the compliance?

COVER STORY In a sawmill in Changzamtog, Thimphu, young men with dusty flaked hair work on sawing wood into planks.  Few of them have protective goggles, few have sunglasses, while others wear nothing to protect their eyes.

Likewise, some have gloves, some don’t, and some wear shoes, others flip-flops.  None has earmuffs to block out the whirring of [... Read More]

Safety first

Safety-first-Mandhoj Shingden, a mechanical student at TTI

EDUCATION Skipping lunch is optional, but forgetting safety kit is not for Mandhoj Shingden, 20, a mechanical student at technical training institute (TTI) in Khuruthang, Punakha.

Wearing a yellow helmet, white gloves, goggles and a mask, Mandhoj Shingden demonstrates how occupational safety equipment is used in field.

“Since everything we do is risky, we find safety and health measures a worthy subject,” he said. “We carry this wherever we go, as even a small mistake [... Read More]

What is an economy?

LET’s MAKE IT SIMPLE Any economy consists of three sectors, primary, secondary and tertiary.  These three evolved and developed since the beginning of commerce in ancient history.

The primary sector, which is primarily agriculture, came first.  In ancient times agriculture was the only occupation that most engaged in.  It provided food, clothing and shelter, the three basic necessities.

Life was simple and basic.  People exchanged what they had in surplus for what they required.  This [... Read More]

Public safety at construction sites

ConstructionConstruction sites provides the least of safety measures

CONSTRUCTION Phub,  a 38-year-old housewife believes one should not enter a construction site before a cleansing ritual is conducted.

It is believed to bring bad luck.

“But is a mere belief enough to ensure public safety?” she questions. Phub recalls an incident that happened at a construction site in Phuentsholing two years back.  “The bamboo, used as a support broke and a worker fell from the fourth floor,” Phub said.

With him hurled bricks and bamboo, [... Read More]

Worker chic


Boots meant for worksites are the latest trend for the youth about town

FASHION  A line of sturdy steel toe boots dominate the men’s section in a shoe store in the capital.  But these shoes do not cater to the needs of construction site workers, loggers or others working jobs that require such safety gears.

The shoes are a fashion statement, and worn by the trendy youth.  While employers are required to provide the safety [... Read More]

Sweet 16 workout

HEALTH AND FITNESS When is the correct age to start working out and at what age should one stop? Are there any side effects of bodybuilding at early age? I am sports freak planning to work out soon.
Stanzin Phanday, 16

Hey Stanzin

There is no correct age to start or stop any kind of training. The most important thing is to do the training/exercise/sport correctly and in the safest manner. Seeking [... Read More]

An unexpected but pleasant lunch

DRUKPA KUNLEY: At that moment, a very tired deer staggered into view and dropped at Lama Chogyal’s feet. The crowd’s opinion of Lama Chogyal began to soften. A truly holy man, they thought, giving refuge to this helpless creature.

Well, that opened the door to step two of DK’s little joke. He burst into the marketplace, his bow and arrow at the ready. What’s the matter, deer? he said. What are you doing here [... Read More]

Building homes since 1982

LAST PAGE I still remember the first time I came to Bhutan. It was sixteen years back and the little I carried with me was all I had.

Except for a friend who encouraged me to come and work with him, I did not know anyone here. I was told I would earn better than what I made back home.

I used to work in the fields of Cooch Bihar in India and coming to [... Read More]