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It’s boom time!

KHP-DamKurichhu dam (Photo: DGPC)

Monsoon is the season for maximum energy generation and  export earnings

HYDROPOWER Monsoon is the peak season for hydropower plants to generate maximum power and energy export to India because of the high inflow of rain.

Hydropower plants in Bhutan adhere to the ‘run of the water’ scheme, which means that whatever water is available in the river is used to generate electricity. They don’t store water, which is why electricity generation in winter dips [... Read More]

How to help a friend with drug addiction

One of my friends is heavily into drugs. What can I do to help him?
Jamyang, Jaigaon 

YOUTH IN FOCUS First, it is important to convince your friend that he has a problem. Most addicts are in denial and think that they can stop using drugs whenever they wish. Use logic to persuade him that this is untrue. For example, ask why he hasn’t stopped if he can do so? Encourage him to try [... Read More]

The garment of life

reviewBook: Tshegho -The Garment of Life Author: Kunzang Choden Illustrator: Yoko Ishigami Pages: 18 Price: Nu 300 ISBN: 9789993689942

REVIEW Refreshing, reflective and ruminating, Tshegho – The Garment of Life is a story book for children, but as pleasing and interesting for adults too.

It’s a book inspired by tradition, neighbourliness, faith, the Bhutanese textile and its palette, the rainbow.

The story is simple and the act too.  Dechen, a young girl is learning to weave, but would rather do something else, like play with her baby brother Jamyang. As the story unfolds, Dechen [... Read More]

Shades of Grey

LAST PAGE A perpetual splattering sound from up on the roof pulls me out of my deep slumber.  The sun plays peek-a-boo through thick, grey clouds as I try to ascertain what time of day it is.  It doesn’t take long for me to figure out that it’s already 9am.

The colour of the sky tells a different story though.  The mountains are cut across by the glorious silver of clouds and in the [... Read More]

The mobile revolution (in rural communties)


The cell phone has brought a sea change to life on the farm

COVER STORY The keypads are worn out and the numbers, barely visible.  The black and white screen is scratched all over.  In all, it’s a cellular device on the verge of falling apart.

But the device has endured, and changed the way of life of farmer Dorji of Nub-Chutoe in Trongsa.

The gadget is the one companion that is with him all the [... Read More]

Some extra mobile services

Calling, texting, music, taking photographs are some common features for a mobile smart phone today. However, your mobile phone can also be used to get some useful services or features through SMS (short message service) and mobile internet. Here are five useful features you can use your mobile phone for in the country.

Bhutan Telecom’s B-Wallet service enables you to simply use SMS (short message service) to top-up your B-Mobile prepaid number or prepaid [... Read More]

What is inflation?


LETS MAKE IT SIMPLE In economics, inflation is defined as the sustained increase in price of goods and services for a period of time. It is also defined as a general increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of money.

They are the same because when price of goods and services increase, the purchasing power of the money decreases.

Lets take an example: The 800-gram Nestle EveryDay milk powder, that we use to [... Read More]

Selfie craze, crazy selfie


A harmless hobby, is the common consensus, if done in small doses

LIFESTYLE  Selfie addiction is no laughing matter.

Oxford officially named ‘selfie’ word of the year in 2013.  It describes selfie as “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website”.

Globally, studies by various researchers shows that a person addicted to selfie lacks understanding about the dangers social networking and [... Read More]

Freezing the sun

rockDK’s game rock

DRUKPA KUNLEY After wandering a bit more in the Pho Chu Valley, Drukpa Kunley had several smaller-scale adventures in which his antics definitely went awry. It started innocently enough.

DK was sitting quietly by the trail, playing a game called hema (which is played on the flat surface of a rock). It was really quite engrossing, but Kunley realised that the day was passing by, and soon he would run out of time. So [... Read More]

Without supplements

Dear Sir
Is it possible to build my body by consuming  daily food items. I don’t want to spend on processed supplements available in the market. If it is, can you kindly suggest a routine and quantity for consumption on daily basis?

Hi Penjore

Long before the advent of health and fitness supplements, godly physiques were crafted by men in basements with sheer will power, basic tools and by eating good old [... Read More]