Thursday, November 27th, 2014 - 3:15 AM
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T-Bills to the rescue


LETS MAKE IT SIMPLE Governments’ around the world use different tools to collect money from the economy to be used for its expenditure. Some of the simple methods of doing this is by imposing taxes and by borrowing from financial institutions.

In some cases, the government also issues treasury bills. Unlike, taxes and borrowings, these bills are sold to the public by the government. Institutions, corporations, banks and individuals buy these bills from the [... Read More]

Looking for employment in the private sector

JOBS Carrying a kabney on his shoulder and a file on his hands, Novin Gurung, 24, a recent graduate from India has just returned home from attending the national graduate orientation program held last week.

With the government having reduced number of vacancies in the civil service, Novin Gurung has decided to take up a job in the private sector.

“To land a job, employers only look for experience and I’m interested to work in [... Read More]

Avoiding injury

Dear sir,
I was dead lifting when I felt a weird snap on my lower back, after which I have not been able to bend over past my knee without experiencing sharp pain. The doctor advised bed rest and some anti-inflammatory medication.
With each passing day I seem to lose confidence. I feel weak, fat and depressed. Please help me get back my life.

Pain, [... Read More]

Mistress Gyaldzom

DK-Master-Revised-(dragged)-1The cypress tree in Chung Sekha

DRUKPA KUNLEY Although the 15th century villagers in Kungzangling were a churlish lot, it turns out that the women of Sha may have been the best poets in all of Bhutan. Kunley’s next adventure proved the point.

After he had rested from his epic battle, DK looked across the valley at the town of Chung Sekha, which is exactly opposite Kungzangling. There, next to a huge cypress tree, was a wondrous sight. A woman [... Read More]

An altered state (of employment)

LAST PAGE In the early 1980s when I was seeking employment, there were more jobs than applicants.  Because it was so, departments were filled with expatriate workers.

The table has turned.  The contracts of the expatriate workers ended, and they left, and their positions were filled by Bhutanese youth.

At present, almost all the vacancies are filled by Bhutanese youth.  The number of applicants has increased and overtaken the number of jobs.  More than 8,000 [... Read More]

The business of bespoke cakes


Private confectioners are all the rage today, the popular choice for all kinds of occasions

COVER STORY It was a hot day.  Inside a cosy apartment below the Changangkha lhakhang, soft morning light is streaming from between the curtains.  Tshomo is unusually busy.

Tshomo, 35, is the owner of Pal’s Art, a custom cake designer.  She has a regular employer, who helps her with the orders.

Tshomo is baking for an eight-year-old, who ordered an army [... Read More]

Health aspect of pastries


SNACKS Visit a friend or a relative and you maybe greeted with tea and pastries.  Maybe even a cake.  Some crave for sweet during pregnancy.  Some eat a lot of pastries and cakes when they feel depressed.

Should we be worried?

When you enter a coffee shop, the irresistible smell of freshly baked pastries makes your mouth watery and leaves you with no choice but to taste it.

Many pastry lovers said they don’t really care [... Read More]


WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO What is Chod?

Chod is a very expedient Mahayana Buddhist practice primarily aimed at reducing and eliminating one’s sense of ego or attachment to oneself, using the tactics of fear and selfless giving. It is an extension of the practice of Perfection of Wisdom teachings on non-self. It evolved from Indian Buddhist practices outside the mainstream monastic institutions and reached its full form in Tibet through [... Read More]

Restaurant review


MK Restaurant
Situated in the heart of Thimphu town, MK Restaurant is only restaurant that serves Japanese. It is home away from home for Japanese tourists. The restaurant has a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

The menu, written in both Japanese and English, has the famous Tofu, fried chicken cutlets with rice and curry with Japanese sauce. One can order a cup of coffee and sit there for hours sharing secrets.

One can feel strong Japanese [... Read More]

Post discharge support crucial

My brother has been almost 2 months at rehab, and now he wants to come home. Is it ok if he leaves now? He wants to give up everything. Thanks. 
Sita, Thimphu

YOUTH IN FOCUS I am really happy that you are showing so much concern for your brother. Addiction is a family disease, and so after his discharge he will need all your support to stay clean.

Regarding your question, rehab programmes are designed [... Read More]