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Sweet 16 workout

HEALTH AND FITNESS When is the correct age to start working out and at what age should one stop? Are there any side effects of bodybuilding at early age? I am sports freak planning to work out soon.
Stanzin Phanday, 16

Hey Stanzin

There is no correct age to start or stop any kind of training. The most important thing is to do the training/exercise/sport correctly and in the safest manner. Seeking [... Read More]

An unexpected but pleasant lunch

DRUKPA KUNLEY: At that moment, a very tired deer staggered into view and dropped at Lama Chogyal’s feet. The crowd’s opinion of Lama Chogyal began to soften. A truly holy man, they thought, giving refuge to this helpless creature.

Well, that opened the door to step two of DK’s little joke. He burst into the marketplace, his bow and arrow at the ready. What’s the matter, deer? he said. What are you doing here [... Read More]

Building homes since 1982

LAST PAGE I still remember the first time I came to Bhutan. It was sixteen years back and the little I carried with me was all I had.

Except for a friend who encouraged me to come and work with him, I did not know anyone here. I was told I would earn better than what I made back home.

I used to work in the fields of Cooch Bihar in India and coming to [... Read More]

The special traditional jamji


With affordable tea kettles in the market the traditional ones are no longer used in day-to-day life

COVER STORY An intricate tashi tagyedchen jamji (tea kettle with eight auspicious signs) stood near an identical kettle, and besides woven bamboo baskets containing fruits in a room decked up to the nines.

These were offerings, made ready, for zhugdrel phuensum tshogpa ceremony to  welcome the new civil service chairperson.

For the occassion, the office, from floor to ceiling [... Read More]

For auspicious beginnings

A guest receiving drizang in a traditional burl wood bowl


CEREMONY After the construction of Punakha dzong, during the consecration ceremony, Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel is said to have wondered what guests should be served.

He then recalled what the Layaps had offered him. It was the root of a plant, called doem, and it had made him feel relaxed. Doemdriglam lopen (etiquette teacher) with culture department, Tshering said the plant grows in highlands like Laya and Lunana.

Following the tradition, to this day, doem is offered first [... Read More]

Walk around in circles for liberation


WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO Walking around a sacred person or sacred object is a symbol or a sign of respect. It is a mode of worship where one is respecting and worshipping someone.

Why chorten kora?

A temple or a stupa contains sacred relics especially mantras or texts. When these relics are put in the temple, the enlightened beings are said to make a strong aspiration (moenlam). Whoever worships, prostrates or [... Read More]

For dialogue, positivity and harmony


TEA No conversation or dialogue should begin, without one first getting anointed by tea.

The saying indicates the importance of tea in Bhutanese culture.  “It is for merrymaking and an indispensable part of life,” national museum’s director, Khenpo Phuntsho Tashi said.

“Unlike alcohol, also served during occasions, tea does not have any negativity, and therefore doesn’t make enemies. Rather it creates harmony.”

Tea, he said, can also be seen in different cultures around the world,

A compilation [... Read More]

Broadband drain

TECH My broadband account gets depleted very quickly. How can I check what the problem is?
- Aby T, Thimphu

Dear Aby
Internet in Bhutan has rapidly evolved from being a luxury toy for occasional usage to a necessary utility used on a daily basis. With such usage, your broadband Internet bills can therefore add up rather quickly. Prepaid broadband costs about Nu 100 for every GB these days (and slightly cheaper [... Read More]

Of eastern Himalayas and its people


BOOK REVIEW It’s a story about people of eastern Himalayas – of their family and society, forests and fields, and their arts and crafts.

It’s for people interested in history, anthropology, language and culture of people of India, Bhutan and Tibet.

‘The New Lamp Clarifying the History, Peoples, Languages and Traditions of Eastern Bhutan and Eastern Mon’ by Timotheus A Bodt establishes the historical, religious, cultural and linguistic affinities between people of eastern Bhutan and [... Read More]

From kitchen to living room


LAST PAGE In the midst of the antique-like china vases, and amid other decorative items is an old earthen jamji which served a family in Babesa, Thimphu years back.

Like the hero who survived an ancient war the jamji is battered, cracked, chipped and reattached with glue. It is now a flower vase in 70-year-old Rinchen Om’s daughter’s modern concrete house.

Rinchen’s mother had bought the kettle when she was child with five bowls of [... Read More]