Sunday, August 31st, 2014 - 12:16 PM
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Supplementing protein

There are different brands and types of protein supplements, and different and opposing views, depending on who I talk to. I have been training and consuming protein supplements with vague knowledge for years now. I would appreciate if you could educate me in the simplest manner so I can make better choices.

Hi Jamba

Yes there are different types of protein supplements.  To make the correct choice, firstly you [... Read More]

Fashion – savior or savage?

LAST PAGE My five-year-old daughter once looked at the mirror and tucked her tummy in and by holding her breath she said, “I don’t want to be fat like Mandy.”  Mandy, the victim of comparison here happens to be her unfortunate four-year-old cousin who is not least bit bothered about fashion or figure as long as she is well fed and comfortable in what she’s wearing.  My daughter further declares that some of her [... Read More]

The demon boys

DRUKPA KUNLEY Then Drukpa Kunley whirled the boy around and around, and, with a mighty heave, launched him into the river. The parents hysterically begged the lama to stop torturing their son.

But the parents didn’t realise that the minute DK laid hands on their son, he knew that this small creature was not a human at all, but was a demon in disguise. Furthermore, Kunley had discovered that their four previous sons had [... Read More]

Tattoo – undo


Removing body art becomes a must when seeking employment in various sectors

COVER STORY Amid a clatter of sterilised instruments and muffled sounds of those in pain, came an animated sound of a mother convincing nurses in the dressing room why her daughter needed her tattoo removed.

The daughter, who’d completed high school, had been seeking employment, but without success.

When an opening in the police was announced, she learnt that tattoos disqualified a candidate.

And so [... Read More]

The self-taught tattoo artist

27835_107617962615568_5616723_nYeshey Nidup

For Yeshey Nidup, a ‘time pass’ from school days has become a sought after service

OCCUPATION After clearing a spot on the client’s calf and marking it with a pen, Yeshey Nidup dons a pair of gloves.  He then fixes a needle on the tattooing machine. As the machine whirrs to life, his gaze becomes intent, fixed on the skin that’s been pricked swiftly by the needle.

Swaggering around revealing a tattoo on one’s body has [... Read More]

Chanting Mani


WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO Last issue we have covered the general meaning and purpose of chanting a mantra. This should apply to the mani, which is one kind of ngag or mantra.

Mani or om mani padme hum, which is also known as the six syllable mantra, is the mantra of Avalokiteshvara or Chenrezig, the Buddha of compassion. Om mani padme hum roughly translates as “I actualise the jewel in the lotus”. [... Read More]

To tattoo is to sin?

BELIEFS Harming or piercing one’s body, including one’s own is considered a sin, in Buddhism.

There are, Lam Wangchuk with Tango monastery said, ten ways to gain enlightenment and one of them is by gaining merits from one’s body.  “This is known as lui kyi go ney gay wa sum (three merits of body)” Lam Wangchuk said. “When one harms one’s body, which is a gift of god, one is hindering one’s way to [... Read More]

Farewell, Bhutan!

TECH ASK BOAZ When I first landed in Paro six years ago, little did I know that 2008 would turn out to be an auspicious year that would be remembered in Bhutanese history as a year of tremendous events and tectonic changes: His Majesty, the 5th Druk Gyalpo, was crowned; the first ever elections for the national assembly took place; a democratically-elected government began ruling; and the constitution was enacted.

Significant technological changes engulfed the [... Read More]

The tale of two tattoos

LAST PAGE Each tattoo is a unique experience.  I have two – well, one and a half, to be precise.  The first was an endurance test I passed, but the second one got the best of me.  It’s yet to be completes. It will be, one day.

Having chosen my inner thigh as the spot for the second tattoo was a decision that turned out to be painful, not a mistake though.  Although it [... Read More]

Of diapers, dinners, devotion and daddies


COVER STORY It took a week for any concerns about the impact of disposable diapers on the pristine environment to be junked.

Dishes needed to be washed, guests to be entertained, groceries bought, the living room cleaned up, and a overflowing laundry basket of dirty chutey or reusable cloth diapers hand washed, again.  Oh right, and your measly five days of paternity leave just ended, like yesterday.

As you dump a trashcan full of disposable [... Read More]