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Looking inward

I am easily affected by what other people say, and this makes me moody. As a result, I am losing my friends. What can I do to be less affected by others?

Ugyen, Samdrup Jongkhar 

YOUTH IN FOCUS Well, Ugyen, we are all affected by others’ comments to some degree, but it becomes a problem when it starts to damage our relationship with friends and family.

People change their opinions very easily. The person who praised [... Read More]

Rafting in Bhutanese Rivers

LAST PAGE Until 2000, rafting was a new concept to the Bhutanese tourism. It only began in 1999, when a group of American tourists kayaked along the Drangmechu, Trashigang. In 2000, Tourism Council of Bhutan, then known as Tourism Authority of Bhutan recruited two consultants to carry out a river survey of all the rivers in Bhutan to study the feasibility of rafting and kayaking.  According to the river survey conducted in 2000, recommends 10 [... Read More]

Attics – hidden or otherwise – are here to stay


These dwelling places have become, willy-nilly, a part of the urban Bhutanese landscape

COVER  STORY Architecture is an integral part of our rich cultural heritage.  It is more than mere appearance or presentation.

Over the years, however, Bhutanese architecture has also changed, adapting to the times.  Modern concrete buildings are quickly replacing traditional Bhutanese houses even in villages.  In towns, traditional houses are few and far between.

One common feature of modern Bhutanese houses is the [... Read More]

Life in an S/J loft


The housing crunch has driven many to dwell in the cramped confines of an attic

HOUSING Living in the attic has always been hard for residents of Samdrupjongkhar, which is the hottest dzongkhag in the country.  But housing shortage has left them with little choice.

Singye Wangchuk, 30, is a corporate employee.  He was transferred from Phuentsholing and spent eight months looking for a house in Samdrupjongkhar.  Today, he lives in an attic that has [... Read More]

What’s behind putting all eggs in one basket?

LET’S MAKE IT SIMPLE Imagine your father giving you Nu 1,000 pocket money a week and this money can endure your personal needs for a week. But if you decide to treat your friends and blow up the whole money, you are literally broke for the rest of the days.

To place all your resources in one place is risky.

Whenever we discuss our economy, we are reminded of the idiom “Putting all your eggs [... Read More]

Living in the other Down Under


BASEMENTS Dil Maya has been living in the basement of a building in Thimphu town with her family for three years now.  She is the caretaker of the building.

The basement, where Dil Maya lives, has no proper ventilation.  There is a faint smell of a curry that she had prepared in the morning.  The room is cool, damp and stuffy.  One can hear the sound of vehicles above the ground.

“In the beginning, we [... Read More]

Six qualities to look for in a trainer

Everybody these days claim to be a great trainer. People are being charged huge sums of money to be trained by them. How does one distinguish between a good trainer and bad?  -Deki


Hi Deki,

There is a very demeaning joke going around in the health and fitness industry. It goes like this: “All you need in order to be a great trainer is the ability to count from 1 to 10.”

I think [... Read More]

The hunt (in vain) for a perfect apartment

Last page My wife and I have been looking for a nice apartment for the last few months now.  We found one, but we had to leave the apartment sooner than we thought we’d have to, because of water problem and noisy constructions nearby.

Every morning we’d go through Kuensel’s classified page and be always on Facebook, to get updates from a page called B-bay, where people put up rent advertisements.

We checked more than [... Read More]

Seeing red … even when the light’s green


Road rage is all the rage in urban Bhutan for any number of reasons

COVER STORY One morning, Rinchen, 32, was returning home to Olakha at around 8am after dropping his children to school.  In front of his car was a DCM truck.  He decided to overtake the slow-moving truck.  Suddenly the truck veered right, because there was a tractor parked on the left lane just ahead.  He hadn’t heard Rinchen honk and wasn’t [... Read More]

Thimphu tops in traffic violations

RSTA/RBP With the highest number of vehicles registered in the capital, it is no surprise that most traffic violations also happen here.

According to the records maintained by the Road Safety and Transport Authority (RSTA), 36,603 vehicles are registered in Thimphu, the highest, followed by 24,822 vehicles registered in Phuentsholing.  A total of about 48,496 license holders are present in Thimphu alone, as of September this year.

Lt. Col. Passang Dorji of the traffic division, [... Read More]