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Health aspect of pastries


SNACKS Visit a friend or a relative and you maybe greeted with tea and pastries.  Maybe even a cake.  Some crave for sweet during pregnancy.  Some eat a lot of pastries and cakes when they feel depressed.

Should we be worried?

When you enter a coffee shop, the irresistible smell of freshly baked pastries makes your mouth watery and leaves you with no choice but to taste it.

Many pastry lovers said they don’t really care [... Read More]


WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO What is Chod?

Chod is a very expedient Mahayana Buddhist practice primarily aimed at reducing and eliminating one’s sense of ego or attachment to oneself, using the tactics of fear and selfless giving. It is an extension of the practice of Perfection of Wisdom teachings on non-self. It evolved from Indian Buddhist practices outside the mainstream monastic institutions and reached its full form in Tibet through [... Read More]

Restaurant review


MK Restaurant
Situated in the heart of Thimphu town, MK Restaurant is only restaurant that serves Japanese. It is home away from home for Japanese tourists. The restaurant has a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

The menu, written in both Japanese and English, has the famous Tofu, fried chicken cutlets with rice and curry with Japanese sauce. One can order a cup of coffee and sit there for hours sharing secrets.

One can feel strong Japanese [... Read More]

Post discharge support crucial

My brother has been almost 2 months at rehab, and now he wants to come home. Is it ok if he leaves now? He wants to give up everything. Thanks. 
Sita, Thimphu

YOUTH IN FOCUS I am really happy that you are showing so much concern for your brother. Addiction is a family disease, and so after his discharge he will need all your support to stay clean.

Regarding your question, rehab programmes are designed [... Read More]

Grim-looking monster

DK-Master-Revised-(dragged)-1View from Kungzangling, with the ruins in the distance

DRUKPA KUNLEY Kunley wandered this way and that in Sha, and after awhile found himself in the village of Kungzangling. DK gave some teachings there, although the main event was a confrontation with a grim-looking creature known as the nine-goiter monster.

The monster story unfolded as follows. The village people had been tormented a long time by a monster whose main physical attribute was nine nasty goiters. They knew that Drukpa Kunley was in [... Read More]

My bashes at baking

LAST PAGE If baking had anything to do with fate, perhaps I was never destined for it.

It all started a few years back.  As the southern bureau correspondent in Phuentsholing, I had plenty of time on my hands.  That was when I started to develop an interest in that form of cooking.  With ingredients readily available in the Indian border town of Jaigaon, my sudden interest in baking was like a calling of [... Read More]

Growing up before time


Living away from parents for education’s sake, children become adults in their youthful days

COVER STORY Dawn breaks slowly in Maogaon in Sarpang revealing fleecy clouds floating over the Black Mountain range.  As if to acknowledge the light, birds chirp and insects buzz.

It’s July 31, the day celebrating the first sermon of Lord Buddha and it’s a public holiday.

Inside a hut, nine-year old Pema Dema who, like the birds and the bees, has just [... Read More]

Informal boarding facilities- A forward upon practice

IMG_0309Students of Narang primary school in Mongar queue for lunch outside the school’s makeshift kitchen in 2010 (File picture)

The government is going to establish large all-found central schools soon to alleviate the problem

SCHOOLING Although the concept of informal boarding facilities in remote schools is not new, the education ministry till date has never approved it.

Department of school education’s director general, Karma Yeshey, said the department has not kept any records regarding the informal boarding facilities, because the ministry does not encourage it.

“From the ministry’s side, such a facility was never encouraged [... Read More]

The spiraling effect of fuel price rise


LETS MAKE IT SIMPLE When fuel prices start to rise, consumers express frustration over high gas prices but lets take a look at what determines the price consumers pay at the fuel stations.

Often when there is a political crisis in the countries where fuels are extracted, the price rises. This is because it distorts the supply and demand chain in the market. Another factor is the taxes that individual countries impose. For instance, [... Read More]

CDG builds hostels for primary school students

199Zamtari community primary school’s informal hostel constructed with fund from CDG

SAMDRUPJONGKHAR Constitutional Development Grant (CDG) was a blessing in disguise for three community primary schools students in Wangphu and Serthi gewog under Samdrupjongkhar.

The grant was used for building accomodation for students in the schools, without which students had to walk for over three hours to get to school everyday, or live in huts near the school on thier own.

The three schools, Yarphu, Wangphu community primary schools in Wangphu gewog and Zamtari community primary [... Read More]