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Not what but how you sell

Hi Lama, I want to stand on my own two feet and am thinking to open a shop, but I want it to be unique. Can lama suggest something?

Sangay, Thimphu


Hi Sangay

It is good that you want to be independent and not rely on your family and friends for hand-outs.

I’ll answer your question in two  parts.  First, when you run a shop you should think about the bigger picture. Most [... Read More]

Humped zebra crossing

Safe only if one uses it properly

LAST PAGE In the last two months, there has been a recent addition to the Thimphu-Babesa expressway, the humped zebra crossings.

The aim of these crossings is to slow cars down, and to give pedestrians a designated crossing spot.  These measures are in place to reduce danger to pedestrians.

However, there are mixed responses to this new addition to the expressway.  While many are grateful for the improved safety, [... Read More]

UN in Bhutan


Tracing the timeline of the international organisation within the country

COVER STORY In September 21, 1971, Bhutan joined the United Nations (UN) and became the organisation’s 128th member.  Doing so ushered in a new era in the country’s history.  It bolstered its security and sovereignty.

It was a significant day for Bhutan because, by joining the UN, the country had achieved one of its most important dreams.  It could now allow her to play her [... Read More]

Ease of doing business

LET’S MAKE IT SIMPLE How easy it is to start a business in the country? What are the procedures? How long does it take? These are simple questions one might want to ask before starting any kind of business. These things matter for an investor.

From the economic perspective it is one of the tools that can help the country improve its policies to create more jobs while helping foster private sector development.

Thus the [... Read More]

Youth@Work Bhutan – Not all fun and games

An online game designed to help address the youth unemployment issue in the country

UNEMPLOYMENT Want to make a difference, and have fun doing it?

Play the online game Youth@Work Bhutan, designed to help address the youth unemployment issue in the country.

The game, a collaboration between United Nations Development Program, labour ministry and Emerson College, US, was launched yesterday to coincide with United Nations Day.  It can be accessed at Communityplanit website.

The game has three missions [... Read More]

Exercise routine for senior citizens

I would like to start an exercise routine. I am 57 years old. What kind of exercise routine can you suggest? What precautions should older people like me consider when starting a new exercise programme? Is weight lifting advised? Please suggest.

Tandin Dorji, Thimphu


Dear Tandin,

First and foremost, get the first opinion from your doctor, listen to his advice, and begin exercise only after you have received a medical clearance from him.

Weight training [... Read More]

1972: The first United Nations mission to Bhutan

LAST PAGE “Paul, you and I are going to Bhutan!” Dr John McDiarmid, Resident Representative of UNDP in India announced as he entered my office one morning in January 1972. Bhutan had become a full member of the United Nations the previous month in September 1971, and Dr. McDiarmid had been asked to undertake the first UN mission to Thimphu. As a junior staff member, I was to be his assistant.

We met the [... Read More]

The changing (high) landscape


Flush with cordyceps funds, Layaps are on a building spree

COVER STORY High up along the famed Snowman Trek route, at 3,840m, is a village known for its beauty and uniqueness.  This pretty hamlet of the highlanders, where women still wear heavy jewellery around their necks and conical bamboo hats, though, is in quiet transition.  Laya is fast shedding its proverbial good looks and donning a new one.

Almost four hundred years ago, as dusk [... Read More]

Into the wild

into-the-wildMules and porters going up to Rinchendzoe pass

TRAVEL  I have now left civilisation and entered the wild.  I know this because, for miles along the snowman trek, between Laya and Lunana, I have not seen a single human settlement.  High snowcapped mountains, bare rocks and loud rivers are all I see wherever I turn to.

I have entered the wild.  I know this from the names of the places along the trail. They sound dangerous and foreboding.

Laya is a mild place [... Read More]


WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO Rimdro literally means service. Rimdro comprises rituals, ceremonies and practices, which are undertaken for a wide range of purposes including elongating life, overcoming illness, accumulating wealth, having good harvest, successfully finishing projects and overcoming hindrances.

Some rimdros are calendar events and undertaken seasonally or annually while others are observed as and when necessary.

The goal of all human endeavours can be classified into two types: the ultimate and the intermediate [... Read More]