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Beating the Long Rong demoness

DRUKPA KUNEY The demoness was not born yesterday. She knew perfectly well that DK was on the way to visit one of his girlfriends. In a jealous rage, she threw away her Buddhist vows and mounted an attack.

He found her straddling the valley with her breasts flying in the wind, her hair trailing on the ground, and her organ gaping between her thighs.

Kunley knew this was a defining moment.

The lama took hold of [... Read More]

Doing business to learn business

LAST PAGE Since the death of my father a few years back, the responsibility to help and look after my mother and sister fell on my shoulder.

This involves helping mother at home and at the farmers’ market in Thimphu where she sells local rice and zaw (roasted rice).

We have been selling such produce for over five years and I have been helping my mother do that for the past two years during holidays.

Helping [... Read More]

Becoming the Gateway to Bhutan


The commercial hub of the country is now more than 50 years old 

COVER STORY The winding broadened highway have gentler curves making driving to Phuentsholing from Thimphu or Paro pleasant, with opportunity to enjoy the view, especially if one is a passenger.

Just past Ramatey, the air begins to weigh warm and musky, and the sight of the plains brings in a wave of excitement for destination is near.

The sprawling settlement in sight constitutes, [... Read More]

The story behind the name


Phuentsholing was once known as Chankona or Dotibasti.

Elders who’ve resided in Phuentsholing for decades said while the actual meaning of what Chankona meant was not known, it was a name of a small settlement near Ammochu river.  Dotibasti was a name derived from the river Dotikhola which flows by the present bus terminal and joins the river Toorsa.

Although many are unsure about why the name was changed, according to Lha Tshering, 81, who was then [... Read More]


Subduing the ego 

WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO Chag or prostration is fundamentally a practice of paying respect.  But it is not about submission to others, as some may think.  It is, and should be aimed at getting rid of the greatest enemy, flaw or evil which is the ego, the sense of I.

One can find this practice in other religious tradition as well. In India as one greets, one says Namaste, which [... Read More]

A snapshot

of places and structures in Phuentsholing


The quite and calm of Zangdopelri lhakhang attracts the old and the young

Zangdopelri lhakhang : Often, when one plans to meet in Phuentsholing, the Zangdopelri lhakhang, located in the heart of the town is the meeting [... Read More]

The true cost of printing

TECH CORNER: ASK BOAZ  I am looking for a cheap way to print at home. Which is cheaper, inkjet or laser printers?

- Mukul, Thimphu

Dear Mukul,

Trick question! Inkjet printers are, in general, cheaper than laser printers. They can also print in colour, unlike the cheap black-and-white laser printers. If you are looking for a low-cost colour printer, an inkjet printer is your only option, and you can stop reading this column and head to [... Read More]

Lighting the world of darkness


REVIEW Meunpa Zamling … The World of Darkness is a documentary film, dedicated to the visually impaired.

A visually impaired couple, Yangchen Lhamo (Pema Sonam Yangchen) and Karma (Gyeden Jigme), despite their love for each other find themselves overwhelmed by the darkness.

Their despair and dejection is lifted, when both Yangchen and Karma receives donors and have cornea transplants.

While blindness kept them together, the light shows them separate ways.  The two take separate ways for greater good [... Read More]

Winter’s reverie

LAST PAGE When examinations approached, a sense of excitement would fill me.  It wasn’t that school was coming to end, but because I’d be migrating down south to Phuentsholing.

I was in fifth grade when my family moved to Paro from Phuentsholing, the place where I learnt how to scribble rudimentary alphabets, and gradually learnt how to write letters to my friends.

Now, almost two decades later, I can hardly spot the places where I [... Read More]

The community police initiative


A program to bring citizens, young and old, hand in glove with the law 

COVER STORY It was a cold December morning. Outside  Changlimithang stadium gate were youth, huddled together in groups to keep warm, despite the heavy jackets they had on.

Just then, a police vehicle pulled over, and a policeman drew from the vehicle a bundle of vests, on which were written ‘Community Police’.  Each young person was handed a vest.

In just a [... Read More]