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Kokrajhar police question three men

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Sarpang-Gelephu Kidnap Update: Kokrajhar police, in the bordering Indian state of Assam, have detained two men in connection with the abduction of the 18-year-old boy from Sarpang town on the morning of January 4.

The two men were arrested from bordering villages of Saralpara and Ultapani yesterday morning.  Saralpari is about 3km and Ultapani 10km from Sarpang town.

The Bodoland Territorial Council’s deputy chief, Kampa Borgoyari, said police are interrogating the two men, and their arrest would lead to the main kidnappers.

Another man was arrested last week for his alleged involvement in the kidnap of a 37-year-old taxi driver on the evening of October 22, while he was plying the Sarpang-Gelephu highway, and of a 51-year-old astrologer from Gakiling village on night of November 6.  He was one of the five men, who were involved in kidnapping the taxi driver and astrologer.  The remaining four are still at large.

The man was arrested by the Indian army and is still under their custody.

Deputy chief Kampa Borgoyari said all three men were booked under the criminal procedure code of India.

He also said both police and army were conducting surveillance to look for the missing boy and his abductors.

The deputy chief said Bodoland Territorial Council is working on where the three arrested men would be tried.

“Ideally, they should be tried under the Bhutanese court of law, as they have kidnapped Bhutanese citizens and threatened the sovereignty of Bhutan and relationship of two neighbouring countries,” Kampa Borgoyari said.

Meanwhile, police and home ministry officials are also processing legally to extradite the offenders, so they could be tried in the Bhutanese court.

Refusing to come on record, sources from police and home ministry said the police have written to the home ministry, and home ministry to the foreign ministry.  The foreign ministry would request the Supreme Court to direct Assam court to allow the extradition of the offenders.

By Tashi Dema

3 Comments to “Kokrajhar police question three men”
  1. Mr. Loyal | January 12th, 2013 at 15:16:13

    Ya I agree that the culprit(s) need the capital punishment. But in Bhutan it is abolished. If not, life imprisonment.
    Regarding police detaining and interrogating some people; if they are found innocent, then what…………..

  2. Kevinlama23 | January 11th, 2013 at 16:10:27

    Its my opinion only…..The Kidnapper should have TWo choices either the kidnapper should be Punish life imprisionment term or they should be hanged to DEATH!!!

    I support what Patriot has written la,their heads should be chop off…..Thumps UP!!!!

  3. PATRIOT | January 11th, 2013 at 15:25:57

    thanks and we Bhutanese would like to pay our gratitude for individuals arm forces involved in this investigation and we always pray for better news from you all ahead,,,,may god bless you all in ending this threats….
    i would suggest if those culprits are soon brought under custody of Bhutanese arm forces…..and dealt accordingly…..never let them go back…..really wana chop off their heads,,,,,need to teach lesson yar,,,,

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