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Lhuentse’s first

Election 2013: Seeking balanced economic development for Lhuentse would be among his top priority should National Council aspirant Tempa Dorji, 45, be elected.

Tempa Dorji is Lhuentse’s first National Council aspirant apart from the incumbent member, to make his intention public.

“I feel the priority should be more on balanced development which is not happening now, as everything has been more concentrated in the capital,” said the father of two, who was working with the Bhutan Power Corporation (BPC). “Ultimately, balanced development trickles down to a lot of other economic issues.”

With a masters degree in power engineering from Norway, Tempa Dorji from Jarey gewog worked with BPC for the last 21 years. He last served as the manager of the electricity services division in Thimphu.

Tempa Dorji said he chose to contest for a seat in the National Council since there has been no other candidate apart from the serving member. “In democracy, its important for people to have choices,” he said.

Tempa Dorji also stressed the need to have more people friendly laws rather than passing legislations that makes things more complicated for people. “I don’t think there’s much consultation process being done right now when it comes to coming out with bills and legislations,” he said.

Tempa Dorji said he served in Lhuentse for about four years during which made him understand issues people at grassroots faced.

While in BPC, he was also part of a multi-sectoral task force during which he travelled the length and breadth of the country, meeting people from all walks of life.

“Having travelled everywhere, I know what issues affect which corner of the country,” he said. “It was a privilege to be a part of the multi-sectoral task force since I learnt a lot.”

Tempa Dorji said NC aspirants were looked at as merely looking for name, fame and money rather than serving people. “But I wouldn’t agree with that but rather take it as a challenge to serve the people,” he said.

By Kinga Dema

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