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Minor elopes with a non-Bhutanese

A family in Gelephu is struggling to get back their 16 year old daughter who is alleged to have eloped more than a week ago with a 24-year-old Mechey man that she is alleged to have a relation with.

The minor is a class seven student and was recently admitted to one of the schools in Wangduephodrang. Its alleged that the man’s friend allegedly took her from her sister’s restaurant in Bajo on February 16 evening.

Following the incident, her parents and relatives called her and the man’s sister, and learnt that she was in his house. The case was reported to police.“We informed the police but were told they can’t do anything since it’s outside the gate,” the girl’s elder sister Rinchen Palden said. “We informed the Indian police and BIFA officials too, but they were irresponsive.”

Rinchen Palden said she went to the man’s house with a friend to fetch her sister but alleged that the locals threatened them. “She is a minor and we’re worried about her future,” she said. “We just want her back.”

She said, her mother, a vegetable vendor in Gelephu town keeps crying and isn’t eating while her father is out of station. A similar incident had occurred earlier too. She alleged that a non-Bhutanese man who frequently visited the border town of Gelephu influenced her sister to elope with him. It took them more than a week to get her home.

“The man and a group of friends came to threaten us,” she said. “Informing the police saved us.” The family then sent her to live and study in Wangdue.

Its alleged that the man known as Abraham has sent his sister’s tipper driver, a Bhutanese to fetch her all the way from Wangdue. “He should be charged for both rape and kidnap of a minor,” the sister said.

By Tshering Namgyal, Tsirang

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  1. The issue of MAJOR or MINOR is social, manipulative and not natural that always remains SUPREME above all information subject to social interpretation that is further subject to or causes of corruption afflicting the society it governs. Any GIRL that passed the stage called in the Bible as “flower of the age” turns into a WOMAN. It is useless to chide against nature that can prove the evidence of maturity in the concerned person, being able to procreate and multiply the human race.

    In the case reported here, the so called MINOR has shown interest to run away with her fiancée, although across the border. She does not look like a MINOR any more as considered, with involvement of the MAJOR deed in life arguably by choice. The intention of the report seems to criminalize the 24 years old Mechey that is guilty only for “abducting” the woman and not for “raping her” as accused since the so called VICTIM also went with her will. If it was against her will, she should have reported and sought help of the guardians and authorities. Has she ever once done it?

    Her mother need not take the pain of thinking much about the case if she did not cause it to happen or if what happened to her daughter was not against her will. The woman should become the wife of the man that took her, for the whole life. Let him not take another woman beside her that he first took and let them remain as HUSBAND and WIFE before the society and before local authorities. There is no blessing in deviating from the norms of this fair logic.

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