Constituency: Doga – Shaba
Dzongkhag: Paro (16,393 eligible voters)

Name: Kinley Choden
Age: 26
Party :
Druk Chirwang Tshogpa

Name Chencho Dorji
Age: 44
Party :
Druk Phuensum Tshogpa

Name Nima Tshering
Age: 36
Party :
Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa

Name Kezang Wangmo
Age: 26
Party :
Peoples Democratic Party

40 thoughts on “Constituency: Doga – Shaba
Dzongkhag: Paro (16,393 eligible voters)

  1. Tshering

    select the candidate who posses strength, courage and compassion in heart. I believe it will really help the people, government and the nation as a whole.
    Thank u from mr. doga shaba

  2. shaba

    hi, people of doga-shaba, u are not playing a game (loose or win) u are going to elect our government who is going to rule our country for the next five year. so be mindful and use ur right to vote judiciously. u got enough experience from last five years term and now act accordingly. before i voted for dpt now i am pdp and next i am dnp. so al the best kezang. do ur best and prove ur self to the people of doga- shaba. all the best pdp.

  3. Pema

    If Harvard dropouts like Zuckerberg can conquer the world with his facebook, Bill Gate can become the richest man on earth. and a Harvard Law graduate can become the first black president of the most powerful nation, I have no reason not to believe that Mr. Nima is the most suitable candidate for Dogar-Shaba Constituency…Good luck la… Proud to be in your constituency…Have a gr8 hope from your well mixed of education background with ground experience having served the poorest of the poor…We just need u to apply your few basic engineering skills and economic models to develop our infrastructure and economic prospects. I hope people will make informed choice. Best of luck la…..

  4. girls

    ALL DA BEST Kelzang D Wangmo. We all da youth n women are going to vote for u .We the girls really proud for u n also u have chosen the rite party (PDP)………………….ALL THE BEST PDP. But please kelzang don’t change ur mind after getting MP ma. Serve the nation from ur heart.I know u r good n kind person.

  5. ABCD

    hey guys …..what a stupid advice u all are giving …..”I feel that the stronger candidates are either Chencho Dorji and NIma Tshering. Chencho Dorji because he has already served 5 years in the parliament” i strongly disagree with this statement ….who ever comment it…..please dn’t state blindly, abt Nima Tshering i dn’t ve any negative comments but about chencho dorji, forget about contribution, he even didn’t step his foot to our all parops don’t make mistake this time if you really want the changes .

    From my side i am fully supporting PDP……….need to vote for PDP if u really want to solve our problem those who are serving with low payment with high house rent .

  6. Po Tashi

    If i am fro Demkhong from Dogar Shaba I will defiantly i will vote for Dasho Nima Tshering he is capable from Paro la.

  7. sandy

    Parops this time don’t make mistake vote for eligible person. As u all knows that Mr. Chencho Dorji didn’t brought any changes, so i don’t think he could understand the problems. I support PDP, So Kezang! hope u can understand peoples problem. Don’t promise those thing that u can’t do for people, u promise those things that u can do for the people. ALL THE BEST my vote for u Kezang……………

    1. jfjfjfjf

      no no wai i always dpt kk.coz jigme thinley is one last person who can rule bhutan

  8. mosas

    Hey! people of paorops, this time don’t make the mistake vote for eligible person. For me i strongly support PDP. As Mr. Ugyen Tshering from DPT had promised us a lots and doesn’t make any changes so, i don’t think he could understand peoples problem. So, Kesang D Wangmo all the Best of Luck in every step u take part. My “VOTE” for u

  9. cimo domzip

    Regarding peoples problem… I am sure kezang D wangmo knows well…she was 2nd batch from wanakha community school back in 1990s.. She knows how we suffered walking 6km every morning to school, eating smelly lunch, bathing in rain every evening while going back home. How parents suffered waking up in the dark, lighting smoky n smelly fine wood, scrathing head n looking in empty boxes n sacks figuring out what to pack for lunch….and so on….. i guess she will serve people well…. But nima is one man we cant afford to lose…. Rest i have to watch in coming up debate…

  10. silent observer

    i feel that nima tshering is the right candidate from paro shaba constituency. dear parops please vote for him and make him a winner. as far as i know he is a very hard working guy and has lots of fame and has also achieved a do vote for him

    1. Voter

      This time we the people of Dogar- Shaba Constituency has to choose the right candidate Mr Nima Tshering who can bring some developments in our Constituency. I am sure he will do better by hearing his name & fame. More over he had served the King & rural people. So, for such capable person we should give a chance to show his capability.

  11. Doga person

    I dun lik kezang wangmo i feel lik she wnt do anythng importnt fr our country. myslf bein a male, i thnk we need fellow males fr us to devlop a gud place to live in. she is also vry yong and inexprienced.
    i wnt to voice out ma opinions

  12. Jababzam

    I feel that the stronger candidates are either Chencho Dorji and NIma Tshering. Chencho Dorji because he has already served 5 years in the parliament and he’s indeed very capable and helpful to the people of Paro. I am sure he’ll have much more to contribute in the 2nd term now that he has gained more experience. NIma Tshering because he’s well educated. He has graduated from the most prestigious universities found in the world. These are the 2 strong candidates, but if i were to pick one from the two I’d say Chencho Dorji from the term 2013 till 2018 and Nima Tshering from 2018 onwards. Let’s give him a second shot people!

  13. Ugyen dorji

    DNT has a good team but Parops don’t get lost and sympathize in the stories of Demola…

  14. Parop

    hey jabab, please never point at person,,, you know that mr. chencho is not a planner nor a implementer of development activities in the region, he is just a representatives from the constituency to raise the voice in the National assembly… I believe no MP will stay idle in the office, they are 100 times more conern about the economic development and nation’s security… indeed we need to appreciate their every hard toil..

    1. Jabab

      Hi Parop,
      If MP is not the one who look after development activities in his constituency, then who will look after the work? You mean NC? Why we have to appreciate their work? They are handsomely paid by the government for that. The have come forward to serve the people & country & we elected them. No body has to appreciate each other work we are paid for the work.

  15. Parop

    This time we need to be very careful choosing right and capable candidate from our constituency….at the same time we must not forget choosing best party with best party ideology and menifestoes….my fellow citizens, we should never be deceived and eye washed by good presentation of party menifesto, rather we should always keep our brain in our head and scrutinise whether they have the capacity to do what they say…. This time its my personal opinion that we must not forget to choose very good opposition party to drive ruling party forward…. Thus in my opinion i opt people’s Democratic Party to stand from our constituency,, despite ruling or opposition… so please give a try to Kezang D Wangmo…we too need women voice in the Assembly… Please never underestimate her as female or young lady…there are so many heads behind to groom her and advice her…

  16. Phubabs

    Present MP Chencho Dorji has not brought up any changes in his constituency. Lets see coming up new MP

  17. Dorji

    Dasho Chencho Dorji,
    If u want votes from dangjagonpa people, you should blacktop dangjagonpa road which is very muddy in summer and sometimes HM & their majesties also visit. so please take care ok la.

  18. karma

    Dogar Shabs constituency …..Be careful when you vote for MP coz you’re not voting for best actress in the film- fare award, remember you’re voting for Mp candidate

    1. U Tshering

      This time I think we should give chance to Mr Nima Tshering . He looks capable among them. So, let us vote for him.

  19. doga

    Do u think kezang D wangmo will bring changes to our constituency. I don’t think so, instead she will engage remembering her …………….

    1. namgay

      I think she has to be replaced by some experience people who really know’s the problem of people n bring change. We the public support the PDP but we want the strong candidate

  20. pasang

    Mr. Nima Tshering,, can you email your agenda and manifestos to [email protected]

  21. Sonam Gaugay

    ” All the best to kezang wangmo… since she is the youngest and only the female contestent from dogar-shaba constituency, i feel that it is the moral responsibility for all the people to vote for to vote for her and provide her a chance to serve the constituency”. once again all the Best to kezang Wangmo…..Cheers—dogar shabs constituency ….

    1. Norbuholder

      Wai Gaugay! What do you mean by moral responsibility? With all respect to KD Wangmo for coming forward and giving us the choice, I would like to argue here that sex should not be the determining factor to select our representative for the highest legislative body. Rather it should be shaped by candidate’s competence, experiences, intention( although hard to measure immediately). So I would like to remind fellow Dogabs and Shabs to caste your Norbs based on rationale decisions and not succumb yourselves to emotional hijacking. Best of luck for Dogabs and Shabs.(to come up with the best candidate)

      1. sonam Lt wangchu

        hey! wat the heck u guys r sharing about, we can never under-estimate somebody. u guys were SHARING many things such sa experience and so on….to me i feel that experienced ones are the most corrupted and greedy ones. see the way the DPT responded, when OL returned his PRADO to the govt(people of bhutan), they(DPT) were not willing to do that, people of bhutan has payed them with huge amount during their tenure but still they were not satisfied with it and r not in a position to do a small contrubution to the TSA_WA_SUM. which infact can be A GREAT DEAL for more than 70% of our countrys population. IS THAT WHAT REALLY EXPERIENCE IS ABOUT???? I too support what Mr. jabab has left in his comment.
        ” Think twice before u leap”…. choice is all in the hand of an individual. so think wisely and then vote.

  22. pasang

    Congratulations on winning the party ticket to represent your party from Doga-Shaba constituency. May good luck favor the deserving candidate. But being one of the voters from this constituency, my vote goes to that candidate who promises what he can deliver even if the promise is just one. I don’t support that candidate who promises many things and deliver less. I would like the winning candidate to address and bring changes regarding the corruption in the construction sector like farm roads and to stop the rampant illegal forestry activities under Paro Division.

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