Constituency: Sompangkha
Dzongkhag: Sarpang (26,022 eligible voters)

Name Tsagay Dorji
Age: 31
Party :
Druk Chirwang Tshogpa

Name N L Rai
Age: 58
Party :
Druk Phuensum Tshogpa

Name Kul B Tamang
Age: 33
Party :
Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa

Name Rinzin Dorji
Age: 49
Party :
Peoples Democratic Party

66 thoughts on “Constituency: Sompangkha
Dzongkhag: Sarpang (26,022 eligible voters)

  1. Drukpa

    Hello every one,
    As the saying goes” Great minds discuss ideas. Medium minds discuss problems and feeble minds discuss people.” therefore, all the minds in this forum discuss politics and their choices. It is open for every one to discuss anything in any way. but you are the one at the final end to decide for your self. So, your own decision is bestthe decision, la. ………..

  2. Badal Thapa

    Neither the politican nor their party must win the election.But, there must be the victory of nation after all. We need Gross Domestic Happiness with prosprous nation Bhutan.Time may will be fake,politican might be wrong but, Country was as it was, is it is and must be as it is in future.
    Long Live Bhutan
    Bhutanese Refugee in Eastern Nepal

  3. Kancho

    2013 election is for DCT.
    We must go for change.
    Druk Chirwang Tshokpa is one of the best parties among four that would serve the Tsa-wa-sum in reality. Others would claim high but deliver minimum.
    Go for AUM Lyonchen la, this would also keep Bhutan’s democratic image high that would ensure strong aid support from other countries.

  4. Gauwley Maila

    From my personal point of view though the past government didn’t fulfilled their 100% promises kept during the election, still they have done their best searching loans here and there to meet their promises and brought some development in all the 20 Dzongkhags compared to past years. i felt it might be due to the lack of budgets and time, they didn’t able to bring development in some few remote areas and that’s why my village was left without connectivity of electricity, proper farm roads and safe drinking water scheme. Till then Ex. Lynpo NLR, we the people of that village still gona give votes to you and your party hoping that if elected, this time you won’t deprive our village from those basic facilities. If you happened to read my comments, i am sure you know where you failed to provide those facilities under Gakidling Gewog -remote village during your last tenure. We said we villagers still give your party the vote, becoz its too early to say DPT is bad party, we still see great potential in your party in bringing developmental activities in our country by searching grants/aids here and there. But if elected, try to be better developer than past developer, keep every bodys’ expectations 100% since you are getting 2 terms to serve, which means enough time to bring equal developemntal activities as well as facilities in each and every parts of the gewogs, chigogs and even villages. Best of Luck…

  5. Monalisa

    No no …this time we all must unite and vote for PDP..This party is worthwhile and will definitely do better…. Dash Rinzin Dorji deserves the maximum vote….We all are with you…God bless you and your party as a whole….

  6. friend

    Your Excellency ,Nandu Rai ,But remember Rinzin Dorji,former HA Dzongdag is more capable than you la. any way we opt for DPT.

  7. Not bothered

    Wow! it’s intersting to see what goes on in the online world. Tshering either seems to have a very personal grudge against the current incumbent MP or is a staunch supporter of one of the other parties.
    Either way, this looks very very personal.
    Let us all be sober and try to keep politics as clean as possible.
    Many of the things that were done were according to the previous 5 year plan so a particular person can’t be blamed. As for the airports, as far as I know Gelephu airport was first discussed around 1962, and Bathpalathang around 15 years back. Sh** happens sometimes as you can’t always expect to get the best everytime.
    Let us not be like this, just because people are public figures you say anything, be it true or not, slandering as it may be called. These kind of things didn’t happen before (6 years back), this reflects our mentality and shows the future.
    Talk facts and figures, don’t call names to others as many seem to be doing out here. Have arguments but stay healthy and be reasonable, try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes and think how you could/would have done things differently, who would it affect/ benefit, the cost … The whole 9 yards before coming to a conclusion that this/ that person is corrupted/ crook.
    Just imagine what the situation would be in the next 15-20 years if we the public don’t behave well, it doesn’t look good. We have many examples close by to look at.
    If things go on at this rate then it’s not far when MP will be swinging their sword and throwng mic stands at each other in the parliament. Leave personal vendettas out for the betterment of the country (past/present and future).

    Once again I’d like to say, let’s remain calm and sober and try and do what is best for the country, and you don’t have to be a politician to do that but do your part.

  8. Chhetri

    This is a time to question themselve, where they stood so far? If so is the silly error,how bhutan faces outside world? Where bhutan is standing? Bhutan at the least still in term of quality of bhutan. This shows standardarization and quality of our hopless leader.

  9. Tshering

    Mr.Dukpa wagley you are correct. This is silly but this clearly shows the quality of English Language in Bhutan.I think Bhutan telecom should employee some one who can do this job well.This hampers the image of our nation at large.Telecom looks after making money only. You see they have stopped publishing hard copy of Telephone directory for years now. If you ask them then they will say they did not publish this year. they will publish next year only.The Irony here is that they want to make money for the inquiry call to 1600. They charge for this inquiry service also. If we get directory at hand then we can easily find out the telephone no.without having to make call to Telecom and without having obliged to pay. See the news paper THE BHUTANESE of 20th april 2013. Lyenpo Nandu’s story is detailed there. ……Nu.100 million default found in one Airport, Gelegphu alone……..Other two domestic airports Bumthang and Yanphula have their own stories to tell.So lets wait other reports and see how he spent his 05 years tenure as MOIC Minister, serving the country and the people in the name of Equity and Justice.
    I don’t accept on Lyenpo Thakur’s story of finding mistake on Oxford dictionary . He is a school teacher by profession. He had spent decades on teaching. While in school he used to be busy covering the school syllabus only. He did not know about other curriculum activities(say cultural programs,games and sport and etc.) After school he had noting to do. So the only entertainment he had was reading books. Not a perfect/all rounder school teacher. With that he improved his English language. That is it. Nothing so potential. If he was a brilliant student he could have studies Science and become as great Doctor or a great Engineer. Those days in 1960′s 1970s the opportunities were ample.

  10. Chhetri

    Absolutely i agree with Mr. Drukpa wagley . Education and quality of education in bhutan seemz to deteriorate which simple example brought to your notice by wagley. Bhutan education system looks for marks not for their talents, there are many who got job with their high scoring bt do not know how to speak other than Yes n No. Just speak at them n see,they just node their heads thats wat u get respond. M just enlisted n wanted to pillow above eg.

  11. drukpa wagley

    yesss guys Lynpo Nanada lal must come to a level from where he had sprung! two resignations is cool for ds old man….actly instead of prem he must be changed for a good cause.he even could not change that B-mobile service reply which says,”your acc balance is low,u vl entr into negative balance”.correct me if m mistaken. y alys a future tense when u already have entered into negative balance.this causes inconvenience to all pre -paid users. i threw sim in 2006 n m nt using when it caused me an inconvenience.heard that still its not been corrected.N ya Lynpo Thakur Singh is also responsible for being Education minister.this shows our quality n standards of education.I heard Lynpo Thakur Singh found a mistake in Oxford dictionary n discovered a new word! but,in our open dictionary of bhutan no one gvs importance…

    if m right in pointing this mistake,the standard of education is poor.if m proven wrong,then the standard of education is still poor . Teachers n frenz is that structure or language used is right?I asked two teachers bt their ans were just a smile.what do I say then?may be there is possibilities that service reply ws correct,just like that of journal English where they use simple present tense most of the time.though m not an arts student,stil i believe m right to point out the mistake.if its right also its creating problems to the users.we may think we r still in positive balance when it gvs the service reply,so we call someone,bt its found that it says the same even if u r in negative 12 i.e -12!
    we the poor myt be looked down upon by Bhutan telecom n other related ministries n agencies.we alys use pre paid facilities n rich people use post paid,,so hw come qstn abt negative balanace….this is the equality n justice provided by DPT.

    if m wrong the concern media or any related bodies must explain.or Bhutan telecom must give reasons n clear our doubts.there may b thousand users who r confused.we want explanation because what we learnt in schools were nt enough.plz take positively n reply. oh ya plz Lilly wangchuck,will u help me plz,i heard u r a writer……..dnt worry i vl know by ur writing nly cos i was last impressed by ur interview n notions .plz folks prove me wrong or right,let the truth comes.if m wrong then i vl correct myself n nevr accuse others.i fell i myt be wrong cos it has been a decade may be,that same service reply is available. help me….

  12. Bholay

    This time we have a very seasoned and experienced person like R.B. Rana (popularly known as Alu Rana). He would be the right person to replace Nanduji….

  13. Tshering

    End of the political line for the MoIC Minister?

    By The Bhutanese | 19 April 2013
    With the political prospects of the Home Minister and Speaker already looking increasingly bleak due to the Gyelpozhing case, the Minister for Information and Communication, Lyonpo Nandalal Rai could join them due to his inability to get Audit Clearances.
    The MoIC Minister has seven pending Audit Memos and three supervisory accountability memos from the RAA on the Domestic Airports Audit by the RAA.
    Under the Electoral laws of Bhutan it is mandatory for any political candidate to get an Audit Clearance Certificate from the Royal Audit Authority.
    What could make Lyonpo’s position more difficult is that he had taken active part in the tendering process of the Domestic Airports in violation of procurement rules and guidelines by taking tendering decisions.
    Under procurement rules ministers cannot be members of tender committees or influence its decision.
    In what may also be bad news for the Minister the meeting with the RAA on 1st April was not successful in dropping many findings including the Audit memos against the minister.
    A source said that the even after the meeting only two or three memos may be dropped against the minister but the others still stood at the moment.
    Earlier some Audit Memos were issued in a draft Audit report covered by this paper. Subsequently the RAA came out with a finalized report in December 2012 that was sent to various public agencies including the MoIC and the Prime Minister’s Office.
    A copy was also sent to the ACC saying, “Lack of segregation of responsibilities and strong supervisory mechanism had exposed the project implementation to possible corrupt practices and risks of errors and oversights impacting quality of works and costs. Accordingly the RAA has as required under the Audit Act of Bhutan 2006, endorsed a copy of this report to the ACC for necessary action. ”
    The Bhutanese also subsequently covered this version of the report which is not a draft and contained the seven memos against the MoIC Minister. After the issuance of the complete Audit report in December 2012 the MoIC had been given three months to MoIC to give an Action Take Report until March 31st, 2013.
    The MoIC Minister announced in a television interview that the ministry would make information public on the report after a March 31st meeting with the RAA. This was not done as RAA refused to drop several memos including many against the minister in an April 1 meeting.
    A source said that at the time the documents and arguments of the Minister and the Ministry were not convincing enough. It is understood that the bulk of the documents have already been submitted and now only some final documents are being submitted to the RAA.
    Of the seven memos against the minister three are in the Gelephu Domestic Airports, three are in the Younphula airport and one is in the Bathpalathang airport. A source in the government said that for the Audit memos to be dropped against the minister the main factors would be the laws that were violated, the outcome of the violation and also the intention.
    In two of the memos the Minister is held accountable for irregularities in tender evaluation and awarding of tender to non eligible bidders in Younphula and Bathpalathang airport.
    In the Gelephu airport the three memos against him are on possible existence of conflict of interest, ambiguity in planning, estimation and implementation of earthworks and deliberate selection of runway with massive earthwork projection and its subsequent relocation.
    In Younphula two additional issues are irregular bidding process leading to unjustified cancellations of bids and non production of requisite documents relating to preparation of designs, drawings and estimates.
    The Audit report in relation to the above audit memos mentions that the non observance of rules and criteria led to poor quality works and also defeated the very purpose of saving time as long extensions were granted.
    The report also mentions that Bathpalathang and Gelephu airports not only lacked quality of works but also compromised the safety of aircrafts and engineers.
    Meanwhile even though amounts were corrected by the RAA the amount overpaid just in Gelephu airport still stands at around Nu 100 mn even after the April 1 2013 meeting.
    According to sources efforts are on at the highest level of the government to clear the Audit Memos against the MoIC minister and the RAA is under considerable pressure with regard to the report.
    Meanwhile, the MoIC minister in the meet the press incorrectly referred to the draft Audit report published by The Bhutanese as evidence that the report was still a draft, not mentioning that this paper had also later published the final report distributed to various public agencies.
    The main discussions between the RAA and the MoIC are largely over and the RAA will keep updating the report based on the action taken and finally present it as part of the annual report to the next Parliament.
    Tenzing Lamsang / Thimphu

  14. Tshering

    joker | April 16th, 2013 at 13:01:45
    Correct me if I’m mistaken. Is that very same Dzongdha who came out in this forum for his misconduct while he was in Samtse? Does the politics deserve candidates like him? Will the Drangpoen and Police personnel who were involved with him follow his suit? Can the Bhutanese forget what he did that time?

    Please add up on this as we need to educate our general public on the kind of candidate and the type of political party. Welcome comments for the nation’s welfare.
    We thank Joker for bringing such important news.

  15. J Tu Rai

    Lyonpo “Mao Khola Jampa” is 50:50 now…………… So this time plez not to promise a bridge over Mao River la…..

    1. Bonafide citizen

      Dsho Rinzin la, we did not know you are from Chuwabari, Dekiling, your coming is a welcome news for chuwabari people but PROMISE that you will bring drinking water supply to Chuwabar/ Chipchipey from Ratey khola so that we do not have to drink polluted water of Bhur khola and also improve Chuwabar/ Chipchipey Ratey road, but you have to do it in the first phase of your political carrier. So far no one listened to our kidu, we are talking of drinking water and road the basic needs. If you do so voe is yours, please respond in the forum only so that we are sure and later on we can thank you.

  16. leader

    @tshering….hm,…now what you say i agree with you.but here lets not blame an individual for the cause.its govt. as a whole who should take reason is that our opposition members are less in the parliamentary hall.hope this will not happen again.lets expect the ratio would at least be 30:17 or even more for opposition.just a plain silent talk will not be very effective.we should have some arguments, rejections, orders and agreement in the hall so that such major issues will be brought in and justifications been passed, solutions applied and preclusion be implemented. lets hope that this area would be rectified and proper security be given so that the people enjoy same level of harmony in days to come…best regards

    1. dorji

      dear all,

      dont mention all the developmen>……………just mind it……………….did he given a brige over Maukhola?////////gelephu also under sarpang dzongkhag…….. just mind it those who mention brige???????????????????????????????????????we dnt want to vote who really folish and make all the peoples sadddddddddddddddd under srpang dzongkhag ……………by promise give a brige over Maukhola………………

  17. Tshering

    I said I won’t discuss any more here. I am absolutely not happy with the security issue.Sarpang -Gelgphu is a very beautiful high ways where we can speed up 100+. We used to drive round there clock. Driving on this high way is always pleasure. When we were young we even used to travel by bycycle at night, 32km Gelegphu-Sarpang. Now there are gates in Gelegphu and Kamikhola Sapang. We want peace now then prosperity later. Safety first. As the MP and Minister Lyenpo Nandalal could have approach his government for deploying more security personal instead of feed them in Thimphu ,Paro and Wangduephodrang. The security personal have no work there. Deploying more security personal inside Bhutan and asking Govt. of India to tighten security in their soil would definitely help to solve this problem. Do regular petroling and guarde suspected area(entry point) would help to solve this problem.MY QUESTION HERE IS WHY TO PROVIDE ARMY IN THE VILLAGES DURING DAY TIME. THEIR DUTY HOUR IS 07AM TO 04 PM. I really don’t understand the logic behind this. This is DPT’s government with absolute majority(45:02). So they can take some measure. We want to live in peace. I truly think we the Bhutanese deserve peaceful living as always

  18. leader

    @tshering…if so security was your concern why are you bringing out personal prospectus in scene…that wont help for the reason you are outlaying.if so we have to strengthen the security then as a whole government should take action for this. Am sure Lynpo cannot alone do anything.this issue is a nations you had stated Rumba can be better MP than Lyonpo N L.but i assure you that he is perfect as manager onli. the security problems are severe but some where things are turning in the way that we dont want too. and regarding tourism dont blame N L Rai honourable minister regarding this. its tourism sector that is responsible and govt. as a whole.but i feel the Lyonpo N L will win for second time.rem m not DPT govt.supporter bt as per my analysis as few months back i was in Dovan i feel he will….

  19. Guman Singh Rai

    I feel personally that you are not happy with Lyongpo la. If you say yes, you would not write openly, if you say no you will definitely write about him. Lets not discuss his personal life. Lets talk about constituency developments in 5 yrs. he has remarkable stories:
    1. Farm Roads
    2. BHUs,
    3. Schools, Highways, so on. Bridges by DNC, SO ON…..please do not hit blindly la.

    He has done enough to justify his existence in that Constituency.
    @Tshering, If you are not Happy, please come out in the politics and be Hon’ble MP,. You can bring lots n lots developments that are not done by Lyongpo himself.
    Otherwise, be content what he has done, its GNH country.

    1. Tshering


      No more discussion.BY NOW I AM JUST FADE OFF.There are lot of hollow promises made by Nandu.

    2. dorji

      Guman Singh Rai,
      bing a lampo…………. u hve mention that he hve given a brige,,,,,,,,,,,,, were is brige over Mau khola????????????? dont mention unneccessary which not done at all over under sarpang dzongkhag ……………………..just dnt prest upppppppppppppp………………..

  20. leader

    @tshering…yes I agree with you regarding the emergency flight operation and your people cannot afford this.yes I too would choose to god by bus then paying almost more than half salary of a common working people.but remember we can solve this by direct talk or by bringing to notice directly not by criticizing.and y do you under estimate there is nothing for tourist to see.Dovan gewongs itself have hundreds of flora and fauna that are yet to be discovered.the tracking area from gelephu via maukhola to dovan would be one. of the best area for tourist for trekking.beautiful greenery and different animals can attract hundreds of tourist.sri laxmi narayan mandir of maugaon is the only renouned hindu temple of south So of taken a major step this is b a famous tourist mountain base and its shining glory is other beautiful area for tourist to visit where hundreds of medicinal herbs grows.only thing is we have failed to observe or nature and value our belongings that have priceless wroth So still I dnt when people like you will realize forget about the people there….

  21. Tshering

    Leader , in international civil aviation organization(ICAO I don’t think you have heard about this,i) there are two type of flight operating system. they are published/schedule flight and charter flight operation system. Charter flight can be any where any time but to have schedule flight for commercial operation one has to consider population of the country and also the financial ability to fly. In general our people don’t have money to pay Nu.300 Thimphu -Gelegphu public bus fare how do you expect them the fly paying Nu.12,000 Paro-Gelephu one way airfare for 20 minutes flight.With Nu.12,000 you can fly Paro-Bangkok which is 04 hours flight crossing 04 countries India,Bangladesh,Myanmar and then to Bangkok. Next you will say tourist will fly. How many tourist will go to Gelegphu and for what purpose they will go to Gelegphu? What Gelegphu has for a tourist to visit? Now Gelegphu started to show security threat even. The option i can tell you is to wait till the BODO land’s problem solve and take smooth drive to Guwahati/Bagdogra airport/ one can also catch train from Bogaigoan and Kokrajhar and also to wait our population exp-lose like in India.
    By then we have to think of maintaining the airport. Full time Royal Audit Authority’s office has to be set inside the airport itself to chase Minister Nandu and contractor….

  22. leader

    regarding security he has nothing that hehe can do.blame the right person….if you know this then that’s Good of not you won’t understand this.I don’t want to discuss this with you here

  23. leader

    @tshering…So much compliment abt my name tq….someday you will see that.I wish your words r like blessings to me…hm..I got you are PDP bread begger.thats ok.Rumba is a Good manager nd a politician mind that.I know both Rumba and Lynpo N m nt a mind washed supporter of DPT govt. like you for PDP.that’s ok.and airport was a Good step taken for development that will being development.remember gelephu was same 20 years before until recently…y is that So..???airport may not operate well now bt within short span you will see the changes.atleast some developments have progressed now So dnt became critic to analyze Good things for wrong concept…

  24. Tshering

    Leader now you are correct. that is how the things should go. I accept and appreciate. I am also not a supporter but just wanted to inform our people on NANDU’s performance.I am totally not happy on Nandu’s foolish talk on security problem in Sarpang. Is it possible to hit kidnapper with stone when they come equipped with AK 47?He takes that it is not his problem as he is safe with police security.He is creating joke on our security problem.
    my only fear is that if DPT comes to power again they will bulldoze every thing out. Either of 04 other parties should come this time so there will be proper check and balance. hope this is fair .

  25. leader

    sorry leader some errors in sentences as i was replying via cell…ya now you seemed to have done so much research on DPT govt.mind that i am not a supporter of this party but i am not of others too. i will vote for the one who deserves but problem is people like you wash the innocent minds of those people and make them believe that their own choice is wrong. this will continue as ours is new system and people are not visualized to the western systems.hope people have realized this and decide their own vote rather than believing ill words of chamchas and hypocrites…..

  26. leader

    two kinds of people…one shiv says I am this and other where people says he is that…clarify

  27. leader

    @tshering..there are two kinds of people on who says I angry this ansmd the other where society says he is that.I think you are the first category.and you dnt hv to be my tutor I know much of the bhutanese history dating back from 2nd century So democracy is not a big deal as you feel are a hypocrate nd democrate in my perception who plays a dual role for a cup of tea.I believe in talents not brute thoughts and critisim dismannered like you.and before DPT government the road to Dovan was just a farm road bye now see the dimensions,see changes in other areas on Dovan.regarding airport atleast few have come you now where we can give better facilities if taken care in coming days.if you that my concious then y dnt you come and stand for election and change the demography of debt…???u seems to b fan of Lynpo Sangye Needup and PDP govt.the seat is vaccant still…hope all your own family members votes you.Ya its right time for you s your motive is to serve the land at large scale…change the figure from $ 9 million to Busy.9 million…time has come and on top of that you seems to be from Dovan So you can bring new changes that no one proposed before like cinema hall,IT complex,helipet,even airport etc.hope to land by air in dovan soon..

    1. Tshering

      Leader/self proclaimed leader/wrong direction leader I know your analytical power. I also accept that you believe in the talent,talent like of Nandalal who became the longest serving Army Major in RBA History. You believe in the talent like of Nandalal telling innocent public to cut the kidnappers(kidnapper with AK 47,kidnapping inside the town which is 03 km inside the village in the broad day lite) with Khukury and hit with stones. You also believe in the talent like of Nandu for making 100% over payment to the contractor in Airport construction.
      BUT YOU DON’T BELIEVE IN THE TALENT LIKE OF MR. PELJOR RUMBA PDP CANDIDATE, for he got observed in BNB at higher grade and better package even after resigning from BNB once. Yes , PDP in other word is a great political party. Lyonpo Sangay Nidup is a leader of this country. He had proven that. Farm road system started during his time. Education in Bhutan reached to today’s position because of Loenpo Sangay only not because of present puppet minister.So many achievement Lyenpo Sangay has behind him. Great man!
      Why is Airport constructed in Gelegphu??? Is that a requirement of today? How many schedule fight flying per day? I think Gelegphu airport is constructed for you to fly. One time you claimed to be an economist showing export and import figure so you should also have seen Gelegphu airport is constructed at the cost of countries economy…01 ltr cooking oil now cost Nu.120 which earlier it cost only. Inflation. I won’t argue with you.

      1. Saila

        “Nandalal telling innocent public to cut the kidnappers(kidnapper with AK 47,kidnapping inside the town which is 03 km inside the village in the broad day lite) with Khukury and hit with stones.” He could have given a better answer than that. He is basically mocking the people and shitting in their face.

  28. leader look like a criticizer who can’t see anything positive things.your dnt have right to comment about this personal life if he stays with father of brother.What concerns you where he stays After you don’t have to gave your share.and regarding his promotion people like you never understand just leave that.Ya TP Homagai proposed all developmental proposal to government and I appreciate him So it was not a sucessful story that time.see the changes of Dovan Gewog now nd five years before????I as a gewog member am happy and mind that all people of Dovan are happy with that.if not try to find out that…???So when we don’t have problems regarding that What bothers you…??regarding debt is it Lyonpo N L to be blamed or govt.,or people…, ????? analyze how much we export and how much we import…???how is the money or out. ???

    1. Tshering

      Leader , great leader self proclaim leader you could not understand properly what i mentioned there. I said Mr. Nandu doesnot have belonging to any specific village there so he doesnot care even if the budget goes back. This is what I said if you can understand. You have also failed to understand which party Nandalal belongs to and which party formed the ruling government. If i am to answer this then Nandalal belongs to DPT and it is the same party which formed and ruled the country for 05 years now. so who is responsible for all this lapses?I think you have no idea on how a government is formed in a political system. So who is responsible for such a huge debt? Or would you say that is Government responsibility and you don’t bother? you some time tried to be economist and you could have easily advised the DPT government to do more export and do less import which in other ways would have saved DPT government from paying 09 million US dollar to Meckensy as consultation fee. Remember this is American Dollar. DPT would definitely be grateful to you and would be happy to pay you in Ngultrum(9 milion).
      I am from Dovan too and I am a concern citizen. I think you are a paid supporter of Nandalal,earning both butter and bread from his pocket.If you are that then please try to foresee that your butter and bread is going to stop soon with the coming up of RAA report on domestic airports. Here you are also trying to personalize the topic.lets be little broad and see pictures in larger spectrum and not as you and me but nation at large. VOTER IS THERE TO DECIDE.
      I do not think he did the ‘minimum’ thing either, because everything was done by the previous govt. The construction of the road was started when Lyonpo Sangay Ngedup was the Agriculture Minister, at least one/two year before the DPT govt. The construction stopped a number of times in between. What I feel is DPT govt must have diverted the fund to some other sector and Nandu would have willingly complied to make his bosses happy. Doban is after all the furthest and remotest gewog and the people can be taken advantage of as they are simple and ignorant. They can’t raise serious questions and any stupid reason given would satisfy them. Now, these last months they are hurrying the construction so as to reach Doban before the election time, but it is still a long way off from Gewog Centre. WE DO NOT WANT SOME OPPORTUNIST AS OUR REPRESENTATIVE WHO TAKES ADVANTAGE OF US.

  29. Kancho

    Well, going through the comments of many concerned citizens here, the bigger picture is not about development and welfare of the people concerned, its all about personal egos. Please avoid presenting your personal interest here in the common forum. your anger and ego simply undermines the main objectives and bigger picture that majority of the viewers are supposed to share and express concerns affecting the general populace.
    Because of one or two people with vested interest the global forum gets undermined and meaningless and the whole purpose and effort being put by many intellectual and conscious minds get diluted and worthless.
    For people with egos and frustration the best solution in such discussion forum is to be an observer and learn from others:
    All the best to all com mentors

  30. kumar

    Alls party member are there but PDP comment.good luck all member laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  31. Saila

    Like the famous quote of Client Eastwood at Republican Party Convention during US President Election. “IF SOMEBODY CANNOT GET THE JOB DONE, YOU GOTTA LET’EM GO.”

  32. Guman Singh Rai

    Its very very sad to know that la. However, I feel personally that Gewog Administration have taken up the case and forwarded to Govt for development when rest of the country developing. Anyhow, our MP should have been taken if he were reported to him because he was too busy with Govt Tasks in his ministry.
    Second thing is ” Budget Re-send” , I also wonder. Given chance of budget, they could have utilized. They failed.
    lets hope for the best. I know Bhur Khola is too poor for drinking. I know also that High Current Tension wires are passing just on the way, no electricity? I wonder.

    1. Tshering

      Hi Guman this exactly mean that Mr.Nandu is seeing the forest but missing the trees…This must be some time pinching him on how and why he became the longest serving Army Major in the history of Royal Bhutan Army, when all his friends and all his juniors reached higher posts ,some one even in General in the department.Finally forced him to retire from Major only……Was it because he was under-performance???
      Yes Gups I think they tried their best but they always have to follow Dzongdag and MP’s commend. In practical there is no decentralization of Power.Gups were never informed properly on how much budget is available. so gups are not to be blamed.
      Other reason could be that Lyenpo Rai doesnot belong to any specific village. He has no proper address in Somphangkha. All he has is his Daju Manshing Rai. Lyenpo even does not have a home to stay in Sarpang. He stays in his Daju’s house. I hope by now he earned some money to build a house of his own instead of remaining dependent to his Daju. All in all it means that he doesn’t love any specific village /area in Sompangkha. So he doesn’t care even if the budget goes back.
      Talk about Sarpang security??? The Royal Bhutan Army come in the morning to the OP stationeds and goes back at 04 pm. What is the logic behind this?Is not this a big joke system of security??? We dont need army during day we need during night. This issue is raised to Nandalal but he gives foolish answer as always. He told people to hit them with stones. or cut them with Khukury. Kidnapper comes with AK 47 and general public is asked to hit them with stone and Khukury.

  33. Tshering

    Guman it is sad to know that people in Ratey and Michpani still have to fetch drinking water from Bhur Khola….this information is taking us 50 years back….this is 22nd century. Safe drinking water,farm road,electricity,Health care and school is basic today and every one deserves as a citizen of Bhutan.
    Why the budget allocated for development re send/returned??? Why our MP did not utilize??? What is your say on this?

  34. Kancho

    Well, as far as i know being from Dovan gewog, His excellency has done almost everything that was there in the DPT party manifesto or promised during his campaign : Take note of the following developments being done by DPT through his excellency’s dedicated initiatives:
    -Mobile service
    -RNR center
    - Drinking water supply scheme
    -Motorable road to gewog center
    Dovan gewog people should be grateful and appreciate the effort put by his excellency. Just Imagine the life before his excellency came to power……. the whole gewog was almost virtually deserted by the public … this need not be elaborated because everybody knows the reasons….
    Basically we have to learn to judge what is good and bad…. and campare things that are available and camparable….

    1. Tshering

      The credit goes to Mr. TP Humagai. Mr. Humagai was the Chimi then and his dream is to see Dovan has motor road. It is during his time in the national assembly,he put in the 10th Five year plan. Dovan road started long time before DPT government formed. Having road BHU,School is a part of our people’s share so we don’t have to thank any body or we don’t have to be grateful to Nanda or any one…. It is all done from Government’s revenue not from Nanda’s monthly salary….Government’s revenue means it is tax payer’s money….

    2. Tshering

      Kancho seem expert in categorizing comments so please us some thing on the Economy position of our country….as a citizen of this country we would like to know where do we stand today and where we will be stepping tomorrow? Did you also view OL’s presentation on economy development???
      Did you also view BCCI President Dasho Ugyen Tshscup’s presentation in BBS on economic stand of our country today??? We have 75 billion debt. The upcoming hydro power income cannot cover this debt.

      1. samla

        helo, mr. tshering u cant do anythig by barking from back. so why dont u contest him.
        every body knows that jealous/coward man will do this.

    3. Tshering

      Please refer this.
      I do not think he did the ‘minimum’ thing either, because everything was done by the previous govt. The construction of the road was started when Lyonpo Sangay Ngedup was the Agriculture Minister, at least one/two year before the DPT govt. The construction stopped a number of times in between. What I feel is DPT govt must have diverted the fund to some other sector and Nandu would have willingly complied to make his bosses happy. Doban is after all the furthest and remotest gewog and the people can be taken advantage of as they are simple and ignorant. They can’t raise serious questions and any stupid reason given would satisfy them. Now, these last months they are hurrying the construction so as to reach Doban before the election time, but it is still a long way off from Gewog Centre. WE DO NOT WANT SOME OPPORTUNIST AS OUR REPRESENTATIVE WHO TAKES ADVANTAGE OF US.

    4. Saila

      It is absurd to attribute every aspect of development to the minister. The reopened school, BHU and RNR were long there before the DPT govt came into existence. If addl resources were given or upgradations were carried out it is a usual functional routine…no great deal about it. Yes, mobile and tele came in a big way that benefited people immensely but we have to understand that there is a revenue generating autonomous corporation that is driving the mobile proliferation in the whole of the Country; same thing about the electricity though it is just showing its face at the doorstep just now…no great deal about them. Drinking water scheme is a nationwide implemented programme that would come in anyhow. Anyway quite a number of villages had brought their own water pipes and were drinking water right at their doorstep. We do not require a MP for this thing…no big deal about it either.
      Now what is the Big Deal? As every villager will spell it out….the Big Deal is the ROAD!!! …..the highway to development, the highway to the welfare of the people. The people of Doban considered it so vital that at one time under former Gup TP Homagain they had undertaken to construct the road themselves. Despite all the hardship and poverty they worked for about two whole years; unfortunately it was not a success. The present MP failed to feel the pulse of the people which is not surprising owing to his lack of sense of belongingness, as Tshering pointed out. It is a fact that almost 80% of the work on the road was carried out in this last year. This demonstrates that the road would have been highly completed within the first two years of his tenure. Then, in next two year the road would have stabilized and soling would have been completed. This last year it would have been all weather fully usable motorable road benefiting the people. Now there is doubt that the road will reach Gewog Centre before the NA election and may take this whole year. Now this means that the road will be fully usable only after three more years. Why is this that a road construction that started two year before the DPT govt still not complete at the end of their tenure? Isn’t it a common saying that facility DELAYED is facility DENIED?
      As a MP and a Cabinet Minister Nandu should have expedited the construction of the road and completed it as fast as possible. That was the only thing required of him and I would have given him full point. Forget about drinking water scheme or other things which are of least consequences. Anybody of a MP would be able to do what Nandu has done for Doban.
      Gawleharu, you should look for another person. REMEMBER YOU HAD A MP WHO WAS ALSO THE CABINET MINISTER and part of the government responsible for your development and he had his chances….but at the end YOUR BURDEN IS STILL ON YOUR SHOULDER. गाउँले भाइहरू हो, आजै पनि हाम्रो धोक्रो हाम्रो काँधै माथि छ।

  35. Guman Singh Rai

    The Author has brought good point however please see other MPs /Lyonpos, then comment la.
    Do not try to defame one before seeing the world. Come out of pond and see the world la.

    1. Saila

      I think every villager should be interested in the things that concern his Gewog. If the thing that should be happening does not happen the way they should have happened than one has the right to voice the matter in any legal media. I think that is what democracy is about. I will not be satisfied and keep happily quiet if my village is in the 16the century irrespective of whether the country as a whole is in the futuristic age or not. There is a thin line between ‘pointing out one’s failures/inadequacies’ and ‘defame’. I think it is a matter of perception.

    1. Saila

      The problem with the Lhotshampa MPs/NCs is that they can’t speak or put across any points strongly nor fight for any strong case. They are too weak and perform to weakly as what was apparent in the first tenure. It is useless voting for them. Now look at Nandu. The construction of the agricultural road to Doban started well before the DPT govt came to power. The tenure of the DPT govt is finished ….. 5 years gone, and the road is not anywhere near the Gewog Centre. It is his constituency and the irony is he himself is the communication minister. I did not expect the black topped road to be at Doban within one year of his tenure as he had superficially said. But I suppose by now (even if at the end of five year) at least a stable, well soled motorable road should have been in place. By now cardamom loaded trucks should have been plying up and down.

      1. Tshering

        Hi Saila,
        I too think that way. That is the minimum Nandu must have done for Dovan road…………………………….another irony here….do you remember that the budget allocated for Somphangkha got returned when the MP and Dzongdag did use/release for development work. This was during the mid term review time (after 2 and half years of DPT government).Honorable Prime Minister asked both Nandu and Saprnag Dzongdag to give justification on why they returned the fund instead of using it?They must have thought that putting a Piggery and a fishery for Nanda lala’ elder brother Mr. Mhan Sigh Rai is all the budget meant for. That is government hard generated revenue and it is the wealth of every Bhutanese citizen. Not just meant for Mhan Singh fishery and piggery or Nandalala’s son inlaw’s hollow block factory.

        1. Saila

          I do not think he did the ‘minimum’ thing either, because everything was done by the previous govt. The construction of the road was started when Lyonpo Sangay Ngedup was the Agriculture Minister, at least one/two year before the DPT govt. The construction stopped a number of times in between. What I feel is DPT govt must have diverted the fund to some other sector and Nandu would have willingly complied to make his bosses happy. Doban is after all the furthest and remotest gewog and the people can be taken advantage of as they are simple and ignorant. They can’t raise serious questions and any stupid reason given would satisfy them. Now, these last months they are hurrying the construction so as to reach Doban before the election time, but it is still a long way off from Gewog Centre. WE DO NOT WANT SOME OPPORTUNIST AS OUR REPRESENTATIVE WHO TAKES ADVANTAGE OF US.

          1. Bonafide citizen

            I truly expected that Lyonpo Nanda would at least bring drinking water to the residents of chipchipey and Chuwabari (15 house holds and more coming up), but now DPT is retiring yet these innocent villagers are still fetching water from the Bhur khola which is made so dirty by the expatriate workers from India and animals. Also the existing road to chipchipey Ratey is not pliable by small car though so many people wants to drive that way, it never got repaired before and in DPT tenure. So sad for Lyonpo but now people are awake and exactly knows whom to vote for. Innocent villagers too have brains because they are superior animal, I think DPT is bye bye from this village. Good luck

          2. Tshering

            Yes Saila we should always care our innocent friends and relatives. When they are innocent that doesn’t mean that they donot need basic modern facilities. they should be provided with their share……

  36. pempa

    Actually who do upload the pictures here, members themselves or the kuensel editors? I suppose it is Kuensel editors, so no fault on any members part,….

    1. Tshering

      I believe Members pass the picture and the IT master of Kuensel post. The uploader has no problem,no profit/no gain. However there will be positive impact to the members themselves. What is Royal Audit Authority saying now on the domestic airport cases??? 250 staffs not issue audit clearance…who all are they?Procurement officer,Tender committee members,Directors,Secrertary,Minister and who all? I feel petty to DPT government also as it has to keep closing/justifying all the negative results that they have accomplished from last 05 years. From every corner negative results is pouring in at this juncture….This is very very crucial time which in fact decides DPT’s fate.

  37. Tshering

    present Lyonpos shoukd not be allowed to upload pictures here with their orange kabney/scarf… as per the state of nation report presented by Honorable prime Minister last week?He wants to show that he is superior to other candidates of his constitutions??? Every one knows,by law his Minister’s Kabney and Patta will be with him till 20th April 2013. After that he will have to go with white Kabney as a common citizen and contest for 2013 wearing white /ordinary Kanney and without patta .
    We hope ECB or concern agency should not allow him to upload picture with his Minister’s scarf for contesting 2013 election. He can upload such pictures for other purposes but not for contesting election. This is not fair.This applies to all DPT Members who have uploaded such type of pictures.

    1. Rachna

      it is not that he want to be superior by showing his orange scarf, seem you can’t digest the fact. for your kind information, they did not upload the picture by themselves. so be crystal clear..

      1. Tshering

        You are Parlad gurung’s daughter,serving statue MP from Samtse and a joke machine for public. You are fortunate to be a daughter of such fine gentle man,a very good human being. We respect your father for being so nice human being….
        While it is good to know that you have digested every thing of DPT. You must have recorded every step of DPT…Whats happening on the construction domestic airport??? Refer RAA findings published in Kuensel…. Royal Audit Authority is soon going to forward the case to ACC I think.
        Do you remember one time MOIC offered a IT supply project to 03rd lowest bidder Peljorkhang???Later the IT association of Bhutan fixed the ministry and cancel the whole thing….is it because your brother in law works there in Peljorkhang or Nirpa rai is a supporter of Mr. Nandalal???
        Same story coming up again awarding work to highest bidder all…..
        Last time it was about IT /laptop supply and this time it is about Airport construction…but the story is same…..
        Can you also tell us about the piggery and fishery of Mr. Nandalal’s brother Mhan singh Rai???

    2. Sangay Karpo

      Tshering, His Excellency is minister at the moment. No one has right to say about his scarf and sword. You simply don’t comedy the whole nation. His Majesty gave them officially to wear. You bark & bite after his resignation.

      1. Saila

        Gone is the feudal age. It is the 21st Century and democracy here. Here in the forum, we will call a spade a spade, if not a bloody shovel. Our views will go by a person’s worth and what is manifest on the ground.

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