Constituency: Gangzur – Minjay
Dzongkhag: Lhuentse (14,389 eligible voters)

Name Tenzin Lhamo
Party :
Druk Chirwang Tshogpa

Name Karma Rangdol
Age: 60
Party :
Druk Phuensum Tshogpa

Name Tshewang Dema
Age: 27
Party :
Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa

Name Sonam Jatsho
Age: 47
Party :
Peoples Democratic Party

44 thoughts on “Constituency: Gangzur – Minjay
Dzongkhag: Lhuentse (14,389 eligible voters)

  1. citizen

    the debate delivered by DNT Tshewang Dema was par excellence compared to her age and experience. If such youth could speak and deliver such debates, i sincerely feel that experience requirement for jobs should be removed. Good work.

  2. cheten Dorji

    we need lhuntse to be one of the tourist site from next which party is so sure about that la.

  3. Youth

    Stii ,i guess there is no candidate from Lhuntse joining PDP as the photo is not ye there where every one is present there.SO something very suspicious thing la…

  4. Damworng

    Who is the PDP candidate in this Demkhong? W e live quite far from capital and have not heard of it and wnat to see here. We might be forced to vote for other parties if the candidate is not known. We actually wanted to vote by candidate rather than by party leader this time. But got struck here.

  5. Kurtoep Tsheten Wangchuk

    Hey brothers and sisters – No point making noise here. It hardly will make any difference. You can only make the difference by casting your sacred vote to the most deserving party in the primary and then to the deserving candidate in the general elections. We get to practice our franchise ONLY once in five years. So, don’t miss it! If you miss to vote or choose not to vote then choose not to make noise too after everything is over! I am sure everyone has better things to do than make unnecessary comments.

  6. crazy man...

    why ppl always go for experience ones rather than fresh ideas.. if we want changes then new things have to be happen in our country. old is not always gold. this is 21st century and everything changes think guys… >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    1. admin Post author

      Coz in experience there is wisdom and in all cases it’s not like they don’t have new ideas, but in fresh candidates, there might be new ideas which other than being a cliche is not guaranteed, but it is for sure that they don’t have experience… both are equally important.

  7. craziest voters

    as saying goes “don’t judge the book by its cover” so we have to think twice before casting our vote because one vote will make a different. so cast your vote for the candidate who can really bring change in lhuentse Dzongkhag .

  8. Crazy kurtoep

    I can assure DPT will be better. we must change but change for better and not for worse. I see a change for worse, so better i go with DPT. We don’t need fast change nor slow change. The DPT vision of change is a middle path and that is the best.

    All the slogan of other party is just a copy of politics of other countries and does not warrant ……. DPT have done enough and I don’t want to mess up with other crazy party.

    1. Kurtoep

      I have never heard and seen slogan like “New Times, New Ideas or Wangtse Chirphel” in other countries. Other parties are all Bhutanese, they won’t let our country Bhutan down. Each and every Bhutanese are looking for change. Whatever, people’s vote and choice. Lets c on final day!!! we deserve change or ???

  9. Your voter

    we want PDP candidates from our Minjey – Gangzur demkhong and please update the photo on line at the earliest.

  10. Kadola

    Hope PDP has a credible candidate with good track record to contest this time with DPT’s Karma Rangdol – the real Pala & Pila. Who would vote for the duplicate Pala Pila as the previous PDP candidate claimed to be. Anyway, lets hope PDP has a better candidate for 2013. Otherwise the chances to win are VERY slim.

  11. Tashi

    I dont fancy DPT to dominate this round of election but my vote goes to Dasho Karma Rangdol. A worthy candidate so far

  12. Pala

    Dasho Karma Rangdol has done a commendable job during his tenure and I am sure all the people of Gangzur Minjey constituency are happy with the progress so far. I am also sure that he is aware of the fact the Lhuntse being lowest rated under poverty assessment. Bridges built and roads paved so far by the government and his relentless effort has brought opportunity to all the villages under this constituency in all aspects. This is a step I see as opening the door for further development and I am sure that he will bring changes in the lives of people in need if not at community level. My humble appreciation to Dasho Karma Rangdol for representing people of Gangzur Minjey Constituency and best wishes for the upcoming election. May the best candidate win and hope to see a candidate worthy of taking minister’s portfolio in next round. Good luck to all

    1. ངག་དབང་དོན་གྲུབ་


  13. Anonymous

    I’m just wondering and I would like to know people’s opinions. Who do you think will win this time? As of now, who looks most capable?

  14. Ur voter

    Poverty Assessment Report 2012 state lhuentse Dzongkhag as poorest with Poverty rate of 31.9% and 11.1% of extreme poverty. Once Zhegang was considered as poor Zdongkhag but today lhuentse has top in poverty. Its really sad to know that lhuentse is poorest Dzongkhag in the Kingdom. Now People of Kurteo has to think carefully before you press the EMV to vote. Time has come to elect a leader who forecast the future…

  15. kharang Bokphey

    Because there is no candidate for pdp…so that how can we know that ……..@ Samla

    1. kurtoep paa

      lets vote for right person who can really fulfill people’s dream and aspiration. ALL THE BEST

  16. tawla

    all commentators think of youself first before you comment on others, respect their volunteerism. if you couldn’nt volunteer don’t pock your nose on others. do you think that this forum is for making fun of other. think wise and comment wise…… all candidates best of luck…………..

  17. dotila

    Dasho Karma….ur poor participation in A/hall made us to regrete for our wrong selection.Do you still aspire to contest in comming NA or do you assess yourself that you will be wasting you time?

  18. dotila

    The folks should positively motivate aspiring cdiates and educate voters to chooser right cdidate instead going for thier own relatives and motivations by many influencial local politicians. Lhuntse still doenot have right n potential candidate, Congratulations for those who have tried to present kuridhoshi.

  19. young-democracy

    Don’t ever let somebody tell you that u r young and you cannot do something,you have a dream,you gotta protect it.people cannot do something,they are gonna tell you that you cannot do it,you want something,GO GET IT.

  20. Domdola

    we want best candidates for up coming election 2013 . ALL THE BEST FOR ALL THE CANDIDATES.

  21. Friend For you

    No matter how many bridges made, no matter how may roads paved, at the end of day all the people of your constituency should be Happy, they should have humble meal for three times a day, slipper on their feet, cloths to cover the body. All the best and we will vote not based on your capabilities of how you can speak well with your prepared speeches nor with your timid ways of fooling folks with false promises. you will get vote today and always for how kind you for your land, how generous you are to make your people prosperous, how you live by dignity and work with honesty and dedication always for people and for the people always. your leadership should be doing good, being human. Being happy to see others happy. Who ever wins…we wish you do your best.

  22. Bumbula

    This election should be about giving opportunity to a new party. Governance is not just about farm roads and bridges. It’s about the state of country’s economy, employment, corruption, inflation and public policies.

    1. gangzur - minjay

      bambula! dasho karma has done lot to us , dont try to pull others by commenting what not things. what we need in our life of innocent people. those are the things that we prefer the most in every bodys life. this are done by our Dasho karma. we all have full respect and sense of gratitude and thankful to His excellence Dasho karma rangdrol. thank you so much

  23. Sonam

    Tshwewang Dema, Its not beauty contest.. it’s about making difference in the country.. Do u have any idea.. what does politics means to you?


      Hey Sonam! Beauty is made for her by nature la………….she might be knowing about herself in the role of democracy…………Please!!! learn to appreciate others and be a patritoic citizen of Bhutan

  24. karma dorji

    chirwang and nyamrub tshogpa, better keep it empty rather than placing under n in -experiences candidates, bcos m pretty sure bcos of them ur party ll lose in 1st round election………………………just think again the president and reelect ur members plez………………….

  25. Dorji

    Dasho Karma Rangdol, you can count on people of Gangzur-Minjey constituency voters for shower of votes for what you have achieved during your first term – notably construction of four bridges over Kurichu – ….U are Bhutan’s next Foreign Minister…..All the Best!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Activist

      Just dream of it all the nights to come. He is not capable. No issues raised in National Assembly. Just silently sleeping.

      1. tshering

        Dasho karma rangdol has brought many changes and we shud vote 4 him. I think this time he’ll blacktop the road all over kurtoe n conect road from Nei to Jasabi and Dungkar which can bring many tourist 2 kurtoe. He has made our life easier n hop he will do much better this time also. All the Best laaaa

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