Constituency: Nanglam
Dzongkhag: Pemagatshel (23,048 eligible voters)

Name Norbu Gyeltshen
Age: 29
Party :
Druk Chirwang Tshogpa

Name Choida Gyamtsho
Age: 47
Party :
Druk Phuensum Tshogpa

Name Karma Dorji
Age: 36
Party :
Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa

Name Sherab Jamtsho
Age: 29
Party :
Peoples Democratic Party

65 thoughts on “Constituency: Nanglam
Dzongkhag: Pemagatshel (23,048 eligible voters)

  1. khorwa lamsang

    Wai Weseyel Lhundup, it is very sad to see the photo of Mr.Pema Wangdi from Mongar Constituency as PDP candidates who initially are with BKP. Where is ur president and why keeping silent? Every now and then, ur candidates are hijacked by other party so whats wrong ……….yeah. Just i wanted to get clarification whether ECB rule allows or not. Otherwise, how PDP is qualified for the primary round without 47 candidates. In the Letter of Intent, PDP has nominated Ms.Kezang Wangmo as candidate which is duly signed and legally valid. So what ur party is planning……….if it continues to happen. Don’t you feel that, ur party seems to be like brokerage firm in the market.

  2. Aie sam

    Pls felow citizen give 1 more chance to dpt because some of their menifestos are unfulfiled within the short duration of 5 yrs la n dey to are xperienced. Dey did their best n dey deserve thumps up..m going for choida jamtso

    1. Gedane

      I think our ex-MP choida Jamtsho needs to be proactive and deligent in parliament rather than staying idle and too quite when the hurculent decision have been made for the people of Bhutan by few representatives. I have never seen him standing once in parliament and addressing the issues on behalf of our constituency ( my observation) while we know he have been paid huge salary n other perks as a representative of our constituency. If he needs my vote then I think he should promise us to represent us in a effective manner rather than being idle which even a foolish person can do.

  3. khorwa lamsang

    How PDP is qualified for the primary round ………….yeah, although the party has only 40 (forty) candidates as of 13.05.2013. Don’t anyone feel petty on BKP. Why don’t BKP raise their voice.

    1. Weseyel Lhundup, a BKP Member

      Hi Khorwa Lamsang,
      thank u so much for ur concern, esp with regard to the sympathy towards BKP. Yes, u r very rite..all of us, including the whole nation has been just left confused, when such decisions r passed by our authorities based on the unclear provisions.. But while Kuen-Nyam did not believe on retaliating and making issues that will disturb every one, concerned citizens like u n i should be really worried about that such unfortunate events could also happen in a GNH Family like ours. But Kuen-Nyam will always maintain and remain firm to what it stands for to serve our Tsawa sum with its unique and profound ideology of ‘People First’ . 4 ur kind info, BKP did appealed to the authorities, but nothing came out..Let our citizens be the best judge now..See you in 2018 la..

    2. Weseyel Lhundup, a BKP Member, Nganglam

      Kadrin chhe la Karma,
      for your kind words and concerns regading our constituency la. Any ways we have four more choice who are equally capable and understands our people’s needs at the national as well as the grassroot problems that needs to be addressed la. Now we all shoud always work hand in hand and support all the Candidates and Political Parties so that our constituency needs as aspire by our people are atleast taken care of if not all achieved la. Once again thank u and Congratulations to all our Demngos. Trashi Delek.

  4. kharang zaley

    if PDP wants vote please upload the photo….if not we will vote for black photo of PDP……………………………..or opt for other party…..

  5. Tobgay

    Mr. Nobu gyaltsen’s picture is very rough! we tend to say, “mi naap, sem karp,” but in this case i will say the man is really rock! will it cost a lot to take good photograph. a professional person should look professional! people will down look you though you r a good man…………

    1. karma

      Weseyel Lhundup, BKP Candidate can join his former party….i think the people are more politically educated..and knows the importance of having a strong candidate rather than voting based on the party president..

      My best wishes to all the candidates

      1. Compassion

        If PDP Party give him(Mr.Weseyel Lhundup) the ticket to contest from the constituency, I think it would be a plus point as well as give credibility to PDP.


    I will vote for…………..NONE…..I wish i was never in this CONSTITUENCY. What great changes took place thus far? Ask yourselves. And, at times, it’s so embarrassing to behold our MP (DASHO, as you may call him) like a STATUE , no CONCERN, no AGENDA, NOTHING to raise in the Assembly -as if our CONSTITUENCY is abundantly furnished with everything. We are so sick of him literally.

    WE WANT MEANINGFUL CHANGE; NOT trash! :( :( :(

    1. Rangjung Dorji

      Dear spear and dagger, you made a right comment at the wrong time. This also shows ur own weakness and low integrity. For meaningful change as u mentioned we want DNT to win this time as this comment was passed by one of the DNT candidates and also “change” is the slogan of DNT. All the best and hope for the candidate of ur choice in the next assembly.

    2. Yoesel

      i don’t understand what spear and dagger are talking about…….. i guess they are supporter of other party. that’s why they are criticizing the former MP and and his work. may be you are triggering other people not to support DPT.
      To me, i am speechless about DPT. i am happy with their hard working and effort that they had made and brought with lots of changes in our communities. The party has Fulfill the Basic requirement(Farm road, light and drinking water) to the people. I am Happy with former MP. IF YOU ARE CUTOFF FROM OUTSIDE WORLD WHO WILL COME PERSONALLY TO YOUR HOUSE TO BUILD THE BRIDGE SO THAT YOU CAN ACCESS TO OUTSIDE WORLD…………….

  7. kharang zaley

    “My reply is mainly for those dechenlingpas and nganglampas who have not visited their villages for the last five years and keep on commenting living in urban areas like thimphu, paro, phunstholing and other places”. The above quotation is quoted by our Dasho in facebook.yea dasho ur right is 5 years now we didnt go to village……we went to village to vote in 2008 expanding our saving.Now we are thinking of postal ballot just to safe the money for our child.As dasho had said the gyelposhing nganglam highway was started in IXth five year plan. any other work of IXth five year plan done in ur time….we understood and happy now. .DPT LAGALO

  8. Aiten Nganglam khotsha


    Greetings and good wishes. Hearty congratulations to all the aspiring National Assembly representative. With the elections drawing so ever close hope all of you are in the bizarre midst of campaigning and keeping on to the promises. I am certain that all of you would do good job and will have to.
    Nganglam, as it is since the time it has come into existence has always been a town of people with strength and hope, the place with where people who had never die spirit and place when people always knew something big would happen. The history of the town itself shows its strengths and importance as far as the times of Dungsam Kochi and its Khar (ngatshang) Gundru Jaipo and the wealth at chang chang ma, the Dechilling khochi and tshomen the trading routes of the Dzonger garpas, the building of Tashiding Dzong near Amshingwong as the trading post , since the findings of the limestone in Kangrizi, the formation of DCP, the coming of one of the best designed school buildings in Bhutan, now the cement boom, it has always been a good place to live in and to be born into. But as rosy as it may sound time has tested it shaken it to the roots and trembled its very core like the massacre of policemen, kidnapping of people and the insurgent problem, as well as the never ending perception of controversies. Above all this place has been very accommodating the ‘Tshongpas’ from Trashigang, the orange traders from Kheng, the ‘Gaipas’ from mongar, no offence the ‘Shillongpas’, now the contractors and other workers above all no other places in Bhutan consider their neighbours to be their ‘Kurmas’ and we a generous lot too we offer as well, hospitality and honesty. But, all in all people had come and people had gone and it is one place I can assure will drain every bit of aspiring politicians sweat and true to it one should sweat. Tell us how easy it is to talk to us and tell tall tale about building all infeasible infrastructure and dreams and how easy is it to sit on our chair at the assembly and preach us. What I am saying here is we don’t want anything fancy all we want is the Nganglam jobs should go to Nganglampas, our ‘Tshelugsi’ should be able to reach the markets on time. We just want water and lights, that is it. If you could fight for us to have farm roads and all. This is all we want and if you think you fit the bill, yes! we say you are our ‘MAN’ if not please leave us alone and let us be us just the laid back, easy going Nganglampas. But, unfortunate as it would be and unpleasant as it may seem it is disheartening to see political canvassing has already begun and the knick knack game of pulling strings have already started so please keep us away out of it and let us do what we are doing, like I said we have the choice and we will see who fits the bill, there are no reasons to panic and hypertensions. We have people if you look at the ratio of most people holding influential post in the government we are not very far from the ‘chalipas of Mongar’.
    We know parties come and parties will go and it doesn’t matter to us what matter to us is the fact we are employing you to serve us, if you serve us well you will be given your dues if not life still goes on. Please serve as well and take us further amongst the best in the country.

    Best of luck and good wishes

    S Y
    Nganglam Pemagatshel (Formerly Samdrup Jongkhar which we prefer)

  9. Weseyel Lhundup, Your BKP Candidate

    A very very hearty ‘THANKS and WELCOME’ to all the Forum Members for your valuable views, comments and contributions and for making a small democracy happening here..

    Kadrinchhe la.

    1. The God Father

      Hello, dear true sons & daughters of Bhutan & Nganglam Constituency. Are there any scope of our NA candidates for Executive positions if any candidates wins in 2013 elections, meaning irrespective of any candidates amongst 5 parties?

    2. khotsha

      Wai future MP,

      Hangten ya nisho! Lungten di mapa leyra mib embaymosh…..if wishes were horses even beggars would ride it….hard luck all the best and keep waiting for 5 years opps 10 years because you waited for 5 years already mena…

      congratulation and jubilations

      1. Weseyel Lhundup, Your BKP Aspiring Candidate

        My Dear Fellow Bhutanese, Well wishers, Nganglampas, Supporters and BKP Family,
        You are obviously aware that BKP was disqualified yesterday from participating the Primary Round of Elections 2013. The decision of the ECB has surprised and shocked the nation especially the supporters who not only believe in Kuen-Nyam but for the cause of a Democracy in Bhutan. As expressed in the media by our President, it must have happened for a reason. This is a very alarming and an unfortunate moment in the history of BKP and the Democracy at large.

        We, as a Family of the Party has left no stones unturned to get for Gasa Candidates since 2010 as mentioned by our President also. We were left with no choice.
        We have everything required by law. Anyways, let us wait some moment and see la..

        With Heavy Hearts,
        Bhutan Kuen-Nyam Party

    1. DrukShangrila

      There are other parties like BKP, I, guess which is as strong as DPT. It seems BKP, maintains its originality of being the real Bhutanese adorned with simplicity keeping up their low profile in their show as a political party. Internally, I guess this party must have instituted all the candidates in the 47 constituencies very silently. I find this party has all the equal mix and combination of both old and young candidates. So, what do you say, others in this forum? May I have your wise and liberated comments, Please?

  10. Generation

    PDP and DPT instead of pressing voter machine, ll show our middle finger at you. People those who think DPT must win this time, they didnt have any idea of how last 5 yr wnt out. If people are educated from western side of the country, you must contest yourself to bring change…many party a in need of you…do not depend on one old man… hope there r thousand who wanna see change… be there…

  11. Weseyel Lhundup, Your BKP Candidate

    Hello & Kuzu Zangpo la to all the Forum Members, Nganglampas, Well Wishers and Concerned Citizens of the Kingdom.
    I am on Familiarization in the Constituency. I have met the majority of people in the Chhoekhorling, Norbugang and Dechenling Geogs.
    In order to meet our people and undestand their issues, till date i have travelled and met ou people at Chhoekhorling, Yarjewoong, Kerong, Dezama, Nganglam Nydab, Rinchenzor, Ningshingborang, Tshelshingzor, Gashari, Tanzima, Borangmo, Chorten area, Bridge area, Phatowoong, Menchu, Tsengkari, Rognowang, Mongar, Rezemo, Dungchilo, Dungchilo Paam, Kholomri, Namdaling, Laisheri, Dungphu, Yebashing, Ngangrai and Shingchungri.
    Next Mendrelgang, Yangmalashing, Bapta, Martshala, Gonpawoong to be continued from today.
    While i may not need to introduce myself, as a mandate I also reintroduce myself to all others residing in the 20 Dzongkhags that I am Weseyel Lhundup, your aspiring BKP Candidate. We strongly believe in ‘People First’.

    Thank you all. Trashi Delek!

    1. Weseyel Lhundup, Your BKP Aspiring Candidate

      As scheduled above, we have visited Yangmalashing, Mendrelgang (Kherbari), Gonpawoong, Martshala and Bapta villages of Dechenling Geog and met the people there personally. Now, as required, we are here in the Capital for submission of Letter of Intent for Contesting in the upcoming National Assembly Election 2013. Kadrin chhe la.

  12. japanlaaas

    Dear candidates.
    welcome you all n who believe n trust yourself to serve people in our communities with much integrity. may best candidate win and hope for the best whoever win the election, but remember their much be equal economic development to every corner where ever you wish to see the changes. their mustn’t have any nepotism, injustice and favoritism at any case. we believe in you and trust you but if this happen at any case during your five years term, we have zero tolerance and its never happen in future elections that you deserve the people choice……… To all the candidatures of ours constituency.

  13. Generation

    Where is DCT member?,, Only 1 person is qualified to stand from easten side of the country???? i.e. jigme y thinley only… wer r others???? Y so less educated people there… so poor,?? Common people if you have guts just give a twist to other party…. dont proof youself so poor……

  14. Xpression

    Dear Mr. Dawa, welcome your precious thoughts and opinion where your reflections are truly one sided and never put yourself on other’s shoe. Well, I would like to shed few points on the POWER. Well, Power means many different things to different people. For some, power is seen as corrupt. For others, the more power they have, the more successful they feel. For even others, power is of no interest at all. Your say on the would be power on the Ruling MPs versus the Opposition MPs, where you have mentioned RMPs powerful than OMPs. I would say both wil have an equal /level playing powers. You don’t have to be in a leadership or senior level role or MPs to have some form of power. The Power will depend on the Source and type of powers one can make use of it. Power, power,power….people obssessively want the power. What is Power? There are 5 types of power:
    1. Formal or Coercive power.
    2. Reward power.
    3. Legitimate power.
    4. Personal or Expert power.
    5. Referent power.
    Any MPs irrespective of ruling or opposition, if they are able to source it out the 4th and 5th type of power, then power would ultimately play viceversa. The power of experiences, knowledge/skills and power of trust, confidence and respect….through these, people will be willing to go the extra mile to live up to their expectations. Power should be acquired through various dimensions to make people believe and ultimately have trust on the leadership.

  15. Dawa

    DPT WILL form the government anyway, so, it’s futile to caste your vote to a non DPT candiate, because even if your candiate is elected, he’s going to be on the OPPOSITION side, less powerful than the Ruling MP and your things will not get done anyway. If a Ruling MP can’t do things, much less chance for someone on the opposition side…that’s exactly what happened in OL’s constituency and Dasho Damcho Dorji’s constituency in the last 5 years.

  16. Kinga Namgay

    I do not know Mr. Weseyel Lhundup & Mr. Karma Dorji personally. Voting blindly based on forum readers like Kelly & Chimi would be risky. People don’t do this. Let us wait & listen to each of these candidates. Probably we’ll have candidates from DCT & PDP shortly. There’s no rush to make.

    At the moment, I feel BKP & DCT are the strongest in terms of candidates & as a party. But this might change.

    Time will tell.

  17. chimi

    yes pls….vote for BKP Weseyel,he is capable person…so cheers and best of luck to all Bhutan Kuen-Nyam Party.

  18. Xpression

    Please, vote for the Mr.BKP Weseyel Lhundup, an economist & Customs Officer who has experiences in the field of economy and social system in our country. Definitely Ngaanglam Constituency will have positive outcome in the next 5 years if people opt for Mr. Weseyl Lhundup, who knows the grass root level problems and issues since he was educated and brought up in constituency only. This guy is also expected to hold a an important portfolio since he’s being in the bureaucracy as well as in the politics in the past. Has enough experiences and capacity to bring changes.

  19. hardcore

    It is great to see people coming out to contest the election and provide their service to the people. Very nice, even better is that both of our aspiring candidates from BKP and DNT have joined this forum (cannot confirm their authenticity) seeing the comments, it is good, very good indeed in letting know their hopes and expectations and their vision by the educated lots, so very nice step taken, I applaud both of you being Pemagatshel pa doro.
    As I know from the previous election, looks like all three of you belong to somehow a same family mena. Anyways, no issues, as rightly pointed out by PM to the political party members those went to meet him, that all their objective to be to Serve the people, then only people can RESPECT each other and work and live in HARMONY.

    So I only wish political parties do not take to the extreme of getting personal and lose the respect to each other, and here BKP member rightly did my applauding the current member for his service to the people of Nanglam, and he still remains the most favoured and suitable candidate, though other two can be equally good.

    Wish good luck to all three of you.

  20. Sangay Wangdi

    Whatever said & done, it is good to see more choice of candidates for our constituency. Dear forum members, please do not point fingers at one another. Even if we have the best of the candidates to represent our constituency, the aspirations of all the people are hard to fulfill. Achievements can never be 100% especially in case of our country where we have to rely heavily on loans and grants from rich donor countries. We need to realize that it’s not only the government that has to ‘spoon feed’ us but a small share from our part will go a long way to help recover the country’s economy. Isn’t it time that we start eating ourselves instead of just opening the mouth & wait for the food?

    Time to pull up our socks, fellow constituency men! Let us take a holistic & pragmatic approach to elect the ‘best man’ to facilitate & support the development needs & issues of Nganglam Dungkhag. To have a microscopic view of issues today is like forgoing the long term benefits. No matter when & where, people are always going to have a myriad list of ‘shopping list’. We need to prioritize those issues that are of community importance & put up to the government for recourse & support.

    Let us not be swept away by party slogans & ‘hear say rumours’. Let us take time to listen to each of the candidates & assess their capability, experience, maturity, and mindset and also assess the party each candidate belongs to. After all we are all human beings with a ‘rational mind’ that can differentiate ‘right’ from ‘wrong’. This is the time for all of us to rationalize, analyze & score the candidates best suited to ‘serve our constituency’.

    Remember … “Community needs first & personal needs last”.

    My good wishes to all the aspiring candidates!


  21. Weseyel Lhundup, Your BKP Candidate

    First of all, Thank you and Trashi Delek to our serving MP Dasho Choida Jamtsho (DPT) for your selfless service and succeessful tenure as our First MP of Nganglam Constituency. The people unanimously elected Dasho in 2008 Parliamentary Election. Dasho has served our Tsawa-Sum and have gained experience in democracy too. Our people have lots of trust and expectations from Dasho in the near future too. That’s why we must welcome back Dasho for 2013..

    Secondly, Thank you and Trashi Delek to Karma Dorji (DNT) for providing another choice to our people, who is equally competent and believes in the cause of democracy.

    Thirdly, we are very hopeful that our elite people of Nganglam will not let down the other Parties – DCT and PDP and come up with Candidates to fill up the gap..

    Lastly, ofcourse, I am there to serve the people of Dechenling, Norbugang and Chhoekhorling since the First Parliamentary Election 2008.
    But this time with the Bhutan Kuen-Nyam Party. Our slogan is “People First”

    Kadrinchhe la.

    1. xpression

      All said and done…take it cool man. No worries. You gonna win the election from our constituency in 2013 election.

    2. The God Father

      “Peopel First”, Service with Humane Face by BKP, Wish the very best for BKP in 2013 ecletion.

  22. sampa kuendhen

    I know by now, we all voters are aware of ‘to whom we should vote?’ and ‘how precious a single vote is?’ and so on…. But the MAIN thing is, we should choose the right PERSON (candidate) than the right PARTY if we really think for our own constituency beneficence. I think choosing the right PARTY won’t think for your/our constituency. However, I am sorry if i might have hurt anybody. It’s only my SUGGESTION laaa……

  23. Rangjung Dorji

    Hi, Kharang zaley, it is happy to see three aspiring NA candidates are coming from nganglam constituency. All the best for all of them. However, it is sad to learn that u had to solve the problems of people of Nganglam like recruiting the unemployed youths. giving contract works to the contractors and giving works to drumper trucks. as a citizen of bhutan and public of nganglam one interesting thing is that who forced you or your concubines to buy drumper trucks? You should insist the concerned authority or individual who promised you such jobs and works. Next time you sign an agreement on the issues with the MP before you cast ur vote to him/her.

    1. kharang zaley

      Thanks Rangjung Dorji…..what you had said is right? Did you sign an agreement with your candidate(MP)? sorry i could not answer your question…coz i am not able to understand the language u had wrote la…….till than thanks for addressing to my name…..n please write in simple language so that people like me(with less qualification) can understand……………Thanks alwys ………. kharang zaley…

  24. Ugyen Dorji

    First of all let me congratulate the above candidates for representing our constituency from their own party and giving us the choice to choose among the best of best for the upcoming election. I find all the candidates have the right potential and energy to serve the people of their constituency. All the best three of you la

    1. kharang zaley

      Pema…you really want our younger generation to suffer……read the above page written by chimi.many of our people from our constituency had went all the way from thimphu to do interview at DCCL thinking that it may help to our people,some came back to thimphu to work….some directly went to there village………………….what they say…..”Pre-selected la ROOO”….many contractor from.constituency..went Nganglam thinking that they will get some works….what they got……just made them to buy drumper…n kept without work for almost a year……they pay loan without working……………………………………….never and ever try to safe one……one day all may die.

  25. Pema

    What ever may be the case, Choida Jamtsho should be given another chance. He has done a lot during hir 5 yrs representing Nganglam COnstituency

  26. Chimi

    Today Nganglam have the largest Cement Project in the country after more than 30 years of its establishment. The people have so much of hope and expectations from this mega project. People here have been waiting for years and years like the foothills buffalo waiting for salt from Tibet then. During those good old days, our people bartered mushrooms for rice and oranges for paddy..People were more happy then! Now with the coming of the Project since 2005, how have our people benefited then? How many of our local contractors were engaged in the construction? How many of our business people have benefited and are better off now? How many of our youths are relieved from the pain of unemployment by being employed in the Project? Our people have sacrificed our precious land containing minerals for the Project. They have displaced our people from their their rightful land. Now what will our people get out of this..? What else have the present ruling government done to ease the people’s problems then? Our people still live aside the roads in the temporary huts, they still sell dry fishes and cock-kiss biscuits, the orange trees are showing signs of extinction, people who sacrificed their land to the National Park are still in hope of getting substitute land, land identified for town planning are occupied by influential ones, majority of people in the Dechenling, Norbugang and Chhoekhorling still lives in poverty..Indeed our people have not benefited as supposed to be due improper policy and planning..There is a lot of home works remained undone…
    Come 2013…let’s not make the same mistake again. Let us not forget ourselves as a sons and daughters of a true Bhutanese, who believe in Lay Judrey and Tha Damtshig and choose a right Candidate and a Party to serve us and our country..

  27. Weseyel Lhundup

    “Blessed in the form of emanation from the Golden Throne,
    Nurtured with wisdom and compassion by our Benevolent Monarchs, Thus, the sacred gift of Democracy to the people of Bhutan.
    Further, empowered by th sacred Constitution of the Kingdom,
    we hereby: As our moral obligation, As our social responsibility and As our rightful duty of concerned citizens, Pledge to assume and shoulder such noble and sacred duty..”

  28. kharang zaley

    whoever win, we want development were more people are staying/settling not in forest or along the river side and our orange trees are dying and many class 10 and 12 drop out student coming back home saying not getting job, so we want selected candidate to create job opportunity in our constituency …………………..i am satisfied wth present dasho but when we go home wth small car i feel y dasho had not rise his voice to make the Nganglam gyelposhing high way from our village so that it will benefit the people of decheling….the money which is spent to make farm road at decheling will be spent to people staying in mongar and yangbalashing which will save the money of GOVT. and benefit to all not ………………….just my view…

  29. rinchen khandu

    Congratulations! for all the participants from our constituency. we feel proud to be your people and really thanks for taking path in upcoming election. whoever win, we wish your best and serve your people to the best. Hope, all of your tenure will bring great developmental changes in Nganglam Dungkhag. we believe and heard that Nganglam throm will become one of the biggest city in the Country…. therefore, all the candidates are reminded to work hard and focus on the development in the next term…. Once again TASHI DELEK to all.

  30. jamtsho

    Wow… So we already have lyonpo before election. That is very good la. Lot of lyonpos in dpt and hope they will serve well like old lyonpos. Best wishes to lyonpo and all candidates who are not lyonpo also….

    1. kharang zaley

      we are very happy to see new young and capable candidate of NA and NC coming from our constituency.all are equally capable to be lyonpo but we want young candidate, who can understand the problem of young generation and look down not up…..stop migration ………….we will be happy to see more young candidate …………….wish you all the best……….i will be happy if the final will be DPT and DNT………

    2. xpression

      Sort of la. Five aspiring Lyonpos, BKP Lyonpo,DCT Lyonpo,DNT Lyonpo, DPT Lyonpo, and PDP Lyonpo. It’s good la. Anyone wins the race in 2013 election based on our will and people’s choice from our constituency, let them become what they aspires and needs to be. They will be our asset eventually in our own constituency. Lets support them.

  31. pempa

    Yes, rightly said by our aspiring candidate in Karma Dorji, all candidates are for serving the country, people and the king. I think it will be hard for all new candidates to fill the boot of Mr. Choida Gyamtsho in whom we most Pemagatshelpa see as the future Lyonpo and deliver more than what he could do this time……..good luck to you all…

    1. Chimi

      Yes, all Candidates are there to serve our King, Country and People. They have made many personal sacrifices and investments for the cause of Nation Building. Yes, it will be a history if we have a Lyonpo from Nganglam. But we should also never forget and undermine our upcoming new Candidates, who have so much of energy and potential with their genuine hearts to serve the country. It is not a magic, if you want a Lyonpo, you can have one. Vote for him and make him serve you – This is Democracy not Autocracy!

    2. xpression

      Everything is easy. There is nothing called hard or difficult to contest this simple election. Filling up the boot of someone is expected to reverse this time. There is nothing called new or old candidates. All 5 candidates will be counted as a new contestants in 2013. Cheers for all new candidates in the constituency. Let all 5 candidates succeed as holding any portfolio or Lyonpos.

  32. Karma Dorji

    We are all here to serve our people and the nation, we are here to unite the people, we will all work together to unite our people as Bhutanese first, then anything else. My best wishes to all the candidates of the parties, and let us all work as one, together to serve our Country, King and People of Bhutan.

    1. xpression

      Yes, rightly expressed for the common good of the people of the constituency. Integrity and unity, etc, etc, are all subsets of Bhutan Kuenyam Khorlo which may be about GNHnizing & serving the people at large with essence of simplicity & practically putting People First. This is what I and few dozens of my colleagues have been able to grasp among the 5 political parties so far.

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