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New town in next plan

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jomotshangkhaThe existing town

Jomotsangkha: The recent visit works and human settlement ministry officials made in Jomotsangkha (Daifam) has left the locals with renewed sense of hope that their long awaited township would come in soon.

They had come to carry out land re-survey.

A similar survey, along with plot division, was performed some five years ago but following that, nothing much was done with regard to local area plan.

As a result, the plot owners, about 115 of them, desiring to construct houses were unable to do so.

The ministry’s architect, having left after carrying out the survey, will return to prepare the plan.

About 165 acres of land was identified for the new town, which will be at the location where the present market stands.

The Jomotsangkha town, at the moment, comprise of about 30 grocery shops and bars on the left side of the road.

On the right are a few residential buildings, Bhutan Development Bank Limited (BDBL) office and Food Corporation of Bhutan store house.

While the town lacks proper drainage system or internal road networks, residents said they are also deprived of essential facilities like bank, fuel station and a hospital, among others.

These facilities, dungkhag officials said, are likely to be provided once the new town comes up.

Jomotsangkha dungpa, Sherab Dorji, said there is a great need for a proper town.

With the things finally moving, he said people will not just receive a new town but additional facilities and infrastructure.

“It will start happening from the eleventh plan,” he said.

Meanwhile, dungkhag has put up a budget proposal of Nu 0.54M for river protection work, which is likely to start by next year. Plans are also in place to construct a 1.5km border demarcation wall.

By Nirmala Pokhrel,  Samdrupjongkhar

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