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NLCS issue Zhemgang and Gelephu thrams

Land: Landowners of Zhemgang and Gelephu thromde could collect their new lag thrams from the dzongkhag they reside in provided they cleared all taxes, National Land Commission Secretariat (NLCS) officials said.

Handing over thrams to Zhemgang dzongda and Gelephu thromde’s executive secretary yesterday morning, NLCS secretary Pema Chewang urged the two authorities to ensure that people receive their thrams without hassles.

The secretary handed over 7,044 thrams, measuring 30,893 plots in Zhemgang and 2,508 thrams of 2895 plots in Gelephu. There are 93 pending cases in Zhemgang and 249 pending cases in Gelephu.

The two authorities have one year to resolve the pending issues from the date of receiving the thrams.

Zhemgang dzongda, Karma Dukpa, said the dzongkhag needs more land officials.

“While we understand the human resource problems, this is what we need to do to improve service delivery,” Pema Chewang said.

Pema Chewang said that the secretariat is about to complete its organisational development exercise. “We’re hopeful these problems would be addressed by the end of next month when the exercise completes,” he said.

The secretariat is also developing a strategy to promote ownership of community on government land.

The secretary said landowners, including those granted excess land kidu, have started encroaching on government land thinking that during a later survey they could seek excess land kidu again.

“There’ll be no more such surveys hereafter and those encroaching on government land would be dealt according to the Land Act,” he said.

“Community should take ownership and protect the state land because we can’t allow to let people build houses and occupy land unlike in the past,” he said. “The law would be applied very strictly.”

His Majesty the King granted land kidu to 6,718 households in Zhemgang including those who were eligible for land substitution.

The secretary said this is the first phase of kidu and there would be other phases too.

Gelephu thromde’s executive secretary, Harka S Tamang, said the landowners needed to write to the secretariat through his office for a provisional land ownership certificates to avail loans, and construction purposes, among others.

“Now with the issue of thrams such hurdles are cleared,” he said.

Officials said the issue of thrams to landowners would begin soon.

By Tshering Palden


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