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One of third already reflect on issues

Election 2013: Seeking a long-term solution to the border security issue, especially in the light of the recent kidnapping cases, would be one of the immediate priorities for Dhan Kumar Basnet should he be elected.

One of the measures the National Council aspirant is considering is by densely populating the southern parts of the country to make it less vulnerable from miscreants across the border and to request the Indian security to carry out frequent patrols.

Following that the other major issue he hopes to be able to resolve is the unemployment one.

Off the top of his head, Dhan Kumar Basnet said one of the ways to address the problem was by engaging students in part-time jobs that pay by the hour.

Such a practice, he believes, would inculcate in students the right attitude towards work, right at an early age.

Encouraging and facilitating through legislations, local farm production, he said would be his other priority.

Transportation and storage facilities, he said was one of the major problems farmers pointed out with respect to taking their farm produce to the market in urban areas, and once there, it was about their storage.

“Our first batch of Council members did a good job and paved a way for us to take on from which,” he said.

As they would with respect to the serving council members, Dhan Kumar Basnet said voters should judge him through the work he has done so far and accordingly make their choices.

Excluding the serving council member, Dhan Kumar Basnet will be up against two other aspiring candidates of Sarpang vying the seat, Rangu Pati Suberi and Dhan Bdr. Mongar.

Hereon, Dhan Kumar Basnet wishes to return to his village on a familiarisation tour to take stock of the issues that villagers of Sarpang were facing, besides getting to learn of the chiwogs he was unfamiliar with before.

Given his four years of experience as a teacher, Dhan Kumar Basnet, 31, claims to have learnt enough in terms of dealing with people from all walks of life.

Dhan Kumar Basnet said his father, a retired civil servant, encouraged him to take part in upcoming council election.

At the moment, Dhan Kumar Basnet is pursuing his masters in international business in Australia.

Dhan Kumar Basnet said many people were still confused about the roles of the assembly and the council.

“As a warm up, I want to make people understand the differences between the two houses,” he said. “I also wish to give them a better understanding of the functions of a parliamentary democracy.”

By Sangay Chedup

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  1. All the best Dhan….and i personally know him that he can do everything he wished if he is given the opportunity. He is kind hearted too.

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