Tuesday , October 17 2017

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Guesthouse opens in Mongar for retired armed force personnel

The Office of the Gyaltshab started the operation of the Guesthouse of His Majesty’s Retired Armed Force Society in Mongar yesterday. The Guesthouse will provide free accommodation to retired armed force personnel and their immediate family members while visiting Mongar on medical treatments or during transits. Dining facilities will also be available on payment of minimal charges.

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Best diagnosis for better treatment

Diagnosing a person correctly is crucial for right treatment especially in cases involving trauma. This was discussed at the fourth biennial counselling conference in Thimphu yesterday.

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Lamchey, a village under the river

The Wangchhu river (Raidak) over Lamchey’s paddy fields

Lamchey was once a chiwog like any other in Dagana with fertile land. Today, though, most of it is under river Wangchhu. The old farm road to Lamchey still exists. There are electric poles along this road that connects power to other areas in Lhamoizingkha. The Manitar-Lhamoizingkha highway is just five-minute’s drive away.

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Never give up on troubled youth, says counselor

Despite being a GNH country, Bhutan still witnesses children and youth who are sad and depressed, who drop school and even commit suicides, a senior counselor, Dr Gro Holm Rypestol observed at the 4th biennial Bhutan counseling conference yesterday in Thimphu.

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MoWHS seeks dismissal of Gaseb Construction’s appeal

Lawyers from the works and human settlement ministry rebutted to a compensation claim of Nu 360 million (M) by Gaseb Construction Company yesterday at the Supreme Court after the ministry terminated the contract work awarded to the company in March 2015.

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