Thursday , April 27 2017

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The world needs sustainable energy like biogas

Biogas was introduced in Bhutan in the 1980s as a clean and renewable energy source for cooking. However, most of the biogas technologies have been abandoned due to poor technical designs and lack of spare parts and maintenance.

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GAOs concerned with RCSC circular

Many Gewog Administrative Officers (GAOs) serving in various parts of the country, are concerned regarding a letter the Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) sent to the home secretary last month.

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H1N1 outbreak in Punakha

Health workers in Punakha are on alert after a Shedra and a few schools in the dzongkhag reported increasing cases of viral fever and flu.

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How to build a GNH city

Bhutan is famous for its emphasis on the principles of GNH. However, the country’s urban centres, Thimphu to name one, lack the elements of GNH.

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Tenant withdraws suit

Following a letter withdrawing the complaint filed for being unlawfully evicted by a landlord, the dispute settlement committee of the Samdrupjongkhar Thromde has dismissed the case.

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