Monday , August 31 2015

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  • Millions of INR lost to money laundering

    ACC: The Royal Monetary Authority’s (RMA) measures to curb the outflow of INR (Indian Rupee) since 2011 has resulted in both Bhutanese and non-Bhutanese resorting to avail INR by faking imports of zero tax commodities, manipulation of imports, illegal transaction of currency and using ATM cards.

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Transporting private timber is not an emergency: OAG

Defendant Rinzin Dorje is liable to restitute Nu 111,640 for misusing pool vehicle

Judiciary: Submitting the grounds of appeal against the Haa court ruling in favour of the former foreign minister yesterday, the Office of the Attorney General’s (OAG) prosecutors requested the High Court Bench I to interpret whether the pool vehicle the defendant had used can be construed as pressing and emergency personal need.

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Caterpillars, silk kiras and lots of cash


Cordyceps: The bucolic setting of Tsento gewog in Paro becomes a busy bazaar once in a year around this time. For two days, the gewog centre becomes a mini town with rows of temporary shops lining the entrance to the centre.

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Five potential butterfly subspecies found


UWICE: At least five new butterfly subspecies are likely to be discovered in Bhutan if claims from Ugyen Wangchuck Institute for Conservation and Environment (UWICE) are confirmed. Subspecies are a division of species of plants or animals considered lower than the species distinguished genetically from other such similar species. UWICE’s ...

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Crowding in compact dens


ILCS: At this time of the year, Trongsa remains covered in thick fog. And the hilltop in Taktse, where the Institute of Language and Culture Studies (ILCS) sits, is wet. Nineteen-year-old Sonam,

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Mechanising more Bhutanese farms


A target to increase the mechanisation percentage of arable land from two to 20 percent is being pursued 

Agriculture: The Agriculture Machinery Centre (AMC) is targeting a 20 percent increase in farm mechanisation. Currently, only around two percent of arable land or around 65,000 acres is considered partially mechanised.

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Plot owners see red on red zone


The 14 plot owners are willing to take the risk and start constructions if they are not compensated at market rates or given land substitutes  Land: After 14 plots under Trashigang Township were declared as red zone in 2013, the disgruntled plot owners are crying foul over the procedures involved in the classification.

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Collusion evident in RICBL embezzlement case

Crime: With full swing investigations on in the Royal Insurance Corporation of Bhutan Ltd. (RICBL) case, initial findings indicate a strong collusion between the insurance company and Bhutan National Bank Ltd. (BNBL) officials.

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High Court warns BNBL loanee for contempt of court

The litigant’s comments on social media maligning the judiciary may be subjected to civil or criminal sanction 

Order: The High Court has warned a proprietor of a construction company based in Thimphu that it would initiate contempt proceedings if he continues to make unsolicited comments on social media and mislead the public.

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My Country, My Town

  • Off road: A milestone makes for a handy peg to which cattle may be tethered as they graze Photo by Tashi Dawa, BNBL, Tingtibi
  • For convenience’s sake: What may seem like a case of gilding the lily is actually pretty darn useful Photo by Pashupati Diyali
  • In lieu of alarm clocks: Three roosters willing and able to wake up the neighbourhood faithfully at dawn Photo by Ugyen Tshering
  • Amateur plumbing: Curious how a tap and some DIY ingenuity can add dignity to a bathroom Photo by Bidur Rai, Mountain hazelnut, Riserbu
  • Beat that, black-necked cranes! Is what this pair of cavorting goats might tell those famous birds Photo by Karma Tshering, Phuentshogling
  • Not gone but all but forgotten: Snail mail is due a comeback with the new address system in place Photo by Choidup Zangpo, MoAF, Thimphu
  • Stairwell in lieu of a shed: The housing crunch would appear to extend to the cattle population as well. Photo by Melam Dorji, Gaeddu college (BBA- final year)
  • A new leaf from an old book: Wall painting of campus done in traditional style seen in temples Photo by Tempa Rabgay, Mountain Hazelnut, Mongar