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Drangmaling’s lost battle with wild boar

unnamed-19Helpless: A farmer examines her lost crop after a wild boar raid

The only straw to cling to is compensation from gewog conservation committee funding

Wildlife: Every year, villagers of Dranmaling in Tsamang, Mongar only reap half the harvest spared by wild animals.

With an increasing incidence of wild boar depredating their crops, villagers said the battle between farmers and wild animals has become intense.  So it has been for decades.

Located about 50km from Mongar, villagers of Dranmaling mainly grow maize as cash crop.

As the crops begin [... Read More]


Women, rise!

As the Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB) prepares to hold by-election for the post of gewog tshogde tshogpa in Pemagatshel and Zhemgang, we need to pause and look back on the journey we have made since we became a democracy six years ago. At the same time, we need to commit ourselves to making amends wherever we have fallen short, and forge ahead.

We will be doing a great disservice to our society if we fail [... Read More]

First ‘daylighting’ done at MHPA

IMG_8476Health minister triggering the blasting of the final chunk of rock between two sections of the MHPA head race tunnel

The tech term refers to the linking of two tunnel sections, in this case, adits one and two

Hydropower: Marking another milestone, Mangdechu Hydro Power Project (MHPA) executed its first ‘daylighting’ yesterday with the linking of two different tunnel sections, adits one and two.

Daylighting is an occasion when two tunnels or segments of a tunnel are linked.  An adit refers to a section of the tunnel.

With yesterday’s daylighting, a total of 2,595m of the [... Read More]

ACC detains two; one admitted to hospital

Land case: Former Chang gup Naku, 76, who the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) detained in Thimphu police station in connection with a land corruption case, has been admitted to hospital.

ACC arrested him on October 16 and used the police’s detention facility as part of its investigation.  On the court’s remand order, the police let ACC use their detention facility, sources said.

On the second day of his detention, Gup Naku was taken to the [... Read More]

The welcoming chiwog of Doongmana

unnamed-17Tshogchang: Every night guests are offered an assortment of beverages and fruits

The hospitality en route to this remote scattered settlement in Lauri, S/J is renowned

Village: Greetings, smiles and offerings of refreshments and food are common on the way to Doongmana chiwog, Lauri gewog in Samdrupjongkhar.

Despite the arduous uphill walk, the warm hospitality of the village is what makes the trip worthwhile.

Doongmana village in Jomotsangkha dungkhag is almost a six-hour walk from Depsang in Serthi gewog.  It is a remote scattered village of about 50 [... Read More]


Dasho Shingkhar Lam (1928-2014)

The last of the Second King’s consummately gifted officials died on October 16, aged 86.

Obituary: Shingkhar temple and village atmosphere shaped the formative years of Kunzang Wangchuk.  Reciprocally, Kunzang Wangchuk as Dasho Shingkhar Lam lifted it out of its obscurity during the heyday of his career towards the end of the reign of HM the 3rd King, getting bestowed the highest honours of orange scarf and Heart-Son of Bhutan award.

The land where a [... Read More]

Picture story

The move for health walk organised by Nganglam Basic Health Unit in Pemagatshel on October 18 secured over Nu 75,000 from individuals, government, corporate and private sectors to be donated to the Bhutan Health Trust Fund. Led by Nganglam dungpa, drangpon and sector officials, people were sensitised on the importance of healthy lifestyle and how the donation would help procurement of essential drugs. [... Read More]

Paddy days are here again

unnamed-16Dry land: Without an irrigation channel farmers of Khamdang had switched to cultivating maize

After a three-year gap, a repaired irrigation channel lets the gewog grow rice once more

Khamdang: The paddy fields of Khamdang gewog did not lie fallow this year.  Most farmers, at this moment, are busy harvesting the last of their paddy after almost three years.

The delayed completion of renovation works on the 11.4km Buyang irrigation channel had forced some 2,000 acres of arable land in Khamdang to run fallow for a few years.  People [... Read More]

Education before election

As per ECB study, this is the best option to get women into power

Gender: While the government is yet to keep its pledge, and the need for one still debated, it’s not quota or reserved seats that would get women to participate in running for elected offices in the country.

About 51 percent of the voters said educating women was the best reform to enhance women participation in the electoral process, in a study [... Read More]

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