Wednesday , March 29 2017

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Local Govt. completes first term

… second Local Govt. sees more women candidates and leaders Yearender | LG: Despite some hiccups in the electoral process, the Monkey was a historic year as the Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB) successfully concluded the second Local Government (LG) elections since the adoption of the Constitution in 2008.

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Rural LPG scheme introduced

… in an effort to encourage rural households to use cleaner fuels

Resource: Coinciding with His Majesty The King’s Birth Anniversary yesterday, the government distributed Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders to rural communities in the three dzongkhags of Samtse, Zhemgang and Lhuentse.

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Lhuentse plants 355 saplings

Anniversary: A total of 355 saplings were planted in Autsho Central School yesterday to mark His Majesty The King’s 37th birth anniversary in Lhuentse.

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DCCL sales and revenue improving

… claims its officials Cement: Despite facing numerous technical challenges, embezzlement cases, losses and other challenges for the last couple of years, Dungsam Cement Corporation Ltd (DCCL) officials claim the company has been doing well since last year.

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Govt. and thromde officials involved in private business?

Private architects and engineers are opposed to the practice 

Architecture: Private architects and engineers questioned Thimphu Thromde officials on the legality of government architects and engineers working for private individuals, during their meeting with the thromde on January 27.

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