Saturday, May 23rd, 2015 - 5:52 PM
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New chadi protocol in pipeline

DSC_9666Elaborate chadi is allowed on significant days such as the National Day

Etiquette: The department of culture’s driglam namzha (traditional code of etiquette) division is currently drafting a new chadi (preparation) protocol.  It is expected to be complete and ready for implementation by the end of this year.

Although details were not available, head of the division, Jigme Yoezer, said that it contained details on all types of chadi for all kinds of visitors.

“We’re currently translating the new protocol into English,” he said, adding that the details were compiled into an about 50-page booklet.

He added the chadi protocol that was currently being followed had details only for visits of members of the royal family, prime minister, cabinet ministers, speaker, chairperson of the National Council, chief justice and members of parliament (MP). “It was revised because there was a need for uniformity in preparation.”


ACES seeks to recruit Bhutanese

Jobs: Arabian Centers Employment Services (ACES), one of the largest recruitment groups, will recruit Bhutanese jobseekers in the Middle East countries.

The Dubai-based recruitment group’s president, (Dr) Samer Salibi, who met with the labour minister in Thimphu last week, said that discussions were held on the possibility of recruiting Bhutanese jobseekers. However, no formal agreement has been signed yet.

“We don’t promise certain number of job offers to be given but we promise that it will be a dramatic increase of jobs offered than what was recruited before,” he said.


Student trapped under fallen boulder rescued

7982b78d1eb0d454cfa82a965dee641-1Dzongkhag officals evacuate properties from the damaged hut

Accident: Dzongkhag officials and police yesterday rescued a class X student of Phuyum middle secondary school in Lhuentse who was trapped for three hours after a boulder rolled onto her hut.

When the rock fell on the hut around 6.30am, she was in the kitchen preparing lunch for school.  According to the 16-year-old’s mother, Choki Wangmo, she was cleaning the drain with her son when she heard the boulder roll.  As soon as she called her daughter, the boulder landed on the kitchen and trapped her daughter.

“My daughter said she was quite safe under the rock but wasn’t able to move,” Choki Wangmo said. “Luckily nothing happened to her and I’m thankful to police and officials for saving my daughter’s life.”


Second quake hits Nepal as first batch of Bhutan’s medical team returns

8P4A6374Back home: The first batch of 26 volunteers from the medical relief team to Nepal arrived in the country yesterday morning

Disaster: Just as the first returning batch of the Bhutanese medical relief team in Nepal entered Thimphu, a second earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3 struck Nepal yesterday.

The remaining 52 members of the Bhutanese medical team, who are based in Trishuli, Nuwakot district, were reported safe, yesterday.

As a result of the earthquake, the Nepal medical command centre has also requested the Bhutanese team to suspend its exit plan and remain in Nepal.  A second return batch was supposed to have arrived in Bhutan tomorrow.

Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay also announced on social media that a high-level multi-sectoral earthquake preparedness committee had been established in the Prime Minister’s Office.  Lyonchoen announced that the committee would also take over work related to the Bhutan4Nepal effort.


Govt. to pump Nu 20M more annually into LG

In line with the LG member’s entitlement bill endorsed yesterday

Parliament: The government will spend about Nu 20M (million) more annually, as mobile voucher allowances and earned leave encashment for local government (LG) members, as per the LG members’ entitlement bill that the joint sitting of Parliament endorsed yesterday.

The bill was passed with 66 ‘yes’ votes, while one member voted against it.


Are hybrid cars getting short-thrift?

Vehicles: With all eyes and heads on the electric cars, hybrid cars, which the economic development policy, 2010, accorded equal fiscal incentives like the e-cars enjoy today, have been forgotten.

According to the economic development policy, 2010 which is valid until December 31, 2015, both electric and hybrid cars were supposed to be exempted from sales and customs duty, including their spare parts.


Joint sitting endorses bio-safety bill


But the country currently doesn’t have the capacity to identify GMOs

Parliament: With the joint sitting of the National Assembly and the National Council endorsing the Bio-safety Bill 2014 yesterday, import, transit, research and development, and introduction of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in the country have now become illegal.

GMOs are organisms or microorganisms, whose genetic material has been altered by means of genetic engineering and the source of genetically modified foods.  They are also capable of reproducing in the natural environment.

Of the 67 members present, 66 voted “Yes” for the bill while one abstained.


Another reminder

Alone at home with her five-year-old daughter, a mother texted her husband to come home early, if he could.  She was scared.  With the gossip mill churning out stories of another big one coming soon, the second big earthquake in Nepal yesterday afternoon shook us again.

There are no reports of major damages in the country, although we felt the tremors of the quake that happened 350km away.  Yesterday’s was closer to us and rumours are fast spreading that the next mishap could be on a fault closer to home.

Unlike weather, earthquakes cannot be forecast.  Experts are concluding that the two big ones in two weeks in Nepal have not been able to release the strain built for decades.


Ambulance driver charged for culpable driving and negligence

Accident: Five months after an ambulance driver hit a five-year-old boy in Dewathang, police  on May 11 charged the 23-year-old driver to court for culpable driving and negligence.

The incident occurred on December 5, 2014 when the driver for Dewathang hospital had gone to the army colony, a few kilometres from the hospital to get a patient.  While reversing, the ambulance hit the boy, who fell and struck his head on the cement floor.


Bongdema industrial estate sees progress

IMG_3201Officials attend the inaugural event for the bridge’s and access road’s construction

Economy: The long-awaited Bongdema Industrial Estate in Mongar saw some development with the inaugural of a bridge and an access road construction on May 10.

Without a bridge and an access road, the department could not allot plots to the developers. “This (bridge and access road) was a necessity for the Bongdema industrial estate,” said an official from the department, KB Biswa.

Once the road and bridge construction are completed, he said, basic infrastructure like electricity, water supply and other necessity infrastructure would be developed.

Saling gup Sonam Yeshi, said this would benefit the private sector. “This is one project which would foster economic development in eastern dzongkhags,” he said.