• Govt. calls for dialogue with opposition on Zhemgang

    With the government and the opposition remaining adamant on their respective stands, the political fallout from the government’s decision to replace Zhemgang with Sarpang in the tourism flagship programme is showing no signs of going away anytime soon.

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Grafting improves hazelnut production 

Field staff prepare a hazelnut tree for grafting at Chaskhar, Mongar (file photo)

Looking after one and a half acres of hazelnut trees for the last six years in Kidheykhar, Mongar, Tshewang Zangmo’s experience was no different from the rest of the farmers in the country. The wait to produce the nut at a large scale would continue for another two to three …

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Weak electric fencing in Bidung

An electric fence at Kakaney

The fields of Kakaney in Bidung, Trashiagng received electric fencing in 2015. Since then the farmers were able to harvest their crops. This year however, the technology has failed to keep the wild animals away compelling farmers to guard their fields. To read more, please subscribe by registering at www.ekuensel.com

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Why did they not attend to our baby?

After losing their healthy newborn in the week hours of April 16, seven hours after the baby was born at Phuentsholing General Hospital (PGH), a young couple in Phuentsholing are still waiting for answers to what led to the baby’s death. Months after the baby’s death, a question still bothers …

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Parents sensitised on preventing drug abuse

With many Bhutanese parents recognising only marijuana as a drug, children tend to get away with other tablet and capsule drugs. This was discussed at an awareness programme to sensitise the importance of parenting in prevention of drug abuse among youth and adolescents that was conducted in Thimphu on June …

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Man caught for auto stripping 

Thimphu police arrested a 24-year-old man from Khariphu village, Mewong gewog on June 21 from Changbangdru in connection with three auto stripping cases. “Upon investigation, he was found to be unemployed and has been auto stripping light vehicles. He has been breaking the windows of cars and taxis,” said a …

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Govt. stands its ground on cut-off point

About 2,500 students would have been left out if the government had not rushed (file photo)

The last session of the National Council, the Parliament’s house of review, recommended the government to carry out a thorough impact analysis of the cut-off removal for Class 10, albeit it came a little too late. The House asked whether the Ministry of Education followed the protocol for policy formulation …

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Picture story

Cleaned: The Thimphu Thromde has cleaned the open waste disposal site in Changzamtog, Thimphu

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Seeking divine intervention for rain

Rainmaking ritual: Villagers resort to divine powers for rain in desperation

High above the villages in Lobesa, in the silent and pristine forest, a group of farmers are busy. While some scurry around carrying lopped branches of pine trees, some fill a freshly dug pond with water mixed with milk. While some parts of the country is experiencing heavy rainfall leading …

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New bridge and wall fail monsoon test

A police personnel and a Desuup help a mother and child cross the Baunijhora yesterday

The 50 metres multicellular culvert box bridge over Baunijhora stream and the gabion wall constructed upstream in Pasakha could not withstand the flashflood caused by heavy rain on June 24-25. The flashfloods washed sediments downstream and blocked the 1. 3km road to Pasakha for two days. It took seven excavators yesterday to …

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Taxi drivers and tour agent arrested

Police in Thimphu are investigating a case involving two taxi drivers and two non-Bhutanese men after officials from the Department of Immigration arrested them since June 14. Immigration officials, based on information received that some taxi drivers are ferrying labourers without permit, conducted thorough checking along the highway and arrested …

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Cancer cases top referral chart 

Every day, the national referral hospital refers at least two patients abroad for treatment. The hospital referred about 900 patients abroad last year, 191 less than the previous year. In the last five years, the hospital recorded the highest referral cases in 2016 -17 fiscal year at 1,478 referrals costing …

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Assembly sitting called off due to MPs’ absence 

Speaker Wangchuk Namgyel

In what was perhaps the first in Bhutanese parliament, the National Assembly Speaker on June 25 called off the post-lunch sitting due to lack of quorum. The House was one member short of the quorum when MPs re-assembled in the hall after the lunch break. The presence of not less …

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