Friday, April 18th, 2014 - 8:06 PM

Can the judiciary come under ACC scanner?

IMG_0925A GAO seeks clarification from ACC officials

GAOs posed this question to ACC representatives based on how people in the gewogs saw judiciary

GAOs: Does Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) have the authority and the audacity to investigate cases of corruption against those in the judiciary?

This issue dominated the discussion yesterday between gewog administrative officers (GAOs) and ACC officials, who had come to speak to GAOs about how corruption could be tackled at local level.

“Is the judiciary, or judges beyond ACC’s purview?” one [... Read More]

Rapist gets 2 years and 6 months

Crime: Mongar district court yesterday sentenced a 30-year-old man to two-years and six months in prison for raping a 15-year-old student in November last year.

The man and the girl, who were in a relation, went to Gyalpoizhing on November 12 and stayed at their friend’s till November 17.

The girl had lied to the man saying that she is a Class XII student of one of the higher secondary schools in Mongar. She had [... Read More]

Quota for women to join politics?

IMG_4108To have or not to: The questions go begging for an answer

Panelists at the women in politics conference yesterday were divided on the issue

Gender: Deliberating on the introduction of quota for women to take part in politics at the “Women in Politics” conference yesterday, participants felt the need to create a more conducive environment for women in all fields than just politics.

Choosing their words carefully considering the sensitivity attached to the subject, some panelists said quota alone was not enough to empower women’s participation [... Read More]

3 Gyalpoizhing land restitution case remain

DSC02132Gyalpoizhing town

Verdict: Mongar district court will soon pass verdict of the three restitution cases and ruling on the two committee members involved in the illegal allotment of land in Gyalpoizhing.

The verdict that was supposed to have been passed by January this year was delayed due to change of address of the convicted. The case remained pending also because the judges were out of station.

Out of the 75 land restitution cases, the district court has [... Read More]

GAOs seek TA/DA autonomy

TADAFor want of TA/DA: 45 out of 74 GAOs voted “yes” for allowance separate from the dzongkhag

Budget: Ministry of Finance’s national budget department will study whether travel and daily allowance of gewog officials could be separated from the dzongkhag budget and allotted directly to the gewog’s annual budget.

Gewog Administration Officers (GAO) proposed the separation of budget yesterday at Gewog Administration Officers’ three-day symposium in Thimphu.

GAOs said it is unnecessary to travel to the dzongkhag headquarters just for Nu 6,000 TA/DA and as it cause lot of inconveniences.

Director General of [... Read More]

Six men charged for selling stolen dzee

Crime: A 37-year-old man from Lhuentse was robbed of his two-eyed dzee in January when two men who claimed to be buyers ran away with it.

The incident happened on the night of January 31 in Motithang.

The two men, along with three others, took the dzee to Phuentsholing the next day and sold to a Jaigaon businessman for Nu 0.8M. While the five men shared the money among themselves, they had to pay Nu [... Read More]


Women deserve better

Women in our country are far better off than those in the region, not just in terms of equal status, if not more than men, they share in the society, but in every way.

It is only a matter of time when they will assume greater responsibilities and positions in the society and they should if the country ought to progress.

In fact they have already left a mark in the society and they continue to in [... Read More]

Where community centres’ services are at

IMG_1216A GAO seeks clarification from Bhutan Post and DITT officials at the symposium

Gewog administration officers from 10 dzongkhags discuss challenges in keeping the centres running

Communication: Constant change of operators, equipment housed in damaged buildings, lack of basic stationery and lack of internet access are causing the failure of community centres.

This issue was highlighted yesterday as 74 gewog administrative officers (GAOs) from 10 dzongkhags met with officials from Bhutan Post and Department of Information Technology and Telecom (DITT) to sort out the centres’ management and administrative [... Read More]

Incheon strategy launched

DSC_0016During tea break: Participants representing various organisations interact outside the conference hall

Disability: Bhutan launched the Incheon strategy to ‘Make the Right Real’ for people living with disabilities yesterday in the capital.

The strategy was launched by education secretary Sangay Zam during a two-day workshop ‘social protection in South and South-West Asia for persons with disabilities in Asia and the Pacific region’.

The workshop is organised jointly by ministry of education and UN ESCAP, Thailand, and disability persons’ association of Bhutan.

The 10 goals from Incheon strategy includes [... Read More]

Jigmecholing and Chuzom farmers shift to cardamom

Agriculture: Farmers of Jigmecholing and Chuzom gewogs in Sarpang, who grew cardamom in small quantity, are now planting it in their dry lands.

This, farmers say, is because of the increase in cardamom demand and good price it fetched in the market.

A farmer, Purna Badhur Basnet, 36,  from Jigmecholing said he decided to grow cardamom on large scale after the cardamom in his 20-decimal land fetched him good price.

“I will use my 60 decimal [... Read More]