Saturday, April 19th, 2014 - 7:49 AM

Druk United 2-2 Yeedzin FC

DSC_0228Brave save: Yeedzin goalie renders his opponent’s attempt futile

Football: Druk United responded with a goal for every goal Yeedzin FC scored, ending the game in a 2-2 draw yesterday, in the ongoing ‘A’ division league.

Both teams were unable to open a score until the final 10 minutes into the first half.

It was in the 35th minute when Druk United’s goalie went out of his boundary holding the ball to kick it, which resulted in a free kick for Yeedzin’s Tshering Wangdi, [... Read More]

Women politicians discuss women in politics

IMG_3941A candid moment: Panelists share their experiences

Gender: Long after national elections, the two-day conference on “Women in Politics” organised at Terma Linca resort yesterday rekindled the campaign mood.

Women parliament members, candidates who participated in the national elections last year and members of various political parties spoke their minds on how Bhutanese women fit in the country’s political scenario.

Bhutan Kuen-Ngyam Party (BKP) vice president Tshewang Tashi said women were seen as playing more important roles at homes than at the [... Read More]

More individuals invest in Dungsam bond

Stocks: Applications from 12 institutions and 603 individuals for Dungsam cement’s Nu 1.2B worth of corporate bond closed its subscription yesterday.

However, many big corporations like the Druk Green Power Corporation, Bhutan National Bank, Bhutan Telecom and Bhutan Power Corporation did not invest in the bond.

Institutional investors were mostly colleges and committees, including Bhutan Development Bank and T-bank.

A local economist, who did not want to be named said the economy was drying out of [... Read More]

A successful mock session

Now the Bhutanese team will face national champions from more than 80 countries

Law: It was in the international court of justice imagined to be in The Hague.

The case also an imagined one – between two nations, a small developing island nation of Amalea and a rich developed nation called Ritania.

They were separated by a strait, the writer of the fictitious case named it Malachi Gap, which the two nations claimed theirs.

Four law lawyers, [... Read More]


A bold decision

The labour minister has committed to bring down the rate of youth unemployment to 5 percent by next July. This is a brave decision and we should laud the ministry and the minister for making such a bold decision.

Unemployment has become a familiar term with Bhutanese now. It has been repeatedly discussed over the past many years with a concern that it will have implications in the future.

The future is already here.

Although Bhutan has a [... Read More]

Speeding poses problem to Dewathang residents

IMG_20140401_112029The stretch of road where speeding happens

Traffic: Vehicles speeding along the sloppy stretch of road near Dewathang primary school (DPS) has become a concern for both drivers and residents along the road.

For the residents, the problem isn’t just about vehicles speeding that could cause accidents, but increasing noise and dust pollution.

From 5am to 6pm every day, hundreds of heavy trucks from SD Eastern Bhutan Coal Company’s Reshore site ply the road.

Dechen, a corporate employee who lives just below the [... Read More]

Overseas employment: a dream far too big?

Labour: The government’s overseas employment programme has set a target to send 30, 000 Bhutanese registered jobseekers abroad within the current plan.

However, the labour ministry has been able to send only 209 jobseekers aroad, which is less than one percent of the total. This includes the nine Bhutanese jobseekers the programme was able send to work at Sheraton Hotel in Qatar in January and the 200 unemployed youth who left for India on [... Read More]

Collaboration among agencies must to improve ease of business status

Ranking: Bhutan has so far done poorly on the ease to business ranking. But the dream to hit the top hasn’t abated.

And that will happen only if all the government agencies worked hand-in-hand towards achieving the common goal. That’s what, Phub Tshering, the Secretary General of Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (BCCI) thinks is lacking – coordination among the agencies.

Considering there is healthy coordination among agencies, Bhutan will reach the top 100 [... Read More]

Police apprehends two men for drug transaction

Crime: Narcotic drugs and law enforcement unit of police in Phuentsholing apprehended two men for illegal transaction of controlled substance on March 31.

The police received a tip-off around 2:30pm informing that the 19-year-old suspect, a student of Pelkhil School was carrying 1,436 pieces of SP capsules and 59 pieces of N-10 from Phuentsholing to Thimphu.

“We were informed that he was in black gho but he changed his cloth on the way,” the police [... Read More]

Forest fire contained in Thimphu, one in Wangdue

DSC_1351Around Samazingkha: The fire that started around 5pm yesterday was contained an hour and a half later

But those in Paro and Rurichu in Wangdue rage on

Fire: The fire that started at 5:15pm between Lungtenphu and Samazingkha area destroyed about 15 acres of forest by the time foresters, police, army and desuups contained it by 6:30pm.

Thimphu territorial forest officer Phento Tshering said foresters would map the fire area today to ensure that it did not rekindle.

Although police caught three suspects, men aged 21, 23 and 25 years, they were released [... Read More]