Thursday, January 29th, 2015 - 6:13 AM
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Fall in Yen sees rise in Toyota buyers

Savings of Nu 500,000-600,000 can be made given the Japanese currency value today

Import: The fall in Japanese currency (Yen) recently has turned out to be a boon for Bhutanese aspiring to buy Toyota luxury cars.  The State Trading corporation of Bhutan limited (STCBL) in Phuentsholing has confirmed 115 vehicle orders.

The highest order placed this year, according to STCBL figures, has been for February with 53 vehicles.  January and March has 31 orders each.

Of [... Read More]

Preventative steps being taken

Post-reinvestigation RBP report on Serzhong LSS incident comes up with suggestions

Suicide: It’s not known what happened that September 25 night at the girls’ hostel of Serzong lower secondary school in Mongar last year.  All that has been reported is that it started after some girls saw two men leaving the hostel.

What followed after the men left cannot be determined either, but on September 27 afternoon the school lost a 16-year old student.  The [... Read More]

Picture story

Visit: Lyonchhoen Tshering Tobgay visits the Solar Park at Charanka in Gujarat yesterday after visiting Vadnagar, the hometown of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in north Gujarat.



ADB advises more govt. investment in education

Upping expenditure in the sector by 10 percent would result in a far more stable growth path

 Report: While hydropower is and will continue to be the bedrock of the country’s economy, higher investment in education, health, and efforts to diversify its economic base through tourism and other niche sectors like agriculture can yield a much higher growth output.

Projecting a growth of 6.8 percent in 2015 fiscal year, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) attributes [... Read More]

Cabinet submits details against secretaries to RCSC

Update: The Cabinet yesterday submitted the details and evidences of the charges it had made against the three government secretaries to the Royal Civil Service Commission, just before the deadline ended at 4pm.

Civil service commission officials confirmed receiving the details in a sealed envelope just before the two weeks time the commission had given to the Cabinet for submission.

The commission on December 29 has asked the Cabinet for details and evidences of the [... Read More]

Tip-off helps net three escapees

Jailbreak: The Royal Bhutan Police (RBP) yesterday arrested the three male inmates, who had escaped Wangdue police custody four days ago.

The men were nabbed around 12.30am yesterday from Gomthang, Wangduephodrang.

Following a tip off from a cow-herder, police found the three inmates in Gomthang, about a three-and-a-half-hour walk, from Bae Langdra.

Chief of police, brigadier Kipchu Namgyel, said the person would be rewarded Nu 30,000 as announced after the three inmates had absconded.

“I’m grateful to [... Read More]

Massage service still available in P/ling

Parlours: Despite the trade department issuing a notification, some beauty parlours in Phuentsholing are still providing massage services.

After the police in town raided the massage parlours in December, two non-Bhutanese were caught red-handed in one of the massage parlours.

Following the raid and media reports, the regional trade office had notified the beauty parlours and instructed that they could only operate beautification activities, and not massage services.

However, Kuensel has learnt that a [... Read More]


PM stays true to type

Lyonchhoen Tshering Tobgay is not known as an eloquent speaker.  But he did steal the hearts of those attending the Vibrant Gujarat Summit, among who were influential world leaders and India’s top-drawer businesspeople.

The short address was punctuated with loud applause as lyonchhoen mixed his speech with chaste Hindi to the astonishment of the audience and the leaders.  Rave reviews, together with videos of the address, appeared on many websites, both local and Indian.  And he [... Read More]

Earning while they’re learning

IMG_20150112_161628A student services a car at Lobesa

Many students take up various temporary services during the winter vacation

Youth: To help reduce the financial burden on their parents, several students in Wangdue have started to make use of their winter vacation by going from door to door in search of temporary jobs at automobile workshops, incense factories, construction sites and hotels in town.

Usually, students, most between 15-18 years, come in groups of three to 10, and ask for work, a construction [... Read More]

Picture story:

Four JICA volunteers meet Royal Civil Service Commission officials in Thimphu. The four volunteers arrived in the country on January 6 to work on a two-year assignment with the health and education ministry. Two senior volunteers will work for the public health engineering division of the health ministry while the other two will teach at the College of Science of Technology, Phuentsholing and [... Read More]

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