Saturday, May 30th, 2015 - 2:18 AM
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RAA unearths lapses in Denchi township development

Asks to take action against engineers and dzongkhag officials

Report: The Royal Audit Authority (RAA) has asked the Ministry of Works and Human Settlements (MoWHS) to take action against the ministry’s officials for irregularities and lapses in development of roads for Denchi town, Pemagatshel.

The authority has also asked the dzongkhag administration to take appropriate action against seven engineers, an accountant and five dzongkhag tender committee (DTC) members, who were fixed both direct and supervisory accountability.


Youth to preserve dying tradition

IMG_1974Script weavers: Youth participants conduct their first mock interviews at the Memorial Chorten yesterday (Photo: Y Co-Op)

Training: A pilot project to document oral histories and traditions of Thimphu began yesterday with 14 youth writers from across the country attending a two-day training called “Script Weavers”.

Youth Social Cooperative (Y Co-Op), Bhutan’s first social cooperative, and Bhutan Centre for Media & Democracy (BCMD) are organising the training on the basics of oral documentation, interviewing and writing techniques.

Founder and the chief executive of Y Co-Op, Ngawang Gyeltshen, said the project was an attempt to preserve the rich oral tradition of the country, which is on the verge of fading, and to encourage more youth participation in such initiatives.


Not too late for Bhutan to address drug abuse problem

Meeting: If the ever-growing drug addiction or abuse issue is to be addressed, it is still not late for Bhutan to start putting in place stringent “preventive” measures.

Although there are several drug preventive programmes currently being followed in the country, they do not have evidence-based effect.   Bhutan also needs to carry out timely study to assess the impact these programmes were making and improve them accordingly.


Picture story

Bhutan4Nepal: Five Pandits and Pourihits (Hindu Monks) are reciting Srimad Bhagavad paath (sacred Hindu scripture) at the Durga Mandir in Thimphu for the affected in the Nepal earthquake.
The Hindu Dharma Samudaya of Bhutan is coordinating the three-day recitation that started yesterday. The samudaya has donated 108 cases of packaged drinking water and all donations received would be donated to Bhutan4Nepal initiative.
Srimad Bhagavad Gita is one of the most auspicious, sacred and spiritual texts of Hinduism. Reciting the Gita provides spiritual upliftment and teaches a devotee to follow the path of truth and karma.


Lest we forget

Not long ago, when we were not what we are today, one thing that really didn’t bother us was what we consumed.

Some cultivated land, some reared cattle and others bartered what they grew or produced.  Rice, corn, wheat or barley was in short supply, but we were happy.  Farmers grew vegetables in summer and dried them to save for winter, when supply was scarce and import non-existent.


Motorists get street smart in SJ

Law & Order: The zero tolerance initiative of the Royal Bhutan Police is working, going by the number of motorists penalised.  And it is not only in the capital.

In the capital, following incidents after the initiative was introduced, the thromde was asked to designate pick-up and drop zones on the busy Thimphu-Babesa expressway by May 20.

In Samdrupjongkhar, police are also seeing a reduced rate in what is called the police division VIII.  Samdrupjongkhar, Pemagatshel, Nganglam and Jomotsangkha police stations (PS) fall under the division.


Construction begins for new hospital in Tsirang

20150513_114652Lyonpo DN Dhungyel at the new hospital’s groundbreaking ceremony in Damphu, Tsirang

Health: Work to construct a 40-bed hospital in Damphu, Tsirang has begun with a groundbreaking ceremony held yesterday.  Information and communications minister, DN Dhungyel attended the ceremony.

The new hospital, a government of India (GoI) project, will be constructed next to the existing hospital on an area of 5,000.60sqm.

Lyonpo DN Dhungyel said that the government was fortunate to have received unwavering support from the GoI in providing good health facilities for the people.

“Within this 11th Plan, the GoI has committed to assist government with a financial assistance to the tune of Nu 1.7B (billion), a sum of Nu 254M (million) has been earmarked by the GoI for the construction of a 40-bedded hospital, which is scheduled for the completion within the Plan,” lyonpo said.


New chadi protocol in pipeline

DSC_9666Elaborate chadi is allowed on significant days such as the National Day

Etiquette: The department of culture’s driglam namzha (traditional code of etiquette) division is currently drafting a new chadi (preparation) protocol.  It is expected to be complete and ready for implementation by the end of this year.

Although details were not available, head of the division, Jigme Yoezer, said that it contained details on all types of chadi for all kinds of visitors.

“We’re currently translating the new protocol into English,” he said, adding that the details were compiled into an about 50-page booklet.

He added the chadi protocol that was currently being followed had details only for visits of members of the royal family, prime minister, cabinet ministers, speaker, chairperson of the National Council, chief justice and members of parliament (MP). “It was revised because there was a need for uniformity in preparation.”


ACES seeks to recruit Bhutanese

Jobs: Arabian Centers Employment Services (ACES), one of the largest recruitment groups, will recruit Bhutanese jobseekers in the Middle East countries.

The Dubai-based recruitment group’s president, (Dr) Samer Salibi, who met with the labour minister in Thimphu last week, said that discussions were held on the possibility of recruiting Bhutanese jobseekers. However, no formal agreement has been signed yet.

“We don’t promise certain number of job offers to be given but we promise that it will be a dramatic increase of jobs offered than what was recruited before,” he said.


Student trapped under fallen boulder rescued

7982b78d1eb0d454cfa82a965dee641-1Dzongkhag officals evacuate properties from the damaged hut

Accident: Dzongkhag officials and police yesterday rescued a class X student of Phuyum middle secondary school in Lhuentse who was trapped for three hours after a boulder rolled onto her hut.

When the rock fell on the hut around 6.30am, she was in the kitchen preparing lunch for school.  According to the 16-year-old’s mother, Choki Wangmo, she was cleaning the drain with her son when she heard the boulder roll.  As soon as she called her daughter, the boulder landed on the kitchen and trapped her daughter.

“My daughter said she was quite safe under the rock but wasn’t able to move,” Choki Wangmo said. “Luckily nothing happened to her and I’m thankful to police and officials for saving my daughter’s life.”