Sunday, April 26th, 2015 - 8:47 AM
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Uncorroborated testimonies before the court

Update: The four former members of the tender committee for the Lhakhang Karpo conservation project were not on the same page, when the Haa district court conducted a cross-examination hearing yesterday.

Of the four, the former dzongkhag engineer (DE), Lhabchu, and project engineer, Tashi Gyeltshen, submitted that they informed the chairman, the then dzongda, of the lowest bidder’s rate being 100 percent above the market rate.


Construction sector still the largest borrower

Borrowings by private sector form 90 percent of the total lending by financial institutions

Loan: The construction sector continued to take the largest share of total loans from financial institutions last year followed by personal loans.

Loans taken by the construction sector constituted 25 percent of the total credit disbursed by financial institutions, according to the Royal Monetary Authority’s monthly bulletin of March. As of December last year, total loans to the sector stood at Nu 16.4 billion (B).


Students accuse consultancy firm of deception and fraud

Of the five the consultancy sent to Lithuania, only one stayed back 

Education: Students, who left in September last year to study in Lithuania through a local education consultancy firm, have returned home after a semester, unable to sustain themselves.

They said that they could not find part time work and staying there was expensive.  They returned last month.


998 projects approved so far …

… of which only 173 are currently operational on the ground

BOiC: The Business Opportunity and Information Centre (BOiC) has so far approved 998 projects amounting to more than Nu 250M (million) from the two revolving funds instituted under the economic stimulus plan.

Under its revolving fund-I (RF-I), devised to boost the production and manufacturing base in the country, 107 proposals were approved for small and cottage industry.  For the non-formal rural activities, categorised as RF-II, 891 proposals have been approved.


From tiny acorns do giant oaks grow

We tend not to notice small acts of kindness and appreciate the tiny and often selfless contributions that individuals make in our workaday lives.  We talk big.  At the same time, we are losing sense of our responsibility each to other as co-citizens.

That is when where peace once was, discord, mistrust and hostility reign.  That is when a small and harmonious society that once was begins to disintegrate.  We lose our strength.  We become increasingly vulnerable.


Parents convince authority to reopen ECR

Villagers felt cheated, while officials say it was a case of miscommunication 

Education: Orong lower secondary school (OLSS) is about a four-hour walk from Philuma village.  When a plan to upgrade the school to a central school was sounded off to parents, they readily agreed with authorities to close down the extended classroom (ECR) in the village.

A central school meant free meals, free uniform and no fees.  Parents were told so, in convincing them to walk their children to Orong.  The 22 students of the ECR were transferred to the lower secondary school.


Vehicle imports increase by 2.9 percent

Vehicle: Three months into 2015, and the number of vehicles imported into Bhutan this year has already exceeded last year’s growth amount of 2.5 percent.

As of March end, there was 2,079 more vehicles in the country, representing a 2.9 percent increase. The total number of vehicles in the country stood at 71,681 at the end of the last month.


Trashigang-Yadhi highway widening begins next month

Now that the DoR has completed the survey, Project DANTAK will take over the construction work

Road: Widening work on the 49km Trashigang-Yadhi highway is slated to start by next month with survey work now completed.

The highway is a part of the ongoing northern east-west highway widening project, which, when complete, is expected to reduce the travel time  from Thimphu to Trashigang by a day.  Today, it takes two days to travel to Thimphu from Trashigang.


Unclaimed vehicles clog up workshop space

DSC_4769Stranded: There are about 50 unclaimed vehicles at the workshop area today

Some have been lying there from anywhere between a year to five years

Olakha: Unclaimed vehicles lying for years at Olakha automobiles workshop, congesting the already crammed area, have become a major issue, automobile workshop owners say.

Automobile association’s chairman, Kuenga Norbu, said there are about 50 unclaimed vehicles in the workshop area today.  The vehicles have been lying in the workshops for a year to about five years.  Some are parked in the garages, while some lie in front of the workshops.


Italian coach says ciao

Football: There was a lot of fanfare about Thimphu FC hiring a former Italian football league coach before the Yanmar league began.

However, the excitement was short lived.

The first international coach to have been hired by a local football club left the country even before coaching a single game.