Friday , February 23 2018

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Project to make 15 villages climate resilient

In an effort to resolve water scarcity and reduce human wildlife conflicts, Tarayana Foundation would be implementing a project “Developing climate resilient communities through appropriate adaptation and mitigation interventions” in five dzongkhags from July this year. The project would be implemented in 15 villages of Lhuentse, Mongar, Sarpang, Samtse, and ...

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Samcholing tshechu

The four-day Samcholing tshechu in Trongsa will end today with unfurling of thongdroel. Local communities participated in the tshechu.

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Caged no more

With the help of health staff and volunteers, the condition of a schizophrenic patient in Phanas has improved The solitary house that sits atop the Mongar-Trashigang highway in Phanas village in Ngatsang is filled with laughter. The reason is a 37-year-old mentally ill patient, Tshering Lhamo. For the past 23 years, has been a constant struggle between hope and despair for Tshering Lhamo’s mother Yeshey Seldon. The 56-year-old farmer cannot remember the last time she shared a merry moment with her ailing daughter. Tshering Lhamo has shown signs of improvement in the last few months. She is no longer caged in her small makeshift cabin built adjacent to the family kitchen. Today, she is in their living room wrapped in blankets. Her mother hovers around nursing her every movement. In a croaky voice Tshering Lhamo requests to go to the toilet. The mother gently helps her stand and escorts her to the toilet outside the house. “Her condition has improved a lot since she started receiving the monthly injections,” said Yeshey Seldon. Except for occasional fits and convulsions, the mother said that her daughter has improved considerably in the past few months. “Although most of the time she’s lying on the floor, she now stays with us in the house.” In the past, due to her violent and unpredictable behaviour, Tshering Lhamo used to be locked inside the small cabin. Since she damaged anything she laid her hands on, the mother fearing that she might harm herself used to keep the daughter tied. “She didn’t recognise food from her stool. She used to be drenched in her urine and during menstruation she used to be covered in her own blood,” said the mother. “She used to pull her hair and clothes, which is why we had to tie her up.” With no signs of improvement Tshering Lhamo was taken off her medication some three years ago. The last time Tshering Lhamo took medicines was in 2014 when the health assistant from Ngatsang BHU took upon himself to help the patient. “It was the HA sir and the sister from the BHU who helped us during times of difficulties. But since there was no improvements, we stopped giving her the medicines also,” said Yeshey Seldon. Last July, after an article on Tshering Lhamo’s condition came up in Kuensel, health officials visited the village to check on. She was taken to Mongar hospital where she was admitted for about two weeks. “Even at the hospital, there was not much improvement. Instead other patients at the hospital were disturbed because of her behaviour,” said Tshering Lhamo’s younger brother Tashi Rabga. “Even against the will of the doctors, my mother had to bring her home.” A few months later, a voluntary group, All For One, One For All (A11A) visited the village and took Tshering Lhamo to Thimphu where she was admitted at the national referral hospital for another two weeks. “After returning from Thimphu, we noticed drastic improvement in her condition,” said Tashi Rabgay. Tshering Lhamo who despised any foreign objects on her body had started to wear cloths and slippers. “I could notice the change in her body language,” said the mother. Since then Tshering Lhamo has been living with her mother and brother in the same house. “Sometimes when she talks to us like a normal person, it feels as if nothing has happened to her,” said Yeshey Seldon. “However, occasionally she get into fits and talks gibberish, and then I realise that my daughter is never going to be the same.” The mother said that she still gets worried whenever she leaves her alone. “Her unpredictable behaviour gets me worries which is why I can’t go anywhere leaving her alone,” she said. “But things have improved now and we are very grateful to the health staff and the A11A for all their support. I think this is the best my daughter would get and I’ve accepted the fact.” Meanwhile, Tshering Lhamo can be seen walking around the house with some support from her mother and brother. “It’s cold outside. I wish I could go back to school and study again,” said Tshering Lhamo, as she walks into the kitchen for lunch. Younten Tshedup | Ngatsang

With the help of health staff and volunteers, the condition of a schizophrenic patient in Phanas has improved The solitary house that sits atop the Mongar-Trashigang highway in Phanas village in Ngatsang is filled with laughter. The reason is a 37-year-old mentally ill patient, Tshering Lhamo. For the past 23 ...

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A story of an unsung hero

Mon Bdr

Mon Bahadur, 30, a former student of Muenselling Institute in Khaling lives in Norbuling, Pemaling gewog in Samtse. He studied at the institute between 1999 and 2002. The institute policy then was that a child studying in the same class for more than three years has to leave the school ...

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15 Bhutanese women sent to Kurdistan illegally

It was June11, 2017. Pelmo (Name changed) and four other Bhutanese women, who had never stepped out of Bhutan, landed at the Kurdistan International Airport in Iraq. As promised by their employment agency and its partners (agents) in Bhutan, they were supposed to work in Turkey. But that never happened. ...

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Reducing zero infant mortality and suicide at risk

Infant mortality and suicide were among the common health indicators at risk in the six western dzongkhags. Mid-year review of the annual performance agreement of Paro, Haa, Thimphu, Bumthang, Chukha, Gasa, Thimphu, and Phunthsoling thromdes were held yesterday at Paro. Four of six dzongkhags shared that the target to achieve ...

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Defendant claims military court’s judgement was based on assumptions

Claiming that the military court in Lungtengphug passed its judgment based on assumptions, Lt Colonel Karma Tharchin yesterday requested the High Court’s bench III to summon the vendors involved and investigate the case. The military court, on December 19, convicted him of embezzling about Nu 1.3M while serving as the ...

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Defendant accusses military court of botched trial

Major Sonam Tshering, one of the accused officials in the DeSuung embezzlement case, appealed to the High Court’s Bench II on January 25, saying that he was dissatisfied with the military court judgment passed last December. The military court sentenced him to three years with termination without benefits. Sonam Tshering ...

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Ministry plans HPE teacher for every school

Health and Physical education is now receiving attention in schools

In a move that could ensure a uniform and effective implementation of health and physical education (HPE) in all lower primary classes by 2018, 37 HPE instructors are attending a weeklong orientation programme in Tsirang. The instructors from schools in Tsirang, Dagana, and Gelephu thromdes are being oriented on the ...

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Indian community celebrates 69th Republic Day

His Majesty’s representative Gyalpoi Zimpon Ugyen K Namgyel, presents a khadar to Indian Ambassador Jaideep Sarkar during the 69th Republic Day celebrations in Thimphu, yesterday

Gyalpoi Zimpon Ugyen K Namgyel, senior Bhutanese officials, and the Indian community celebrated the 69th Republic Day at the Embassy of India at Hejo, Thimphu yesterday. Indian Ambassador Jaideep Sarkar read out the President of India’s address. The speech highlighted India’s efforts towards independence and the important aspects of nation-building ...

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Replacing card system will take time

POL mCoupon app provides three different services

The online coupons services for kerosene and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) will not be made compulsory until every consumer is aware about the app and how to use it, said regional director of Regional Trade and Industry Office (RTIO). The online coupons services were to replace the card system while ...

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PM orders formation of task force to review sand supply system

At the meet-the-editors programme in Thimphu yesterday, Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay said that he has asked relevant agencies to form a task force to review the recently-introduced system for supply of sand from Wangdue. About 100 truck operators have requested the government in writing to withdraw the new system, which ...

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