Friday , April 28 2017

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OAG reviews Chang gup’s illegal land transactions

The sitting gup of Chang, Kanjur, has been implicated for alleged encroachment of government land, deception and forgery in connection with the illegal registration of more than three acres of Tsamdro (pasture land) in Chang Debsi, Thimphu.

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30 years later, farmers of Samrang to cultivate paddy again

The villagers of Samrang vividly remember the last time they planted paddy in their fields. It was in 1985. An acute shortage of water caused them to stop cultivating paddy. But before they were able to solve the water shortage problem, the 1990s security issue arose causing many to leave their lands.

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Police detains man for alleged rape and murder

The victim and suspect were Facebook friends and had never met prior to the incident A single mother in Gomtu, who lost her only daughter recently after a man she met on Facebook allegedly murdered her, said girls should be careful of who they meet on social media.

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ACC drops case involving foreign minister

After six months of extensive investigation on the alleged bribery case in connection with the reduction of a sentence from life to 10 years, the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has dropped the case involving foreign minister Damcho Dorji for lack of evidence.

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Farmers will be refunded agriculture minister assures

The farmers were made to pay membership fees to join an initiative that promised to help them avail loans Farmers in Tsirang are not happy with an initiative that encouraged them to form cooperatives and apply for membership. Once members, the initiative promised the farmers that it would help them acquire loans from the Rural Enterprise Development Corporation Ltd.

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Lunaps want helicopter service fare reduced

The Gasa dzongkhag tshogdu, during the recent meeting, decided to write to the Royal Bhutan Helicopter Services to seek clarification on its fares and to request an increase in the subsidy provided to the people of Lunana.

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