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Cast in the DHI mould

The Druk Holding and Investment announced that it will take four more companies under its arm, taking the number of enterprises in its fold to 22.

Like the chairperson said at the press conference yesterday, DHI was accused of taking under its wings, the cash cows like the Druk Green Power corporation, Bhutan Telecom, and Bank of Bhutan, etc.

As the government’s investment arm, DHI was mandated to manage existing and future investments of the country, while [... Read More]

DHI to acquire four more corporations

These companies (BDB, BPCL, WCC and FCB) are to expect major changes in their modus operandi

SOE: Druk Holding and Investments (DHI) will take over four more state-owned enterprises (SOE) under its wing in a few months time.

Bhutan Development Bank worth Nu 287M, Bhutan Postal corporation limited worth Nu 23.6M, Wood Craft Centre worth Nu 98.82M and Food corporation of Bhutan valued at Nu 15M are the four corporations.  Except for the bank, the [... Read More]

Japanese assistance in rural electrification and power service delivery

Photo2_Fault-Locating-by-T2LUPINLinesmen tries to locate fault (Photo: Kuri Orui, JICA expert)

JICA: Dagana residents were frustrated when the usual erratic power supply caused a total blackout on the night of June 30, depriving the residents of their opportunity to watch a World Cup match.

While many called Bhutan Power corporation officials, complaining of the blackout, some even chose to pour out their frustrations on social websites, calling the BPC officials and their services useless.

The problem, BPC officials in Thimphu said, was caused, as the 33KV [... Read More]

Domiciles at the mercy of the monsoon

IMG_1730The slum

A slum on the hill across the ministers’ enclave provides an eye-opener on a co-existence

Lifestyle: Dark clouds are rolling in the sky.  From the blue mountains to the south, rain is coming, ominous grey.

On the hillside opposite the ministers’ enclave in lower Motithang in Thimphu, people are readying for a challenge that is looming.  For the people here, rain will not bring freshness and life but trouble.  Here, rain is not welcome.

But welcome [... Read More]

Picture story

Bhutan’s ambassador to Sri Lanka, Pema Choden, presented credentials to the Sri Lankan president, Mahinda Rajapaksa, at the presidential secretariat in Colombo on July 1. During the courtesy call, establishment of air connectivity between the two countries were discussed to further promote interaction. Diplomatic relations between Bhutan and Sri Lanka began in 1987.


Rain blocks drains, floods showroom

DSC_6428Deep in water: Rescue team personnel remove furniture from the flooded basement yesterday

Incessant rain and blocked drains damage properties

Monsoon: Over three million ngultrums worth of furniture was damaged when a showroom near DNP office at Phendey Lam, Thimphu was flooded following a heavy downpour yesterday.

In about 15 minutes the showroom, located at the basement of the new Youth Development Fund, (YDF), was submerged by water overflowing from a blocked drain nearby.

Showroom owner, Prahlad Gurung, who is a sub-dealer of Bhutan Board Products ltd, said he [... Read More]

Waiting for govt. to lift vehicle ban

Import: The revised tax on vehicles didn’t deter people from buying vehicles, going by what vehicle distributors in the capital say.

They are receiving increasing number of orders, assuming that the vehicle ban has been lifted since July 1.  However, the distributors are unable to take orders, as they are still waiting the government’s notification lifting the ban.

Bhutan Hyundai Motors general manager, Pema Loday, said they are not yet ready to take orders because [... Read More]

2013 registers spike in power generation

Which, of course, translated into higher revenue receipts than the previous year

Report: Good hydrology with early rains last year pushed up revenue generation by 17.15 percent from the previous year for the four Druk Green Power corporation plants.

According to the corporation’s annual report, the four plants together earned Nu 13.05B from electricity generation.  In 2012, these projects had generated a revenue of Nu 11.14B.

The increase in the income was mainly from the sale [... Read More]


Blame not the monsoon

A downpour lasting fifteen minutes is enough to bring out the worst of the capital’s drainage system.

It irks residents by exposing and subjecting them to such flaws in the infrastructure.  It also, ignored conveniently by most, reveals the flaws of residents – an almost total lack of civic sense.

When these two flaws come together, the rain gets the blame.

The story is not new.  Drains are either missing, small, narrow, and sometimes good enough, but are [... Read More]

Justice means more than just going by the book

DSC_6252Chief Justice lyonpo Sonam Tobgay talks to drangpons

Chief Justice urges drangpons not to get bogged down in procedural details at the cost of fair play

Conference: While adherence to court proceedings was important, rendering justice was even more so, said Chief Justice Sonam Tobgay to drangpons of 20 dzongkhag courts and dungkhag courts who had gathered in Thimphu for the 21st judiciary conference yesterday.

The drangpons were discussing whether aggrieved parties could appeal to higher courts on judgments lower courts deliver, based [... Read More]

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