• The roadblock at Box-cut along the Gelephu-Trongsa highway was cleared on July 13. DoR officials say the road is likely to be blocked again (Photo: DoR, Sarpang)

    23 highways blocked in central and eastern Bhutan

    Monsoon this year has not only disrupted road transportation but also hit domestic air services in the country. Flight cancellations due to bad weather are reported from all three domestic airports. Gelephu airport reported a last minute cancellation following unfavourable weather condition yesterday. The airport recorded five cancellations so far. 

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Committee says budget allocation is not decentralised

Economic and Finance Committee’s chair Kinley Wangchuk

The economic and finance committee of the National Assembly yesterday reported that budget allocation for the fiscal year 2019-20 was not in keeping with the 12th Plan’s core theme of enhanced decentralisation. The committee reported that the overall allocation to local governments for the new fiscal year is Nu 18,683.419 …

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Japan to provide 174 million Yen for HRD scholarship

Ambassador of Japan to Bhutan Kenji Hiramatsu and Ambassador of Bhutan to Japan Maj. Gen. Vetsop Namgyel will sign the Exchange of Notes for a grant aid project to Bhutan under Japan’s ODA scheme on June 19, at the Embassy of Japan in New Delhi. The Project for Human Resource …

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Employee terminated for not participating in cultural programme

The labor ministry is investigating a case where a former employee of the State Trading Corporation of Bhutan (STCBL) alleged she was terminated for not participating in a “dance” programme. The employee lodged the complaint on June 5, stating she was terminated from work on May 27 for withdrawing from …

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Saying no to plastics, the Tsirang way

More than 50 volunteers participated in the cleaning

The recent Moenlam Chenmo in Tsirang saw thousands of devotees attend the religious event leave with gratitude and satisfaction. This is because apart from the religious events, there was a good waste management strategy. A group of volunteers from schools, scouts association and non-profit organisations helped maintain the Moenlamthang, the …

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What does “not getting a job” mean?

In what was a case of lost in explanation, the National Statistic Bureau (NSB) had listed “not getting a job” to explain “never worked before” as the top reason for being unemployed in the 2018 labour force survey report that it recently released. Other reasons for unemployment stated in the …

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Thimphu Thromde switches to digital TV

Analogue TV signal was shut down in Thimphu Thromde and periphery areas beginning June. The move that was initiated to switch to digital TV was finally accomplished following the extension of the implementation deadline twice, first on January 1 and later on February 1. This initiative was first announced in …

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Cylinders or token cards, the rush is the same

People in Gelephu are issued token cards against their empty subsidised LPG cylinders

In an attempt to avoid long queues and crowding at the liquid petroleum gas (LPG) outlet in Gelephu, officials have started issuing token cards to customers. However, the initiative was unsuccessful as more than 1,000 people swarmed the outlet to collect the token yesterday. The LPG depot ended up issuing …

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Stem borer affects maize fields in Yangner

About 33 household are affected

Maize fields belonging to about 33 households in Yangner gewog, Trashigang are affected by what is suspected to be steam borer, an insect pest. Maize is the staple food in the gewog. To read more, please subscribe by registering at www.ekuensel.com

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Illegal lifting of boulders returns

Crime scene: The place where boulders are lifted illegally

Unknown miscreants have started to illegally lift boulders near the sewerage plant area at the border in Phuentsholing. In absence of Bhutanese people at the border, sources said that people from the other side freely exploited resources from Bhutanese territory in the border. To read more, please subscribe by registering …

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Picture story

Whose responsibility? With garbage collection irregular, a waste disposal site in Changzamtog, Thimphu is turning into a landfill (Photo Karma Dupchu)

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Parents appeal PM to reconsider underage admission

Representatives of parents and private schools appeal to the PM yesterday

Representatives of parents, proprietors and principals of private schools submitted a petition to the Prime Minister yesterday appealing the government to regularise the admission of underage pre-primary (PP) students for the 2019 academic session. The appeal comes after the education ministry last month revoked the admission of 890 PP students …

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Committee tables 18 recommendations to budget report 

The economic and finance committee of the National Assembly yesterday presented 18 recommendations to the budget report 2019-20, of which the House deliberated five and endorsed four. The committee recommended the government to review and revise the Economic Development Policy (EDP) and the National Employment Policy to enhance economic growth …

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