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A water tank for winter farming

Dhan-raj-in-his-small-cultivated-land-mostly-filled-with-potatoesDhan raj in his vegetable field

Agriculture: Come winter, vegetable growers in Tsirang will be able to grow vegetables in larger quantity, for if all goes as planned, water scarcity would have been addressed.

A 16,000-litre tank is currently under construction at Pemathang chiwog. The tank construction is a part of  ‘climate smart agriculture’ project, spearheaded by SNV and agriculture department.

The water would be distributed among the 20 members of Pemathang vegetable group.

Welcoming the project, farmers of Pemathang chiwog said [... Read More]

Private screening centres slow process?

DSC01478Long way to go: Non-Bhutanese workers wait for their turn in front of a private diagnostic centre

Health: Although it was a welcome move, the new medical examination arrangement for foreign workers in Phuentsholing has invited more complications for those availing the facilities.

Starting April 1, health ministry made it mandatory to carry out examinations of foreign workers entering the country through the three approved medical consultants in the town.

Once the tests were done through them, the Phuentsholing general hospital was expected to issue medical certificate.

However, the system introduced to help [... Read More]


A tribute to my beloved brother Lyonchen Jigme Palden Dorji

Lyonchen Jigme Palden Dorji, the late Prime Minister of Bhutan, was the eldest son of Gyongzim Sonam Tobgye Dorji and Mayuem Choing Wangmo Dorji.

He was born in Kalimpong on December 14, 1919. Lyonchen Jigme Palden Dorji studied in North Point in Darjeeling and in Bishop Cotton School in Simla with his first cousins, Crown Prince Paljor Namgyal and Prince Thondup Namgyal of Sikkim. Later Jigme and Crown Prince Thondup Namgyal joined ICS in Dehra Dun [... Read More]


North Point Mourns Jigme Dorji

On the 50th death anniversary of Lyonchen Jigme Dorji

“But who knows what?”- a very characteristic phrase frequently upon the lips of the Prime Minister of Bhutan seems to have been very characteristics of his entire life, and more especially so after his sudden, tragic death. He loved life and filled all the forty-five years of his with activities, which most people would not have had time for even in a hundred years. But, he was [... Read More]


What’s up with education down today?

A layman’s (as opposed to academic) diagnosis of the state of health of our school system


It takes a fresh start to make a happily ever after

FORMAL education, which is the fancy name for school, used to come in two forms: classical and functional.  Their parallels, in the UK context (our medium of instruction is English; so GB is the motherland, by the same token), were ye olde public and grammar schools resp.

The first of [... Read More]

Dagachhu project nears completion

UntitledCelebrating diversion: Project and dzongkhag officials witness completion of one of the major works

Project officials said the 126MW project will be completed by mid-July, its rescheduled deadline

Hydropower: With the completion of dam construction at Dagachu hydropower project and the river diverted to its original course through the dam, major civil works of the 126MW project at its intake is complete.

This, project officials said meant the project would meet its rescheduled deadline of mid-July.

The construction of 35.5m high and 26.7m wide dam began in November 2010 after [... Read More]

Banks record slump in profits

FIs: For the first time, some local commercial banks recorded a significant drop, between 2012 and 2013, in their earnings, while others saw a marginal increase.

Officials of the various banks were undivided to cite the reason for the poor performance.

They said continuing restrictions on housing and transport loans coupled with a high rate of defaults in loan repayments were the main causes.

Bhutan National Bank’s (BNB) net profit dropped by around 28 percent and [... Read More]

System to monitor movement of foreigners

DSC01446Immigration officials try the new identification system

Immigration: Phuentsholing’s immigration office has installed biometric authentication system at the checkpoint to keep track of foreigners entering and leaving Bhutan.

A biometric system uses information about a person or other biological organism to identify that person.

About 800 labourers from India and 250 tourists enter Bhutan from the Phuentsholing checkpoint every day.

Non-Bhutanese workers are asked to give their fingerprints on the scanner along with their bio-data and picture to register in the database. Tourists [... Read More]

For better street lights

IMG_6623Lamppost maintenance work begin in Thimphu

Maintenance: Lampposts along sidewalks in several parts of the city are being removed to be replaced by new ones.

This is a part of Thimphu thromde’s annual maintenance and repair works in which lampposts have been given priority this time. The areas include Kawajangsa, Motithang, Chubachu, along the hospital road and near Jojo’s building in the town, among others.

This would cost the Thromde about Nu 5M, said offcials and the work has already been [... Read More]


Justice must be seen to be done

The issues gewog administration officers from various parts of the country raised in relation to judicial cases and their perceived notions of injustices therein points up a shortcoming in the judiciary.

Perhaps, that is also the reason they thought and tacitly insinuated that Anti-Corruption Commission look into issues of miscarriages of justice.

What the changing times call for, as evidenced in how people look at this important arm of the government, is for change in conduct of [... Read More]

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