Thursday , March 23 2017

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Four years on, trash bag in taxis initiative is no more

However, concerned authorities say regular inspections and awareness raising is being carried out
Waste: Almost four years after taxis and city buses were given free disposable bags to prevent littering by passengers and commuters, no taxi carries one today.

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Authorities warn of icy roads

Urge travellers to be alert and cautious 
Safety: The Road Safety and Transport Authority (RSTA) and traffic police are cautioning all travellers to be alert of ice forming on roads and to be extra vigilant and cautious at this time of the year.

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Indian trucks operating in Bhutan: Truckers

Transport: Even when the government is looking to push through Parliament an ambitious road connectivity plan involving Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal (BBIN) that truckers fear will open up competition from foreign vehicles, Indian trucks are already competing with Bhutanese trucks to carry goods between points in Bhutan.

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Hema Hema producers challenge BICMA ruling

National broadcaster BBS does not pay penalty to BICMA for airing news on Hema Hema by January 19 deadline  Film: Following the ban on Hema Hema: Sing Me a Song While I Wait, its production house, Tshong Tshong Ma Productions, submitted a letter on January 19 to the Bhutan InfoComm and Media Authority (BICMA) stating that the agency has not provided a valid reason for barring the film.

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Martshala’s stray dogs raid maize fields

Farmers here are losing maize to both dogs and wildlife Dogs: The villagers of Sarjung in Martshala gewog are not only struggling with wildlife but for the past one year have been grappling with an increasing stray dog population.

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Highlands menaced by feral dogs

Agriculture ministry urges travellers to avoid taking dogs up to the highlands Dogs: Tour groups and porters travelling to the highlands must seek the permission of the agriculture ministry or other concerned agencies if they intend to take along dogs, according to a notification the ministry issued recently.

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