Saturday, May 30th, 2015 - 8:17 AM
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A saturated civil service

DSC03167Karma Tshiteem speaks to RTC students

More than half of civil servants are only mid way through their service which means less new recruitments

RCSC: Talking to students of the Royal Thimphu College yesterday, chairman of the Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC), Karma Tshiteem was blunt and honest.

He said the opportunities of getting a government job is lesser today and that the civil service is shrinking. Only around 26,000 of the country’s 0.7 million people are civil servants today, he said.

Karma Tshiteem explained that the growth rate for the civil service has drastically decreased over time. In the early 1990’s the annual growth rate of the civil service was 39 percent. Today it is about six to seven percent.


Bhutan’s medical team in Nepal expanded

11012194_692024840920711_5328524349533227709_oReinforcement: The additional 15-member team left yesterday on a charted flight to Nepal

800 cases of water delivered to Trishuli

Relief: An additional 15 personnel have joined the 63-member Bhutanese medical team in Trishuli, Nepal.

The additional team left the country yesterday on a chartered flight.

Although the initial wave of patients requiring urgent treatment has subsided, the team welcomed the reinforcement. Today is the team’s ninth day in Nepal.

The reinforced team has, in coordination with the Nepalese government, begun identifying places in which their services are urgently required to set up extended camps which would treat the less severe patients and refer the more serious patients to the base camp at Trishuli.


Are E-cars really environment-friendly?

Considering the CDM benefit analysis, environmental friendliness of e-car comes under the scrutiny

E-cars: While the issue is already under the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) scanner, findings from a study seems to have whitewashed the underlying intentions of promoting electric vehicles-zero emission and curbing the fuel imports.

Although the country has cheap and clean source of energy, most of the upcoming hydropower projects are lobbying for clean development mechanism (CDM).


Four new Prados for ministerial pool

The govt.’s recent order comes with a price tag of Nu 3 million each

Perks: The State Trading Corporation of Bhutan Limited (STCBL) recently delivered a fresh consignment of four Toyota Land Cruiser (Prados) registered with the government.

Although corporation officials didn’t comment whether the vehicles were ministers’ pool vehicles, the Prados are the duty vehicles of ministers in agriculture, home and cultural affairs, works and human settlement, and the information and communications ministries, Kuensel learnt.


Gender gap in social security

Women are less likely to receive a pension in old age and, if when they do, they get less

UN Report: The country may boast of better gender equality, but when it comes to social protection, Bhutan is no exception, with women having less access to social security, like retirement benefit schemes.

Among the working-age population, six percent of Bhutanese women, compared to 12 percent of men, contribute to a pension scheme, a UN Women report on progress of the world’s women 2015-16 launched last week states. The report states that active pension scheme contribution rates are very low overall and gender gaps exist.  Women are less likely than men to receive a pension in old age, and where they do, their benefit levels are usually lower.


Picture story

His Majesty The King granted dhar to the newly elected gup of Mongar gewog, Rinzin. Gup Rinzin was elected during the second bye-election. Elections were held after the post became vacant due to the demise of the incumbent gup in January.


Signs of an economy in good shape?

Has the country economic situation improved?  Yes, at least going by the government’s decision to purchase four new Toyota land cruiser Prados as duty cars for cabinet ministers.

Four new land cruisers, each costing not less than Nu 3 million, have left Phuentsholing recently.  The luxurious and expensive vehicle spells social status in Bhutan.  Quite often, the type of car we drive is the yardstick by which we  judge our social standing.  The bigger the car, the higher you are on the social ladder, or so it is interpreted, unfortunately.


2nd annual ICT conference held

_DSC2581The annual ICT conference in progress

Conference: The second annual ICT (information communications technology) conference for IT officers in the government and private sector ended yesterday.

Speaking to more than a hundred IT officers, information and communications minister DN Dhungyel said their role was a crucial and critical one as ICT is an enabler for the entire government and economy.

The world is changing at a rapid rate, said the minister, and Bhutan must keep up. He said ICT officers must ensure that strategies formulated by the government are implemented.


Turning waste into wealth

DSC_8200Workers filter waste at the compost plant

Biodegradable: Thimphu thromde’s compost plant is not only seeing an increase in biodegradable waste, but has also started churning out money from the waste, which the municipal office was overwhelmed with until recently.

The compost plant in Serbithang receives about four tonnes of organic waste daily, except on Sundays.  This is an threefold increase compared with previous years.

The increase in disposable or organic waste at the plant is attributed to the outsourcing of waste collection to a private firm, Greener Way, in January this year.  Greener Way disposed 226 truckloads (565,000kg) of organic waste to the compost plant in the last four months, according to its officials.


Fire in Thimphu destroys temporary sheds


Fire: Thirteen families lost all their belongings yesterday in a fire that gutted 13 temporary sheds at 3:50pm near the Food Corporation of Bhutan (FCB) godown in Changzamtok, Thimphu.

Most of the house owners were out for work when the incident happened.

Thimphu police’s fire brigades department deployed two fire-fighting vehicles immediately. However, not much could be salvaged from the fire.