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Ura-Nangar banking on bypass

unnamed-1Prospect: Talingthang in Ura where businesses are being planned

Besides roadside restaurants cashing in, land prices have shot up in anticipation

Road:  But for the steep climb on either side of Shaspo, the highest point on the Ura-Nangar road in Bumthang, driving along the 32-km road is quite an experience.

The much-awaited wider and smoother road will be officially opened to traffic next month, but a drive through blue pine forest for about 45 minutes to one hour is hard to resist as most [... Read More]

Debt to GDP ratio at 106 percent

RMA: Bhutan’s debt to gross domestic product (GDP) ratio has reached 106 percent as of June this year, according to latest figures from the Royal Monetary Authority (RMA).

In other words, 106 percent of the country’s economy is built of borrowings, both internal and external.  While the size of the country’s economy is about Nu 99B, the external debt stands at USD 1.7B.

Of the total outstanding debt, convertible currency loan represent USD 629M and [... Read More]

Village at GLOF ground zero


Thanza’s dwellers will be the first in the line of flood and they live under constant fear 

Flood: The vast floodplain above Tshojo village in Lunana is endless.  The sand bed is so immense it can easily fit seven Thimphu cities, maybe even ten, and it goes on, further on.  At the far end, a thin mule tack snakes up a mild crest.  Far above, on the golden plains that stretch further up until [... Read More]

Police officer at business end of law

Courts issue arrest warrant in pursuance of monetary cases filed against him

Wanted: The High Court and Thimphu district court’s four benches issued an arrest warrant for a police officer in August this year, after he failed to report to the courts the monetary cases filed against him.

The police officer, a major who was the assistant superintendent of police in Sarpang, has monetary cases filed against him for about Nu 30M.

Courts in Thimphu addressed [... Read More]

Typhus outbreak suspected in Athang

10387387_342663025912847_2511202817917664510_nNo holiday: Students of Singye Namgyel PS are served lunch during scrub typhus screening

Two dead in Athang gewog’s Singye Namgyel primary school

Disease: Two students of Singye Namgyel primary school in Athang, Wangduephodrang have died supposedly of scrub typhus, while four others have been admitted to hospital with symptoms of the disease.

While Wangdue tshechu has begun, local leaders, health officials and teachers have been busy screening students and villagers for the disease and performing rituals for the deceased.  The two students died on August 20 and September [... Read More]


Exit teacher

Every so often, we are rudely reminded of teacher shortage in our schools.  The problem is not new; we never had enough teachers.  But when increasing number of our teachers are leaving their job every year, it is indicative of something seriously rotten in the system.

For the education ministry, the biggest ministry going by the number of institutions and people under it, the challenge is huge, of course.  And it has been regularly trying different [... Read More]

Upping taxes and tariff upturns monthly inflation

The NSB recorded one of the highest monthly inflations on record in July this year

Inflation: The tax revision on vehicles, fuel and communication services, coupled with increase in electricity tariff, is likely to upturn the inflation rate.

The national statistical bureau (NSB) has recorded one of the highest monthly inflation in July this year, meaning that price of goods and services has increased by 2.07 percent between June and July.

This was mainly attributed to [... Read More]

Transparency in governance via social media policy

A platform for greater participation by the people in govt. policy making and services

Draft: Citizens will be able to co-create or participate in government policy making using social media, if the current draft version of the social media policy is implemented.

The government is currently working on a social media policy to harness the potential of the medium.  It intends to improve accessibility to government information using social media.  It is looking to use [... Read More]

Panbang-Nganglam highway deadline deferred again

IMG_5077The usual suspects: Monsoon, terrain, labour and equipment are to blame for the delay

DoR: The deadline for the Panbang-Nganglam highway has been furthered delayed by eight months, according to site officials.

Construction of the 55.6km highway from Panbang in Zhemgang to Nganglam in Pemagatshel, which began in June 2012, will now be completed by August 19, next year instead of December this year.

Only about 300m of final formation cutting has been left.   The highway that starts from Panbang bazaar will pass through Norbugang gewog under Nganglam [... Read More]

Prayers of longevity

IMG_0914Yonphula rinpoche performing Tse-Drup Chime- Sogthig drupchen Photo by Ugyen Wangdi, Kuensel

Religion: The Ugyen Donga Chokholing monastery in Yonphula, Trashigang is performing a week long grand longevity ceremony (Tse-Drup Chime- Sogthig) since October 1 dedicated to His Majesty the Fourth King.

Led by Yonphula rinpoche, Jigme Tenzin, more than hundred tsampas (meditation practitioners) and gomchens are performing Tse-Drup Chime- Sogthig, which is believed to have discovered by the treasure discoverer, Zilnon Namkha Dorji from Singye dzong in Lhuntse in 1904.

The Tse-Drup-Chimi-Sogthig, which contains religious scripture [... Read More]

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