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A shot in the arm for the hard-pressed farmer

A Nu 53M WWF-funded project has poverty alleviation as one of its chief objectives

Project: Modernity comes at a cost.  Bhutan today has its feet in a quagmire that is thick and deep.  On one side is development, on the other, fate.  How far the journey then?

We are an agricultural country with about 70 percent of our people in the farming sector.  Is this even true?  Where are our dreams of rich agricultural life [... Read More]

Year’s first apple consignment gets through

18 truckloads had to wait for days at the B’desh check post pending a formalin test

Export: Five days after 18 truckloads of apples from Bhutan were kept at the Bangladesh border checkpoint for formalin test, the country’s first consignment of apples to Bangladesh made it through the border on August 20.

The 90 metric tonnes (MT) of apples, worth around Nu 6M, had moved from the country on August 16.  However, a new system, [... Read More]


Yet another attempt

A mass dog sterilisation and vaccination program has begun to control the stray dog population.  Yes, you heard it right.  A sterilisation program!

Not to deride the initiative, Bhutanese are quite used to dog sterilisation programs.  We’ve had several in the past.  Did they work?  Walk down the street to convince yourself.

In the meantime, the best friend of man has not really lived up to that reputation.  Ask any resident in Thimphu today, they would probably [... Read More]

Home minister apprised of problems kidney patients face

IMG_0542A patient with kidney problem shares concerns with the home minister

Following the ban on fund solicitation, a bad situation may have turned worse

Health: Almost two months after the home ministry stopped issuing letters to collect donations, kidney patients, recipients, donors, attendants and their relatives met the home minister yesterday to share their problems of getting treated.

No concrete alternative has been found yet on how people can go about getting kidney donors.

At the meeting yesterday, kidney patients and relatives said they are faced with [... Read More]

Feasibility study of ground-couple heating/cooling presented

imageTea ceremony: Professor Yorikazu Shimotsuma serves tea

Conference: If the College of Science and Technology‘s (CST) preliminary feasibility study on ground-coupled heating and cooling comes through, the country could save about 20-30 percent of electricity that’s consumed today for heating and cooling buildings.

The status of the feasibility assessment of ground-coupled heating and cooling in Bhutan was presented yesterday at the first two-day international conference on engineering, science, technology, education and history.

The conference is an outcome of a memorandum of understanding [... Read More]

Nine teams make it to Yangphel’s semifinals

IMG_1674A Khadel player celebrates a karey at the quarterfinals

Archery: Team Khadel Zorig thrashed United Sikkim and Laya Tours and Treks in the last quarterfinals match on August 20 at the ongoing Yangphel archery tournament in Changlimithang, Thimphu.

With the win, Khadel Zorig finished the third set to book a place in the semifinal on August 24.

In the sixth round, it completed the first set, while United Sikkim scored four and Laya Tours and Treks five.

However, in the eighth round, United Sikkim equalised [... Read More]

Govt. issues Nu 4B T-bills to shore up deficit

A fiscal measure to close down the resource gap in the current financial year

RMA: To reduce the resource gap in the current financial year, the government is floating three separate treasury bills (T-bills) to raise Nu 4B from individuals, firms, corporate bodies, financial institutions and trusts.

The Royal Monetary Authority (RMA), in the name of the government, has issued three T-Bills, one worth Nu 1.5B with a maturity of 30 days, another Nu 1.5B [... Read More]

Audit indicts Losel cinema mismanagement

The report castigates all concerned for the shady dealings related to said establishment

RAA: Lack of monitoring and supervision, devoid of accountability and transparency in the management of Losel cinema hall, had led to the misuse and mismanagement of funds, the Royal Audit Authority’s (RAA) report stated.

That an administrative assistant without any accounting knowledge had managed the books of accounts had also contributed to the mismanagement, the report stated.

The RAA report, which was completed [... Read More]

Tingtibi-Panbang stretch closed to traffic since August 15

unnamedMonsoon woes: A road worker carries fuel for the excavator stranded at Tatalabi to clear the road blocks between Zhemgang and Panbang

Highway: It will take at least two more days to clear the numerous roadblocks between Tingtibi and Panbang in Zhemgang after the highway was blocked since August 15 following continuous rainfall.

There has been no movement of vehicles from Zhemgang to Panbang via Tingtibi since August 15 after Gelephu public transport to Gomphu returned from Tsembaigang when the highway was blocked at several places.

“No vehicles could pass beyond Tshembaigang until yesterday, because there were [... Read More]

The invasion of a foreign tongue

Cartoon channels being aired in Hindi are impacting on young impressionable minds

Lifestyle: The father of a four-year-old girl was shocked when his daughter woke him up speaking in perfect, but tapori, Hindi (street language).  The junior picked up the language watching hours of the Hindi version of “Oggy and the Cockroaches.”

It was fun listening to his daughter’s skill at a new language, but it soon became a concern, as she called him “mamu” [... Read More]

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