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Bamboo/cane plantation to sustain Monpa livelihood

The community will have their raw material source for a vital source of revenue

Tshazho: The Monpa communities of Langthel gewog in Trongsa have now little to worry about sustaining their main source of income tshazho (bamboo craft).

The Jangbi, Wamling, and Phumzur Monpa communities have started plantation of its raw materials, cane and bamboo, in their villages.

Tshazho uses cane and bamboo to weave into products like orongbhazib (backpack), lakchu  chungchu (basket), bechab (winnow), bangchung (bamboo case) and pari (mats), among others.


Low carbon tourism on display at ITB Germany


20 environmentally friendly packages launched for tourists to explore in Bhutan

ABTO: The Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators (ABTO), on March 5, launched 20 low carbon, environmentally friendly, tourism products and packages for tourists to explore in Bhutan at the ITB Berlin, Germany .

The ITB Berlin is the world’s largest tourism trade fair.


Some say yes, and some say no

Opinions divided about project’s social benefits filtering down to local community

MHPA: Mangdechhu hydroelectric project authority (MHPA) officials are dismissing claims by community leaders that the social benefits of the project have not trickled down to the community.

Project officials say that various schemes are being implemented to uplift the livelihood of people in the locality.


We may not agree but we respect RCSC’s decision: PM

DSC_9152Question Hour: Cabinet ministers field questions from reporters at the 15th meet the press session yesterday in Thimphu

Meet the Press: The government may or may not agree with the Royal Civil Service Commission’s decision on the three secretaries but, in the spirit of allowing the commission to fulfil its constitutional mandate, lyonchoen Tshering Tobgay said, the government has welcomed the decision.

At the meet the press session yesterday, the prime minister said that the government didn’t act unilaterally, and had followed the laws, by referring the matter to the commission.

“As a government, collectively and individually, we may not agree with the RCSC’s finding that the CoS acted in good faith, but everybody can’t be right at the same time,” he said. “If you don’t agree, we have to appeal, to some other body, and in this case, the checks and balances have played out its course, and I see a closure to it.”


eDesk to enable PM to monitor G2C service delivery

The online tool will monitor how long it takes agencies to process applications for their services

ICT: An online monitoring tool that will allow the Prime Minister to personally track how long government agencies take to process online public service applications, was launched, yesterday.

Called the PM’s eDesk, the system will provide the Prime Minister with a real-time graphical representation of the status of 24 government-to-citizen (G2C) services provided by five ministries: home, agriculture, economic and foreign affairs, and education. A further 22 of five agencies are expected to be added to the eDesk system by June.


Indian budget presents opportunities for Bhutan

Among others, a reduction in customs duty is expected to have a positive impact on the Bhutanese economy 

GoI: The reduction in customs duty by the Indian government in its national budget 2015-16 is expected to make import of some goods from India cheaper.  Customs duty is an indirect tax levied on goods imported into or from a country.


Govt. reiterates commitment to E. Bhutan tourist target

That’s 20 percent within the 11th Plan, despite the less than four percent current footfall 

Tourism: Irrespective of the ongoing east-west highway widening work hampering tourism, the government is committed to take 20 percent of the total tourist arrivals to the east.

“We stand by that commitment,” Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay said at the meet-the-press session yesterday.


The e (for efficiency) Desk

Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay will monitor if government agencies are taking more than the required time in delivering public services.  He will track the progress from his desk, made possible by the eDesk system developed locally.

This is a welcome initiative.  Officials responsible will be on their toes, as their progress would be colour coded to indicate progress, and the lyonchoen will be informed real time about the status at the click of a button.


Under performing contract teachers may be replaced with B. Ed graduates

The move will be to ensure students get a good education

Employment: While it is certain that teacher graduates will be recruited on contract, it is still uncertain how many of the 235 B. Ed graduates will be absorbed.

The education ministry and the Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) is working together to explore possibilities of employing them on contract, while the labour ministry is trying to find them employment overseas.


Picture story

The Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium to Bhutan, His Excellency Jan Luykx, presented credentials to His Majesty King. The Ambassador also met with Lyonchoen Tshering Tobgay and other senior government officials.