Saturday , August 29 2015

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  • Millions of INR lost to money laundering

    ACC: The Royal Monetary Authority’s (RMA) measures to curb the outflow of INR (Indian Rupee) since 2011 has resulted in both Bhutanese and non-Bhutanese resorting to avail INR by faking imports of zero tax commodities, manipulation of imports, illegal transaction of currency and using ATM cards.

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Latest News

Dog population controlled after six years

Veterinary officials say the program has been a success and efforts will continue to make Bhutan rabies free before 2020

Canine: The livestock department’ six-year long effort to control dog population through vaccination and sterilisation has paid off, veterinary officials say.

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Reading for the differently-abled

To otivate and attract young children to read, experts say, require beautiful illustrations accompanying scripts or text that are crafted using sounds, intonations, alliterations and rhyming, besides carefully considered theme, context and age appropriateness of the story. However, there is a problem in this with some children.

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Breaking the youth stereotype


A group of teenagers are making a film, Ngye Sem Gi Story, to tell their side of the story

Project: Like many people their age, a group of students have started to dream dreams to make it big in the entertainment industry. About 15 teenagers are working on producing a short-film to tell the story of an ordinary student through the lens of a youth.

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Thromde launches 10 online public services


It has also automated its revenue and asset systems and upgraded its accounting system to improve efficiency

G2C: Thimphu residents can now apply online for some thromde services like obtaining a new water supply or calling the vacuum truck to clean their sewage tank.

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Water found in diesel tank


Reports of water content in diesel started pouring in after the recent flash floods

Fuel: Diesel samples from the fuel depot in Trongsa will be sent for laboratory tests to Thimphu to confirm if it contained water following reports of vehicles breaking down after the fueling at the station.

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Flood affects Amochhu Bridge completion


Contractors need at least six months more to complete the country’s longest permanent bridge

Disaster: The recent Amochhu flood has caused the ongoing Amochhu Bridge construction damage worth more than Nu 10M (million), officials from the department of roads (DoR) confirmed.

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My Country, My Town

  • Off road: A milestone makes for a handy peg to which cattle may be tethered as they graze Photo by Tashi Dawa, BNBL, Tingtibi
  • For convenience’s sake: What may seem like a case of gilding the lily is actually pretty darn useful Photo by Pashupati Diyali
  • In lieu of alarm clocks: Three roosters willing and able to wake up the neighbourhood faithfully at dawn Photo by Ugyen Tshering
  • Amateur plumbing: Curious how a tap and some DIY ingenuity can add dignity to a bathroom Photo by Bidur Rai, Mountain hazelnut, Riserbu
  • Beat that, black-necked cranes! Is what this pair of cavorting goats might tell those famous birds Photo by Karma Tshering, Phuentshogling
  • Not gone but all but forgotten: Snail mail is due a comeback with the new address system in place Photo by Choidup Zangpo, MoAF, Thimphu
  • Stairwell in lieu of a shed: The housing crunch would appear to extend to the cattle population as well. Photo by Melam Dorji, Gaeddu college (BBA- final year)
  • A new leaf from an old book: Wall painting of campus done in traditional style seen in temples Photo by Tempa Rabgay, Mountain Hazelnut, Mongar