Tuesday , October 25 2016
  • Bhutan has 96 snow leopards survey finds

    The estimated population of the endangered cat globally is between 4,080-6,590

    Wildlife: Bhutan has 96 snow leopards (Panthera uncia) according to the first national snow leopard survey carried out by the Department of Forests and Park Services (DoFPS).

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Latest News

DCCL employees embezzle at least Nu 21M

ACC implicates 11 including four private suppliers Embezzlement: The Office of the Attorney General (OAG) is reviewing the findings on fraud and embezzlement of millions of Ngultrums by employees of Dungsam Cement Corporation Limited (DCCL) in Nganglam, Pemagatshel, for prosecution.

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Dzongkhags to begin curriculum review

Education: The education ministry issued a notification to the dzongkhags and thromdes on August 22 to begin reviewing the school curriculum at schools under its respective areas.

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Civil service reform to prevent stagnation: RCSC

RCSC chairperson disappointed that civil servants approached PM with their grievances on the reform Administration: One of the main purposes of the recent Bhutan Civil Service System (BCSS) reform on career progression according to the Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) is to address longstanding grievances of stagnation faced by the majority of civil servants in the Supervisory & Support (S&S) category.

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Election dispute body will not nullify zomdu result

Aspiring S/J thrompon candidate Sangay Tenzin had asked that the zomdu be nullified given discrepancies LG: The Samdrupjongkhar Dzongkhag Election Dispute Settlement Body decided the results of the chiwog zomdu cannot be nullified despite a complaint being lodged by aspiring thrompon candidate, Sangay Tenzin.

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7th edition of Mountain Echoes begins


Mountain Echoes 2016: Thunder roared in the sky, a sign befitting to the most-awaited literary festival of the year, the seventh edition of Mountain Echoes, which began in the capital yesterday.

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My Country, My Town

  • Spice and safe: While garlic keeps vampires away, one wonders what chilis will do Photo by Karma Dupchu, Kuensel, Thimphu
  • Back-up security: Just the sheer number of locks on this gate, it is hoped, will dissuade any would-be burglar/s Photo by Tshering Doma, ICS, MoAF
  • Ominous sign: If such is the state of the instructions, one shudders to countenance the shape of the equipment Photo by Dawa Yoezer
  • The perils of alcoholism: Wonder how much the sleeper will get charged for parking Photo by Tshewang Chogyel, DBCW, Khasadrapchu, Thimphu
  • Nothing is safe nowadays: Still it’s hard to figure out what exactly is under lock and key here Photo by Tshering Doma, ICS, MoAF
  • Crate expectations: Either a bumper apple crop is expected or the harvest turned out to be below par Photo by Pema Tshering, RBG, Thimphu
  • Plastic in place of plants: The presence of this manmade material is all-pervasive on the planet Photo by Pema Tshering, RBG, Thimphu