Saturday , February 6 2016

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Sex tourism, an emerging vulnerablity

Although no figures are available, the trend is reported to be rampant in the industry

Report: Bhutan is slowly emerging as a destination for sex with tourists from the West and the sub-continent looking for young girls and boys in Bhutan.

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Corruption prosecution rate impressive


But if ACC’s backlog cases were cleared, the OAG would be unable to effectively prosecute all  ACC: The Transparency International (TI) a civil society that monitors and publicizes corporate and political corruption in international development has commended Bhutan for its high rate of 92 percent in prosecution of corruption cases.

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“Returning to RMA is a homecoming”

RMA Governor Dasho Penjore

Kuensel’s reporter Tshering Dorji caught up with new governor of the central bank, Dasho Penjore. An excerpt from the interview.

Q&A: What is your first order of business?

One man can’t do everything on his own, so i have to depend on members of the institution.

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Packaged tshog offerings on the decline


Wrong timing from waste collectors is reported to hamper effective waste management 

Environment: Over 325 metric tonnes (MT) of waste, about 47 truck loads were collected during the 108 cleaning campaigns across the country that the Clean Bhutan project conducted last year.

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EU recognizes Bhutan’s leadership in climate change efforts


COP21: The European Union (EU) has recognised Bhutan’s leadership role and the “extraordinary ambition” in addressing climate change efforts with a signing of the “Declaration European Union” for cooperation in Climate Action and Energy” in L”e Bourget, Paris yesterday.

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BCSEA distributes wrong question paper


Education: Class XII students of the School for Language and Cultures Studies in Thimphu, who are appearing the board examination were taken by surprise when they received the wrong question paper on December 9.

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My Country, My Town

  • Role change: This defunct outdoor tap now serves as the next best thing: a soap-dish hanger. Photo by Tulsi Subba, Dagana
  • Passengers, please note: Please take your legs off before sliding into this front seat. Photo by Tashi Namgay
  • Down but not out: The lock on the door reveals that half a house is better than none. Photo by Jimba Dorji
  • A once-upon-a-time scooter: Two-wheeler that has been stripped of virtually all but its two wheels. Photo by Bidur Rai
  • Clocktower sans clock: You know what they say about imitation being the sincerest form of flattery. Photo by Ezoo Kee
  • In lieu of a hard hat: A TV in need of protection from falling debris at a construction site. Photo by Kumar Rai, Pasakha