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No prelims for MBBS and dental graduates

However, they will be required to sit for the final exam, for which no one is exempt

RCSC: Unlike other university graduates, MBBS and dental surgery graduates would not have to sit the preliminary examination on August 10, the Royal Civil Service Commission announced last week.

The decision comes after the commission held its second meeting on June 3, where the preliminary examination 2014 was reviewed.

MBBS graduates, MBBS with specialisation in pulmonary medicine, and comprehensive [... Read More]

Zhemgang dzong in sore need of repair

IMG_5049Falling apart: A crack on the dzong’s right wall

From cracked walls to creaking woodwork, the structure saw its last restoration decades ago

Renovation: Riddled with multiple cracks on walls, and dilapidated woodwork giving in, Zhemgang dzong and two kuenreys on its right and left flanks need to be renovated.

Trong gup, Dorji Wangchuk, said that it was high time that the dzong was renovated. “The last time it was renovated was about 40 years back,” he said, adding, except for minor painting work, [... Read More]

Restoration of Yonphula airport will begin in two months

AVIATION: Restoration work at Yongphula Airport in Trashigang is expected to begin by September.

The department of civil aviation (DCA) is evaluating tender documents submitted by bidders.  It will award the work in a month’s time.

Director of DCA, Wangdi Gyeltshen, said that, once the evaluation is done, the department will seek approval from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) before awarding the work.

“It’ll depend on how long ADB takes to give he approval. But it [... Read More]

“We don’t want to be a throm”: say landowners, albeit too late

IMG_5090Villagers want Sherubling to be reverted to a village even though the recent dzongkhag tshogdu ruled out the reversion

Faced with a loss of agricultural land, villagers would rather give being townsfolk a miss

Sherubling: Fearing permanent loss of agricultural land, 10 landowners from Sherubling, whose lands were included in Trongsa’s new extended town area, want to revert to being a village.

“The land in Sherubling is the only suitable land we own,” Palden Dorji from Wiling said, adding that villagers fear becoming landless once the land is declared thromde.

“I’d have nothing to pass [... Read More]

Two steel companies shut down

Industry: In what is claimed to be a ripple effect of an increased domestic power tariff, the country’s two steel companies in Phuentsholing have closed shop.

The two companies are Druk Iron and Steel private limited (DISPL) and Bhutan Steel Industries limited (BSIL).  The induction furnaces of these companies have remained shut since January 2014.

An induction furnace is an electrical furnace, where heat is applied by induction heating of the metal.  Compared to the [... Read More]

Poor English results blamed on poetry and grammar

IMG_8953Subject-wise high and low performing schools (Info: BCSEA)

Is the conclusion reached by an analytic report on last year’s class XII examination

BCSEA: Questions on poetry and grammar are to be blamed for the poor performance of class XII students in English in their board examinations last year, according to the Bhutan Council for School Examinations and Assessment’s (BCSEA) pupil performance report.

It was the worst of performances in English in recent years, and worried both education officials and teachers alike.  The average [... Read More]

Bid to make Kyoto and Thimphu sister cities

The mayor of the Japanese city has made the proposal to Bhutan’s foreign ministry

Twinning: Given the strong beliefs in Buddhism the two cities share, Kyoto city’s mayor in Japan has officially proposed to the foreign ministry to make Thimphu and Kyoto sister cities.

The proposal from the mayor was handed over to the foreign ministry yesterday.

Kyoto city mayor’s concept to tie up the two cities goes back to the visit His Majesty the King [... Read More]

Rupee inflow, for a change, surpasses outflow

In a first for many years, the first quarter of this year recorded this anomaly

INR: In first quarter  of the year, the inflow of rupees has surpassed the outflow by Rs 6.9B, setting a record high in many years.

This is mainly attributed to the increased grant portion received from the government of India.

The country recorded surplus inflow since June last year.

Within the first three months, this year, total INR inflow stood at Rs [... Read More]


The housing allowance riddle

Most civil servants received their first revised salary with the 20 percent housing allowance.

But many are feeling cheated, as the 20 percent housing allowance, the selling point, which the government used to justify a decent salary raise for civil servants, in reality, is turning out to be something else.

The housing allowance is not for all civil servants, but selected groups, like the ones living in rented apartments.  Those occupying National Housing and Development Corporation’s (NHDC) [... Read More]

Tashi gets its “Dorji”

IMG_20140730_090934The 122-seater Airbus A319 is welcomed with lhabsabg thruesoel ceremony

The private airline now has a second arrow, as it were, to its quiver 

 Aviation: Tashi Air (Bhutan Airlines) received its second aircraft at Paro airport, yesterday.

The aircraft named “Dorji” was received with a small ceremony at the airport.  The first aircraft is named “Rimp”.

The addition of a second 122-seater Airbus A319 means that the airline can now expand its route network and also increase its dependability.

The second aircraft will initially operate the Paro-Kathmandu [... Read More]

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