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Fighting with animals over food

wildlifeOn guard: From a shack overlooking his maize field in Pam, Namgay keeps watch

Zhemgang farmers wage a futile battle against marauding boars, bears, deer and etc.

Wildlife: By evening, an exhausted Kinley Namgay from Goling in Nangkhor, Zhemgang retreats to a bamboo hut in Wangdhar overlooking a sea of undulating paddy fields, glistening from fresh irrigation.

Kinley Namgay, 47, has just returned from strenuous paddy transplantation since 5am at Yumsowom.  Yet night beckons Kinley with an even more important task of guarding maize fields at Pam from wild [... Read More]

Picture story

A major landslide left over a hundred vehicles stranded below Lamperi until 2pm yesterday



My green school: A manifesto for GNH education

Thakur S Powdyel, the author of My Green School: An Outline and more so of the awakened education system of Bhutan, waxes lyrical while sketching a neat manifesto for the ‘educating for the GNH initiative’ in the small big book. The book is small in size but is a compendium of the explications of the eight domains of ‘school greenery’ – Powdyel’s brain-child -, which when sincerely implemented, can usher in a “veritable paradise” in [... Read More]

Road widening work disrupts water supply

waterImminent damage: Water pipelines, such as these, are affected by the road widening works

Town residents and students both have been affected by this accidental scarcity  

Lobesa: Apart from attending classes, a common activity at the college of nature resources (CNR) and residents of Lobesa is fetching water these days.

After the pipelines connecting water to the college, schools and residents of Lobesa were damaged and displaced by falling stones and earth removed from road widening works above Thinleygang, Lobesa is facing an acute shortage of water.

Lecturer with [... Read More]


New highest karey a day scorer

ArcheryPhub Dorji

Archery: The highest karey in the 45 rounds title could go to Phub Dorji from Tshering Meto if he can hit 14 times in 15 rounds in the final match at the regional level today. After 45 rounds, teams go in to elimination rounds played in the capital.

He already holds the one-day highest karey record in the first 15 rounds or in a day.

In the past 30 rounds, Phub Dorji has hit 33 [... Read More]

Only 226 of the 665 available vacancies filled

Employment officials attribute shortfall to lack of serious intent among jobseekers

GEP Update: After a month since it was launched, the government’s direct employment scheme (DES) under the guaranteed employment program (GEP), has employed 226 as of yesterday.

The labour ministry had initially announced 665 vacancies under this program.

Employment officials with the labour ministry said the main challenge the ministry faced was the youth’s attitude.

“They aren’t serious about the program, thus wasting time and resources of [... Read More]


Having a say in what our children speak

A predominance of cartoon channels in Hindi is not appropriate to their language skills

In many households, particularly in urban areas, television has become the new babysitter.  Children sit for hours on end watching cartoons, which provide them with a distraction, while freeing up busy parents.

A large body of child development research informs us that the foundations for children’s language learning, and other core cognitive skills, are established during the age (2-5 years), when many children [... Read More]

Picture story

His Majesty The King granted an audience to the Indian Ambassador to Bhutan V P Haran yesterday. V P Haran, who served as India’s Ambassador from January 2013, completes his tenure in Bhutan this month


PDP govt. completes a year in office

The present dispensation’s first year in power has been a mixed bag of ups and downs

Appraisal: A year ago today, Bhutan had ushered in a new government.  A new prime minister and a fresh set of Cabinet ministers were vested with the responsibility to govern the country for the next five years.

The People’s Democratic party had promised change and more if it was given a chance to form the government.  Led by Prime [... Read More]

Interest free education loan

DHAE: Starting this Monday, students, who have completed class XII in 2013 and scored 50 percent or above, can apply for the education loan the government will provide without any interest.

Online applications for the loan will be open from Monday afternoon at the education ministry’s website (www.education.gov.bt).

Students need a minimum of 50 percent in English plus three best subjects, the main criterion.  Preference will also be given to students from “economically poor background.”

The [... Read More]

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